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Here’s The Most Wanted Games In Japan

The latest edition of Famitsu has revealed the games that Japanese gamers are looking forward to the most in the coming months. There’s plenty of Nintendo related titles in the list including the soon to be released Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros 3DS. Capcom’s Nintendo 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate tops the list.

  1. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 949 votes
  2. [PS3] Persona 5 – 800 votes
  3. [WIU] Hyrule Warriors – 603 votes
  4. [PS4] Final Fantasy XV – 488 votes
  5. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for 3DS – 444 votes
  6. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – 432 votes
  7. [PS4] Kingdom Hearts III – 419 votes
  8. [PS3] Tales of Zestiria – 401 votes
  9. [3DS] Bravely Second – 305 votes
  10. [PS4] The Evil Within – 297 votes
  11. [PSV] Toukiden Extreme – 289 votes
  12. [PSV] Bullet Girls – 262 votes
  13. [WIU] Bayonetta 2 – 246 votes
  14. [WIU] Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – 244 votes
  15. [PS3] Shining Resonance – 222 votes
  16. [PS4] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 207 votes
  17. [3DS] Forbidden Magna – 201 votes
  18. [PS3] The Evil Within – 195 votes
  19. [PS3] The Last Remnant – 183 votes
  20. [3DS] Final Fantasy Explorers – 180 votes
  21. [PS3] The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II – 174 votes
  22. [PS4] Omega Quintet – 146 votes
  23. [PS4] Bloodborne – 138 votes
  24. [PSV] Phantasy Star Nova – 126 votes
  25. [PS3] Ni-Oh – 119 votes
  26. [PS3] Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – 104 votes
  27. [PS4] Destiny – 103 votes
  28. [PS3] Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix – 95 votes
  29. [PSV] The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II – 94 votes
  30. [PS3] The Last Guardian – 93 votes

Thanks, Kallum S

133 thoughts on “Here’s The Most Wanted Games In Japan”


      A letter to Nintendo, concerning Mario Kart 8. WARNING! Explicit Language!

      Dear Nintendo, for almost 20 years I’ve been a loyal costumer. I am aware I don’t matter, numbers drive companies after all is said and done. Enough with me. FUCK YOU NINTENDO! Fix your fucking broken game you motherfuckers! Instead of making GARBAGE like Project Steam or whatever the fuck, or shit like Mario party, FIX your motherfucking game, assholes! No FUCKING possible way a very experienced casual like myself should endure that manure you pass off as “online fun”. When I take a shit, and you see the submarines go down the toilet as I flush, THAT rivals Mario Kart 8 for every category(fun, pastime, etc) Two whole FUCKING days spent mostly “spectating” quitting because your broken fucked up non-server having caveman mentality continuously throws me into a motherfucking game that is JUST at the starting line. FUCK YOU for that! I don’t want to watch any sissies or sluts race, I don’t have time for that! I shouldn’t be patient(fuck politically correct, sissies can take companies shaft, but I stand up for mine) the game should be accommodating, as I dropped off $60.00 like everyone else!

      I know Mario Kart, I know the series is supposed to be “for fun”. News for you MOTHERFUCKERS at Nintendo, 90% bad luck isn’t part of the deal! It’s not what the fuck I signed up for! Every motherfucker in front of me and behind, 90 percent of the fucking time get what the fuck I wish I got! Nope, the game see’s me, “here you go motherfucker, take these coins in 7th place, what, bitch, you’re in first, give second place three reds” same scenario, me in second, “hey, it’s that sap again, quick, only fucking coins for him, and the occasional banana, only of we’re having a good day” reiterate: FUCK YOU NINTENDO! 

      Every race, since I’ve gotten to 7,000 has been that, fucking coins, or fucking green shell, position completely irrelevant to what will spawn! Your game is fucking broken, assholes, fix the motherfucker! FUCK the Mercedes DLC, you fucks still have work to do! I’m the ONLY driver to have a greater hit by red shell and acquire red shell ratio; In perspective, say I’ve gotten the red shell (single, if I get triple, 95% of the time almost immediately they get blown by a bomb, no fucking lie, happened a good 7-9 times) as I was saying, say I’ve gotten the red shells (any variant) 20 times, I’ve been hit by them a good 370, again, not exact, but so you understand the BULLSHIT that goes on! Also, final round, last 15 seconds, I’m in first, hit by red, fire balls, you know the drill, and the set of boxes, ” here you go, prick, coins for you, do something, what” FUCK YOU NINTENDO! No way can I just be having a “bad luck streak” because I’ve yet to have a “good luck streak” The game is BROKEN, assholes!

      Also your laggy-ass fucking servers, motherfuckers never fail to trip me with the three items, yet I have them and assholes crash into me like it ain’t no thang! Piranha needs to take two chomps at a motherfucker to bring him to a halt, yet to me, you guessed it, bitch ass stretches its neck like a fucking brontosaurus JUST to get a piece of me. And starman is ineffective as well, I hit a motherfucker, instead he winds up three kart lengths in front! FUCK OFF! Lightning strikes, I’m looking like a dumb fuck getting run over by motherfuckers from behind who got all mushroom types. If I’M in the back, when lightning strikes, I get a green shell, RARELY do I pass motherfuckers when they’re tiny, I fucking can’t, with useless fucking items, but no, the opposition has no trouble landing all mushroom types.

      Also you assholes, I’m in a server with high VR no life having motherfuckers, I’m in 3rd, I’m about to settle for third, as there are probably 6 seconds left(cheap cheap beach) last set of boxes, I get the squid……NINTENDO, FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!! All the other fucks get mushrooms, instant quit moment no fucking doubt!

      I insta-quit all the time(don’t confuse it with rage quit, I don’t rage, I explain and dissect the unfair flaws), I don’t give a fuck! I’m entitled to the experience I applied for when the hype machine was in full force! You Nintendo assholes have not delivered! I play to win, I don’t enjoy being a participant, fuck special snowflakes, I’m a fucking winner, a person happy participating is worse than a loser, is LESS than a loser, a loser aspires to win, a participant is happy filling the voids! 

      Thank you to anybody who read all of it, if anybody can send this to those FUCKS at Nintendo, it would be greatly appreciated!

      I have opinions, so do you, if I have problems, you do too!

      1. “I don’t rage, I explain and dissect the unfair flaws”

        That whole piece, yes, i read it all, is nothing but a rant. It is a rank on crack. It could be no one is listening to you because of your approach.. No one likes sworn at and called names–even if they deserve it.

        I have played Mario Kart many times without a problem. It is frustrating to be knocked out seconds from the finish line but that is how it happens sometimes.

        i suggest you take a more positive attitude, less of an ” I must win attitude,” and try simply enjoying yourself. Yes, I said enjoy yourself. You might find you win a lot more and if you never win, who cares, there are so many more important things than winning a video game.

        You get worked up into such a rage that I cannot imagine you have any facilities left to concentrate on the game. I do not know how old you are, but whatever your age, try growing up a bit more. It is only a game. A game, nothing more. If you do not like the experience you get, demand a refund or chaulk it up to experience and don’t buy an online game from Nintendo again.

        Ranting on a site not belonging to Nintendo and expecting someone else to deliver it for you is both cowardly and inconsiderate. Find the company – how hard can it be – and tell them yourself.

        And apologize to this site’s owners for taking up space for a rant unrelated to the actual post. I would have removed this “comment” minutes after it went up, but then you would have one more person or company to rage against, though you do not rage, right?

        No need to reply. I already know what you will say: “Shut up motherfucker.” Gee, thanks. Take you own advice. Why are you hiding behind a rage name? You rage a lot, dude.

        1. Nintendo apologists or special snowflake??? Notice the “WARNING” at the top.

          I enjoy my time playing.
          This site needs no apology, posts unrelated to topics fuel the site, you must be new.
          Cowardly for not directly telling Nintendo the flaws? Guess you never heard of “post play surveys” yeah, I let them know!

          While I agree people don’t like getting insulted, I don’t recall insulting these readers. You seem like the politically correct type, “everybody wins” sorry to burst your bubble, competition fuels the economy, competition is life, video games aren’t, but they are a pastime! Life, again, is lived out by enjoyment, winning in video games=enjoyment, but you and, yes, “your type” would never understand this. Settle for participating, pfft, must be an Obama supporter! Good day, sir/kid/girl/ma’am!

          Plus, the post wasn’t meant to be replied too.

          1. All posts are meant to be replied to, where have you been? Oh, in the video room. I love competition. More than you I bet. I have been super competitive all of my life, And I win most of the time.

            I am not a whiner about losing or against things I cannot change and it looks like no matter how much you grouse, nothing is going to change. So you need to change or you will be frustrated all your life.

            Competition does not fuel life. But to explain it to you would go nowhere. Enjoy your neanderthal life caveman. What does all this have to do with Obama? Is he behind the bad games you get too? If it really matters to you and it must for you to bring up this unrelated subject, I am not a fan of Obama and never have been.

            I am not a “your type.” That remark is simply ignorant. No one is a type, not even you. If you have a complaint take it to Nintendo and stop inflicting your frustrations, anger, and general surliness on everyone else. You will never be a winner with your attitude no matter how many “games” you play. Insulting me or anyone else will not make you one.

            So sad. You sound like an intelligent guy, so why are you wasting your time on this nonsense? Don’t you have anything or anyone more important in your life? (and no, I am not against video games. I own too many to say that) It is just sad to see a grown-up so aggravated about something he cannot do anything about. Let it go.

            1. I made a comment relative to the site, and in the process utilized the freedom of speech granted on said site to get my point across. 
              As a side note: for that, even though I don’t personally or professionally know the person who runs this site(Sikr) I know enough to come to the conclusion that he/she is deserving of a whole next level of respect! And it’s why MNN is one of my top 3 sites to visit.

              “I am not a whiner about losing or against things I cannot change and it looks like no matter how much you grouse, nothing is going to change. So you need to change or you will be frustrated all your life.”

              So you know me, is that it? Because if I post a comment utilizing “foul” language it means I’m “frustrated” and will be my whole life? Don’t unknowingly assume the worst; especially for the future of a person who has no affect on your life. Profanity is as common as the words “I love you” only one has lost all meaning and the other continues to provoke daily; that’s where your assessment stems from, I’m old school, I win, I enjoy fair competition. I am fully aware mk8 relies heavily on luck, I have accepted that, BUT, not to the extent which I have willingly(I already paid for it, selling isn’t an option) been subjected to(bad luck)

              And this: “I am not a whiner about losing or against things I cannot change”
              So you accept that you quietly play your position and don’t step out of line? Pawn???
               It’s going to make heads turn, maybe not the necessary or desired/targeted ones, but it sets you apart from the crowd, let’s people know you are about making statements…..if I can’t make MY kind of comments, why do people rally then?

              “Enjoy your neanderthal life caveman”
              I’ll be doing that; just be sure to take plenty of snap shots of those leprechauns and unicorns living in perfect harmony, a selfie in front of a pot of gold if you can. Since we live in a world so merry where everybody wins medals and nobody is left out. Cappuccino please; where’s my sock hat? Huh, I also buy Toms shoes, indie rulz! Go green! Electric everything! 

              “I am not a “your type.” That remark is simply ignorant. No one is a type, not even you”
              Neanderthal= me
              fantasy land inhabitant= you
              Statement nullified…

              “It is just sad to see a grown-up so aggravated about something he cannot do anything about. Let it go.”

              Read that again, but read it against yourself, see, my venting is something you can do nothing about; this exchange won’t prevent any future rants(if there are to be any) so…..Let it go! 

              That said, this isn’t one of those one-up-the-other exchanges because I already made my impact, all of this is just extra.

                1. No. In Fact NIntendo wants to have chat in there. But they don`t do it because of ex-nintendofans which didn`t grow-up and use the words this “individuum” does. So yeah, but you were nearly 100% correct.

              1. Well, you DO realize that nintendo is about to update MK8 to stabilize the online experience. that should at least get rid of most technical errors online.

              2. You are not listening. I said you are a whiner and you are. Your whole thing is a rant and whine. I never said you shouldn’t do anything about it. In fact, I said it was cowardly to rant and then ask someone else to deliver this anonymous rant to Nintendo. They will not listen even if someone does do your budding for you. You hide behind a false rant-name, which is also easy to say whatever you want when no one will know who you are. Though I am sure those who have played the game against you have figured out who you are-the guy who rants during the game but hides behind a false name there, too. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t hide.

                You seem to think I am against competition, which is not true and I told you this. I think handing out a trophy to every kid is stupid and teaches kids nothing, except that they are entitled – oh, wait, didn’t you say you were entitled. This is another good comment, especially since you think competition is good, yet you want the game to be nice to you, as if no one else paid to play: “the game should be accommodating” Hand the boy a trophy, will ya’ He didn’t win, but what the hell, let him have a trophy, we forgot to accommodate the entitled kid..

                You have said more than once about your warning there would be swear words and this is what has me worked up. I have heard worse. No, none of those words offend me when I read them. What I thought was funny, and what got me to reply was one of your last statements, though I laughed a lot reading the entire rant. There is that word again: rant.

                “don’t rage, I explain and dissect the unfair flaws”

                That is funny because all you did was rant and rage. All I am saying is grow up and let it go. It is a game, there are flaws, you know there are flaws, so shut up and deal with it or don’t play until it is fixed. You spuel rants on as if you are the only one these flaws hurt.

                ” I’m the ONLY driver to have a greater hit by red shell”
                “I hit a motherfucker, instead he winds up three kart lengths in front!”
                ” I get the squid……NINTENDO, FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!! All the other fucks get mushrooms”

                There is more, but the point is made. You have trouble taking the good with the bad and think only you get treated unfairly by a game. It only is you who never gets a mushroom, only you get hit the most by this player or that player. Come on, really? I feel so sad for you being picked on all the time. Nintendo is being such a bully to you.

                I love this rant, too:

                “I’m entitled to the experience I applied for when the hype machine was in full force!”

                Seriously, you believed all the marketing? Most everything that is marketed is over-hyped. Do you also run into Taco Bell and bitch that your taco doesn’t look like the poster on the wall? Or your drink cup looks different than the person ahead of you? You called it correctly: “Hype machine.”

                “Because if I post a comment utilizing “foul” language it means I’m “frustrated”

                I have no idea what is making you frustrated, but I can guess. I said you are frustrated over the flaws in the game and unless you accept that that is how this game is, while trying to change it if you want, you will always be frustrated. And if you keep thinking that you are the only one the game picks on, that this person gets this while you only get that, you will remain frustrated. This is what I meant by letting it go. Stop whining and grousing about how unfairly everything is to you. You sound like a kid who got trophies and medals for just playing or showing up and want that same thing now.

                One last thing, since I won’t reply any longer because my next game is about to start. I want to say, “You are welcome.”

                IN case you are wondering why I would say this, I am just being courteous.

                “Thank you to anybody who read all of it”

                Like I said, “You’re welcome.” Now I am going to go kick some butt and have some real fun. So long, uh, who are you, oh yeah, you are hiding from the bullies. Bye, Anonymous.

                1. MARIO KART 8 SUX BALLZ

                  Yea yea, the old “I will no longer reply because I’m getting mine handed to me” post; it doesn’t matter if you don’t reply, you’re going to read this message regardless, so let me once again correct your corrupted views…

                  “Though I am sure those who have played the game against you have figured out who you are-the guy who rants during the game but hides behind a false name there, too”

                  As was stated, you are a pawn to the system, you MUST follow suit to feel satisfaction in belonging, I do what is best for my interest, I don’t follow.
                  For what other reason is there a “warning, avoid using any real information” disclaimer when creating a username? So, again, your comment holds no merit, Nintendo ENCOURAGES anonymity. You on the other hand are the type to give a random stranger your life story… gullible, it’s expected of your type.

                  “oh, wait, didn’t you say you were entitled”
                  Giving a company $60.00, yes, I am entitled to the experience that was hyped; they didn’t tell me it was luck based, so I bought into the hype, how is this MY fault? It isn’t, I’m ENTITLED to the product I was being shown before I made my purchase, that is NOT what I received. Speaking mechanics, so your Taco Bell reference is invalid.
                  And only a fool would settle, get swindled and sit there with his/her hands under his/her lap, sound like someone, someone like YOU.

                  “All I am saying is grow up and let it go. It is a game, there are flaws, you know there are flaws, so shut up and deal with it or don’t play until it is fixed.”

                  In what twisted little fantasy do you live in that gives you the right to tell another being what he should/shouldn’t do? 
                  The same way you choose to be a conformist about these existing flaws, I choose not to be. In my OPINION, if there is a problem, I call it out; you, you keep your mouth shut in such instance, so you get nowhere. You look to fit in, I don’t, I’m unique, I don’t limit myself by allowing the status quo to be guidelines by which I abide by, I go above and beyond, freedom of speech plays a major role in achieving a desired result. But you continue to play your role, I’m surprised you buy Nintendo products and don’t own an Xbox One…..launch edition, then again you probably do, since you take what is offered without a fuss.

                  “You sound like a kid who got trophies and medals for just playing or showing up and want that same thing now.”

                  After reading my other posts, you really believe that, or was that just a lazy insult? Because anybody who read my follow-up posts to you would know better….I just laughed at that, correction, I laughed at YOU, for that one, thanks!

                  “So long, uh, who are you, oh yeah, you are hiding from the bullies. Bye, Anonymous.”


                  Oh, and u know you read this, I will no longer reply….a vegans life for me.

        1. Never had problems on my side. So how is it broken? They did admit and said that if you are in first place, your gonna receive hell of a defense item like a banana, or a green shell. Clearly someone want attention and didn’t see the direct. That being said, what did you expect? You should know by now that its all out war for first place, as for lag? No, its your server…get a better server and you might see better results but that’s easier said than done…unless you get charter.

        2. Broken where? Besides online being under maintenance and Battle mode being a joke that needs a reversal, I see nothin broken about MK8 and yes Nintendo is working on an update unlike WB leaving Arkham Origins broken and EA with rushing BF4 broken and delayed its fix for months.

      2. Hey dude. I laughed, I understand the rage. I almost chewed the fucking buttons off my controller… Wich I did do to a snes controller back in the day raging over an unfair madden game. Rant on. At least you are playing Nintendo and not here to
        Say Xbox Rulz

      3. It’s about G.Damn time someone finally understands what I’ve been bitching about for over a month.

        SEE why I quit playing??

        Damn. I’ve been sayin this shit for a month.

      4. Nintendo Commander 4axis

        You just suck dude. Stop making little bitch excuses why your not getting in first. Most of the things you said was garbage and repeating yourself.

                      1. I can be a troll sometimes but that’s only for fun. I take sides with all 3 of the gaming companies so It really aggravates me when someone says that one company is better than the other. Ooh, and especially when someone says something about Xbox. People that talk negatively about Xbox are my main prey and It’s funny going after them to piss them off. Like that article about the best controllers. The hate for the Xbox controllers was fucking retarted. Most of them didn’t even explain WHY it was shit. I was laughing too hard. Lol. And people were going batshit crazy because Dualshock 4 was number 1. Damn, calm down! It’s just an opinion! Lmao! Anyways, any, and I mean ANY sign of fanboyism I see from anyone on this site, I am going after them. Lol.

                          1. @Stranga Not sure if you realize, but I know that you hate Xbox and people like you are my main prey. XD But since you are my friend, you get a pass. I still troll you, but you don’t really notice it. Sometimes I say something really, really good about the Wii U and you agree with me, but I didn’t actually mean what I said. XD I troll you do much that you probably can’t really tell when I’m actually telling the truth. I do it to Nintendo Commander and Ridley Kalas too. Sometimes I wrote FULL ON PARAGRAPHS about why the Wii U is not selling well and that it lacks features and stuff but in reality, I really don’t mean any of that. I just like to see when you guys lose your shit and get mad. XD I love my Wii U too btw.

                            1. I don’t hate Xbox. If the damn thing worked, doesn’t charge for online play that’s free everywhere and offer a bit more exclusives than Gears and Halo, I would’ve bought that over PS3 and I swear to god that its true. What I hate is companies like Microsoft who survives on the sheer knack of taking advantage of people just because they’re think they are idiots who will believe and buy anything which is half true.

                            2. Uhh yea I hate gaming sobs 2!! They ar meany too me and bes angry n it makes me said becauz they r snobs!! Make me sad but I luv all my frends on mnn!<3

              1. Fatal Frame 5 hasn`t even got a release data yet! So nope. This is only the list until spring 2015! And you know- Hyrule Warriors comes out TOMORROW in Japan. It will drive WiiU sales further. Man, i wish it would be september now. Than i could play that game too. And Bayonetta 2 wouldn´t be away another 1 month.

              1. Xbone is about to enter untapped market.
                Ever wonder why PS4 sells so bad?
                They all waiting for Xbones.
                MS knows this, and that is why they are releasing their console with practically no games for it.

            1. Eh? Where’s Fifa or Madden? I don’t fully understand…

              On another note, it’s good to see the 3DS Smash Bros so high. Going portable may have been a good move

                      1. Well, not be rude but DUH. The 3ds has the highest install base over the wiiu. Nintendo’s handhelds have always out number consoles. 3ds sales are going to be higher, but the wii u might be at that level smash highest selling games reach around 10 million, even on game I believe melee sound in that range, the hoilday seasons is nintendo’s for the taking, they have more interesting games then sony and Micro for the winter they just need to do things right

                        1. Yeah, I was pretty sure that you meant quality wise, but I just wanted to be sure =)

                          The 3DS one is more along the lines of Melee/64 in terms of graphics and the gameplay is simply better suited for home consoles. The XL version for the 3DS does make a difference, but it’ll never be quite as big as the Wii U version. That’s the one that will get the biggest following and the most tournaments. I can’t wait!

                        1. You see retro, this is why I respect you, you know your shit. There are others here I also respect like Hollow, Tyler, (even though I disagree with him a lot but he does make good points at times and actually defends Nintendo at times, but has his own options…this I respect the most of him) Shuhei Yoshida, NC at times (good pal though), Simply G, and Lara the last.

                          Oh and sometimes Anubis too…the guy can troll like no other and seeing people fall in his traps are funny to see, but like most he also has options…RESPECT MAN!

                          By options and knowledge is what I will respect the most without too many insults.

                          Don’t know what you guys think of me and clearly I don’t a flying two shits basically, however I will not be afraid to say something about my home console that help save our asses from being a boring no gaming life…that is why I will defend Nintendo and by that alone, I was raised by it, I learn to game by it, I learned to leave it for other games on other consoles with the help of my brother and why I own multiple systems.

            2. I can understand why Smash Wii U seems too be a little low. Its not because of the install base or anything like that, its just that we have know fucking clue as to when Smash Wii U comes out. All we know is it’s coming out this winter (which it could might change). I mean look out BY2 its coming out next in month in japan and its a rank higher than Smash 4 Wii U.

              1. well that and the console market in japan is at a decline, bayonetta is actually surprising, but it deserves it a fantastic game

            3. i would suck some serious D for those games to come to america (not counting those that already are) and on the 3ds and wii u (excluding the wii u and 3ds on the list). i would turn gay for only that moment and turn back to a straight guy.

            4. Nintendo made a huge mistake by selling Smash 4 3DS before Smash 4 Wii U. I know its a business decision, but now many people will buy a Wii U for the same experience on 3DS with minor differences? I only hope Nintendo has something under their sleeves with the Wii U version, or otherwise It’ll simply be great in quality but not in sales. :(

              1. I’d say that making SSB on 3DS was a big mistake to begin with. Instead of focusing on a single Smash Bros game, now there’s two with different stages and modes, when they should’ve made it so there’s only a Wii U version with all the stages and modes.

                1. But think about it. The 3DS is the best selling handhold game. The reason why Nintendo put it on the 3DS is to make the sales even higher so the 3DS can’t be beaten. Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U was to boost its sales which I believe will happen. With the looks of the graphics on the game, I wouldn’t be suprised if Wii U sales sky rocketed. The reason why Japan rated the 3DS version higher than the Wii U version is because the 3DS version is coming out first and like I said, the 3DS is the best handhold system. Saving the Wii U version for around winter was a smart move for Nintendo as Hyrule Warriors will also be out by then. I believe that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be the hit this Christmas.

              2. The wii u one is already going to have a mode that 3ds is not going to have, gamecube support, over all better experience in terms of game play. Also wii u version has more music, and more trophies then the 3ds version. 3ds version is more causal play (not causal ) but play on road. There are reasons to own both

              3. minor differences? Dude, you simply don`t know what you are talking about.

                1st) 3DS will get 100% different stages! So no same stages here! 3DS will get stages from 3DS-games like Animal Crossing or Kid Icarus Uprising or hell- even Tomodachi Life and Gameboy! These stages are NOT in the wiiU-version and most stages in WiiU are not in the 3DS-version.

                2nd) WiIU will get its own stages. WiiU will be more graphics-related game, 3DS will be more controller-optimized and bug-free and without patches/updates.

                3rd) 3DS-version has its own “Subspace”-kind of option. WiiU-version does not have this!

                4th) The rooster is also clearly very different! Yes, there are some characters which are the same- but thats it. If you want everything you need to buy both versions and need a 3DS AND a WiiU to play both.

                – So if you want the WiiU-version you will simply have no singleplayer-modus like on 3DS. You will get better graphics, but very different stages of WiiU-games (so far). And you will get different characters than 3DS-version.

                I you want to be mobile you better buy the 3DS-version. The 3DS-version has the singleplayer-mode in it. Thus you have much more content in the 3DS-version than in the WiiU-version.

                Also- WiiU-version is much more expensive- 40 euros vs. at least 60 euros. Yes, that will be the price. 50% cheaper 3DS-version you know? And 3DS-version even might be only 35 Euro. WiiU-verson of smash Bros might also be 64,99/65 euros. So you guessed it- this games will not be cheap at all! 3DS-version of Smash Bros will be 45 euros in eshop.

                1. I know you put a lot into your post, but after rereading my comment I noticed I put “now” instead of “how”. You may have noticed that already, but I just noticed it and wanted to make sure we were on the same page. Sorry for that. X(

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              1. I honestly think sony isn’t really at hardwork on it, if they were we kinda would have seen more of it by now, I hope they are working on so people shut up, though the game doesn’t hold my interest so far, haven’t seen to much in terms of what has been sown that interest me.

                          1. Til you have a sword & shield on your back, you are a kid. (If you don’t get this reference, I will end you.)

                              1. Excuse me while I go get one of my daggers. I have to make good on my threat & end you. lol

            6. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

              meh japanese have lame taste of games. lame pathetic japan devs games.

              1. ok dude u official have no taste. Japan is the reason why gaming got popular without them the industry wouldn’t be as strong as is today, Their games inspired devs in the US to make games

                  1. But then again, both FFXV and KH3 have no release date either, but they’re still high up in the list. So the release date isn’t the reason for X not being on the list, it seems.

            7. Guys, I’m thinking of getting one of the Wii Fit games, but I don’t know which to choose, Wii Fit Plus or Wii Fit U. Any suggestions?

              1. Wii Fit U.
                Same game as WiiFit Plus, but better graphics, more exercises, more mini games, off screen play, and compatible with a pedometer. (fit meter)

            8. Even on Japan’s list, there’s only like 4 games I care anything about. I would say I mus be growing out of gaming. But I think the game industry is just at a rough spot at the moment. I can’t even remember when I was super excited for an upcoming game (except the next Zelda. And Smash Bros. I suppose). Hyrule Warriors seems promising, but I’m a little skeptical.

            9. Japans taste in games is much better than europe and north america. The most anticipated games for the west is Madden, COD, Fifa, and Battlefield. Blaahh.

              1. you got it so wrong, I don’t know the America (the continent) market is but in Europe, JPRG at least are way more popular than US or north America hence why we never understand why Final Fantasy 3,4,5 and 6 never been released in this part of the world. Nintendo understood too late with xenoblade, last story and pandora tower that Europe is a good market for JRPG. Also don’t judge the EU market by the UK chart.

            10. I’m happy to see Hyrule Warriors in third place, also someday I will buy monster hunter 3 for WiiU, next year or so..It seems an awesome game. I would buy MH4 instead if WiiU would take it too, but it’s a kind of game I prefer to play in a home console, not in 3DS.

              1. Dude, you do know MH4 makes no sense on WiiU, don`t you? Its the same with Resident Evil Revelations, which only was best played on 3DS! Only on 3DS you could have 3D-effects, could use that perfect controlling for the game (not that stupid controllers of FPS-games). Resident Evil Revelations was best played with one stick to feel how it is ont getting to near to Zombies. The other versions of Resident Evil Revelations was rated far worser than 3DS-version which was the DE!

                MH4 was made for 3DS, it would just be a simple HD-port like MH3 U. Makes no sense to do that. Just wasted money. So Capcom doesn`t make it. Monster Hunter 4 is just optimally made for 3DS. Its not meant for WiiU, you understand?

                Also- understand that Monster Hunter 4 was nothing more to do with Monster Hunter at all. Its a Reboot. It was specifically designed for handhelds. Its simply not made for consoles a all, and thus its gone forever to be exclusive i guess. Monster Hunter 4 is now not about chasing monsters only. Its a new kind of story.

            11. Hum I see some PS4 games which could really help the console to sell more unit. What is more amazing is how much games the PS3 will receive and it will even sell more than PS4 and Wii U.. The issue with PS4 is it competing with PS3.

              Nintedno (i do believe reggie at the time) promised the wii will get more support after the Wii U is launch but did not deliever, the worst thing is games like the last story, the pandora tower and xenoblade came to late but was not release properly and became collector and well sought game which push the price very high and did not sell very much.

              So Sony does what nintendo promised….

              PS:we in Europe we like JRPG, so a good old fashion one with over the top drama things that a lot of America (please note the continent) dudes don’t like, will be very welcome in Europe.

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