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Rumour: Super Smash Bros Full Character Roster Apparently Leaked

ness_smash_bros_leak#There are many official Super Smash Bros screenshots, as provided by the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai in his daily Miiverse posts, but there are also a few screens which have unofficially leaked. According to a post on the Nsider Forums, these screenshots apparently reveal the entire character roster for the latest Smash Bros instalment on Wii U and 3DS.

While we love a good juicy rumour here, the screens should be taken with a large pinch of salt, and thrown over the shoulder in good faith. Nevertheless, you can take a look at the images on the aforementioned forums, here.

For the less inquisitive, you can rest assured that the leaked images contain fan-favourite Ness, Dr. Mario, the return of Shulk, Bowser Jr, and – weirdly – Duck Hunt, as is pictured above. Wario also seems to be missing a pupil, but maybe that’s just a trick of  the eye. Let us know your thoughts on the leak in the comment section below.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

139 thoughts on “Rumour: Super Smash Bros Full Character Roster Apparently Leaked”

  1. Fake as fuck. Sakurai is not dropping the Ice Climbers to include fucking Dr. Mario again. And adding two Kid Icarus newcomers seems VERY unlikely, more so when one of them is Pittoo. Shulk doesn’t really resemble Shulk that much, either.

    1. There’s a second part of this information My Nintendo news did not mention. The leaker who provided the information claims that the Ice Climbers, Wolf, Lucas, Solid Snake, and Chorus Kids will be DLC characters.

    2. So why was dark pit at the end of pautine trailer in duck hunt that is something sarkuir would do dam spelled his name wrong but yep this is real I don’t know why people so it is fake o cause this line is bigger in the duck hunt cant be in it cause he is dog.This just reminded of when people thought game and watch was not goneing to be in it along with toon like willfit tainnner ike and rob I was one those people who thought ike was not in the new samsh I thought my bady was gone but nope he there pain has crystal see him yep so just stop saying that characters want happen in if duck hunt in it I am going to vuy this game cause THE DAM DOG IS KING I TELL YOU KING HA HA HA AHA AHA AAA Fuck her right in da pussy

  2. It’s fake. Look at the full image and you can see Game and Watches arm is out of his character box and it’s missing Mii’s

  3. I really want this leak to be fake but the character renders look really nice and that’s what makes me believe the leak.

  4. Fake as a “real” housewife.
    1. Not all characters on the select screen are put with their franchise
    2. Duck Hunt Dog will not be playable
    3. Dr. Mario & Dark pit will not be their own characters
    4. The line between Kirby’s pic and the CPU is thicker than the others’
    5. The select screens for both characters and stages are going to be way too small on a normal 3DS screen
    6. Pikmin has NEVER been on a handheld, so it’s highly unlikely Pikmin would have a 3DS stage
    7. No franchise has ever had more than 6 reps. They wouldn’t over-represent Mario with 7, especially with Dr. Mario being one of them.
    Probably more reasons that I don’t feel like listing.

      1. 2-8 are all wrong.

        2. Opinion.

        3. Opinion. [Even I’ll admit this though Dark Pit is my least favorite newcomer possibility]

        4. Characters when selected get bigger outlines, Kirby was selected.

        5. Their is such thing as a bottom screen.

        6. All franchises need at least one stage on both versions.

        7. It’s the most selling franchise in history.

        8. Slightly different.

        1. 2. Duck Hunt Dog literally can’t have shit done with him
          3. That’s a fact. Dr. Mario DEFINITELY won’t be his own, Dark Pit is only slightly more likely.
          4. I’ll give you that.
          5. The bottom screen shows what characters have already been selected. Read this article for how they could fit otherwise
          6. Eh, maybe I’ll give you that one.
          7. Dr. Mario would just be unnecessarily stretching it.
          8. Slightly, as in “not even noticeable”

          1. 2. Visit Smashboards.

            3.Lucina prooves clones are back. Dr.Mario could happen.

            5. Doesn’t it show them transparent when not selected?

            7.Dr.Mario was popular in Melee, and pretty good too. Plus I don’t think Sakurai would go “Well, this series has too many characters, so can’t add him.”

            8. That can go either way.

            You did miss the biggest killer of the leak.
            The pic with Ness and Duck Hunt Dog selected don’t have the series icon in the back.

            1. 2. I’d rather not

              3. Because Lucina has differences in her character. All Dr. Mario really had different was pills and being a wee bit stronger, and a bit heavier.

              5. I don’t know where you got that from, but either way no select screen, official or recent fan made, has shown characters on the bottom.

              7. Still seems like a waste of a slot. I’m not a defender of Lucina really, but I would rather have a weird character like WFT over a clone, but a clone over one like Duck Hunt Dog.

              And thanks for pointing that out. Forgot that the series icons show up in the selection boxes.

              1. Ness’s Artwork is all wrong. The yellow trim on the bottom of his shirt has been consistent throughout the series. There’s no way they’d stop now.

          2. Duck hunt can’t have shit done with him? No duck hunt almost assures this leak is real

            They have one of these characters in every game since melee
            Mr game and watch, then rob, now duck hunt
            Duck hunt will be a character, this leak is absolutely real

      1. Congrats, now look at every other reason and tell me otherwise. Here’s another one:
        9. In the screenshot with Ness, Diddy, & Duck Hunt, why do human controlled players have levels? And why isn’t the font for those the same as the Lv. 5 for the characters in the screenshot with the full select screen?

    1. 1. Lucina, Dr. Mario, and Dark Pit are seperate from their franchise because they are the most clone characters with the exception of Toon Link. Also, Yoshi is put in a weird place I’ll give you that.
      2. That’s your own opinion. That doesn’t make it true. Every game since Melee has had a WTF character. Melee had Mr. G&W, and Brawl had R.O.B. Those two are also Retro characters. Duck Hunt would be a perfect WTF character and retro character.
      3. That’s also your own opinion.
      4. The reason it is thicker is because Kirby hasn’t been chosen yet it is only hovering over Kirby. Footage of the game shows that the thickness changes when you choose your character.
      5. This game is supposed to have about 40-50 characters. How else would they show the CSS?
      6. Pikmin needs a stage on 3DS. Also look at Pokemon. Pokemon has had console games but the Wii U version had the Kalos Elite 4 as a stage.
      7. I kinda agree on this one though. That does seem like a high number for a franchise in smash. However, Mario is the main franchise in Smash Bros. so it makes sense to add more to this game, kinda like how since Sakurai is working on this game he added 2 Kid Icarus characters which is a game he also worked on.
      8. Do you have the link to that Ness pic?

      1. 1. Clones have always been put next to their series, or even next to their cloned characters.
        2. Duck Hunt Dog literally can’t have shit done with him
        3. That’s a fact. Dr. Mario DEFINITELY won’t be his own, Dark Pit is only slightly more likely.
        4. I’ll give you that.
        5. Read this article for how
        6. Eh, maybe I’ll give you that one.
        7. Still, Dr. Mario would just be unnecessarily stretching it.
        8. Here it is on Smash wiki

        1. I agree, what could they possibly do with the Duck Hunt dog? I think Villager and Wii Fit Trainer ARE this games WTF characters. I like Duck Hunt, don’t get me wrong, but how many moves besides bite, scratch, and fetch could you give the dog? Throwing ducks as a projectile maybe?

  5. I can’t wait until this game is fucking released in Japan so all these stupid and easily disproven character leaks are fucking over with.

  6. Why does the P2, P3, and P4 have levels? That’s not how it looks in regular mode and Smash Run

    And none of them have names which were seen in the E3 builds

  7. Why the hell would Dark Pit be a character? Alt. skin I totally understand but is he own character is just fucking dumb. I feel very strongly this leak is fake.

      1. We shouldn’t even have Lucina. One thing most longtime smash fans hate is clones. Ganon being probably the worst. Who in the blue hell thought it was a good idea to copy Captain Falcon’s moves and put them on Ganon? And then he taunts us with his sword that he can’t use on top of it.

          1. I’d be happy with the idea of SSB taking another month or two of not being released if it meant getting Ganondorf & Lucina with their own original movesets that aren’t dependent on another character’s.

          2. I hate it every time lol. Making him a clone of Falcon was one of the dumbest moves in the Smash Series history lol. And good luck still to you on Ridley being in!

            1. Yeah. But unlike these little crybabies about characters like Dark Samus or Waluigi or Ashley, I won’t throw a tantrum about not getting a playable Ridley if he just ends up being a battle stage boss. Like those Miiverse people complaining about those 3 characters being assist trophies instead of playable characters.

              1. Yea there are lots of whiners lol. With Smash I never really know what to expect, so I just take what they give at this point. There’s some characters like Dixie Kong and King K. Rool, but I doubt they will be in at this point, and although I would love to have them, I won’t be screaming if they aren’t. Ashley from the Wario series? Haven’t played the wario games really, and don’t see why she would be on the top of any ones list. Then again there are people who are happy about Agitha in Hyrule Warriors so I guess every character has it’s fans.

                1. I happen to be one of those people happy with Agitha in Hyrule Warriors. But there is a big difference between Hyrule Warriors & Super Smash Bros: SSB has a plethora of Nintendo characters to rely on while Hyrule Warriors only has Zelda characters. lol

                  1. I wouldn’t mind her if they had other characters added too. Malon from Lon Lon Ranch for example, I feel is far more deserving of a spot. She gives you Epona for lol! Agitha was just a bratty single form of the Fabulously Rich Family in 64 where you got Skulltulas and got rewards. You caught bugs for her and got rewards. But if you’re happy with her I won’t take that away from you. As for Smash, yea there’s far more options lol.

                    1. Well there is still a chance for Malon, Talon, & Ingo. (Let’s just hope Talon & Ingo don’t get turned into Mario & Luigi type characters… Then again… would that really be such a bad thing? lol) If we get desperate or impatient enough, we can always go to the Japan side of Miiverse & check out the pictures posted by people on the Hyrule Warriors to see what other characters have been added to the game.

  8. Fake. In Leaker 1’s images, the players have levels, Mr.GW’s arm is out of the box, and in the 1st Image the Duck Hunt’s dog have the the ears in the air and in the second image, it have the ears down.

  9. I looked at the images, and they “ARE FAKE.”

    The proof is, Yoshi is considered to be a separate franchise, and yet he is in between Bowser and Rosalina.

    Another reason is, Dr. Mario, Pittoo, and Lucina are not categorized with their respective franchises.

      1. That is a change that could have been made in 2 seconds if Sakurai wanted to change that.

        Maybe they thought havin the names on the bottom
        screen after selecting a character was enough.

    1. Yoshi can be apart of his own franchise or he can be apart of Mario’s with his Yoshi logo. It really doesn’t matter.

      As for the other characters you mentioned. They are all “clones” and belong in the clone section of the selection screen.

  10. This was proven fake before this article was even posted. I’m disappointed that this rumor was reported as news before taking a closer look at it.

      1. All you have to do is look at the full picture and compare it to what we already know. For instance, the actual roster has the characters’ names on it, while this “leak” doesn’t.

      2. Reading stuff online makes something real? Unless Nintendo said ANYTHING on it (and they haven’t), anything you’ve read is rumor. Of course whoever made it is gonna back it up and make it sound legit.

  11. I like how leakers always conveniently have shitty picture qualities, poor lighting, and they always take pictures of a glaring tv.

    Seriously, why are these so credible? They are almost always fake.

    1. It’s because leakers always take pictures with their phones and phones have awful picture quality.

      Also, this would be off of a 3DS or a 3DS-like demo console not a T.V.

  12. We live in an age where our phones can do damn near everything and you’re telling me you couldn’t send a VIDEO of all this “leaked content”? Thats my response from now on. If you’re sitting there playing the game with enough time to take alllllllllll these photos, then HIT RECORD! Otherwise, you are wasting my time with your Photoshop. Sept 13th aint that far. I’ll pass on this.

      1. I will pay you $100 if this is real. I guarantee you it’s fake. Maybe some of the characters in it are real, but the images are fake.

  13. Idk…….it might be fake but it’s small details that can make it seem real…..and the fact it’s almost near finished with development with little over a month til Japanese release if I am correct……and with localization…..idk I’m believing its legit for now. But if it’s not oh well

  14. GUYS CAUSE 3DS version issues ice climbers are replaced by mr.peapers/duck hunt and dr.Mario cause they are 2 classic characters just like ice climbers

    1. How is it “really badly done?” The characters look stunning! The 3DS layout will look “different” because the selection screen includes the top and bottom. The top screen shows character faces, while the bottom shows their names and a larger picture of each character selected.

      1. Not really. Look at Game & Watch. His hand leaves his box and covers part of Wario’s face. Also, do you really think that Sakurai would get rid of Ice Climbers but bring back Dr. Mario? And Duck Hunt dog? Really? That would work as an assist trophy, but if that’s in the actual game as a character I would be upset that they wasted their time on such a stupid character.

  15. The fucking Duck Hunt Dog is in, yet the Rhythm Haven reps are DLC instead of being in the game with the Sneaky Spirit enemies? Bullshit!

    1. I doubt either are, but duck hunt would be far more deserving. It has years and years of seniority, and would be a far more popular choice. I’ve never even met someone who has played rhythm haven, but duck hunt, everyone knows that game.

      1. While I do agree that Rhythm Heaven wasn’t that popular in the West, it is pretty huge in Japan (even Sega made an arcade port of the first GBA game in the series).

    1. Your arguments are invalid. Lucina is a clone and all clone characters are together. Licina, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, etc.

      Dr. Mario was a character before and can be again.

      Same for Dark Pit.

      There is no picture that shows five players playing at once.

  16. Guys, good renders aren’t that hard to make, remember that supposed ness leak, the render was perfect yet it was still fake

  17. Lucus would have been next to Ness not Captain Falcon. Also why does players have levels……unless those tell you which level your Ammiibo is on. But when you select them by pressing “A” the their images would change.

  18. It’s hard to see if it’s fake or not, but I really think if Mewtwo was in the leaked images then I would immediately know that it was fake and was made from a fan.

  19. OBJECTION! Lucas is not shown on that roster. Next to Captain Falcon is Ness, Villager and Shulk, not Lucas!

  20. Duck Hunt would be a cool addition but the original title could use a VC release for anyone born after 1990 to get it. Seriously, the Wiimote can act as a zapper. Get it done, Nintendo!

  21. It’s fake because so many characters aren’t grouped with their franchises, also, Pittoo isn’t going to be a newcomer, at most he will only be an alt skin for Pit.

    1. The “clone” characters are grouped together. All the other characters are grouped with their respective franchises.

      Also, if Lucina is a character than Dark Pit is a definite possibility.

      Try again. The leak so far is real if those are your only arguments against the picture.

  22. Ok… I think I’m the only one to believe this but I think Dr. Mario coming back while seems ridiculous, it’s entirely possible. Think about Lucina for a minute. She is technically a clone of Marth…. With a few MINOR differences. As much as that pisses me off Dr. Mario having the same damn move set but being possibly slightly heavier and/or stronger is entirely possible. Also yes Dark Pit and Duck Hunt Dog seem to be “out of the blue”, but I’m happy entirely if this roster isn’t fake. The ice climbers didn’t really appeal to me all that much but if that DLC part is true then great! Sakurai never ruled out the possibility of DLC yet. Well the Japanese realese is in September so we’ll just wait and see.

  23. I don’t think its fake. The duck hunt dog render looks real to me. But we’ll find out when the actual game releases.

  24. I’m not going to deny that this leak looks convincing. However, I’m not inclined to believe it entirely. Many months ago, Sakurai said that he had no plans for making DLC, thus that contradicts the inclusion of the DLC characters. Plus, some of the characters seem implausible. Duck Hunt would probably not be included without a big announcement. Pac Man and Mega Man were given big coverage, and Duck Hunt isnt the type of character that would be a hidden character.

    Also, the whole mii thing seems suspicious. Why would mii fighter be a separate mode?

    When I saw pictures of people playing the 3DS demo at SDCC, the screens were not big enough to hold 48 characters. Unless the size shrinks a lot for each icon, it doesn’t make sense.

    And lastly, speaking of 48 characters, Sakurai has said he is focusing on quality of characters. Including 48+ (+ with DLC/hidden) would just focus on quantity over quality. It would be quite difficult to create a balance of characters that is reasonable with that many characters.

    1. Sakurai said he wasn’t planning DLC at the time. That doesn’t mean they can’t decide to do DLC at a later date.

      Sakurai did say he likes to focus on quality over quantity, but who are you to say that 48+ characters goes against Sakurai’s words. Maybe Sakurai thinks 48+ characters is actually pretty small and thus he still stuck to his words in that he went with quality over quantity.

      What you are doing is putting words in his mouth and finding the smallest obscurities to debunk this leak.

      The leak is most probably real. There is no substantial evidence to debunk it, just like te Palutena leak.

  25. It’s really sad how THIS is considered “news”, what’s even sadder is that some people would even believe that this shit is real.

    1. what makes it not real…… you dont know. no one knows for sure. there is alot of evident that this is real. you never know until th4e release of the Japanese game in a month. and all the claims that people have made can be disapproved. so itsn ot out of the question. itso nly out of the question if you a closed minded fan

      1. Just look at it, any idiot could tell this is clearly fake. The leaker could’ve just record him playing the game, or at least have him take a more quality pic, but no, he’s just made a badly made photoshoped “leak” just to get attention and fools retards.

        1. Badly made photoshopped pic….. I doubt that for one tbisbisnt badly made and two it’s not as obvious as you say #TeamBelieve


    …Still going to wait for a price cut as always when it comes to SSB, though. I’m not a big enough fan of the series to pay full price.

      1. Also, You’ll be waiting a while. The game is incredibly popular and the more popular it is, the longer it takes to get a price cut.

        Just saying…

  27. In the stage select screen I don’t see Brinstar Depths, which was confirmed for the 3DS on Monday. I’m probably just not seeing it.

    1. Brinstar Depths was not confirmed on Monday. Brinstar was, and you can see Brinstar on the 3DS selection screen leak.

  28. This is real. I can’t find a single fault with it and others online who debunk Smash Bros leaks have come online to say that they are indeed real and not photoshopped.

    I’m sad that some characters I wanted in the game didn’t make it like Mewtwo and Ridley and I am not a fan of Doctor Mario returning as well as the possibility that snake might return as a DLC character. That makes me the most mad of all.

    He doesn’t deserve it.

    1. Why not? people love snake
      People should stop being butthurt about MGS 5 not coming to the WiiU
      nobody would buy it

      1. I would buy the shit out of MGS5 for Wii U.

        As for the butthurt, it’s not just that the game isn’t coming to Wii U, but that Kojima has decimated every given excuse not to in a way that is insulting to Nintendo.

        1. He has already stated that the fox engine is not linked to any particular system and that it is entirely possible for it to run on the Wii U.

        2. The unique controls of the Wii U lost all its legitimacy as an excuse when he decided to give ground zeroes smartglass functionality. People are using their goddamn iPhones as a map screen.

        3. The biggest reason why Snake currently does not deserve a place in the new smash is because Kojima has already asked Sakurai to put him in again in an interview. His exact words were, “If Mr. Sakurai is watching this, please use snake.” which means he is asking Nintendo to show support for a franchise that would rather see itself on iOS than on the Wii U, which is downright disgusting of him.

  29. If this is real, I’m glad Shulk is in and I can’t wait to use the Duck Hunt character. xD It should be very interesting to see it’s moveset. And it sucks that Ridley is not a playable character… but the leaker did mention something about DLC characters, so maybe he’s still possible.

    If this is fake, it’s a very good fake when you take a few quick glances at it & is flawlessly done. But being flawless doesn’t mean it isn’t fake. Any damn good user of photoshop could easily make a leak look flawless.

  30. The biggest giveaway for me is the design of the character select screen. It is very cluttered and the characters are not very well separated. It is simply too poor of a design to be legit, and too far off from Sakurai’s work.

  31. Just the fact that there’s a character called “Duck Hunt” proves this is fake. Though I would love to see a Duck Hunt stage.

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  37. I love reading these old comments bashing it. I really would have liked to see their face when the roster was correct xD

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