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Pokemon Company Explains How It Retains The Pokemon Franchise’s Popularity

The Pokemon Company has explained how it attempts to retain the popularity of the Pokemon franchise, which is almost 20 years old. J.C. Smith, the director of consumer marketing for the firm, says that the beloved series constantly aims to cater toward players of all ages. According to Smith, Pokemon games are designed to be easily-accessible to newcomers – in addition to containing multiple elements that longtime fans will understand and appreciate.

“We do have to find that balance as marketers, because we want kids that are just coming into it to realize it’s established but it’s not exclusive,” said Smith in an interview. “You don’t have to have been playing for 25 years to understand what’s going on. You can get in and the game will explain itself to you, then you can get into the depth that everyone’s talking about. So that’s very important for us to be able to have that accessibility. But then there’s things like we did here, with the Mega Slowbro reveal. We want something to play to the audience that’s more into the franchise and has been playing it for years and knows these characters intimately, and has their favorites that they want to see in Mega form. So we find that balance the fun part.”

87 thoughts on “Pokemon Company Explains How It Retains The Pokemon Franchise’s Popularity”

  1. Never understood how in the world this series became so popular… I enjoy the games, but I always found it overrated.

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    1. The biggest problem is that honestly, it doesn’t appeal to older players at all. Little kids will always be amazed, but there is very little substance for players who stuck around with the series.

      It also doesn’t help that the anime iikes to give the middle finger to older fans. Seriously, the dialogue will make you feel like your intelligence is being insulted.

          1. That special gave the old fans what they pretty much wanted, and gives series pretty mature atmosphere, then the anime

      1. Not entirely true.Gen 6 gives the players a Kanto starter near the beginning, each having a mega evolution. To add to that Lots of older Pokemon were given megas, especially how Charizard and Mewtwo got two.

        Plus, it’s always fun to see how competitive play turns out with each new game.

      2. I’m 28, it appeals to me, granted I don’t spend that many hours into the game I usually beat the main game then I’m done with it but I like the games, must of my friends do, we’re 25-35 years old, the Pokemon community is full of 30-40 people, they don’t compete competitively but they’re there

    2. There’s a difference between popularity and overrating. Watchdogs, is overrated. Pokemon, has a place of its own in the market that gradually changes and grows overtime..except Ash in the anime. That dude still looks 10 after 20+ years. XD

    1. I agree. I hate how the anime has Ash as the main character instead of both characters from the respective regions. It should’ve been based off of the manga instead, but even then I’m not sure if it’s any good.

  2. Very true Hollow. I am still a fan just because I consider it a good RPG. I don’t always agree with some of the designs of certain Pokemon, like the ice cream Pokemon, or how many water types there are, but they are fun games. You can play with friends, or now people around the world. It’s come a long way from where its started and I certainly don’t want to see it stop soon. Not trying to defend the games or Pokemon in general, I just am doing that they are a fun and enjoyable series and pretty much of you played one, you know what you are getting (save a couple of new features or new Pokemon).

    Doing was supposed to be ‘ saying ‘. Stupid mobile won’t let me correct it. Lol.

  3. The thing that annoys me about Pokemon games is all of the psychotic, enraged trainers. You can’t even walk by someone or talk to them without being forced into a battle. It becomes SO tiresome and repetitive after a while. You should be given the choice to battle or walk away.

    The world of Pokemon is weird. If real life was anything like Pokemon, everybody would be obsessive animal trainers. And everyone you see in public would have their animals with them. And that’s all you’d hear everyone talking about. That’s how everyone is in the Pokemon world. It’s like Pokemon is the way of life. And heck, kids don’t even have to go to school. They can just leave home at 10 years old and survive in the wild. Somehow find a way to earn money so they can eat.

    Ok……I’m thinking too much. These are the thoughts that always went through my mind when watching the anime. SO unrealistic in every single aspect.

      1. No you can’t. Those people have hawk eyes. And plus, they block a lot of pathways you need to go to by randomly walking around the area. Waiting just for you to come. You know how annoying it is to get finish with a battle only to have another dude spot you literally 3 seconds afterwards and ask (force) you to battle? Lol.

          1. Nuh uh. :P I’m talking about a lot of trainers being put in the same area. What if someone isn’t so good at Pokemon and end up getting served by 3 trainers in a row because they couldn’t stop and go to the Pokemon Center? XD

            1. That’s a good thing. It means you can reuse them to get more experience points to level up your Pokemon more. The worst thing that will happen is the little shits steal some of your money. xD

    1. If Video games were more like real life, they wouldn’t be fun anymore! But I get what you’re saying. Them trainers are psychotic!

    2. I liked your post just because of how you described the trainers that are scattered throughout the routes & caves. “psychotic, enraged trainers” lmfao

  4. I know, I’ve been a long time fan since my early childhood, but Pokemon has definitely gotten easier over the years. At least we have international battles now and high difficulty zones. I’m still waiting on a PROPER Mystery Dungeon entry like Explorers of Sky, and not that awful Gates to Infinity.

  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    What still lacks in the games is a full detailed character customization option and a new battle system…

    I’m so tired of having a 1 hit kill or 2 hit kill pokemon battles compared to all that damn training…

    They should be able to take more hits and have some sort of a stamina meter aswell as a mental meter to make things better…

        1. I personally don’t like the coloring of the shiny Eevee but to each their own. I’d prefer a more red fox coloring.

          1. My point is, about 80% uses the same lame Pokemon over and over and has the Smogon Univeristy tactics which makes the battles boring and predictable but also lame…

            Like a Kyogre with choice specs I think the item is and then just makes Water Spout…

            What’s the fun in that if your first Pokemon is weak against water and then even if you change the other one probably dies or almost…

            1. Than you can counter with a pokemon with Storm Drain, Water Absorb, or Dry Skin, the possibilities are endless, every Pokemon has a counter

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                That’s my point, you can only have certain Pokemon all the time to counter most teams out there which makes battle sboring because they become predictable and just generic…

                I want a Pokemon game where a type disadvantage can’t beat a type advantage in 1 hit which Pokemon like Scizors or Darumaka…

                1. It is vital to know that you shouldn’t always use the Pokemon that you like, but what can support maybe one or 2 that you like

                  For example, I know you like Spiritomb, but it is vastly outclassed by other ghosts like Cofagrigus or Dusknoir, therefor you should use those and not Spiritomb

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Oh well, aslong as it is this way, I’ll try to come up with my own tactics that includes my precious Spiritomb…

                    1. If I was more into the competitive scene in Pokemon, I’d be having an Eevee in the place of your Spiritomb. My beloved Eevee must be in my main battle party!

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Personally I think the items is what destroyed the battles for me, they have been gotten more lame since generation 4…

        1. if you want I can give you some torture devices and weapons that I use on the Vespers so I can stop their plains to brainwash the Sonyans and Xbots to join their armies by taking over Microsoft and Sony and their endgame which they want to end the world

          My latest into shows that the Vespers are now after Nintendo so I have to show you how to fight them. Their also Spies and traitors in Nintendo that work for the Vespers.

      1. Stop getting so fucking obsessed over ONE guy. You people need to get over it and move on in life. The more stupid shit about him you post the more he wants to come back, you idiots don’t seem to realize that

        1. I shall trust the judgement of a guy who said “Rising Penis” in the comments of a Pokemon article. Seems like a great idea!

    1. There are other ways to compete in battles and other ways to train and enhance your team. There’s so many PKMN and options to explore. You just need the right kind of training, PKMN and items to use.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Yes but like I said, certain Pokemon are overpowered, specially since the Smogon University tries everything they can come up with and the majority of today’s trainers have graduated from this “university”…

  6. the pokemon have already sold its soul to the apple, next up will be the sonyans and xtwats… they do everything to save their butts. because they know nintendofans are getting tired of the same old crap every year. pokemon havent been relevant since the 90’s. they should stop the milking of the dead horse and make something new..

  7. If it’s mostly children playing the Pokemon games, me & Quadraxis must be in the minority along with the rest of the adult fans of the series.

      1. I almost skipped the 6th gen til I heard about Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Damn this site for reigniting my passion for Pokemon this soon! If not for this wretched site, I wouldn’t have gotten back into Pokemon til November when Omega Ruby releases! lol

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  9. Could retro studios b working on the shocking announcement game, possibly wii u, possibly battle revolutions 2, it matches their portfolio, neat tidy games, with a strong nintendo theme in art / gameplay without to make a new ip / game design from scratch, i.e. from nothing

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