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Rumour: Leaked Smash Bros 3DS Footage Finds Its Way Online, Features Shulk, Bowser Jr And Ganondorf

A YouTube user has uploaded some supposed footage of Super Smash Bros 3DS online. The recently uploaded videos show Shulk, Bowser Jr, and Ganondorf. The legitimacy of the videos can’t be confirmed, but there are lots of discussions happening online.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

159 thoughts on “Rumour: Leaked Smash Bros 3DS Footage Finds Its Way Online, Features Shulk, Bowser Jr And Ganondorf”

    1. This is the problem with having so many characters. They’re all “clones” of each other. Shulk looks boring as hell, he’s just another fire emblem character quite honestly. Smash bros is turning into one of those crazy japanese anime fighting games with 100 playable characters that all feel the same except for like 2 or 3.

        1. I also read that the leaker showed a full trophy which has people believing this is real. A trophy is easy to make if you have the 3D modeling skills.

          1. FAKE
            HeroponLuigi(the greatest commenter ever), Nintendo commander quadraxis, rafmandx, xbox commander

            lilhobbes, Franky, FreezingIceKirby, kay3o, Gideon van Diggelen, evan scott,

  1. Honestly how could you fake something like this. A still picture of Palutena, sure I could see how that’s hard to believe. But this guy has running footage of the game with these characters. He would have to be an editing god for this to be fake.

    1. Well considering all the mods that exist for brawl and whatnot, this being a fake is well within the realm of possibility.

      1. Yea honestly I could fake that footage, but it would take an insane amount of work. A group of people working on this could do it. It’s more likely real though.

      2. That, and it’s possible to super-impose a video over a 3DS green-screen style.

        I know a fake video allegedly from Flappy Bird of said bird finally “meeting Mario” near the end of the game. The faker used a similar effect on his cellphone to make it seem like it’s “real”, the only sign that it’s fake is that the taps on the screen doesn’t match up with the bird’s flaps.

    2. Apparently you haven’t seen some of the videos of a playable Ridley that a fan had made. Someone with the right skills can easily fake this. Sorry.

  2. Does anyone else think that Shulk seems to play a lot like Marth? His recovery looked almost identical and I could’ve sworn I saw him try to use a counter….

          1. Jup, seems like a lot of copy/paste with a lot of awefull plack empty spaces along the border, I go for fake too.

        1. Debug build, perhaps?

          The game’s not released yet, so debugging features might be enabled in the game.

          I don’t believe the video, of course, but you’d have to think of the possabilities.

    1. Hopefully Ganondorf has more offense and is heavier than Capt. Falcon so we can get some difference in playstyle, Ganondorf was already a slow character anyway

    2. What bugs me the most is that ‘Shulk’ moveset seems identical to Marth’s… Sakurai wouldn’t do that, especially with Lucina in there as well. Bowser jr seems legit tho

  3. So shulk looks like another marth clone, Ganondorf looks faster than brawl, but slower than melee and Bowser Jr needs his flying machine (which wouldn’t that mean it’s baby bowser instead of bowser Jr?)

    If this is how it would look in the final version, I can finally main ganon again woop!

      1. I thought he was trash, but I went to a tournament and played someone who used a technique with him I’ve never seen where he would jump so low and press down A real quick and honestly and he stayed dead center and refused to attack, and I underestimated him and lost. Never seen that tactic again, can’t fully explain it. I know if I played him again I could beat him but I didn’t take him serious at all cause it was ganon. Oh and he spammed the throat choke too, and forgot it goes through shields. Never forgave myself for such a sloppy loss lol but made me take anyone seriously. I feel it takes a good couple of matches to truly see who is better cause at first you are feeling each other out. Like two people I have played were winning a few matches at first using cheap techniques at my house but once I figured them out I wrecked them both on different occasions and ended up winning 90% of the matches once I broke through their stuff and figured out their style.

      2. I still think ganon is trash in brawl by the way, I just had two minutes to figure out this guy. Fuck timed matches lol.

    1. Not exactly… This Isn’t exactly the same leak group that did the leak awhile ago, so that last one could still be false… To a certain extent.

  4. Anyone else notice that Bowser Jrs UpB is the exact same animation as Diddy Kong’s? His ship even blows up and falls like Diddy’s jetpack. I call fake. Shulk also plays way too much like Marth.

    1. And Ganpndorf could easily be Captain Falcon in disguise… Actually if they somehow managed to get a beta/alpha copy of the game that was restricted in certain ways, they could have easily reskinned the characters as long as they had a very good modeler for this game, or a model converter to convert shulk’s model from Xenoblade and maybe they took Ganon from Oot 3D, idk where Bowser, Jr.’s model would be from…

      1. Tron Bonne in Marvel vs Capcom 3? I see some similarities but hell I’m going too far at this point XD

        I just want this to be real.

  5. Anyone else notice that Bowser Jrs UpB is the exact same animation as Diddy Kong’s? His ship even blows up and falls like Diddy’s jetpack. I call fake. Shulk also plays way too much like Marth.

      1. I need it confirmed by Sakurai. To me it looks like someone put a Bowser Jr character model over Diddy’s character. It could be a Brawl mod with a skin change. It’s been done in the past. They’re too similar of a character to me.

  6. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    I love that we have 4 more characters, but I would have been so much happier if we got a surprise instead of
    “Hey, here is 4 characters, not excited? I don’t care.”

  7. Bowser Jr also does the same flip animation in the air as Diddy. I’m still very skeptical. I would like Bowser Jr in the game but would prefer a much better moveset.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                Seriously, do you believe they don’t play the games they rate, so they can rate Pokemon 18+ if they feel like it?

                1. Supposedly they only watch video footage, which makes this seem more real because that’s clearly not being played on a 3DS. Go watch the other 4 vids on the channel. The 2 3DS screens are being projected (kind of like the TV’s from the E3 stream) and it cuts from a Smash match right into Homerun contest. So, if this is the ESRB rating, they really don’t play the games, just watch footage.

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                    But one of them has to play the game to get that footage correct?
                    They have to play the games they rate to know if their is anything like blood, gore, murder, killing, drugs, sex, alcohol, or any other type of controversial material

                    1. “Packaged or boxed games typically sold at retail are rated using a “Long Form” process whereby ESRB raters evaluate the content of each game in advance of its public release. In these cases the publisher must provide two key forms of content disclosure as their game is being finalized:

                      1- A completed ESRB online questionnaire detailing the game’s pertinent content, which essentially translates to anything that may factor into the game’s rating. This includes not only the content itself (violence, sexual content, language, controlled substances, gambling, etc.), but other relevant factors such as context, reward systems and the degree of player control; and

                      2- A DVD that captures all pertinent content, including typical gameplay, missions, and cutscenes, along with the most extreme instances of content across all relevant categories. Pertinent content that is not playable (i.e., “locked out”) but will exist in the game code on the final game disc must also be disclosed”

                2. Dude, stop arguing with me when it’s clear that you don’t know what you’re talking about. They don’t play the damn games. They just ask the developer for a DVD that showcases the content of the game.

                  Do you really think they have the time to play EVERY single comercial game, especially the open world RPG games that rely heavily on text like Bethesda’s games? Why do you think the ratings are so hit-or-miss most of the time?

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                    Bro, they rate games for a living, how can they than know what material can be unsuitable for audiences based on solely what developers give them, that’s like a surgeon operating on you based on only what your doctor gives him, even if it is an assumption.

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      Than explain why it says “ESRB0083” that sounds as if it was played at ESRB premises by someone with that ID number

                    2. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      Credible? Leaks are frowned upon, I doubt Nintendo would want this to have happened without them announcing first.

                    3. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      Probably this leak is true, but ESRB will need to explain themselves to Nintendo for letting someone leak this without consent.

  8. I’m still not 100% sold. It could be a brawl texture hack.

    It looks floatier then usual, like brawl.

    Bowser Junior looks like Diddy.

    Chrom looks like Marth.

    And I’m going to remain hopefully that ganondorf’s moves aren’t exactly the same.

  9. I’ve been seeing a lot of Nintendrones bitching about this game now after calling it the “Wii U saviour”…. Why bitch about the characters?!?

    So much for gameplay over everything else ¬_¬

    1. I agree, but if they took out ANY of the originals such as ICE CLIMBERS, I’m gonna be peed. I don’t mind taking out Wolf or some of Brawls newcomers, but don’t touch my Melee veterans.

    2. I’m probably one of the only people that could care less about characters and just glad we are actually even getting the game this year.

  10. rumour? supposedly? seriously.. how could you fake something like that? the amount of effort involved for a convincing fake would be ludicrous

      1. but this is obviously not brawl.. no 3DS smash bros has ever been released so how would anyone recreate anything that looks even close to it without investing a shitton of time and reaching the same level of visual quality?

        now if it was just a screenshot then that would be a different story, but footage like this is virtually unfakeable

  11. Almost looks like Project M/a really good Brawl mod especially since no one has 3DS outlines, I didn’t see any new items and even Bowser Jr. looks like a Diddy reskin at times, but then sometimes the Koopa Clown Car will open it’s mouth and shoot a cannonball or hit people with it’s tongue(like Diddy’s tail attack/standard A though). Ganon seems to play JUST like he did in Brawl and Shulk looks like a slightly modified Marth using a Beam Sword. The videos have some questionable stuff that makes it even harder to decide if the leaks are real, but if they are maybe this footage was from quite some time ago during development…

    1. The 3DS outlines are able to be removed (as confirmed in one of the PotD and in the E3 trailer.) Nonetheless there would need to be some character announcement to see if the leak is real or not so we can compare the character picture so people can stop believing it.

      1. Yeah I know they can be removed, I was just saying while it’s probably real, them coincidentally having the outlines off, AND not using any new items, AND only showing footage of characters that look like reskins of Brawl ones doesn’t make for a solid confirmation. It wasn’t even playing on a 3DS so it made for a mysterious leak. But considering all the info and pics surrounding these vids it’s most likely real.

        1. not using the brawl animations is a confirmation to me that it’s not a brawl mod.. unless you can show me convincing evidence that project Ms animations have actually been changed from the original game *and* look exactly like this

          1. I’m already leaning towards this being real, but you should look into Brawl mods more. A lot of them are way more advanced than you think. People even create new 3D models/import them from other games, etc. and Bowser Jr. uses several assets from Diddy’s Brawl moveset. That said all the other evidence along with things like Bowser’s stance is why this is more than likely real, be it old footage or new.

            1. yes, sure… 3D models are one thing.. but animations are a whole different matter.. creating good 3D models isn’t that hard once you catch the drift but creating convincing animations from scratch always is, even with a lot of practice and good tools

    2. the animations are not brawl’s.. i’d be very surprised if project M modified animations like that, because creating new good/fluent animations often is the hardest part of a mod which is why they’re usually either taken from the original or they’re simply crap






  13. And of course people will believe anything they see online. It’s clearly fake. Shulk and Bowser jr. were barely getting hit making it easy to steady the fake images of them. And really i will not believe bowser jr. Actually playing like that. If people want to believe more lies, go ahead.

  14. I still hope it’s not true.

    If they were stupid enough to put in something like Duck Hunt dog and take out the Ice Climbers, then shame on you Sakurai.

  15. I think it’s suspicious that there’s only one non-Brawl character per battle, no non-Brawl stages, and Bowser Jr. seeming to move different in both videos.

  16. Why does the lower screen is intact/closer to the upper screen which is not similar to the design found on 3ds/2ds system?

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  18. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

    I have a feeling this is fake because y’know, Brawl with home brew with all those texture hacks, so it could be a really damn good texture hack. Or I’m completely wrong and it is the real thing and I am fucking pissed that something was spoiled for me…

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      If this by any means would be true then I’m prbably never going to get the 3DS version until heavy price drops since it would be almost identical to Brawl…

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        If that is true, the person who made this must be re-educated for trying to set those up for disappointment.

  19. I don’t know about this leak. To me, it seems like a modified version of Brawl. The physics seem to follow its floatiness, and both Bowser Jr and Shulk have similar animations to already existing characters (Diddy Kong and Marth respectively). Not to mention the stages shown are either ripped directly from Brawl or retextured from an existing stage. I’m not saying this is 100% sure fake, but it does make me suspicious.

  20. Regardless of this being true or not, it would be nice if the article header had some spoiler warning + the spoiler actually not being revealed in it. People who want to know what it is should have to click on it. Because, well, there actually are some people who don’t want every single detail about the game spoiled in advance, ya know ?

  21. Welp those weren’t up long.

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Nintendo of America Inc”

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