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Hyrule Warriors Had A Better Debut Than Zelda Wind Waker HD In Japan

Recent sales numbers from Famitsu state that the recently released Hyrule Warriors had a much better début than The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD in Japan. Famitsu says Hyrule Warriors sold 78,773 units in its opening week and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD only shifted 31,154 units when it was released in September 2013.

Thanks, Nico

39 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Had A Better Debut Than Zelda Wind Waker HD In Japan”

      1. Actually I think its because the Warriors series is way more popular in Japan. And then combining it with Zelda’s popularity!

      1. that is almost always true but then some are die-hard fans that they will pay for the game twice, i got mine free all thanks to mario kart 8 and i like it as much as the original.

    1. Perhaps it’s because wind waker was for Zelda fans while Hyrule Warriors crosses two genres.

      Try harder next time troll.

  1. hopefully the game does well, tecmo looked liked they gave the best effort, and to my knowledge the budget on DW games aren’t high like most games, so hopefully its enough to turn a small profit

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  3. Sweet! This is the kind of traction we want! Hopefully this games builds more momentum for the U outside of Japan as well.

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  5. Well no fucking shit! lol Unlike Wind Waker HD which was a remake, Hyrule Warriors is a brand new game that’s a crossover of Zelda characters & story with Warriors/Musou’s genre.

  6. Well, Hyrule Warriors is a brand new game. Zelda, Wind Waker HD was just a game remade in HD. Some people probably didn’t care about buying the same game again.

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