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New Sonic Boom Images Appear Online


New images from the forthcoming Sonic Boom on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U have been published by Japanese publication 4Gamer. Sonic’s latest adventure is running on CryEngine 3, but still looks noticeably rough. Still, we’ve got a few months to go before the game is released. You can view more screens, right here.


83 thoughts on “New Sonic Boom Images Appear Online”

    1. you will, look at those amazing floor textures, must be hard to make a game 1080p 60 fps on wii u, a console for those who don’t like playing games online, good graphics, voice acting, high budget games, third party games, good UI, voice chat, spending money on more than 3 games a year, BUT like their games to be 90% platformers, same exclusives every generation, smash bros and zelda that is getting worse with every new installment… also this gen bayonetta that has been announced at e3 2012 and hasn’t come out yet and X that has been announced at the beginning of 2013 and will be coming out in 2015, NINTENDO DA BEST

      1. A technological marvel…and yet it looks to be utter shit when it comes to everything else. You know, the things that actually matter like gameplay, pacing, combat, boss fights, etc. what a bunch of dumb asses. Sega has pull the whool over your pathetic eyes once again!

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  1. the wiiu has had its time now nintendo can not get good thirdparty support for its consoles from thirdparty develpers game over for nintendo smash wont save wiiu or kiby or yhosi or captain toad tresure tracker

  2. we have all given up on nintendo now really no one is going to buy a wiiu are they really going to buy a wiiu for sonic boom i dont think so

    1. it has far more than ps4 and far more AAA HIGH SCORING GAMES


      brodude 4

    2. Your trolling effort is running dim. Its as funny as it is sad to watch yourself wasting life over this. XD You’ll accomplish about tell nothing so go home and do some real time spending.

    1. It isn’t “everyone”, it’s just one person trolling. You can tell from their typing style and the time stamp. Just ignore, a Wii-U stole his mother from him.

  3. Oh god, a like button? Anyway. I’ve said this game looked like crap from the start, I love Sonic too but for god sakes can we get a good Sonic game again..

    Such an amazing story and character just left to rot in this memory. Sucks also because I like a lot of the people who make up Big Red Button but this game just isn’t doing it for me.

    It looks so poorly made, gonna need a lot of polish for this turd.

  4. So much unnecessary hate on this game. Look guys, this isn’t going to be the next 5 star Mario Kart 8 or Smash Bros, but it’s still going to be a fun game. It’s not your average Sonic game and that’s okay. A Ratchet and Clank styled spinoff it all we really need anyway. Just watch, this game is going to be fun! #1080P60FPSAtNintendo

        1. True, they don’t, and seeing how it isn’t selling as well as previous MK games and how it failed to meet expectations in terms of gameplay and moving hardware, it really is one of the worst entries in the series.
          And you sure would know whether or not a complete stranger on the internet you have never talked to before has played a certain game or not, lmao. Try harder next time.

          1. Its only considered the worst because of 3 main reasons which only one of them are just as stupid: Character Roster, Wii U install base and Battle mode. As for Character Roster, I’ve seen a lot worse such as the portable side offering similar and less. Battle Mode is understandable. I’m also pissed at Nintendo for changing it into something pointless. Wii U install base, can and will be improved in time and so as MK8 sales which is still going strong after 2 months surprisingly.

    1. Yeah, I agree. This game is going to be fun + it doesn’t have to have the same exact gameplay as the usual Sonic games because it’s a spinoff.

  5. Lol it’s funny how Sega said it makes more sense to put these games on Nintendo platforms because that’s mainly where their audience is, but the games they are putting so far have been reviewed as bad or mediocre. And looking at all these people saying they aren’t going to buy it, well… I wouldn’t be surprised if they ported the games to other systems or dropped Wii U support entirely…

        1. A supposed anniversary game with a bunch of remade levels instead of fresh ones except the final boss. While other games tried something new, Sonic fans bitch about it while also bitching about making changes to Sonic formula at the same time but love a game like Generations that not only didn’t offered anything different gameplay wise but design wise which is only 7% new and the other 93 is remakes. XP I swear, Sonic fans can be this depressingly.

          1. To be fair, Sonic Generations was amazing. I played it for 86 hours on Steam, 20 hours on Xbox 360, and 26 hours on PS3. XD

      1. That doesn’t mean anything. Sonic Boom doesn’t look like it comes anywhere near the Naughty Dog games on the PS3.

        1. Remember the PSOne and PS2? Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter. I assume that Rise of Lyric’s gameplay is somewhere between Crash (Knuckles’ spin-off character), Jak and Daxter’s humor and Ratchet & Clank (Big Red Button is also made of former employees of Insomniac Games). However, I do respect your opinion, HollowGrapeJ. Epic Lana avatar BTW.

          1. No I do not. I grew up playing Nintendo so I didn’t get to experience the PS2 or many other third party games… :(

    1. McMuffin Eggs Special

      The Sonic fanbase rage about new changes all the time, their the same folks who rage over the new voice actors, movement speed, and Sonic’s eye colors, then draw porn of them the next day to send to IGN.

      If you interested in this, I don’t think you’ll waste your cash on it. It looks fun to me too.

  6. Some Xbone fanboy decide to get all his 10 year old friends and try and fail to troll this page or something? XD It’s ridiculous and pathetic.

    On another note, I’m gonna give this game a chance. It actually looks alright and to be honest I think people just love to exaggerate.

    1. “Friends”? You giving him too much credit! I think it was just one person who just refuse to cap the first letter in his sentences and end it with a period. lol

  7. I played the game at a Nintendo press event and yes, it’s quite rough, but isn’t that bad, the exploration and puzzle like gameplay is pretty ok, at least for me; the combat is a little repetitive and it’s a really slow game… but the level design isn’t bad at all, and has some good idea here and there. Probabily not a masterpiece but an interesting game at least.

  8. I appreciate the changes and the gameplay looks much improved. But those graphics look pretty rough. I think gaming has passed Sega by. They must have lost all their talented developers over the years.

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  10. I actually like Sony as a Character, it’s cool, fresh, and pretty fast, but this game… *sigh* It looks like it’s not going to sell well… I personally won’t buy it, if there is a demo of it, and It plays well… I might give it a try.

  11. Sickr… I’ve visited Sonic’s website and discovered that Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is powered by CRYENGINE… not CryEngine 3.

  12. All the constent bitching
    Wiiu has games just ones you either choose not to like it complain about. sure most of them are first and second party. But as much as I don’t like Nintendo right now as a fan I will support them. (yes I don’t own a wiiU, I own a 3ds. Is it by choice no. Just can’t buy one atm and have to work to get it.)

    1. As much as I like Nintendo games, the Wii U will need 3rd party or else it will never take off. Wii succeeded because of casuals, but this time, there are no casuals. It’s only Nintendo fans.

      1. I agree. It does need third party. I think the console is not the problem it’s Nintendo take. they wanna be both and Thats cool but they are taking all the wrong steps and turns. I really think it’s time some young people can get executive positions

  13. I never have been a fan of the Sonic series. The only one I played all the way through was the original Sonic The Hedgehog. And it was never really all that fun. I hate pretty much everything about the series, except for Sonic himself. But I prefer the early 90’s Sonic, with his shorter legs and pudgier body.

  14. well can’t believe the comments here, people just look at 2 or 3 pics and decided the game is retarded. to be honest if I just base my opinion about pics then I found smash bro even more retarded. It funny how a third party studio develop a game which does not have any Nintendo character is already doom. most people already judge the game by the pics, if I am a 3rd party studio I will take comment from here and justify why I won’t get a game on the wii U. Give the game a chance before making any judgement.

  15. I cant believe they take their time to slow Sonic down to normal speed in a spin-off and then fuck up so badly. Is it that hard to take SMG, replace mario with Sonic and do unique things with parcour and controlled build up of momentum if you are good? The WiiU version looks and sounds terrible. After seeing gameplay of the 3DS game, it seems to be actually quite fun.

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