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Ubisoft Explains Why The Crew Is Skipping Wii U

A Ubisoft representative has explained why they took the decision to release The Crew on the Xbox 360, rather than the Wii U and the PlayStation 3. The representative said that Ubisoft chose to “focus solely on the platform closest to the new-gen’s technical infrastructure” when deciding which platforms to port it to. The Crew is in development for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4.

“The Crew is originally built for the new generation of consoles so when we made the decision to port it to the previous generation of consoles, we decided to focus solely on the platform closest to the new-gen’s technical infrastructure, which is the Xbox 360”

“We are not currently working on a PS3 or Wii U version, we are rather focused on delivering The Crew for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Xbox360 simultaneously on November 11th.”

186 thoughts on “Ubisoft Explains Why The Crew Is Skipping Wii U”

    1. yah… it kinda implies that they think the 360 is has more power than the WiiU.
      I wouldn’t have bought this anyways though… not because of “butthurt” but because I mainly given up on ALL 3rd parties and their quality.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        It’s not that at all. It’s just easier to port to than to Wii U. PS3 isn’t being developed for and it’s technically more powerful than the 360.

      2. No, they are talking about network infrastructure (online feature and capabilities). It has little to do with power or console hardware.

      3. No, no it dues not, also the Wii U simply (and their is no argument with this, the Wii U has twice the power of the 360/ps4. It is because 1) their games sell on 360 rather well, 2) when porting a Xbox one game to Xbox it is easier then porting a ps4 game to ps3

      1. It’s not power, it’s structure. Hardware architecture, probably some of the region locking stuff they would have to get through too, maybe. They want to be able to make so much money for the effort and the PS3 and Wii U take more effort, that’s why they aren’t getting it, based off what he says. Probably also because Wii U doesn’t get high enough software sales. When Mario Kart is only just breaking 2 million third parties aren’t even gonna bother trying with any higher budget games

    1. Thats not what he meant but at least it is actually a legit excuse. But thats when nintendo should step in and make a deal to pay any additional costs incurred to port.

        1. Okay, okay. We get it. They supported the Wii U. They gave us Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed 3, Assassin’s Creed 4, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Zombi U, & a few other games that are casual like Just Dance & The Smurfs 2 with Watch Dogs still on the way. Of course, it was mostly SHITTY support, but support none the less! *claps* Let’s throw them a huge party for delayed games, an indie game, a glitched game, DLC less game, & online multiplayer removed game!

          1. Yes, let’s completely ignore the fact that Assassin’s Creed 3 came to the Wii U on time with all the DLC and STILL sold like crap. Even fully supported games sell like crap so that’s really no excuse anymore. Every game sells badly. Unfortunately.

            1. Well you apparently never had to deal with one of the very aggravating glitches in the game then. I had to deal with that pain in the ass 2nd holster glitch. It’s a real pain in the ass when the best gun in the game doesn’t want to stay as both of your damn guns & constantly gets switched out for a weaker one because of said glitch. I don’t like it at all when a glitch interferes with my enjoyment of a game play mechanic. I can let cosmetic ones go but gameplay…. Grr…

      1. Notice I was talking future tense. In fairness, Ubisoft are still supposedly releasing Watch Dogs (a game that is already finished) on Wii U as well as Just Dance 2015. However, other than perhaps future iterations of Just Dance, that would appear to be it for them and the Wii U. Those games will be mediocre, as are the majority of games they have already released on Wii U. I will not miss them.

        1. Actually, we do not know if Watch Dogs is finished on Wii U. No one does. It was the like…the last platform confirmed to get the game remember? That’s probably why it took longer since they were focusing on the other versions first.

      1. Why would tat be stupid? Wii U is losing 3rd party support left and right. The smart thing to do was give the Wii U more than 3 cores and handle four gamepads in 2008.

        1. It’s stupid because abandoning a badly selling console is what damaged Sega, & they’ve been limping on ever since. Is this what you people want? I expect some of you would say yes because then you can be just as cheap as the 3rd parties & just buy 1 console as you can just buy the Nintendo games on w/e 3rd party machine gets them.

        2. Also, current games aren’t able to fully harness more than 4 cores of a processor, not even on PC gaming machines, the few 6 core Intels and 8 core AMD’s may give the ultimate experience but the extra cores are barely working at all, meaning in more consumption of power for a lower work rate, also the cost to put a more expensive processor in the machine.
          Maybe over-clocking the current tri-core processor may help to give the WiiU the same capacity as the competition but I can’t say for sure as I don’t know what that processor is capable of.

          1. I don’t know why when I bring up that if Wii U was more powerful people complain about the price increase? Look at PS4? It’s not effevtive plus the raised the price in Canada.

            1. It may be more powerful, but since release it has been sold at a loss, for every console Sony sold, they made little to no profit, until a while ago when they said that they found a way to reduce manufacturing costs.
              Funny cuz I feel that they found it a little to late because the PS4 momentum was in the console’s 1st month, PS4 sales have, comparatively speaking, decreased since launch and the profit won’t be as much as it would have been in launch.

  1. Straight up bullshit answer, there are probably real reason (i.e. Microsoft paid them money for the development of the game on the 360, or other reason), but this isn’t it.

    1. Larger install base doesn’t mean third party games are gonna sell more on Wii U. Look at the best selling Wii U game right now and tell me if I’m wrong…

  2. It’s probably good that it didn’t come because it wouldn’t have sold well on the Wii U. But, I’d have definitely bought it. I can’t believe how I always have to miss out on some games just because some other ungrateful people didn’t buy the games… :( At this rate, there will be no third party for Wii U at all in the next few years.

    1. I can’t see it getting any better and as I’ve said Nintendo just acts like this problem is non-existent, so I don’t see how it will ever change if the ass hats working for Nintendo currently don’t even care enough to do anything about it.

      Scott Moffitt who works for Nintendo sales department said this about the Wii U’s third party support, complete bullshit. Why the guy has a job is beyond me, I would have fired his ass for such blatant lies.

      “We have strong relationships with third parties and have a strong lineup of upcoming games from key partners such as Ubisoft, Disney, SEGA and Warner Bros., among others,”

      My ass you do….

      1. Um, Watch Dogs, Disney Infinity, Sonic Boom, etc. Plus how long ago was that interview with Moffitt? You gotta be patient. 2014 is not a great year for games in general, however Nintendo has a few great games that will release before the end of the year. This will cause sales to pick up. Then 2015 will blow all of us out of the water.

        I don’t see the Wii U surpassing any of the competition but I do see them picking up the pace greatly. Ubisoft has already stated that if the install base increases then they will start releasing games again. I’m sure they’re not the only 3rd party dev who feels this way. Regardless, the Wii U is on a steady pace right now and it is gradually gaining momentum. By the end of 2015 Wii U will be in great shape. You all just have to be patient.

        1. I wish I could agree with you. But there are some stupid fucking fanboys here that will not buy Watch Dogs (because they hate Ubisoft) even though we don’t even know when the game is coming. That is one of the last big third party games even coming to the Wii U and they really have no choice at this point. Ubisoft is one of the only third party devs that even still give a damn about the Wii U and Nintendo fans have proved to them that they shouldn’t care. If Ubisoft leaves, then they won’t even care. They’ll just continue to boast about how high quality the Wii U is (even though it’s still selling poorly) and how Super Smash Bros will save the Wii U. As a Wii U owner, it pisses me off to see people acting so stupid. Things like “I’m not gonna buy the game because it’s gimped” Look at Assassin’s Creed 4 for example. You know how Nintendo fanboys say that they despise DLC and how they will never touch DLC? Assassin’s Creed 4 on Wii U gets confirmed to have no DLC. “I’m not buying this game anymore” …What the hell? Since when has DLC EVER been that important? That is retarted. And Assassin’s Creed 3 came on time with the Wii U’s launch and it got the DLC. Where is the excuse for that one hm? It sold like crap and it’s no surprise we aren’t getting another one. And people on here have been saying they will not get Sonic Boom, so expect that to sell like crap too. I honestly don’t care anymore. I’ll get another platform to play 3rd party games and watch the Wii U’s third party support slowly decline into an abyss of nothingness. And it’s not even Ubisoft. Nintendo fans managed to scare the whole damn gaming industry away from the Wii U! Literally NO ONE wants to develop for it. It’s third parties’ nightmare. Your games won’t even reach 750K. Even if you drop the price. Because that Nintendo fan will walk straight past that $20 copy of Assassin’s Creed 3 and walk straight to the $50 Wind Waker HD. Sigh. I’m just so angry right now. -_-

          1. It’s going to be okay Hollow.

            Again, we need to be patient. The 3rd party games aren’t selling because the devoted Nintendo fans are the majority of the Wii U install base and like you said; they don’t generally buy 3rd party games. I enjoy games, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, indie, etc. I’ll buy any game if it peaks my interest. Unfortunately, I’m not the biggest fan of Ubisoft. The best Ubisoft game in my library is Child of Light and I’m still bothered about how rushed the end of that game was. I’m not too fond of Rayman and my copy of AC 4 is collecting dust because it really feels like a chore to play that game. With that said, I probably won’t buy the majority of Ubisoft’s releases. Watch Dogs looks great though, especially if they take full advantage of the GamePad for hacking. It’s just their games lack a certain quality in my opinion. Moving on…

            When the Wii U starts to sell to people who already own a PS4 or 3 or 360 or One, that’s when the 3rd party games will start to sell. Nintendo will pick up the pace on their 1st party IP’s and they’ll attempt to attract those gamers who don’t own a Wii U yet. Smash will help a lot, so many “hard core” gamers love Smash and those gamers still haven’t purchased a Wii U. Once the U is in the hands of those gamers who aren’t exclusively Nintendo fans, that will build the install base. Once the install base is larger, 3rd party devs will start to develop for the system again. We just have to be patient.

          2. I agree with everything that you said. The lack of 3rd party is the nintendo fans fault. Then the few of us who do care about those games get the short end of the stick.

            1. Yep, pretty much. It’s like the Nintendo fanbase is at war with each other. Fanboys vs fans. And the fans end up losing 90% of the time.

              1. I say it’s everyone’s fault. Publishers fault for delaying games that should have been released at the same time or games that were actually exclusive to the Wii U, fans for being such high and mighty retards all the time and Nintendo for their lack of communication, support for developers outside of their own studios and their stubborn ways in thinking they always know what’s best.

                If you notice Nintendo doesn’t really do much outside of their own realm and that is why I think developers have stopped giving a shit because the few that did try sticking around eventually gave up also. There is a reason all the third party games that did come to the Wii U were never on par with the others, I highly doubt it was all the publishers fault.

                Look at the support Sony and Microsoft give to third parties on top of all the advertising, again another problem with Nintendo, they don’t put any effort into anything other than their own games or what they have specifically funded themselves. They are a real one trick pony and it is getting old to a lot of people.

                You never hear amazing stories like you do about Phil Spencer or Shuhei Yoshida traveling around checking out new games and supporting brand new talent, nope.. Reggie and Iwata, what do they do really directs and little videos for E3? Why Nintendo has not learned their lesson by now and learned they need to stop being the last person to the party is way over my head.

                They didn’t think HD graphics mattered, they didn’t think online mattered, they said used goods would never sell and then they wonder why they are in the position they are in right now with the Wii U. I’ve never seen a company so out of touch with what is going on around them and they still are out of touch this late in the game when you have their systems lacking some of the most basic features we have seen in electronics for a long ass time now like a damn account system that isn’t tied to hardware.

                The icing on the cake is they focus on the 3DS and make sure that gets everything but just leave the Wii U to rot. My question is how much more can the 3DS really sell for fuck sakes, how about putting your effort and attention into something that actually needs it.

                1. First of all, your arguments are old arguments. Nintendo is well aware and we all know that a desperate Nintendo is the best Nintendo. They are doing something about all the issues you brought up. They’re just not doing it the way you want them to. Nintendo knows what is best for Nintendo and they are going to pull themselves up by their bootstraps the way they want to.

                  Secondly, the 3DS is the best selling handheld on the market, of course they’re going to focus on it. While the 3DS makes money, they will use said money to work on bringing the Wii U to it’s feet. E3 was great this year, Nintendo showed us they’ve started to take this seriously, now we just have to be patient and show our support.

                  1. That’s the problem though. The games are talking too long. They should not have rushed the Wii U. And they need to get rid of all problems immediately instead of slowly. Wii U hasn’t picked up yet and it’s been almost 2 whole years. It’s either now or never. And right now they seem to be leading towards the latter option…

                    1. Chozodian Emissary

                      It takes time guys. Nintendo can’t turn this around in 6 months. If you’re really interested in Nintendo than you have to be patient. You know how long 1st party games take so give them a break. E3 was exciting! Hold onto the excitement because the rest of this year and 2015 are looking great for Nintendo. We need to be patient because Nintendo can only work so fast.

                      Side note: the investors are the reason why the 3DS and Wii U were rushed out.

                      1. Sorry, but I cannot wait that long. I missed an entire generation of games before with the Wii and now I’ve already missed 2 years of this gen. That’s 8 years worth of waiting. I’ve been patient enough. Either games now or I will be forced to move to the other platforms.

                        1. Chozodian Emissary

                          There’s obviously no reasoning with you. You say you want diverse games and the Wii U has a few diverse titles yet you don’t like the games that are currently on the Wii U. You say you’ve missed out on 8 years of games on the other consoles and somehow that’s Nintendo’s fault when all you had to do was buy another console. Nintendo has a great line up planned for the rest of this year and 2015 yet you can’t wait for the amazingness that is on it’s way out. So I bid you adieu.

                          I hope that PS 4 catches up because you currently have nothing to play on that one as well. You can always snag a cheap PS3 and download some great titles.

                          1. There is plenty of games to play on PS4. Actually more games I want to play there than on my Wii U. People that keep saying there isn’t anything are clearly blind. I’m actually thinking of getting a gaming PC in the future once I get a job, but if you add up all the money I spent on my Wii U, I’f probably have a lot more games If I stuck with my original plan and just got a PS3. I’d have been more interested in the Wii U If I’d have waited until 2015, but with the horrible drought and one of the worst third party support I have ever been faced to deal with, I’m probably never going to be able to trust Nintendo again.

                            1. Chozodian Emissary

                              Blind? Yet you say there are no games on the Wii U… they’re just not the games you want to play…

                              Never mind… I’m done… Good luck to you.

                              1. I never said there are no games on the Wii U. I only said I want interested in those. I never really cared about legos or Skylanders when I had a Wii so I’m not gonna start suddenly caring about them just for the sake of Wii U. Same could be said about you. You probably don’t prefer PS4 and thinks Wii U has more worthwhile games, but It’s the other way around for me. Unlike most people here, I happen to be a non biased gamer and I observe every console, it’s games, it’s specs, etc, and carefully analyze them. I will criticize each and every one of the console if I have an issue with it. And the reason why I’m criticizing the Wii U as of now is because I own a Wii U and I am disappointed in it. So I will express my concerns about it. Why do I not hate on Xbox and PS? Simple. Because I don’t own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Unlike most idiots here, I don’t bash it unless I actually have it. This is what makes me really angry when people here talk trash about the other consoles. Gamers need to stop this madness and unite together. They need to learn what constructive criticism is. But instead, they all praise the Wii U and pretend as if it has no flaw in the world. Nintendo’s goal is to give the gamer a good selection of games to choose from that they would like to play and they failed to pass that goal with me. Well, like Michelle said, everyone is to blame. Fans for not buying the games, some third parties screwing up, Nintendo not advertising anything, etc.

                                1. Chozodian Emissary

                                  Duly noted. I am very aware of Nintendo’s shortcomings, however I’m still enjoying my Wii U, so I have nothing to complain about. That’s where my faith in Nintendo comes from; while they were tripping over their own arrogance, they still managed to deliver great content that I am enjoying today. Now that they have realized their faults, I’m excited to see what they produce. You’re exactly right, it seems you and I are on the opposite side of the spectrum and I can appreciate that. I have nothing against Sony, but I’m not interested in anything outside Arkham Knight. Microsoft on the other hand… Never been fond of them in the least bit.

                                  Well, I respect your position and hope you find satisfaction as a gamer soon.

                                2. I own every Nintendo console (released in the U.S.) since the SNES. My game collections for each all include more 3rd party games than 1st, & that includes Wii & Wii U. The same could almost be said for Nintendo handhelds, except the Game Boy was the only example where all I have is 1st party games. Of course, not every game will release on every platform, even multiplats, yet I found plenty of 3rd party fun, even if my decisions were comparitively narrow. Then again, I had & still have limited time & money to buy & play every game that catches my fancy, even if I have the compatible platform. I also own a Saturn & a PSOne, but I can’t remember juggling those & a Nintendo console (& the PSOne was mainly for the waiting period between N64 & GCN).

                                  I consistantly choose Nintendo because of Zelda, Metroid, quality software & hardware, unique 3rd party offerings, & the Japanese sensibilities, while @ the same time, I’m not bound to that criteria. I was envious of the Dreamcast & PS2, but there hasn’t been a non-Nintendo console that has since offered anything to justify a purchase.

                                  Anyway, I just wanted to present my side (which ain’t worth much, I know). I respect your opinion, but I think you might be under the impression that multiplatting is a constent when it only gained prominence last gen. It’s a shame the Wii U hasn’t garnered more support: where’s Red Steel 3, The Conduit 3, a new Prince of Persia, Buck Bumble, Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy 2, a true Tomb Raider, etc.? The relatively equal multiplats of the 6th gen for GCN, PS2, & Xbox are gone. The unique 3rd party support for N64 & Wii is gone, too. But I want a console & Nintendo to remain Nintendo (while changing just enough that their soul is largely intact). Perhaps, Nintendo (which entails their IPs, hardware, & unique style) just isn’t for you. People who flock elsewhere likely find their true desires rather than simply abandoning what they love, they only thought they loved it @ the time.

                              2. They aren’t old arguments, the quote was just prove how delusional they are being about this even in that time frame. Sure the Wii U saw much better third party support during its launch but it still wasn’t phenomenal yet they acted like it was and again compared to every other console it was still abysmal.

                                Just like anytime anyone bugs Reggie about third party support he practically sounds exactly like you, listing the same games over and over that really don’t mean much in terms of third party support. Games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Whoopty doo…

                                How about instead of listing about five third party games like Just Dance, Watch Dogs (which we don’t even know if that is coming anymore cause Ubisoft never even talks about it), Project Cars and some measly Lego games.. You actually list all the games that didn’t come to the Wii U and all the new third party games skipping it as well.

                                I was going to earlier before I made that comment but it took me nearly two hours and I seriously still didn’t finish listing all the games, so I was like screw that post, was taking way too long. I had already listed like 20 games and was still going before I quit.

                                Google is available to everyone though so it isn’t hard to find all the games that are passing on the Wii U that is if you feel like wasting as much time as I tried to just to prove a stupid point.

                                Seriously, you are blindly optimistic and just a bit crazy if you think by the end of 2015 this is all going to magically turn around. Going to take more than a year to fix these problems or they never will and in my opinion I only see it getting worse, there are just too many factors going against the Wii U in my eyes for it to get any better.

                                “Nintendo knows what is best for Nintendo and they are going to pull themselves up by their bootstraps the way they want to.”

                                Yea that is the problem, thanks for proving my point even further. You don’t do what you feel is best, you do what is best for your customer base.. What kind of retarded way of running a business is that, you only do what you want or what you feel is right regardless of all the evolving trends around you or what your sensible fans ask for? Yea makes plenty of sense from a business perspective, never heard of the term the customer is always right? Nintendo has always been this way and it is one of their biggest problems and it is completely relevant to continue bringing it up, why? Because they are still stuck in their own stubborn ways even today, just like you said.

                                What I want? Wrong, it isn’t the way I want them to do, you think I am that selfish, I just want Nintendo to cater to me? I want them to be successful period to a general audience, I love their games so it annoys the hell out of me seeing them make such stupid decisions all the time and alienating so many other people besides die hard Nintendo fans such as myself and then they sit there and wonder why so many of their fans have just moved onto the Xbox One or PS4. People are stupid but they aren’t that damn stupid and they can only put up with so much before they just say fuck it.

                                Is there something wrong with wanting them to appeal to more than just Nintendo fans? Why do you think these other consoles are more successful? Because they have the exclusives their fans want and not only that they can appeal to people outside of that spectrum as well.

                                Even when the Wii U launched, if you had a PS3 or Xbox 360 there wasn’t much reason to buy third party games on it because they were always missing something like I mentioned before, you can try all you may to blame the publishers and the developers for that but it is highly unlikely they were the sole cause of all this, not saying they didn’t make some bad decisions either but as far a content went that is another story. If Nintendo made more effort to communicate or at least get out there more, those games would have had the same content if not more than the ones on PS3 and Xbox 360 had. Again there is reason so many developers recently have come out to talk about Nintendo with their poor communication and support. It isn’t all just a coincidence.

                                In all honesty you’re seriously annoying with your suggestions, oh just wait, be patient and show your support. Have an open mind..

                                Ummm what do you think I have been doing or HollowGrapeJ for that matter, I own a damn Wii U and have supported it since launch, I bought all those third party games you’ve mentioned and I have all the other Nintendo games you mentioned also. That is about as much support as I can show them and it isn’t like I have traded the system in or ever plan to, so obviously I am still patiently waiting although extremely doubtful anything will change from here on out on the third party front.

                                Unlike most people I really don’t get too bothered by things that affect me personally, I have dealt with things in my life that people could only dream of in nightmares as my entire life has been nothing but a roller coaster but what really gets me going is when others have to suffer.

                                So I get amped up about this because I don’t just own a Wii U, it isn’t necessarily a problem that actually affects me personally. It actually upsets me more knowing there are people who can only afford one system and they might have chosen the Wii U only to suffer in the long run, being slapped in the face daily by game announcements left and right all declaring they won’t be coming to the console they chose.

                                1. Chozodian Emissary

                                  Man… I ‘m not going to touch on everything you brought up but Nintendo is addressing issues. They’re taking the failure of the Wii U seriously, and they showed us at E3 that they are taking steps, small steps yes, but steps none the less. They’re experimenting with new concepts and 2015 looks freaking bright. And if you know that it will take longer than a year to turn this ship around then why are you jumping on the band wagon and complaining? Have a little patience if you know it will take longer than a year to turn this around.

                                  As far as the Nintendo customer base goes, all of you are forgetting the big picture; Nintendo strives to be family friendly. You say you want Nintendo to implement features that PS4 and One have, yet you don’t consider the children who will be playing these games with said features. Nintendo has to be careful when thinking online anything. Online environments are hostile no matter where you are. They have to do things different because of their customer base. You are not the only age range they are targeting. That’s why Skylanders and Infinity sell so well, the kids. You may not like these games but they are making money and they keep selling so they are an important part of the market. Everyone complains about Nintendo’s policies because they don’t cater to you. Everyone needs to consider the family friendly environment Nintendo sets it’s foundation on.

                                2. Chozodian Emissary

                                  I guess to reiterate my “have a little patience” comments… I’m speaking mainly on how you write absurd amounts of text complaining about Nintendo and their policies. Why write all that and waste your time?

                                  I’m glad you’ve supported the Wii U that’s great! So you know what kind of awesome content is currently on the system.

                                3. Chozodian Emissary

                                  Disregard everything I’ve said so far, I’m trying to invest in a conversation with you and I’m obviously going about it the wrong way…

                                  You have supported the Wii U since the beginning and you have valid points as to how Nintendo has handled the Wii U so far. I completely agree with you on a lot of your criticisms, however I can see Nintendo shuffling. E3 showed me that Nintendo is aware of their short comings and they are starting to do something about it. I for one can’t wait to see what they come up with.

                                  Now! I’m curious, what are your top 10 favorite Wii U games thus far? What are you still playing now? Could be anything on the Wii U not just 1st party titles.

              2. Thir parties wonder why their games don’t sell and that’s because they don’t support a console they said they would support. Other than that, they don’t release them simultaneously. Longer wait= less interest. No hugs right now >=(

                1. It’s ok. Just take a good look at yourself and breath in, breath out. Now take a good look at how many Ubisoft games you own on the Wii U. You see it right? There aren’t any there. There’s the problem. XD *hugs* :P

                  1. I don’t own a Wii U yet you dick/bitch! =,( But I would buy AC4 because I like the series. You made me angry/sad.

                        1. Anyway, I’m assuming Nintendo will make a Smash bundle eventually, then you can pick it up. But in all honesty, I would not recommend getting one until next year.

                          1. What?! But there are so many great games you can play NOW if you pick up a U!

                            Plus if they buy a U then the install base will increase and that’s what we want! Why discourage someone from picking up a console that has plenty to play right now?

                            1. I’ve had a Wii U since launch. There isn’t plenty to play. Aside from Nintendo games and I’m already bored with most of them. Nowadays, I spend more time on my 3DS… There’s only two games I recommend. Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8. I’m bored with both of those now though. I’m saving up for other Wii U games, but It’s just really, really boring right now. Without any 3rd party games, It’s just not cutting it for me. Like the Dekuplush guy up above said, he likes AC, and he won’t be able to get the next one now. I’m pretty sure he’s more interested in 1st party though, but it would be a bonus to get other games too. I like my Wii U but too many games I want are skipping it. And I want more 3rd party games than Wii U games. Only reason I haven’t sold it yet is because I wanted to support the Wii U console and help add my sales to it and grow the install base. But my efforts just seen so meaningless and I’m thinking about selling it again.

                              1. Man, you should open your horizons! You got some great platformers; DuckTales, Shovel Knight, Guacamelle, Wooden Sen’SeY, DKC Tropical Freeze. Both AC3 and 4, ZombiU, along with 3 Arkham games for great 3rd party content. Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Game & Wario, Wind Waker HD. You mentioned Mario Kart 8 but you also have Need for Speed Most Wanted in the racing category. Lego City and the Lego Movie if you’re into those. Darksiders II, Deus Ex, Monster Hunter, CoD Ghosts, I could keep going! Plus if you liked the Cap’n Toad mini levels in 3D Land then you’ll get his own game in December, along with Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta within the next 2 months and more importantly, Smash in November!

                                There is so much to do on this system now! You really should check some of these games out.

                                1. That is the problem though. I don’t want those games. I’m tired of platformers and 2D side scrolling games. And I never really get into lego games. The only Batman that particularly interests me is Arkham Knight. And I want to play the next Assassin’s Creed but I can’t. I’ve been playing Nintendo since GC, but I’m TIRED of their games. I never get to play any other games, I only get to watch them get denied on Wii U and that isn’t fun… I don’t want to sit down and play Zelda all day or Mario. I want to try something new. I used to could sit down and play Smash Bros all day, but Brawl pretty much dried me up. I got all my Smash from that game and I’d be fine missing out. This happens every generation. We always get a new game of an old franchise while the other consoles are getting new IP’S left and right and I’m so sick of it. I never get to play what I want and I’m seriously considering selling it. I find myself playing Assassin’s Creed 3 way more than Mario Kart 8. I’m just not obsessed with Nintendo games as much as I was in the past. It’s probably time for me to give up on them.

                                  1. First of all, if Arkham Knight interests you then why not try Origins, Blackgate, and City? All fantastic games that will get you even more excited to play Knight, that is whenever you get your PS4.

                                    You’re not suffering from Nintendo fanboys, you’re suffering from yourself. Wonderful 101 and Deus Ex, Need for Speed, and CoD Ghosts are the “different” games you say aren’t on Wii U. No you are getting tired of Nintendo and that is blinding you from the current library. Basically, you’re hopeless.

                                    But that’s not an insult! I was exactly where you are, I got my PS2 and the GameCube collected dust. I only had the Metroid Prime games and RE 4 before I sold the thing. You are growing out of Nintendo and it’s okay. I did the same thing. Then I got out of gaming entirely for a good 5 or 6 years until I bought the Wii in 2009. Because I was away for so long my interest in games was heightened but my interest in Nintendo was even more heightened. Now, I’m pretty much strictly Nintendo. I don’t have the money to buy a PS 3 or 4 and there isn’t that much that interests me on either system so I’m good with my Wii U.

                                    You are growing out of Nintendo, go explore and eventually when you come back, there will be a backlog of games to play on the U. But that means you need to save up for a PS 4.

                                    1. No, you don’t really seem to understand. :( I know that games like Arkham City and CoD Ghosts are on Wii U, but I’m one of those games that follow the platform with the most content. Like for example, if I had a PS3, why bother getting the Wii U version of Batman when I could get it on PS3 with Arkham Asylum bundled with it and with all the DLC? And why get CoD Ghosts when I could get it on so and so platform with all the extra DLC? Nintendo platforms have never been able to offer me the full experience. I remember playing the Wii ver of CoD MW3 on the Wii and it felt lacking. But when I played it on 360 for the first time with 60FPS and all the DLC maps, it was… incredible! D:

                                  2. Exactly my point. You’re growing less and less interested in Nintendo and the 3rd party games are on other console as well so why buy it on a Nintendo system. I completely understand. So, you should start saving for a PS4 or a Xbox One, and when you’ve had your fill with those games you can check on the Wii U and play what’s available at the time.

                                    1. To be honest, if I get rid of my Wii U, I’m never buying one again. I just cannot bring myself to buy anymore Nintendo console unless they manage to impress me again. I got the Wii U out of hype. If you went back in time and told me about the Wii U games now, I probably wouldn’t have one right now.

                                  3. I would encourage you to keep it for the games that are on the horizon. Unless you really want the $100 GameStop is going to give you to trade it in for a PS4. What are you looking forward to on Wii U’s future titles?

                                    Watch Dogs? Bayonetta? Hyrule Warriors? Smash? Devils Third? Project Cars? Splatoon?

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      There is no reasoning with western gamers, they are too impatient and only wants graphics…

                                      1. Stop generalizing, COMMANDER. I think you missed the part on the other article where I said I am not a graphics whore and on this article I told you I waited 8 years. 8 years for some games. Please tell me that isn’t patient enough. At least you have a PC to get through droughts for gods sake.

                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                          You can’t blame our empire just because you couldn’t afford several consoles at once…

                                          Personally, according to everything you’ve said the last few weeks, you probably have never been a real Nintendo fan when it comes to games since you prefer to play/want the games that are mainstream since the last generation…

                                          AC, CoD, BF, Racing Games, GTA and so on…

                                          If you mostly prefer Third Class Games then you’re better off with any of the other 3…

                                          It’s like me saying I’ve waited 4 years to play Pikmin 3 but it’s our empire’s fault because I didn’t have resources at the time…

                                          1. …WHAT?! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok, now THAT is where you are wrong. I should NOT have to spend $400-500 for another console just to fix Nintendo’s mistakes. When Nintendo made the Wii U, did you think they said to themselves, “Wii U is going to be the best second console for every household”? NO! They said to themselves Wii U is going to succeed! We are going to be #1! If I have to spend money on another platform, then that means that they failed and I have to get someone else to clean up the mess. No. Wii U was supposed to be the Nintendo platform that got every game ranging from 1st party to second party to great third party games. But it didn’t. So, yes. Yes it is Nintendo’s fault for not providing me with the games I want.

                                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                              My point is you blame them for 8 years which doesn’t make any sense…

                                              1.5 years is acceptable since that’s how long the Wii U has been out…

                                              And there were plenty of Third Class games on the Wii but if you didn’t like them then it’s not Nintendo’s fault…

                                              1. Nope. Allow me to tell you why it IS their fault. With the Wii they completely ignored fans like me (that came from GC) and flocked towards casuals instead. The Wii got blew out of the water in terms of specs compared to other consoles. And that whole no HD thing (whoever the hell thought that was a good idea…) resulted in TONS of games not coming to the Wii. Back then I was too small to do anything about it. My parents did not have enough money to buy me another system like the PS3. So I rode that while generation with only Nintendo games… And then, we have the Wii U. The console that’s supposed to be stronger than last gen consoles. The console that was FINALLY supposed to be getting 3rd party and going after the hardcore gamers again. And then a year later, BOOM! Underpowered yet again by the competition! When the One came out, pretty much the only U game I was interested in was 3D World. Do you wanna know what pissed me off? I was more interested in the PS4’s launch titles than anything I bought for my Wii U during the entire year. What the heck?! Nintendo failed me! The PS4 is what I WANTED the Wii U to be! But apparently, Nintendo didn’t. They said: “Fuck you HollowGrapeJ. We will do whatever the hell we want because we are the superior and you will buy whatever we feel like making”. I went through one of gaming’s worst drought ever! I survived because of 3D World, but never again am I buying a Nintendo console at launch! Nintendo has officially lost my trust!!!

                                                  1. Wii’s specs= games like Read Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto V, and Battlefield 4 not possible, so it’s not an opinion. I dare you to tell me the Wii can run GTA V. I would laugh for days. XD

                                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                      I never said it could, I’m wondering why an 8 year old would care about games that he should not be playing in the first place…

                                                      1. I know you you never said it could, but you asked me why are specs all I seem to care about and then I showed you how the Wii’s specs lead to no GAMES. So… :P

                                                        1. Well 1: Unlike other kids, I matured early for my age. I could play Mortal Kombat and not care about how much blood is being thrown everywhere. And 2: Are you really asking that question in 2014 where kids all over the world play CoD and other games at that age. Who cares anymore? Lol.

                                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                            Those kids are the abominations of today so yes I should be asking that because those same kids are often the blind sheep that gets recruited by the army because they think life is one big game…

                                                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                Clearly Nintendo games don’t seem to be your taste…

                                                                I only played 30 minutes so far and I’m loving it…

                                                              2. Chozodian Emissary

                                                                Hollow, stop complaining about the Wii and Wii U. You clearly don’t enjoy Nintendo’s first party content nor do you enjoy the 3rd party content currently on the Wii and Wii U, you said you would rather play these 3rd party games on the Playstation because they don’t seem to have the same quality on Nintendo’s systems.

                                                                You say you missed out on 8 years of games when the Wii has incredible games to offer. Plus the Wii was under powered because it wasn’t about power, it was about a new gaming experience and it clearly payed off. It was the most affordable console and it catered to EVERYONE, not just “hardcore” gamers. The Wii U is in the same position. Nintendo wants to bring us a new experience and 3rd parties aren’t interested in this new experience, they’re not interested in the challenge. They just want a streamlined method of creating games to make a profit, they’re tired of Nintendo innovating because it makes their jobs harder. Which is a cop out. Nintendo could make it easier for 3rd parties but why go against their own methods? So CoD Ghosts can release on the console and you can say; “I’d rather play it on the Playstation so I’m skipping it?”

                                                                Nintendo stumbled these last 2 years, I agree with most criticisms, but what everyone fails to realize is that they are finally doing something about it. I respect that and I’m going to remain optimistic because I’m still enjoying my Wii U and I’m more than excited for Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta.

                                                                You on the other hand are lost in your unreasonable bitterness toward Nintendo for not being the Playstation or Xbox. I for one am glad Nintendo sets themselves apart. I’m sorry you can’t afford to grab another console, but you should have waited because obviously Nintendo isn’t your thing. If you feel like you missed out on gaming the entire lifespan of the Wii, you shouldn’t have wasted your time on the U. You should have grabbed a Playstation. You can blame Nintendo all you want but you chose to buy a Wii U over the competition, regardless of what Nintendo promised, you were unsatisfied with the Wii but bought a Wii U anyway. Nothing Nintendo does to change things will be good enough for you because you have chosen to be bitter. So I say start saving up for your generic “hardcore” gaming console.

                                                                1. Sigh. I think you’re missing the point here. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I do not hate the Wii or the Wii U. Nor do I hate Nintendo. I loved playing Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy, but I like playing many different types of games. Not just Nintendo’s. Yes you keep bringing up that list of Wii U games, but that is not all I want to play. I want to be able to play Nintendo games and other big games too. I want to be able to play Skyrim and Zelda on the same platform. GTA and Mario Bros, etc. But Nintendo is making it difficult for me to be able to play those games. And what I meant about PS is being able to get the most content and stuff that I like. I never said I wouldn’t still buy the games on Wii U. I bought Assassin’s Creed 3 on the Wii U and that’s on other platforms, so no. You were wrong about saying I would just buy it for PS. And how are the other consoles “generic”? Is it because they don’t have a Gamepad? Or a Wii Remote perhaps? How did you go from “there’s really nothing on PS4 that interests me right now” to “generic “hardcore” console? Like you just tried to say to me, the other consoles probably don’t interest you as much as the Wii U does, but that is NO excuse to make fun of them. When I criticise the Wii U, I do not say it sucks or it’s a generic console or any of that nonsense. I talk about the console’s faults and how it needs better 3rd party support, etc. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the GC and you know what? That was probably their BEST system imo. They got all the games I wanted, it has a perfectly great controller with amazing rumble and third party may not have been the best but it still had everything I wanted like Soul Calibur 2, DBZ games, and Sonic Adventure. It was perfect. But the Wii is where they ultimately fell apart. It did not have all the games I wanted to play, the controller was good for motion control games, but was just unacceptable for playing normal games, and HD was also starting to become popular, but I didn’t get to know what HD even looked like until I saw it on a PS3 demo at Gamestop and then walked back home wishing that my Wii could’ve looked as good as that. :( And when I heard Wii U was getting announced and Nintendo said it would promise to get back the hardcore fans and have better third party support, I was excited because I finally thought that they would be going back to their roots and have awesome game like Gamecube. And look what happened… Sigh. And I really hate when people say “Nintendo isn’t for you”. Because that is wrong. Now tell me how many times have I bitched about the 3DS on this site? Exactly. 3DS is the best handheld I have ever played in my life and I play it 10X more than my Wii U. The Nintendo games on it are 100 times better than the half efforts they keep putting out with the Wii U. I know they are going to try and make Wii U better, but they really messed up. They should’ve focused on 3rd party for the console and 1st party (which they are already doing) with the 3DS. I expect more out of a console than I do with a handheld. Wii U is a definite step up from the Wii, but doesn’t even come close to the Gamecube. I missed the old Nintendo that made games like Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time. I hate this new new one that keeps milking New Super Mario Bros and focusing on controllers more than games themselves. Nintendo is better when they aren’t trying to innovate. When I buy a console, I do not make my main concern the controller. But Nintendo (as much as I like the Gamepad) forced the controller down my throat. >_>

                                                                  1. Alright, we’re going in circles… and I don’t think we’re going to fully understand each other so! I respect you as a complex human being who wishes he could play Skyrim and Zelda on the same console and I’m sorry you can’t do that right now…

                                                                    characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific.
                                                                    Playstation, PC, and Xbox fits this description. They all have similar games and features that can be lumped into one class. I’m not making fun of them, I see these consoles as similar to each other.

                                                                    And as far as the 3DS goes, it’s the best selling handheld right now and the game library is very diverse. So no reason to complain about it.

                                                                    But that’s it. I’m agreeing to disagree with you and I hope you find what you’re looking for my friend.

                                                                    1. Ok. :) And whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, hey now. Xbox and PS might fit into the category, but whoa. PC doesn’t belong in there. XD

                                                                      1. I know, PCs are fully capable machines but both Xbox and PS are essentially mini PCs.

                                                    2. They probably meant the hardware’s architecture rather than raw power itself, and in this case the Xbox 360 is much easier to develop than the PS3 despite being a little less powerful. However, I don’t see why they couldn’t do it on Wii U from that perspective, and if not, it’s definitely because of sales and audience of said platform.

                                                      1. The Xbox is just a PC. Ubisoft won’t have to put much work into a port.

                                                        WiiU and ps3 are actual gaming consoles with more unique architecture. Ubisoft is maximizing profits at the expense of console gamers.

                                                            1. Why should it be a problem to you then if I’m bring up something irrelevant since you do the exact same thing? That should be pretty normal for you, so you don’t really have a reason to complain about me bring up something irrelevant about if you do the exact same thing. Double standards much?

                                                              1. I’m only stating facts. Here you are bitching then doing what you bitch about. You just don’t stop stop stop, let it go go go,

                                                    3. Ubisoft, can you please say that Wii U does not have enough power for the game and stop making up excuses that makes people hate you? Nobody said that Next Generation Systems have to have greater graphical capabilities to be Next-Gen, It has to have new innovative ways to play games. If so, then everyone would settle to buy a Powered PC since this one’s get upgraded every year.

                                                          1. Yeah plastic meant for entertainment. Games are supposed to be enjoyed, not for wars to be started by ordinary people.

                                                        1. If you were a fan of Marvel Movies, and were told you couldn’t watch Avengers 2, you’d be unhappy about it. Luce isn’t frustrated with “plastic,” she’s frustrated because she’s just been told her gaming entertainment options continue to be limited.

                                                    4. Wow. I can’t believe how many people are complaining here. If it was only about sales, don’t you think there would be a PS3 version? I seriously doubt Microsoft would pay for exclusivity on the worst of all platforms.

                                                      Just a word to the wise, if you don’t want to be upset about game releases.. just buy more than one console. I own a Wii U for what it does well (like the plethora of Nintendo games, and handful of third party exclusives) and an Xbox One for basically anything third party or the very few games from Microsoft I enjoy. There. That’s it.

                                                      Unless you’re a student, or incredibly young, the price for a Wii U and Xbox One isn’t anything to complain about. God knows other aspects of daily life cost way more than the messily $200 or $400 it takes to get either.

                                                      On a slightly related note, as someone who’s played the Beta, unless they change the controls, you don’t want this game anyway. I swear it’s the same driving engine as they had in Watchdogs… aka TERRIBLE.

                                                      1. i think it upsets most fans/people mostly because the over kill of alienation of the WiiU…
                                                        “Cancelled” after “cancelled”… “de-confirmed” after “de-confirmed”
                                                        most don’t even realize that they wont even buy the games anyways…
                                                        i know i wont buy this or likely any 3rd parties.

                                                        1. Yea dude, let’s blame the developers for not bringing their games to the WiiU due to the lack of profit they’d get in the end, instead of blaming Nintendo for putting little to no effort into getting 3rd parties in. Screw blaming the consumers for not buying the 3rd party games they get too, because why not.

                                                          1. Yeah haha. It’s not just some kind of coincidence that almost every third party company doesn’t want to make games on the Wii U. Even the ones that didn’t even make games for Nintendo console don’t want to. *coughrockstarcough* Lmao some Nintendo fans can keep running their mouths about “Oh, I would buy it if it came to Wii U!” But in the end, it’s the MONEY that does the talking.

                                                            1. I know right ? When will people understand that developers are actually working people seeking to make money, and not some bad guys refusing to develop for Nintendo just for the fun of it. This is business, not kindergarten

                                                            2. I thought for sure we’d get a GTA on WiiU, so I traded my True Crimes GameCube disc… Bad decision…

                                                              I hooked up my game cube, and remembered I got rid of it, so I’m going to go gamecube game shopping. I want Rogue Squadron and true crimes back. I kept PN03, dead space and a few others.

                                                          2. well most are half assed if they even do support WiiU which means little consumer buys and i can agree that Nintendo is just waving to all the 3Ps falling down the cliff.

                                                                1. Wow, thanks for that very detailed counter argument, that totally made everything I’ve said invalid. I am now convinced that 3rd party games are half-assed because they’re half-assed. Thank you !


                                                                  1. Well, I don’t know why you are acting so denial about it… I know you know that practically all/most 3Ps that come to WiiU have shaved off certain features, which is unfair because the game on other platforms are normal, not only that but the devs even delay the game just for WiiU…I mean we don’t even have Watch Dogs YET!
                                                                    There are some games that are legitimately good but that’s like the 1%.

                                                    5. Deving for the rival consoles is like doing math.

                                                      Deving for the Wii U is like doing common core math.

                                                      Thats why they make lazy excuses to not port their games. That, and because a lot of people wouldnt buy it anyways. Its sad to say a lot of people i personally know bought a Wii U fot their kids. Theyll be buying the kid friendly stuff. Those kids will grow up thinking “nintendo is for kids” and end up converting to Sony or Microsoft.

                                                    6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                      The damage control is strong with them…

                                                      Further proof that they are nothing more than greedy money harvesting Xbot corrupted, infected with Xbot diseases lifeforms that wants leech every penny from the blind slaves…

                                                      1. Speaking of Xbox, today at school at the end of the day during announcements, I heard the principal say “and make sure you study and do your homework before you…log on to Xbox and stuff”. Lmao! XD

                                                              1. The only purpose of that “persona” probably is to hide behind it whenever he gets shit for his opinion and being all like “it just roleplaying, calm down !!!” when people turn against him for the bs he often spouts.

                                                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                  Whatever I say no matter what it is you haters just keep coming from nowhere…

                                                                  Which is basically proof that I’m right and you’re just pathetic since according to your logic, I’m not allowed to have opinions of any kind but you do, even if you spit out so much garbage and hate towards our empire and blames the consumers for the fault of the Wii U…

                                                                  Stupid apes…

                                                                  1. Learn to read, nobody said you’re not allowed to have opinions. What I was saying is that whenever people turn against you, you say shit like “Idiots taking this too serious, am just roleplaying” or something. Why not stand behind your opinion, even if people don’t like it ? Yea, because you are the pathetic one, caring too much about what random people on the internet think about you.
                                                                    Also, when exactly have I spit out hate towards Nintendo ? Sorry, but I probably have a history at least as big, if not bigger, with Nintendo as you do. I grew up with Nintendo, therefore, I do not hate them. Just because I’m not a brainless fangirl creaming her panties over everything Nintendo does and denies every mistake they make, but rather someone who’s capable of facing facts, doesn’t mean I hate them, lmfao.

                                                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                      I do stand by my opinions, it’s people like you that take them literally…

                                                                      Just like that soccer argument when I called them “nazis”, you think just because they are german and so are you that I call them nazis because of that, I couldn’t care less about what they are…

                                                                      I call the Xbots nazis because they are and everythig else that wants to enslave Nintendo fans and true gamers alike…

                                                                      1. “I do stand by my opinions, it’s people like you that take them literally”
                                                                        How else are people supposed to take your opinions, if not literally ? You can’t expect people to take things differently than you say them ? lmao.
                                                                        And it doesn’t matter what your reasons are for accusing someone of being a nazi, as long as it’s unjustified, which it is in both the soccer team’s and the Xbox supporters’ case, it’s incredibly wrong and not acceptable in any way, considering what and who actual nazis really are and what they’ve done/still do.

                                                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                          Stupid wordpress logs you out sometimes for some reason or something…

                                                                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                        And I don’t care what people think, that is something you apperantely do considering how butthurt you all get because of my silly comments…

                                                                        1. There, you’re doing it again. “because of my silly comments”. If you don’t want people to take your comments seriously, don’t comment in the first place. Or if you do, don’t complain when people do take them seriously.
                                                                          And if you think this is me being butthurt, then I’m sorry because I’m actually not, lmao.

                                                      2. Why would I play a racing game with that distracting controller? I would guarantee you that his game would have came on Wii U is they made an actual controller for gamers.

                                                        Not dissing the gamepad though…kinda.

                                                        1. TALENTLESS HACK HATER

                                                          wiiu controller is shaped EXACTLY LIKE A RACE WHEEL AND HAS TOUCH SCREEN FOR MIMICINGALL RACE WHEEL FUNCTIONS

                                                          SO RACING DRIVERS IN REAL CARS ARE DISTRATED BY THAT


                                                          AND ITS LAG FREE DUALSHOCK LAGS LOL



                                                      3. JUST SAY YOU DON’T THINK IT’LL REND YOU PROFIT! We can all agree that is a valid reason not to develop for Wii U, but making excuses, saying it’s not a next gen console?! That’s like telling your mother you can’t eat vegetables because you’re going to the dentist and don’t want anything struck in your teeth: BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Just say the truth, dammit!

                                                        And that’s why I started this:

                                                      4. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                                                        its funny how sickr keeps milking articles crazy just for clicks. when there a nintendo direct… he spams article everywhere in minutes….. why in a rush to make articles? what the point of this article. wii u fans love and own xbox 360’s. there need to port the game to wii u since 360 can do the port better.

                                                      5. TALENTLESS HACK HATER



                                                        FUNNY SHIN’IN CAN CODE WIIU AND USE 8K TEXTURES AND THERE A 3 MAN TEAM WITH A DEV KIT

                                                        LOL UBISOFT JUST ADMITTEDTHERE PC X86 ONLY AND ARE TALENTLESS HACKS

                                                        FUNY NO EXCUSSES FOR CELL EMOTION ENGINE OR IBM PUS BEFORE LOLYOU WANKERS

                                                      6. TALENTLESS HACK HATER


                                                        TALETLESS HACKS

                                                      7. TALENTLESS HACK HATER

                                                        CAN THE NINTENDO FANS KINDLY GET A GRIP NO ONE WANTS A GARBAGE GAME AND 30 FRAMES IS A JOKE FOR RACERS


                                                        THE GAMES FUCKING GARBAGE

                                                      8. I put my Wii U back into the box cuz of Nintendo don’t do nothing. Got no games I’m intressted in I hate the big Gamepad. I only brought it cuz of Smash Bros I want N to get rid of The Pad useless thing and stick with the pro controller. While I’m buying PS3 games instead. And Lego city hope it doesn’t do gamepad only…. Not use to it.. hurts my hand when I hold it.

                                                        1. Lego City is Gamepad only. Great game actually, but it’s pretty damn stupid to force the controller on someone like that. All other Lego games don’t need it so that’s BS.

                                                      9. Man! I’m glad we’re getting at least one mainstream frachise, because I would go raving mad if we didn’t get call of duty future warfare!

                                                      10. To counter this turn of events, I think Nintendo should partner w/ SEGA for a new Crazy Taxi exclusively on Wii U. Now that’s the type of Open-World “Racer” I @ least want. That, & just more Arcade Racers in general (obviously a new Wave Race & F-Zero would be welcome, in addition to the upcoming Fast Racing Neo & The 90s Arcade Racer).

                                                      11. In other words, the Xbox 360, Xbox One, & PS4 are weaker versions of high end PCs built for gaming. That’s what Ubisoft is pretty much saying. Ubisoft only wants to make an effort with consoles that are built like a weak version of a high end PC, so they can be cheap. The Wii U isn’t built with the same common computer hardware, so they have to put extra effort into Wii U ports.

                                                        But why do that when it’s cheaper to just screw over the Wii U & just not make games for it period? I’d be perfectly fine with late ports from Ubishit, EA, etc as long as they don’t cheap out on us & give us shitty ports. They just better not expect huge sales & better just do limited releases, only shipping out more when there is demand for more. But they don’t want to.

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