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Here’s The First 85 Minutes Of Hyrule Warriors In HD

Wondering what the first eighty-five minutes of Hyrule Warriors is like? Well Tilmen from Nintendomination has you covered. Tilmen recently received the Japanese version of the game which launched today in Japan. Unfortunately we will have to wait a bit longer for the game here in the west as it’s not out until September. Enjoy.

66 thoughts on “Here’s The First 85 Minutes Of Hyrule Warriors In HD”

      1. Me either. I just watched the Nintendo Direct, and I HAVE played a DW game before! Samurai Chronicles for the 3DS… I actually loved that game. I totally got into weapon crafting and finding which characters were your favorite, to build battlefield teams…

        That said, I’m over the top excited for this game now. Also, unlike Nintendo’s shitty use of the game pad in MK8, HW allows each local coop player to have their own screen!

        Day one download for me. I can’t wait

        1. Um, yeah. I tried to see who liked my comment, and accidentally liked it. Looks like we can’t un-like it! *shrugs*

  1. Will the pre-order and Club Nintendo DLC costumes be available at a later date, or will they never be available again? I’d appreciate a reply.

    1. Hey, HollowGrapeJ, if you’re reading this, you seem like a really nice person and if you have an answer to my question, I’d be really glad :)

      If nobody’s gonna want to answer, I guess I’ll look somewhere else. I guess I should’ve known better than to ask on this website xD

      1. Yes, there is a high chance it will be released as a dlc. This happens all the time with retailer exclusive Crap and is always dlc if you got it at one place rather than another, example is watch dogs

        1. Thanks osama, I really appreciate your reply. I always used to get pulled into those “hurry, exclusive!” kinda things. Glad I checked twice on this one. I don’t always have money for all the stuff I want, and if there’s one game I’ll be choosing for a long time, it will be Smash Bros. for Wii U. Hyrule Warriors can wait. ^-^

            1. Hehe, well there’s a difference between Osama Bin Laden and a fella named osama. The name “osama” is probably not as common, but there are probably many people with that name around the world.

          1. Right now, pre-ordering the game will get you the DLC for free. Nintendo has not confirmed whether or not it will be available afterwards, but I’m guessing it most likely will be available for download eventually just to be fair to everyone else. I don’t be able to get this game at launch, so lets hope they do. Fingers crossed.

            1. Thanks for the reply, HollowGrapeJ. Yeah, I imagine that not providing the DLC later on would just be…messed up. People would complain all over the place anyway. They shouldn’t even say the DLC is “exclusive”, it’s misinforming, and I darn right fell for it.

            2. Imagine if they reveal later they aren’t releasing the DLC sets we can’t get. :/ This is why I made sure to pre-order from Gamestop, so I can get the store exclusive DLC that I care most about: Ocarina of Time. I will be The Hero of motherfucking Time even if it fucking kills me! lol

    2. No theyll be available for like a month after, DLC for most games just run out forever, and Nintendo games dont hav alot of DLC so hard to tell

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    1. Of course you should. The fact that Lana is in it should’ve been more than enough of a reason to get it. X)

        1. Online Co-op was never supposed to be in the game. But I think it would’ve been awesome running around with some of my good old friends vanishing evil. And idk bout you but I can play DW5 for hours and hours and hours literally doing the same missions. I expect to do the same with this game…

              1. I’m talking about promising one thing and just change it around. As for Ubishit’s Wii U history, they promise all kinds of BS and never deliver. On time releases, full package Wii U version compare to others and DLCs such as AC4 Wii U not getting it for some stupid ass reason.

        2. Still, there is local co-op and Adventure mode, which both look like loads of fun. I’m looking forward to the challenge and variety.

          It might be a little tedious, but, games like God of War, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta operate in the same fashion, without getting too drab. I think with all of the different characters and environments Hyrule Warriors will be pretty fresh.

            1. This gameplay is nothing like Devil May Cry. Lol. As for God of War, it is very similar to that. I noticed.

            2. Sorry bout that stranga. Do you have any relatives that like video games? I’m probably not going to play Hyrule Wariors with my buddies, but with my brother.

              But I was just stating how 3rd person hack and slashes can still be fun over time (not meaning to connect the two gameplay wise).

              1. I do have a brother and sister but they’re more into Xbox and Minecraft than anything I got and I know damn well some idiot here is gonna say thing about this comment and I would sure love to pick them out if they dare.

                1. You have no idea how hard I am laughing right now. X’D Lmao. Lol. XD XD XDD XD Lol Minecraft. XD I knew it would be a good idea if that came to the Wii U. It would be a system seller! Who needs Smash Bros anyway? XD

                    1. Minecraft is one of those games where you have to sink in a ton of time before you can truly experience it. That’s why it seems boring to you, but you haven’t even scratched the surface of Minrcraft. There’s much more you have to learn. And hey, you have an Xbox 360?

                      1. I just don’t see the point in that game other than building shit. And yes I actually have a 360 unlike a certain fuckhead who keeps lying about having one. lol

                        1. You don’t understand. There’s way more to the game than that. It isn’t “just building and shit”. I’m truly disappointed in you. You can do better than that. Lol. You need to get over there, grab your bro and sis, play a game of Minecraft with them, and you shall experience true joy and fun. You do not play MC by yourself. That’s nothing as hell. Lol. And what 360 games you got/want?

                          1. I tried it with them. Still bored the fuck out of me. XD Anyway, I got Halo 1-4, COD MW2, BO1/2 and gay Saints Row 3 which isn’t Saints Row anymore and that stupid ass Kinect with Sonic Free Riders.

                            1. I’m in the same boat. My relatives have Xbox and I have no locals to coop with. Online is my only option for multiplayer, so it sucks most Nintendo games are local coop, especially the 1st party titles.

                              I’m still getting this, but online coop would have been nice.

                              1. Only certain multiplayer oriented 1st party gets online like Smash and Mario Kart. Unsure if Mario Party is getting online this time which they should add since the last game was criticized for omitting online play just like the DS version.

                                1. I think Nintendo land was an amazingly crafted game that did not get as much credit as it deserved. Online “Lobbies” for each minigame could gave granted a very, very long life. Oh well. This game would have been just epic with online Coop, and it disappoints me as well. Still, As a DW fan, AND a Zelda fan, It’s just a must for my collection!!

                2. I feel bad for Stranga & a few others who don’t have anyone to play this game with since Koei and/or Nintendo decided not to add online co-op to this game. I’ll be sure to make my wife play the game with me every now & then. “Play this game with me, hun! There are thousands of hungry gamers that don’t have anyone to play this game with… We can’t let the local co-op go to waste… Let’s play this together in their honor..!”

                    1. Not really, no. I mostly call her by her name. I may use hun on a rare occasion but that’s it. Anyway, what’s so funny about that? It’s either hun or Boo Boo Kitty Fuck.

                      (I wonder if you’ll even get that reference I threw in at the end.)

                3. Anyway, I must resist the urge to watch the video! It’s most likely in Japanese with Japanese subtitles so I won’t know what the hell they are saying but there could be other ways the video can spoil me…. D: *gives in & watches a bit of the video*

                  1. Well that was enjoyable. I only watched around 25 minutes of it, though. From what I gathered, a certain characters appears in the game earlier than I was hoping. Oh well. Of course, he/she might not be playable at that point, though.

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