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New Zelda Merchandise Added To The Nintendo UK Online Store

Nintendo UK has added new Zelda goodies to their official online store. As can be seen in the embedded tweet, a range of new merchandise for men, women and children are now offered within the store, including the following:

  • Small messenger bag
  • Girls’ Wind Waker stained glass wallet/purse
  • The Legend of Zelda golden-plated cap
  • Girls’ Zelda Hoodie – Green/Black
  • The Legend of Zelda Men’s T-Shirt – Black

You can view all the Zelda merchandise in the “Cool Stuff” section of the online store, alternatively you can just click the link here to go directly to the section. Remember that the online store only ships physical products to residencies within the UK.

16 thoughts on “New Zelda Merchandise Added To The Nintendo UK Online Store”

  1. Is it just me or do us here in the U.S. get the shaft from Nintendo when it comes to pre-order bonuses and Nintendo store and Nintendo club stuff?

    1. Was thinking it before you wrote it. America gets shit with regards to games, bundles, colors, Club Nintendo (this year was fucking horrible as shit), and items wise. There’s nothing to use my points and I have like, 9,000. In the Japan club Nintendo and others, I would be broke by now. Iwata is fucking up, man! Period!

  2. I would think they might add some MK8 swag for the US
    I really liked the MK8 shirt that club Nintendo Japan had earlier this year

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    1. Well luckily for you, I stumbled upon this site earlier with the stuff that UK online store has that’s up for sale in the US. Of course, there might be a few things in the UK online store not available on this website, mainly those expensive figurines. As I told the guy further up, check with google or yahoo to make sure the site is safe to use, though, as I have not tried using it myself yet.

  4. Its pretty lame Nintendo doesn’t give for north america. The prizes are garbage all around nothing new in fact tons was removed and not that they were anything great anyways. Paper books pencils and some crap you can buy at a $1 store.

  5. God that hoodie. I’ve never wanted one more. Not even the Assasin’s Creed ones (I haven’t played it, so I guess that’s why ;-P)

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