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Amazon Is Looking To Buy Twitch After Google Deal Falls Through

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon is in talks to purchase the immensely popular video game streaming service, Twitch. Many expected Google to finalise the deal, but it looks as though that venture has fallen through. The deal is thought to be worth one billion US dollars.

Update: Amazon has confirmed it has acquired Twitch 

15 thoughts on “Amazon Is Looking To Buy Twitch After Google Deal Falls Through”

  1. Twitch needs to stay independent, start selling games and make Twitch the new NetFlix or Hulu but with video games. If amazon buys em itll be Amazon Games or something like Amazon Video that will fail cuz NO ONE LIKES AMAZON

        1. Ads in the videos, deleted videos of stuff that was hardly copyright infringement, barely any full series of anime, the list goes on.

    1. Are you fucking nuts? Just so Twitch can up as fucked as Youtube with its copyright BS? No. I rather let Twitch be or see what Amazon will do with it. Amazon has a better track record than Google with its recent screw ups.

    2. Me too, my biggest complaint with twitch is the same as with Vimeo – friggin lags on servers and badly coded players. If you want flawless service in execution, Google is the way to go

  2. Twitch should stay independent as its too good for any company to own so it’ll have the chance to screw up. I like Amazon more than Google when it comes to proper software handling oppose to what Google did with Youtube, but I think Twitch needs to stop selling itself as it was never in dire trouble to begin with.

    1. Maybe the owner doesn’t want to have to deal with all of the expenses, anymore. Or maybe he’s getting tired of being in charge. Or maybe he’s tired of the pressure of being the one that has to keep it afloat. It happens.

      1. And yet, he’s giving up the one thing that’s making him famously rich. $1 billion for an increasing popular site that could’ve made him a bigger fortune, is almost a laughable amount in today’s world. XP

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