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More Smash Bros 3DS Leaks, This Time Looking At The Interface And Possible Wario Inclusion

wario_smash_3ds_leakEarlier today we reported that footage of the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros had found its way onto Youtube. The new footage showcased previously unannounced fighters such as Shulk and Ganondorf. Now screens from the game’s interface and trophies are now online and you can view them all, right here.


Thanks, Holonboy

91 thoughts on “More Smash Bros 3DS Leaks, This Time Looking At The Interface And Possible Wario Inclusion”

              1. Here’s the list so far:
                HeroponLuigi(the greatest commenter ever), Nintendo commander quadraxis, rafmandx, xbox commander

                lilhobbes, Franky, FreezingIceKirby, kay3o, Gideon van Diggelen, evan scott,

                1. Add me to that fake list as well! It seems really well done though, so props to the people who modded/reskinned some stuff in the game to make it THIS believable, but I just know it’s fake…

            1. Fucking hate his wario ware outfit. Not that I EVER use him but the two times I have I always use his regular costume.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      1. Game&Watch hand is out of its square…

      2. Fox and Falco pictures are taken from artwork from a previous Starfox game, either Lylat Wars or Command…

      3. Mii character missing…

      4. Latest “leaks” heavily resembles Brawl in many ways…

      5. Past events that resulted in often fake leaks…

      1. And the characters aren’t even in the correct spots. Why is lucina not next to the fireemblem characters? Same with dark pit. And why would dark pit be a character? They should have dark link a sepearte character also. That ganondorf picture looks like a picture taken out of a guide book or hyrule hystoria of Twilight princess.

      2. 1. No.. it’s Warios jacket.
        2. No they aren’t. The fox picture is the one on the website… dumb dumb.
        3. Miss aren’t there because customizable moves are off.
        4. That doesn’t prove anything false.
        5. Neither does this.

        1. This. I don’t get why people are in denial, I think the roster looks great, each character looks great and basically everything looks great. The videos basically proved that last week leak was real and the constant flow of images is only adding to the legitimacy.

          1. It’s not Convincing because the people who have hacked Brawl have made even more impressive mods than these.
            One guy even made a whole new character slot and put a fully-functioning Mewtwo in it. Moveset and all.

            The leaked vids are almost as floaty as Brawl, and both Bowser Jr and Shulk play Luke slightly altered reskins of Diddy Kong and Marth.(watch B.Jr’s up b, especially. It’s a dead ringer for Diddy’s rocket barrels.)

      3. Game and Watch’s hand is not out of the square, that’s the side of Wario’s image.

        Fox and Falco are new to my knowledge, and either way, if it IS fake, it uses the same Fox from E3, so that’s not a point.

        Mii fighter is not missing, actually research the leak, it’s on another page.

        The videos do not resemble Brawl, the gravity heavily matches the 3DS footage.

        Not an argument.

        Sorry if this sounds rude at all, these just aren’t points.

      4. 1. Out of his square? Completely possible, Nintendo is known for abstract things anyway.

        2. Those were taken from 643D, not Command. The reason? That’s literally the design Fox is inspired by in this game.

        3. Good point, may be enough to discredit the whole thing, but I’m sure if it was faked, he would not miss such a monumental thing.

        4. Latest leaks don’t resemble Brawl much. Bowser J.R has his own moveset, so Project M is out of the question.

        5. This didn’t even make sense.

        Maybe it is a fake, but we won’t know till release, stop trying to be Sherlock Holmes.

    2. I wanna see some Duck Hunt gameplay. We won’t see that because this is fake. This modder will not spend time making duck hunt because programming that would be a bitch. This is so fake that it’s hilarious that people actually believe that this is real.

  1. This is getting out of hand. Game is less than two months away and someone is already trying to spill things. Starting to understand what Sakurai is talking about when he said there won’t be a story mode like SSBB.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

      I agree, especially since ESRB are a voluntary rating group, they are really crossing the line

      1. Kotaku believes that it is someone at Nintendo who are releasing these leaks, not ESRB.

        But who knows, could be them.

    2. Kinda true but if you’re going to not make a story mode for fear of leaks then might as well not make a game for that same reason. The internet is horrible when it comes to that stuff. So either make the penalties for leaks so bad that people can’t afford to do it or just make the game you want and know someone will spoil it for certain people. I mean, the 3DS one doesn’t have a story and all this happened. Plus to leak a story would require longer, better quality videos or a text description no one would believe.They just need to crackdown harder on leakers then, instead of excluding content.

    3. Yeah, except Sakurai’s reasoning for not having a story mode is still stupid – because the cutscenes were uploaded to the internet and that “ruined” it? Hurrrrrrr. He’s making assumptions about what a gamer wants to play and see before it’s even been released – seems like a common theme nowadays with Nintendo after their opinions as well.

      1. Yes, it’s still stupid. But I meant I understand the reason now. Dumb reason, but I see what he meant now. XD

  2. Of all retro characters, he seriously went with Duck Hunt?

    Sigh, oh well, it can join Palutena in my punching bag section.

  3. Alright, I’m convinced now. All this stuff has got to be real. It just has to. No way someone would take all that effort to produce something fake.

    But in other news…Tharja……*drools*

  4. I’m not so sure since trophies can be very easy to fake, although if it is real I like how it references yoshi’s island DS

  5. Something about that Bowser Jr. image seems a bit.. off. Specifically in the hair. Maybe I’m overthinking it it seems a bit plasticky, hard to tell with such a low-res image.


    If you were to send images to ESRB to rate the game, it would make sense to include the “partial nudity” and “crude humor” images so they would be listed. After all, ESRB’s job is to rate the game, not just find out every nook and cranny within the game.

  7. Anyone else read Krystal’s trophy info. “She and Fox also became romantically involved, but no idea if her telepathic abilities were useful as well.” Really? I highly doubt that was put in the game.

  8. likely a game tester in final stage before release guys playing it and grammar policing it and filming it whilst doing so

    i used to game test at nintendo europe for wii in 2004 to 2009 and i leaked some shit back then

    i leaked 88mb of ram too and no one took any notice, i leaked nunchuck had motion but no rumble…

    wish i stayed great high paying job

  9. while is hard to believe this may be legit, wario’s pupil is ther, look at the trophy, the pupil is tiny, that’s why in the roster picture it seems that he doesn’t have it. The roster being disordered is possible evidence that this is not the full roster and I will be happy if this is the case, because Wolf isn’t there, or Mewtwo :'( also Ice Climbers and Lucas.

    What makes me doubt is the dog and Dr. Mario. I hope Dr. Mario is fake, he only deserves to be alt costume, not a fighter again. Also Dark Pit, if he is real let’s hope he is not a clone.

  10. Ultimately fake or not, why is no one exploding with excitement over the Dr. Mario toward the bottom right of the character selection screen? Did I miss an update?

  11. To me Wario wasn’t sooo beloved in Brawl that they couldn’t have made Waluigi playable for this one. Wario could’ve been the AT riding his bike, farting while chewing onions. Would’a been better………….

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Cover Game-and-Watch’s thumbnail. The shadowing on Wario’s right shoulder matches the left.

  12. It IS Game & Watches hand, not wario’s jacket, zoom in, enhance it, it’s clear as day it’s his hand. Even has the outline of his hand on warios side. HOW are people not seeing it!?!?!!!

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      I see it. I’m not saying it’s real, I was just making an observation. His jacket is unusually dark. Also, nice to see a familiar face Zedd.

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  14. ppl if u see n watch’s hand right it actually doesn’t cross the box its actually warios jacket that resembles his hand

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