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Minecraft Creator Takes A Dig At The Wii U

Markus Persson, the creator behind the immensely popular Mine Craft, has taken a few digs at Nintendo’s latest home console, the Wii U, on Twitter. You can read what Notch had to say about the console, below.

“Something is flashing in my room, desperately begging me to charge it. Turns out it was my Wii U pad, so I put a pillow on top of it.”

“Don’t worry Nintendo fans, I love both games for the Wii U, and I’m really looking forward to the third one in 2015!”

Thanks, Ahmad

185 thoughts on “Minecraft Creator Takes A Dig At The Wii U”

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                Oh you guys didn’t hear about?

            1. Yea I’m more south, don’t know bout you, but it was nasty today lol. And now it’s dry. Either hot as hell or rainy as hell. Going to Atlanta this week for vacation and then to PA the following two weeks so I get to escape lol.

            1. That does suck….but you’re in California lol. Or is it not as awesome as I am told? Either way, I’d love to come check out the Redwood forests!

          1. You’re saying Minecraft’s not fun?

            The only thing it shares with Lego is the fact that almost everything looks like blocks. And that’s the only similarity.

    1. erhdshtchahvsrdbjntujryeh64ve57i8to;,i

      Go fuck yourself. Why why why why do Nintendo fans boys believe the Wii U is better than sex? Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo and the Wii U, but seriously, you guys fucking suck.

      1. Ew. Don’t make a comparison like that. Blegh. XD But I agree, Wii U is great, but it does have its flaws.

      2. FAIL! We don`t believe it, we know it. Also- you do know, that best games of all times- mostly are done by Nintendo. Did you know that? Nintendo has 70% of that list from games from itself. Sony is not even there, lol xD

        1. Sony never made it on that list, huh? Well, I guess you’re “The Last of Us” that still thinks that. Or maybe you’re in “Uncharted” waters so you don’t see gaming news much? Oh well. At least we know Microsoft won’t be getting anywhere NEAR these kinds of lists, I mean, they’re so dead they’re seeing their “Halo”, right?

          Seriously though (Sarcasm aside), Nintendo is great and they’re going to get out of their slump eventually. But to say that another company, and here is what you said, “Sony is not even there, lol xD”, when everyone KNOWS that that isn’t true, that’s childish and also horrid misinformation.

  1. Man I am still puzzled why they have yet to announce Minecraft on Wii U… what is holding them back? Is it really the sales? Because A LOT of people are interested in Minecraft on Wii U, it would be so interesting with thw Gamepad!

    1. erhdshtchahvsrdbjntujryeh64ve57i8to;,i

      Well it took forever for it to come to PS3, so i’m sure it will come out eventually.

      1. It took forever because of the exclusivity deal that Majong had with MS. That’s long gone so it shouldn’t be taking this long.

    2. A lot of people were interested in a lot of the games that came out but they did horrible. Nintendo has some of the best and worst fan base when it comes to support and 3rd party devs know that.

  2. Interesting for someone who is only known for one game to say (by known I mean most popular for… If you are going to point out the lesser popular games then anyone could do the same for wii u)

  3. This guy has no idea how much money they would make from kids of Minecraft came to Nintendo platforms. There are many kids that own 3DS’s as well as adults, and Wii U gamers have been itching for it too. So WHY IS THERE NO PORT! O_O And plus (don’t get mad about this cuz you know it’s true) but the Nintendo fanbase does carry a lot of casuals. And by this, I mean kids with 3DS’s. XD Those casuals can be used to make more money! And the gamers/non casuals would benefit too.

    1. it’s all i see in the Miiverse MOD posts “bring mincraft! Bring minecraft 3D & WiiU!!11”
      Nintendo just ignores them though…
      I honestly think it’s too late to jump on this wagon though.
      I mean come-on, most players are on the 360 version which begs the question of who will buy this if they have it on 360 OR EVEN PS3! Wow i don’t even know why Sony wanted it…
      3DS and WiiU are both perfect to have MC on and to make easy profits (especially 3DS cuz it would be a potential **REAL PORTABLE GAME**) but nin is too stubborn and now we all gotta wait till like 2016, which is way too late as MC will probably be a dead FAD.

    2. The demand and interest is actually there and this guy can make shit tons more money from Wii U and 3DS ports plus those games could help spark a lot more interest in Wii U so it’ll be a win-win situation for him and Nintendo when Minecraft Wii U happens. :)

      I’m not into that game but I would love for him to take that opportunity and do Nintendo and its fan a huge favor by porting that game in. And it seems from his tweet that he might have plans to port the game for Wii U next year which is so, then start marking that calendar. :3

      1. From what I’ve heard, Minecraft plays the best on PC. I’m surprised they even ported it to this many consoles.

    3. There is no port yet, because this game bases on JAVA. A real lazy made engine, which runs like crap on Smartphones. This literally takes MONTHS to release on such a new and crazy customized hardware as the WiiU. As you know, Minecraft is a simple X86-designed game (as Java bases on X86). But WiiU is NO x86-machine. WiiU is the newest architecture on Earth now (besides smartphones which use a simliar kind of architecture but very low powered and not at all as fast as WiiUs Espresso for example).

      Its also said, that Nintendo does not like using JAVA in their consoles. You know why? Because of hackers. Java enables hackers to enter the console, spread piracy (like it happened with Wii, that is why they made no more games after Skyward Sword and Pandoras Tower/Xenoblade Chronicles). The console literally was dead- from Piracy. So there was simply no point to make new games for it. You could buy harddrives full of pirated games for Wii- from eBAY!

  4. the point being? just to piss people off? if that’s what he wanted to achieve i guess he was successfull
    if his intention was being funny it didn’t work all that well

    1. He doesn’t do anything anymore. It’s all 4J Studio making the Minecraft games now and Jeb leads up the development and control over the franchise.

      Notch is just sitting back, banking.

      1. He did some poorly programmed horse thing without any physics and copying half the assets of the Zelda Wii U trailer.

  5. Another person whom I respect, pretty small list…salute tithe following….
    Markus “Notch”
    Don Mattrick
    Cliffy B

    We need more people like them! Genuine folks who speak their mind! No sugar coating!

    1. cliffy b? really? of all the great and modest game designers out there you could choose to respect, you choose to respect the show off with moderate talent that takes himself way too seriously?

      not to mention of the idiot things he supports, such as killing off the used games market/lending/rentals

      1. A person who holds no punches back is worthy of many praises. I support the person, how he carries himself, I don’t dig into specifics. Those who go against the system(notch) or are vocal about apparent issues that somehow everyone else overlooks(Cliffy) is in my books a person worth noting. A person confident in their product, even though they are clueless as to what they are selling, but carry on with the message is also a trait worth acquiring.(Don Mattrick)
        Confidence builds character, not suffering, so I respect Don Mattrick for sticking to his guns. He got fired, yes, but he remains a top executive in the gaming industry.
        I’m not for fedoras, but I don’t judge people on what they wear, Notch giving Facebook the finger is unheard of, exceptional show of integrity!

      1. You lead a sad and negativity-filled life. I don’t feel for you, as you don’t make the right efforts to better yourself. Don’t do anything stupid because of me, alright? I’m better than you, yes, but I’m better than a lot of people, so don’t feel left out. I think Boogie2988 has some words for you, scurry on now. Meanwhile, I’ll live happily knowing the world is not comprised of pillows and marshmallows. Acceptance my dear, accept the sorroundings and you’ll be alright. Don’t hate me for being different, much more intelligent, hate me for the right reasons. :-) Toodles!

    2. Why don`t you marry Markus “Notch” then? If you like him that much…just ask him to marry you. Just a simple question. Afraid he says no?

  6. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    i dont think anyone cares for a minecraft wii u port anyway. minecraft is overrated and boring.

      1. That’s somewhat true but we could see amazing sales if they do get it on WiiU (though it’s bit late to jump on this fad).

    1. For once you actually spoke something intelligent. True, but don’t forget, anything goes for a game that is so popular, specially if its over the top best selling for the consoles. Look at how many people said that Mario Kart 8 would fail…did it? No. Gotta keep an eye on this one, if this is a sign that makes the wii u fly, then it will be a repeat of the history of the 3ds. But just as much as I said, it could also be the downfall. As I said, anything goes.

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  8. Hysterical.

    I’d be offended if I was dumb enough to own a Wii U already though. Maybe they’ll be worth owning in late 2015 or early 2016.

    1. Hahaha- i don`t think you will get a WiiU after 2016 ;) Its over then. WiiUs eDRAM chips cannot be fabbed somewhere else now. Nintendo knows this. This means => WiiU is a limited seller. If the main-chips of it cannot be produced anymore, the system is going to be very rare as they won`t be sold any more (as there are no more). And trust me- this is what will happen. TSMC allready told Nintendo they do not have the necessary tools to make it.

      So just a tip- if i were you- i would buy it now. You won`t even get MK8-rebatt (as you are too late now)- but trust me- the price won`t go down. Gamepad still costs 100 dollars- and system itself 150 dollars. So no pricecutting for maybe 1-2 years. And i don`t think WiiU will be any more produced after 2016. They will make what they can but it seems the special chips cannot be produced at TSMC, at Intel or anywhere else (e.g. not even at IBM or Intel they can make it). This tells everything.

    1. And hell care what you think when you do something with your life. While you’re playing video games, he’s making them.;;;;)))))))(((((((;;;;;;;

      1. It isn’t too smart to tell people “You’re just jealous of his/her success” without having any background knowledge on what those people do for a living.

      2. Logic = fail.

        As bewbs said, making such extreme assumptions as if you’re watching what I do all throughout my life is a bit dumb on your part.

        Ironic thing is I am working on my own video game, not just playing them although I am getting no where, it is going very slowly and I am not embarrassed to admit that, it is a ton of work for just one person, having to come up with a story, characters, narrative for these characters and all the programming that goes into it which usually requires a small team but I want to do it all on my own. I am stubborn in that way but not only that, I do a crap load of other stuff from programming in max/msp, programming music in milky tracker, producing music, writing and composing music, studying all forms of music, studying ableton live, studying history, studying religion, hand writing, studying cooking, studying physics and math, cooking tons of crap so I can be a better cook, I’ve been drawing since I was 4, I am a classically trained musician as well, I web design, I do freelance media arts, I arrange shows for venues in my area with local/out of state musicians and I help with setting up art events in my city. I do all sorts stuff.

        You’re entitled to not like my work just like I am not that impressed with Minecraft. I might actually have more on my plate than Notch but I don’t know him personally so I can’t say for sure but I am doing a lot more than just video games. Maybe I am not as well recognized or have one huge successful game raking in cash like him but it doesn’t make me any less of a person and I am not discrediting the work he put into the game, I just don’t find the end result to be as amazing as people make it out to be. I find games like Little Big Planet far more impressive, I just don’t find Minecraft fun, the creative aspect is fun for a little bit but after that there isn’t much to it.

        So clearly I am doing nothing with my life *sarcasm* and honestly I don’t care what a person does with their life as long as it doesn’t have a negative impact on others. It is your life, your choice to do with it as you please and your life is not defined by what you do but by you simply being alive.

        What makes no sense in what you said, is that what you said would also apply to you as well. Unless for some odd reason you think working on video games puts you above everyone else on earth and they can’t be on the same level or greater just because they don’t work on video games solely.

        1. Wow, you’re doing a great job! I didn’t even know you were that talented. That’s just amazing. Far more than anything I’m ever probably going to do in the next few years. You have definitely gained my respect. I think it’s great what you’re doing. Keep it up! :D

  9. It’s a little biut of a shame that Notch would take a stab at Nintendo and the Wii U. Especially when the Wii U is turning around. It might have been funny or cool to bash the Wii U a year ago, but now it just makes you look like a shithead who can’t drop a joke.

    Aside from that, I absolutely LOVE his game and I still want Minecraft to come to the Wii U regardless if Notch says stupid things or not.

    1. I guess the only two that he can get on any other console CoD and Assassin’s Creed, you know, because when you sell a service, the best way to advertise is: “We do the same as everyone else”.

  10. Wow I have spent thousands of hours in mc making pixel art and other fun things for my friends and I… now im never touching mc or any other game by notch again its fuckin mind blowing what some devs say….. he must be a really big sports gamer and fan of realistic looking amy fps games that play completely unrealistic. Pikmin 3 nintendoland wonderful 101 wii u party both marios windwaker mh3 2 cod games batman zombieu tekken tag 2 mk8 assassins creed ninja gaiden and many more and games on the way….. ps4xb1 are sports and generic cookie cutter fps games….. get fucked notch

    1. You think that Notch, creator of a blocky game with 16×16 pixel textures, is a fan of realistic looking games? Really? And you’re gonna stop playing a game that you enjoy because the original developer, who hasn’t worked on the game in years, made a joke? And if you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that he doesn’t even own an Xbox One. Stop assuming he’s a big fan of sports games just because he made a joke about the Wii U

  11. This is weird considering he’s said he loves Nintendo before and has been considering Minecraft on the Wii U. It makes sense since Nintendo’s target audience and Minecraft’s target audience are pretty much the same group of people, so it would sell like hotcakes on the Wii U. Hell, I don’t even play Minecraft anymore but I’d download it on my Wii U as long as it’s under $15

  12. Is this guy joking or what? This better be fucking joke because if not than this guy had got to be the most unprofessional guy ever! Microsoft was nicer than this !!! AND THATS MICROSOFT!!!

    With the wii u as is, we joke with this shit. The Wii u has a large enough library already. STOP COMPLAINING.


  13. I was checking his twitter when he posted this earlier, and he was jut making a small joke about the Wii U. He owns Mario Kart 8 and is waiting on the 2015 Zelda game.

    I think everyone is blowing his joke WAY out of proportion, since he’s actually a really big Nintendo fan.

    The reason Minecraft hasn’t come over to the Wii U or 3DS is something everyone here already knows: there’s already A LOT of ports that Mojang has to keep track of, from the PC version to the Playstation Vita.

    Many of the developers have shown an interest in using the Wii U’s touchscreen controls, as it’s the only home console (let’s count the Vita as touchscreen handheld) with this kind of control scheme.

    Notch has said it was only a joke, and that it’s really only counting the games HE’S interested it.

    Here’s a link to his follow up tweets.

    Only showing those two tweets isn’t showing the entire story, they make them seem way more sarcastic and annoyed than they should be. It was just a joke, and he was only a bit annoyed with the Wii U’s notification light blinking.


      1. You are simply WRONG ;) Like Jrob23 allready pointed out. Instead YOU SHOULD DO YOUR RESEARCH ;) So all i say for You * FACEPALM* Sonyboy exposed xD

    1. the fact that he is only interested in two games on the Wii U and then states that in the most trolling of ways means he is a clueless jackass. I noticed he hasn’t said anything similar about the PS4 or Xbone huh? Because he would be biting the hand that feeds him. He sounds bitter, classless, and it’s just not funny…because there is truth to what he is saying. He is saying only 2 games of all the quality games on the Wii U interest him. So either he is trying to be cute…failed…and deserves the backlash..or he honestly feels that way. Which is worse?

      1. You sound really stupid right now… At least he actually owns one. Just because he isn’t interested in every Nintendo game on Wii U doesn’t mean he is a hater. And why would he need to insult the other consoles? If he picked up a Wii U then he either already has another console or isn’t interested in PS4/XB1. Stop with the ignorance.

        1. Just because someone owns a console/handheld, doesn`T mean he is a fan of it ;) Never heard of “Ex-Nintendofans”? Thats what are todays most Sonyfans. They buy a N-console- whine the whole day about “Booohoooo- no bloody FPS on it” and then sell it again. And thats how they can pretend to say “Hey, i`m not a SOnyfanboy, i`m just a normal Nintendofan like you”. Thats how you make Sonyfanboys today expose themselfs ;)

          The first sentence a real sonyboy says is “I`m a real Nintendofan, dude you see? I`ve got a WiiU too”. What a sonyfan doesn`t realize is: It doesn`t matter if you OWN one ;) What matters is- if you USE IT! And thats what most Sonyfanboys doesn´t even know about WiiU:

          Not like on PS4 or Xbox One- on WiiU everything you do logged. So you can proofe everyone how long you played. And now comes the interesting thing: why is it, that most sonyfanboys/Fans get banned from Miiverse? Why is it- that most sonyfanboys doesn`t want to show this report of gaming to others when asked about it? Well there we go.

          Thats how it goes today. An i bet 90% that you are too a Sonyfanboy. You just don`T seem very clever and know what it means playing with a N-console.

          So again- HAVING or OWNING a Nintendo-console does NOT make you Nintendofan. Got it? Nope, Sonyfans doesn`T even get this in thear dickhead ;)

          1. You dumbass! Lol! XD Why the fuck would he need to play something 24/7 just to prove he likes it? Is that what you do? That’s what social rejects like you do lol! XD Lmao, I have owned a Gamecube and a Wii before and now I own 3DS and Wii U. Let me guess. I need to play Mario Kart 8 for 500 hours to prove I’m a Nintendo fan? Get out of here with that bullshit! XD XDD XD


        He can’t say much for the Xbox One because it hasn’t been released in Sweden. So I’m assuming nothing interested him on either of the other next-gen consoles as of yet, or he would have attempted to import them from somewhere else.

        And if he does honestly feel that way, who cares? He’s entitled to his own opinion just like any of us, so it shouldn’t matter. People shouldn’t continue to mistake him for a huge Nintendo hater, because it’s simply not true.

      3. Since when did having a sense of humor become trolling? Jeez, anything is “trolling” – the word’s lost all meaning. Just because you’re asshurt doesn’t mean it’s trolling.

  14. So many people are quick to assume that he’s serious. Calm down people. Look further into the Twitter account. You’ll see it was a joke.

  15. I get the joke, but if nobody clarified his statement then THAT Joke could only be percieved as an attack on the Wii U. So yeah the angry reactions would be posted here making the topic a click-bait.

    If he’s suggesting the 3rd game (in his opinion) for the Wii U is Minecraft, then the Ego has landed. I don’t think I’ll buy it but a game as popular as this is sure to become a 3rd Party hit for the Wii U.

    Show us the game on 2015 and stop the “Wii U has no game” bandwagon because it’s getting old.

    1. Yeah, the Wii U has no games argument is getting old, but there isn’t really anything we can do right now to stop people from saying it. Maybe next year when all the heavy hitters like Zelda come in. Who knows? We might even get a few more surprised next E3.

      1. It is suffering from software drought.

        Not many people are interested in what they currently have to offer, while most others left Nintendo after the Wiifad. I was reluctant on buying the Wii U after seeing the same mistakes were being made, not to mention they still have issues with adding online to franchises that would greatly benefit from it. They’re where they’re at mostly because they’ve wanted it that way. It took Iwata a while to finally realize not everyone has the same taste, worldwide, as the Japanese. I only wonder what goes through his mind.

        Even MK wasn’t enough to save the Wii U, and that’s a big deal. I wonder if Nintendo is finally realizing that games are more important than gimmicks in the long run. Though I don’t support DLC, I will admit some of their games are at least trying to win back core gamers. (And then there’s Captain Toad…) Too bad the pacings’ a bit slower than the demand.

        1. Wii U probably could’ve been better If they took a break and listened to the fans a bit. Nintendo always likes to go their own ways first and then they see if fans like it or not. Trust me, Wii U would be booming right now if they listened. That Majora’s Mask Remake would’ve been here at launch. Lol.

          1. True. Nintendo can be very stubborn. But it’s not always a good idea listening to the fans, sometimes it’s a better idea listening to the so-called “haters”. They’ll tell you why they aren’t interested in buying your product. BTW, I’m also looking foward to MM :P, I got tired of so many OoT rehashes.

      2. well where to start, that the same argument as 2013. 2014 was supposed to be the year of the Wii U and we got Mario kart 8 and donkey country so far…. light and not good at all. Zelad and x should have been released this year.OK We know that monolith has to help and jump into other project hence why x is not out. Zelda I think the development took longer and hyrule warrior has been given priority but promised has not been kept. And what about Nintendo Tvii??????? this was supposed to be done age ago and what do we have… something in US and Japan but nothing in Europe (yep as always we are the forgotten ones). All that to say that from a consumer point of view Nintendo has done f*** all. And I don’t expect them to do better in 2015.

        1. Nintendo didn’t make Hyrule Warriors, they didn’t do any of the development.

          And if you hate Nintendo so much then why are you on a website dedicated to news about Nintendo?

          And you’re right no one gives a fuck about Euro-Trash like you. You should kill yourself

          1. ok… you come to a website where the creator seems to be british (just let you know in case you did not know that).
            then you dare to come at me and like a stupid fanboy who give a bad name to Nintendo and go on stating I hate Nintendo cause unlinke you I have a brain and I dare to critise (if you are american I meant critize).
            Furthermore I have been playing video game when Nintendo was releasing game on what we call game & watch. I have been suporting Nintendo when you were not even a sperm so go and piss off.
            Finally I truly believe you are American, and you should thank guys like Ridley X3 cause unlike this kind of guy you are a disgrace to your country.
            BTW Euro-trash are the one who come and help you to go to an illegal war like Irak cause you are not big enogh to do it alone. So have some respect son.

  16. Just shows that even people who contribute significantly to video gaming think it is hilarious whenever something does not sell the ridiculous millions necessary to count as a ‘success’ in this unbridled capitalistic society.

        1. but not in Japan, dude ;) PS4 = very bad in japan. WiiU is now 10K in FRONT of PS4. ANd trust me, next weeks and months will be booming there- for WiiU only ;) PS4 will be falling again then. No one wants a PS4 there.

          1. Shut up fanboy bitch. XD PS4 is dominating in the US and Wii U is also getting better. Why don’t you stop sucking Wii U’s dick and let him go his separate ways? He doesn’t need your fanboy shit to become successful. XD

  17. Its not even that the jokes are clever. Also, the first one is just stupid enough for making me sigh. Instead of putting a pillow on it, wouldn’t CHARGE IT do it better?

    Oh and Minecraft sucks ass.

  18. If it comes our way .. give it the respect it deserves and buy it pre-owned.

    Two games is 1 more than ps4 and 2 more than x bo

      1. First: YOU are not a Nintendofan ;) That can be clearly seen here.

        Second: Flop Notch is right- but wait- Minecraft won`t come out as Retail for WiiU. I think it will be only as Download (they are lazy).
        Third: He is right- such assholes as Notch have to be stuffed. He will get what he deserves.

        4th: Why don`t you marry Notch if you like him so much? Or just such his dick?

        1. First, YOU are a disgrace to Nintendo fans.
          Second, nobody knows whether or not Minecraft will come to Wii U, so he didn’t flop shit.
          Third, he bought a Wii U and he probably plays it more than your dumbass does.
          Fourth: Stop being a Nintendo fanboy. You’re giving us real Nintendo fans a bad reputation.

  19. well done sickr, that was a very good article just to wind up the mass. I like his sense of humour and I doubt he will create a wii U version of his game with that comment unless Nintendo just see the business side of it and ignore these comments but we learnt he has a Wii U, like some of us he is feed up about the lack of software and would like to see more . From his comment I don’t think he hate the wii U.

    1. Again, Sonyfan Just because you own a Nintendoconsole (or Handheld) today, doesn`t make you a Nintendofan ;) A Nintendofan is someone who likes to play preferably on Nintendosytems and DOESN`T play as often on Sony/Ms-systems. That is the definition of it.

      1. to be honest I consider myself as being a nintendo fan since I always buying or giving a nintendo’s product since the nes. But saying I disagree with and respect your definition. I own a PS3 cause I repaired a broken one and got lot of games for nearly nothing. Strangely enough my Wii (yes the wii) got lot of playtime lately when I am not using my Wii U. I do believe I haven’t touch my PS3 since April…. seriously

  20. All terrain Venomoth

    Notch, I hope you realize how incredibly stupid it is to openly mock potential business partners on twitter. If you have a problem with the wii u, fine, I don’t care. I myself have problems with it. But this just screams unprofessionalism.

  21. Personally I don’t think he has room to talk here, it’s not like he fought to put mine craft on the wiiU, if he’s hitching about the lack of games and not even porting his own he’s part of the problem

  22. No one realizes he just dissed the wiiu? This is sarcasm and straight up hate towards the wiiu. Read the full article…

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