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Pokemon Kanto Edition Monopoly Launching August 30th

You’ll soon be able to get your hands on a special Pokemon version of Monopoly. The Pokemon Kanto Edition Monopoly set is due for release on August 30th and is available to purchase from GameStop for the reasonable price of $44.99. Will you be purchasing?

Thanks, Michael C

68 thoughts on “Pokemon Kanto Edition Monopoly Launching August 30th”

    1. I had the first one too. All the player pieces were lost besides Pikachu, but I sold it to someone for $10 (mind you I was 13 when sold it)

  1. Nintendo console never get REAL Pokemon games. Sigh. Always get the cheap spin-offs or something like this instead. :(

        1. They have the stories, they have the battles & quite frankly that’s all that comes to mind when thinking about Pokemon.
          So… yeah. To me, Colossum & Gale of Darkness are true Pokemon games.

          1. Except there are very few places to travel, open world is limited to select-to-go system, you can’t catch or encounter wild PKMN and the story has no tie ins with any storyline or even an Easter egg of any generation. So no, its only half the game it suppose to be but isn’t.

          2. What portal & stranga said. Since those games don’t have it, they will never truly be true Pokemon games.

    1. Greamfreak have in the past tried to make a Pokemon mian series game on Nintendo console, but decided just to keep it on the handheld as the handhelds acts as the players Pokeballs that they can take everywhere with them

      1. More like it’s a limited edition of Monopoly, so of course it’s going to cost around the same price as a 3DS game.

          1. xD No. It’s not Gamestop. It really is because it’s a special limited edition of Monopoly. If you don’t believe me, go to Amazon. It’s going for 70 bucks on there.

              1. >.< Not really. It's a limited edition thing. If you expect it to go for 15 bucks or less, you're either cheap or out of your mind.

                1. Is that so? Ok then.. Go get a group of people and ask all of them if they would buy this for $40. Then come back and tell me how many people said no. XD

                  1. If I ask the right people, many will say yes. Just like if I went to a Star Wars website & asked them if they’d pay 40 bucks for a limited edition Star Wars monopoly, most, if not all, would say HELL FUCKING YES!! Same goes for Star Trek, Power Rangers, Farscape, etc. Limited editions get eaten up by the right people if released to the right people. 40 bucks is a chump change compared to how much these suckers will one day be if kept in pristine condition.

  2. Too bad I already got the Legend of Zelda Monopoly pre-ordered. Not really as Pokemon isn’t as big a series to me as Zelda when it comes to non-video gaming merchandise, so I won’t be missing out on a Pokemon monopoly set.

  3. I hate how I can’t think about gen 1 without having to associate it with genwunners, but here’s hoping that they make another Monopoly game that goes up to gen 6.

    1. I don’t think so, it’s already been a while since this monopoly is available for preorder on the gamestop website so people already know about it.

    1. Key word: REGULAR. This is a limited edition. Of course it’s going to be more pricey than a generic Monopoly set. *sigh* What’s with all the cheap asses around here?

        1. Not my fault that last part is actually true about some of the people on here. And if you are kid that still thinks this is too much, it’s obvious that you have cheap ass parents that you know won’t fork over 40 bucks.

      1. …the only people interested in this are little boys and little girls, they have no money so they can’t really be labelled cheap asses.

        1. Not really tbh. I think this is aimed more towards families. But seriously $45 is not reasonable. And I agree. I’m a teen and I have to carefully look at the prices of everything I buy. I mean, that doesn’t make me cheap if I don’t want to blow all my money on a “special edition” board game. That’s like charging somebody $10 for a special flavor I’ve cream when they normally sell for like a dollar… Whoever wants to buy this for THAT price either has more money in their pockets than they can throw out our just don’t know what they’re doing.

          1. Well you forgot one reason to buy…a christmas/birthday present for someone. Which is what they are counting on I do believe.

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Intelligent people always looks for prices before buying anything, that way you can have money over to buy even more…

        2. Just because Pokemon has always been made for kids doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of adults that are in to the series.

            1. Well whoever does buy these while they are going for 40 bucks & keeps them in pristine condition, they may very well make their money back & more in a decade or so. I’d hate to go to ebay to see the price of that Ganondorf statue from the Wind Waker preorders to Gamestop.

                1. Don’t underestimate what collectors will pay for for something that’s extremely rare that only a few people own.

      2. Just because it is limited edition doesn’t make it right to rip people off by pricing your product way above the value.

        People blame Activision for cheap cash-ins and Ubisoft for cheap cash-ins, but these Monopoly games are one of the biggest rip offs I’ve ever seen.

        1. Sorry but that’s just how it is. Limited editions have every right to go for a higher price than the generic editions because they are more rare & harder to find once they are no longer being sold. But it’s okay. You don’t have to buy it if you think it’s too expensive. Cheap little humans. Besides, limited editions are for fans of something & fans will gladly pay 20 or 15 bucks more for it.

    1. You do realize that it would make more sense to take that over to the devs Facebook page or something and show it directly to them instead of copying and pasting it here where literally no one can help do anything, right?

  4. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Oh I can’t wait for this, my wallet is hurting though, SSB, Pokemon ORAS, Hyrule Warriors, the LoZ Monopoly set and other stuff and now this?

    Whew, will need to work overtime, but totally worth it

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  6. For people who thinks $50 is too way to much for this special Monopoly is really dumb. I remember buying the original Lord of the Rings trilogy Monopoly for $60 and now looking at ebay I see it going for more then $200 and its not even brand new. It goes to show how tight ass some people can really be.

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