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Retro Studios Is Hiring For A Variety Of Positions Including A Tools Engineer

Acclaimed development studio Retro Studios has begun advertising for a variety of jobs presumably for their next project. The positions include a Tools Engineer and FX Artist, Senior Tools Engineer, Ai Engineer and Gameplay Engineer. Retro Studios last project was the fantastic Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, so it will be interesting to see what they choose to do next.

62 thoughts on “Retro Studios Is Hiring For A Variety Of Positions Including A Tools Engineer”

      1. Honestly what they should do is a Mario HD collection with 64,sunshine, galaxy, and galaxy 2, hand have support for Wii remote + nunchuck, or pro controller ­čÄ«, or gamepad.

  1. Retro Studios, well well, with all that time they had to fix the problems on Donkey Kong: Tropical Flop they got a 6.0. The Wii U is a massive failure.

    1. Yes and many other people said it was fantastic game, but that one site out of 77 reviews only like 6 were mixed troll harder. The game didn’t do well yes there no denying that but the game, fixed my problems with returns.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I’m sure they are already working on a new top secret project and this most likely indicates that they are starting a new one…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I want them to do something new…

        Imagine if you worked for Retro, sooner or later you would get bored working on the same franchise over and over…

  3. Hopefully nothing metroid, or DK related I want them to something new, or go into a different IP from nintendo…*ARRCGF-ZEROGGGH*

    1. I’d like to see what Retro could do with revitalizing Ice Climbers. Screw F-Zero, to be honest. Let someone that has done a racing game do that franchise.

      1. I want to see another Ice climbers to, but retro needs to move to something else other then a platformer. Retro had no experience with platformers, before DK, and they changed the way we played metroid if they handle that with out the experience of making those types of games in the past they can make F-Zero, plus racing games aren’t the hardest thing in world to make, its not easy, but its development is not hard as making a metroid or Zelda game.

        1. By revitalize, I mean trying to do with Ice Climbers what Sakurai did with Kid Icarus: making it immensely different from the original game’s platform genre. With how they did Metroid, I’d love to see how they do with Ice Climbers.

          1. I don’t think Ice climbers can be done the way kid icarus was done, maybe it can a little bit, but not by much. They are climbers, not some all powered up character like pit, The game would have to be platformer. Metroid and kid icarus left a lot of room, for change compared to ice climbers, personal I would rather have next level games work on that, then retro.

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              I don;t think so either, Ice Climbers was a simple concept, Kid Icarus you can make a story out of

              An angel fighting against the forces of the underworld V.S. some eskimos climbing ice

              You see what I mean?

              1. And because its simple you can make more out of it, you aren’t confine to that one story. It would be great to see what they could do with Ice Climbers, just look how drastically changed they were from the NES days to how the play in the Smash games. They could end up on like a Kirby/Mario game were at the end of a mission you fight a boss, the climbing doesn’t have to be all vertical either.

                I would love to see what they can do with Ice Climbers.

  4. Please don’t be Metroid. I’d be perfectly happy with a 3rd Donkey Kong Country from them, though, if they want to go for a trilogy like they did with Metroid. Maybe the 3rd game could reveal the villains from the previous two games were sent by King K. Rool himself as he was too busy on vacation or something, pitting us against the Tikis again along with the penquins and the return of the Kremlings.

      1. Oh I want Metroid… just not by Retro. I know if they get to do Metroid again, everyone’s going to be hyping up Metroid Prime 4. Bleh! Leave it dead along with it’s namesake! If anyone should be constantly coming back from the dead in the Metroid series, it’s Ridley. Not that Phazon reject Dark Samus! Filthy thing should stay dead so Ridley can go back to being the biggest threat of the series while making the final boss of the games pale in comparison to the great & magnificent purple space dragon that is Ridley! RIDLEY 4 SMASH!!! …….. Oops! I went away from Metroid & into Super Smash Bros territory..! lol

        1. Dude, you’re trashing Metroid Prime…over Metroid Prime. Ridley had its spot as the secondary main villain for too long and too many times. Metroid Prime really revived and changed things up for the series in a spectacular way. Prime 4 or another chronicle trilogy succeeding after Prime will bring back that hardcore audience and make Wii U a more interesting choice of console.

  5. IMO, Retro Studios wasted their talents on Tropical Freeze. Returns was good enough. I would rather like to see a new 3D game from them, like a new Metroid Prime or a whole new IP, maybe bringing back an old franchise.

    1. DK Tropical Freeze was good though. Really good. IDK what’s wrong with people. It’s like because they didn’t get Metroid they hate everything about the game.

      1. Would you enlighten me as to where in my comment I mentioned how good or bad the game is? I simple stated that Retro could’ve done much more with a Metroid game or even a whole new IP than making another DKC game.

        1. ….well you said Returns was good enough so I was assuming you thought TF was not good at all. Is that not what you meant? And of not can you elaborate a little better next time.

      2. They’re being stupid about another DK game ONLY because its not Metroid. I really hated when people sound this selfish and stupid to trash a game because its not what they wanted. Boo fucking hoo. XP

  6. Are you casual fucks serious?

    E3: good but where is metroid? Nintendo sucks

    They might be working on a metroid now: New ip please or fzero pls but no metroid or else nintendo sux and doomed

    You nasty casual fucks, go fap to your casual shooters

    1. Nintendo won this years E3 by far! Sony didn’t have much exclusives at all except those damn indie games. To me Uncharted 4 was the only thing interest me.

  7. I have all Retro Studio games, I know the staff has changed a bit but I haven’t been disappointed, at least not yet, cannot wait for their next game, whatever it is, I hope we can hear at least an announcement soon.

      1. They are about the same to me, but to 100% them, returns is probably harder, TF gives you more tools to do that and it doesn’t have one hit kills on rocket stages.

  8. A new IP would be great but I would love for them to revive that one cancelled Gamecube IP! Raven Blade right?

  9. Tropical Freeze was great… It has to be Metroid Prime 4. Nintendo knows they need to make the fans happy, and we’ve been over saturated by platformers. MP4 for the older crowd, Splatoon for general audiences – that would give shooter fans some decent AAA’s to play with. F-Zero from Shin’en might balance out the racing field as well.

  10. Nintendo should give Retro more freedom. Let them create new IP’s. Let other studios do your typical Nintendo franchises.

    1. Or give them IPs that Nintendo hasn’t made games for in the last 2 decades & let Retro Studios recreate them from the ground up, aka reimaginings. I’d love to see how they’d recreate Ice Climbers & what genre they’d try to make it for.

  11. yes donkey kong country return of the freeze absolutley bring it on.also why havnt they released the snes and game boy donkey kong games for the wii u either on disc or the nintendo e shop they would make a mint like nintendo did with the old mario games on disc that would bring the wii u console sales soaring up believe me come on nintendo give us back our donkey kong land country games back please

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