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Dreamfall Chapters Will No Longer Be Coming To Wii U

The episodic 3D adventure game Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey will no longer be coming to Wii U as Sony have secured the game as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is being developed by indie studio Red Thread Games and was crowd-funded by a Kickstarter campaign.


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      1. I’ve never even heard of this, so I don’t really care all that much, but the people who backed this to get it on Wii U have every right to be butthurt.

      1. I’m pretty sure you’re the one who doesn’t have brains considering how I can’t read what you’re trying to say.

        1. I remember i rented dreamfall a long time ago. I didn’t like it too much. Cool little world but gameplay was kinda boring

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I know from experience, these humans are nothing more than worhtless blind apes that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible…

              1. Oooohhhh maaaaaiiiiiii guuuuurrrrrrdddddd get over it! I never even made fun of him, I just didn’t care about his death. He was in his 60s, he lived his life, he’s a legend.

    1. Sasori owns Nintendo is my Blood

      I would like to applaud Robin Williams for ending his life so violently.. You have provided us with the last laugh just thinking how your eyes must of bulged from your bloodless face and skull as you grasped for you final and maybe at the last moment desperate regrettable breath. A mistake… Too late funny boy. If he really wanted to be creative he should of took a “hook” to his neck,, they would of been “patching” his “Adams” for days.

  2. This is getting serious.

    Whoever run this website, PLEASE STOP POSTING “____” IS NOT COMING TO THE WII U”

    How many of this did we get the last few days?

    WTF, MNN???

      1. Did I say that is not news?

        I said we should get NINTENDO NEWS other than whatever is skipping the Wii U.

        Like the The Crew post… EVERYONE knew that it is going to skip the Wii U. Why posting that? Just to get more clicks?

        Why the owner of this website keeps with that obnoxious pattern?

        If he/she wants more clicks, create exclusive content instead.

        There is no point in feeding this website with “blahblahblah is not coming to the Wii U”.

        1. But it is nintendo news. Even if this was posted for clicks, you’re the dumbass that clicked on it knowing what it was going to be about. ;;;;))))))))((((((((;;;;;;;

          1. Do I need to draw, or prepare a .ppt presentation in order to make you understand what is the point I’m discussing?

            Ah, and you could have gone without the offense.

            1. This one does need to get reported though because it was announced for wiiU when it was first revealed. So them canceling it is something people need to know. Not posting about it would almost be like not posting about a game delay.

        2. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

          sickr milking you clowns. if the readers where actually activate ad block , we may see the other side of sickr behavior. notice the article spaming since april till now, especially in events like directs ,gamescon, comic com, and e3.
          first it was assassin creed rogue announced….. few minutes……. assassin creed rogue not coming to wii u.


      dude chill its a pointless game like 90% of the industrys game CRASH INCOMING CROWD FUNDER = INDUSTRY BROKE






    1. Sony isn’t just a gaming industry. They also make other electronics like Cameras and TVs. I doubt they’re going anywhere.

      1. think so they stopped making pc cause vio wasn’t selling, there camera and tv sales are at a all time low, there smart phones are crap, sony music is almost bankrupt, 65% of there movies flop at the box office the only thing they have that’s selling is ps4 so as a company as a whole there in deep shit financially. don’t think just because they have other products there not in dire straits in fact they have more financial woe’s than micrsoft and nintendo put together.

        1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

          sony camera’s are great but sharp and samsung are killing sony in the tv industry.

      2. Actually, they’re selling most of their electronics division manly because there other tech excluding PlayStation, is failing and costing them millions-billions every year.

            1. They’re doing better. Last financial report from earlier this week showed a good bit of profits and growth from most of their divisions this last quarter.

              They’re slowly but surely recovering. It takes time.

                1. If Sony goes bankrupt, I am going to be pissed. What would happen to Blu-ray? What about their high quality cameras and TV’s? And what about the movies we see today? Anyone that wants Sony to die is truly evil. They have done no harm. >:(

                  1. I don’t wish for Sony to be gone but if they don’t do as something innovative for any of their current technologies or something new, then they’ll be screwed soon. Like I said, Sony might as well become a gaming company like Nintendo since their PS brand is popular and also apply their Blu-Ray, screen displays with 3D/4K and camera technologies into their gaming devices.

                  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    They focus to much on the gaming war that they are forgetting all other wars around them…

          1. They are actually banking on life insurance in Japan right now. It’s their big cash cow. PS4 is making money, but they need not worry if they have to sell their other electronics divisions.

  4. Kickstarter backed and now dropping a console, that doesn’t make for good pr, to say the very least. A number of backers are gonna want refunds now

      1. How does that response even relate to what I said? Seriously, did you only read the word Kickstarter? Well whatever, but I like Kickstarter, it gets a few gems. Companies just need to realize that if they go back on promises like this, it could cost them big from their funding achievements. A lot of people will ask for refunds and be well in right for it





  6. You guys are all hating on My Nintendo News because of the negative news and say that they’re desperate for articles and such. HOWEVER, you must understand that that’s all the news the Wii U usually gets. If they don’t post stuff like this, you will barely see anything on the site. It just goes to show how bad of a situation the Wii U is in. :(

      1. oh my god….. just

        go to your damn room, suck on your moms nipple and take a nap AND STOP THIS!!!! NOBODY FUCKING CARES FOR SHITLANDERS!!! YOUR MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A JOKE AND ARE DESPERATE!!!! THIS IS A GAME YOU STUPID WII U ONLY OWNERS SHOULD HAVE BEEN GRATEFUL FOR!!!! It is a sequel to a critically acclaimed game, it wouldn’t be gimped like 3rd party wii u games or anything but instead you show skylanders a game that NOBODY FUCKING CARS ABOUT. Go in a corner and fuck your wiimote you pathetic clown.

        1. I really fucking hope not, if they do then…. uhhh. I miss the old non retarded nintendo fanbase but pathetic things like iwata’s version of nintendo will attract the worst people…….. (not saying if you like nintendo your one of these people because that is just dumb to say) but the old nintendo fanbase would never be like this.

    1. A lot of indie games are the most fresh unique and best games we have got in recent years you dirty little cockroach.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Agreed, many of them appeals to me more than the bigger games regardless of the console/PC…

  7. Wait? this was a kickstater and it got claimed by Sony?! Bullshit! I was so fucking happy this game was coming to Wii U and now this shit happens?!!! Besides, wasn’t this game already funded? If so, A lot of the people who funded this game are seriously pissed off.

      1. Unfortunately for you, I won’t and I am very disappointing with this decision, mostly because this game was my top indie game to come. Not a system seller unfortunately. Also this game was already funded and now people who backed up this game are going to need their money back since they all did it for the PC version.

          1. Don’t feel bad for yourself. It’s all iwata’s fault. HE IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH WII U HE IS EVERYTHING WRONG!!!! WII U NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!! There is a reason why people can be only xbox or playstation players, but you can’t be a nintendo only player for a reason. If people chose to their pathetic people attached to plastic and a company, and these companies would rather have your money than have you alive.

            All fanboys are annoying but if the fanboy chose to only play on one console you would be screwed if you just chose nintendo. I mean nintendo cares less about it’s fans than any other company, (ever since the wii era and iwata era) i don’t care what any of the fanboys say. Tell this to the thousands of people that left nintendo, gaming because of nintendo becoming what it is and ask them if im wrong.

            1. Yeah, those people left. I was severely disappointed with the Wii and I was afraid to get anymore Nintendo platforms. I was about to get a PS3 but I decided to give Nintendo another chance and get a Wii U. Worst mistake I’ve ever made. I had more fun with the Wii than I even did with this system. I was hoping it could rival PlayStation and Xbox and that the Pro Controller or something similar might have been the main controller, but they disappointed me yet again introducing the Gamepad. I dealt with it anyways and got it. Sigh. In my honest opinion, the Gamepad is probably what totally ruined the Wii U. 1: It’s not appealing to PS and Xbox games (the “hardcore”crowd Nintendo is trying to go after) 2: It’s battery life is abysmal. 3: It is required for the Wii U to function properly. Your Gamepad breaks, you may as well toss the whole thing in the trash since they didn’t make them for sale individually. 4: It’s rumble is abysmal. 5: It isn’t in HD. 6: It makes developers have a harder time trying to simply put the game over because they have to deal with the completely different control scheme. And 6: They focused on it more than the actual games. Anyways, I don’t know how much longer I can keep still supporting Nintendo. They’re about to lose a customer…

              1. AGREE totally. You made a horrible choice with wii u, same with me but i do have a ps3 and ps4.

                The wii u is an awful product and i hate nintendo ever since the wii for numerous reasons….. i seriously hate iwata with a passion, and that’s for a reason.

                Though at least you didn’t get an xbox one. It’s very useless. wii u is a better choice than that thing and i hate wii u. The xbox one is just a subpar ps4 in every way. At least wii u will offer you something in the end.

                1. Agreed. I made an awful choice. And then some people blamed me for wanting the Wii U saying I should’ve never gotten a Nintendo console for third party. That really is sad because that just shows you how much faith Nintendo’s fans have. Even they knew the Wii U would be disastrous. But I didn’t. If I had the chance, I would go back in time and get a PS3. I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years now and the Wii U still hasn’t picked up. All I want is to be able to play GTA and Mario on the same platform. Is that you much to ask?! And every time I talk about graphics, someone always tried to talk down on me and telling me why don’t I go outside for real graphics… I honestly cannot even begin to tell you how dumb that sounds. It’s like every time I criticise Nintendo, someone attacks me like I just wished a threat to their mother or something. :| What’s funny is that I ain’t even a graphics whore. Lol. I just say that about any game that looks great. SM3DW looks great. They agree. MK8 looks great. They agree. But when I say The Witcher 3 looks great… all hell breaks loose. Lmao. I’m starting to think Nintendo fanboys are the worst. Even more than Microsoft ones…

            1. We did own a PS3 and a 360 for a short amount of time. I got to play Mortal Kombat 9, Halo Reach, Uncharted, Gears of War, and all that other stuff. But we had to get rid of them (long story) And my mom had a laptop that I tested out Steam with. (That laptop is gone) Although, I played Sonic Generations on it before it went away so if I ever do end up getting a gaming PC, the Sonic game will still be there thanks to Steam. They are much more reliable for digital games and I hope Nintendo learns from them…

                1. I asked her what game console she would want and she said Xbox One with Kinect. I asked her what games would she play. “I don’t know what games there are”. Lol.

  8. Isnt this like, I dont know, a huge blow to those that made the kickstarter a success in the first place? Only one more reason why you cant trust kickstarter….

    1. Wii U was NEVER in the goals for this project in the first place. Nintendo approached them after the fact about it being put on wii u.

      Nobody who funded this thing put money towards it for the Wii U. When the kickstarter was set up, it was for PC with Linux and Mac as stretch goals.

  9. Eh, the original The Longest Journey was an okay game at best. Flawed, but memorable. The sequel, however… let’s just say that I really don’t give a crap either way.

    1. Nintendo and thier games are in decline. Bad news is inevitable, you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming weeks/months/years too.

    1. It’s actually the fans who are lazy assess. Wii U has a great launch and an abundance of third party games and Nintendo did good. But what did the fans do? Ignored the games. And instead picked up a Nintendo game. I’m sure Nintendo appreciates that, but I’m also sure they are pretty pissed for making their fans make them lose all third party support.

      1. The nintendo games were better…they always have been, ps4 and xbox was all fps. You sit in your room by yourself, with a headset on, talking shit to little kids….hardcore gaming huh? HA

        1. Nintendo games haven’t been better than the competition since the 90s… Wake up, fanboy. They make alot of cheap looking garbage nowadays.

          1. They need to stop milking games like Mario Party and put their focus on new innovative games like a Super Mario 64 sequel.

      2. Tell me, Hollow. How many games for the Wii U do you have? And what do you have more of? If you have more Nintendo games than 3rd party, you’re part of the people you complain about. If you have more 3rd party than Nintendo games, I’m glad you were able to not be apart of the problem that you are clearly pissed at. Nothing more annoying than someone complaining about the very same people he’s apart of. That’s like a troll complaining about all of the other trolls. xD

        1. Ok, I do have more first party games now, but that wasn’t until 2013. I had nothing but 3rd party games for my Wii U until April 2013 and I was itching for a few first party games to balance it out. If the Wii U had more 3rd games I was interested in, Nintendo probably wouldn’t have even got any money from me until 2015. XD You see Ridley, I prefer to play third parties more than Nintendo. With many Gamecube I bought nothing but third party. (I didn’t even actually buy a first party game for that system LOL) with my Wii, I had like 20 Wii games. About 3 (SMG, Smash Bros, and I forget what else) And for Wii U, well, you already know. Seriously, I live off third parties. I never want s console with just exclusives. :/

    1. silent hill exclusive ps4, Directed by metal gear solid creator and Guillermo del Toro. What sounds better to a non dude bro? Yeah lmao have fun with that tomb raider xbox timed exclusive. Dude the only thing worse than wiii u is the xbox one and wii u by definition is a failed product.

      #xbox has no exclusives.

      #project spark is gay.

      before you trash talk wii u, you can’t bring the fucking xbox one is the discussion because you just will destroy any argument you have. It’s the first console by a big company that has no pluses over the competition. NONE. The wii u has ONE thing over it’s competition AT LEAST…. making it a better choice by default.

      ps4>xbox one
      ps4 and wii u > ps4 and xbox one
      pc, wii u or ps4> pc and xbox one

      Does any of this make sense to you?

      1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

        remember that “no man sky” is not a pc exclusive. silent hill games have been terrible. Guillermo del Toro is not really special guy nor a good director. xbox one is getting games while keeps giving ps4 owners cell phone games and indie games. rsye son of rome is still a console exclusive and it gets the definitive version of call of duty advance warfare.

        1. Silent hill used to be great and this new one seems very promising unlike the last few. xbox one is not getting anything special, like what half of it’s exclusives going to pc? There is no point in getting a system that has no exclusives. What a few timed exclusives that will just go to other platforms anyway like tomb raider? ryse sucks dick, cod sucks dick come one man, seriously? Why do you list crappy games for an argument? Ps4 always gets the better version of 3rd party games as well. The thing is really worthless. It has no pluses.

          A lot of indie games are actually great you know. A lot of AAA games suck and are crap now, they used to be a lot better and were once original. A lot of AAA dev games have been the worst they have ever been for the last few years. They have been very unoriginal tired out crap and 90% of the time never live up to the hype. Actually i feel as of right now everything videogame related sucks. I’m getting tired of videogames of late because it seems like things has been crap overall since 2010 and it’s not getting any better but worse. Nintendo isn’t helping either since they are retarded.

  10. Dumtendo stupid in 2008 focused on PS3 ignoring PS4 would be better as a result poor sales because they were too stupid to think of adding more than 3 cores to the console. Then their dumbasses wants to hold back Wii U specs yet want 3rd party to support the console. Why don’t their dumbasses just release the specs… it’s not like whatever unknown information is going to out power PS4 anyway. Nintendo is stupid. They want the Wii U to sell yet put Smash bros on 3DS which won’t help and then their dumbasses is hyping 3Ds version yet no real info about Wii U version but characters and such. Worst of all 3Ds version comes first with a bundle which ain’t needed.

    1. To answer ll of your question, everybody at nintendo needs to be fired. iwata, reggie and the rest. They all suck!!!!

      1. You know ice boy at first I didn’t agree with you but you got to get rid of them if you want dumbtendo to become smartendo. The Wii u sales have been down and dumbtendo plans on releasing SSB on 3DS first so that came will take all the hype first. Now a smart man would see that Wii U needs the game first. And would bring all the SSB hype to Wii U. Why can’t dumbtendo get that through their dumb head?

  11. WHAT?!?
    a PS4 exclusive?

    i was so looking forward to this game.. so glad i didn’t join the kickstarter… if i had i’d demand my money back

    fuck you red thread…..

    1. ugh just read that the PC version is not affected

      all good then

      a wii u version was never completely certain anyway

    1. There’s no need to refund. The Kickstarter was for a PC version of the game with stretch goals for Mac and Linux. Those versions are still coming.

      Wii U was never included in the Kickstarter. Saying the game is console exclusive to PS4 just means that while it will still be on computers, it will not be going on any other console other than PS4 in addition to comps (for the time being).

  12. Just like dumbtendo don’t try to do nothing about keeping this game on Wii U. No incentive no nothing. Dumbtendo never even tried to keep Rayman an exclusive.

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