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Mario Voice Actor Charles Martinet Makes Adorable Videos On Vine

Charles Martinet has made a personal Vine account, where he has been using his vocal abilities to animate figures of Mario, Luigi and Wario. Martinet, who works with Nintendo on providing his voice for the three characters, joined the video sharing service earlier this week. All of the videos he’s posted so far star at least one Nintendo character. Martinet also voices Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. The 58-year-old voice actor previously said that his favorite Mario game was Super Mario Sunshine.

42 thoughts on “Mario Voice Actor Charles Martinet Makes Adorable Videos On Vine”

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  7. Pretty cool, seems like he loves his job. Here’s hoping Nintendo doesn’t get upset about him doing this kind of stuff on social media.

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  9. Didn’t know he had a vine. Time to follow.

    Also, I like how literally 10% of the comments are about the video and the rest are a bunch of dumbasses fighting.

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