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The Mario Kart 8 Online Multiplayer VR Cap Seems To Have Been Lifted


It appears as though Nintendo has lifted the 9999 VR points in online multiplayer with the recent Mario Kart 8 update. As you can see from the image posted above players have already begun entering the five-figure zone. The update to Mario Kart 8 is currently live and the Mercedes-Benz free DLC is available via the eShop and the game.

Thanks, Willz

91 thoughts on “The Mario Kart 8 Online Multiplayer VR Cap Seems To Have Been Lifted”

  1. ..You kind of said this in the last post.
    But anyways, no way I’m getting that high. The game isn’t enjoyable and hardcore Nintendo fans get so butthurt when someone says that just because people like me talk about how we want our fair chances of winning, instead of having to rely on heavy weights, item luck and such. The stability of the online isn’t fixed, I got hit with invisible items (got replays).

    How can people try to hide the flaws of a game? Just because we point them out doesn’t mean you guys can say “YOU’RE WRONG!” like idiots. A lot of games have flaws, and this game has too many. Don’t tell me to stick to another game because it’s purchases like mine that SUPPORTED this game in the first place before anyone says anything. If you can’t respect the fact that I would like this game to take more skill, then you can shove it somewhere else.

    1. As someone who’s probably played more Mario kart than anyone else in this comment section, I totally agree. Mario kart 8 has too many flaws for me to enjoy it, by far the worst Mario kart since super circuit

      1. I may giv you a run for your money on most played :p there are issues with the game but I’d still put it in the top 3 with 64 and DD. Wii was generic as hell, 7 was awesome, but 8 has the potential to be the best if they fix a few things. Boomerangs are obnoxious lol. Definitely lag issues, but since Mario Kart went online that’s happened with hits not responding or getting hit by nothing. 7 gave me arthritis lol. 3DS even XL is too cramped for a game like mario kart where you constantly drift and such

      2. What flaws besides the item balance which I don’t have a problem with after the update or the character roster that means nothing nor cause any stability/gameplay problems. Come on dude. Stop complaining and enjoy the game. lol At least it ain’t as fucked up on balance like COD.

    2. I dont play much online, but isnt it possible to play with items turned off? maybe you would find that more enjoyable. Also does it have other problems other than unbalanced items online?

      1. I agree @ drbomber.
        @Mecha, most of the character stats (acceleration, handling) don’t really matter in this game. It’s generally speed. If you get hit with an item, you’re going to slow down period and those with high acceleration have low speed so it doesn’t matter overall, making it unfair for medium weights, but ESPECIALLY light weights.

        Fire hopping is in the game and it didn’t get patched. it’s unfair to bike users (i use both and I still know this). People in 1st with karts that fire hop are gone. No catching up to them. You can’t turn items off in world wide and even if you did it would come down to speed.

        Battle mode is absolutely trash in this game. I’m very disappointed with it. Off-road stats don’t exist in the slightest. Item pulls are better in 2nd place than 10th place.

        So.. yeah. Haha

        1. I have the game and I agree about the battle mode but i havent played much online and didn’t know these details about the stats thank you

    3. I agree, however we need to give Nintendo credit for the recent updates and DLC. It’s a strong step in the right direction. Positive reinforcement!

            1. DD looks boring to be honest. I don’t get it. It’s just two characters on a Kart. Lol. But I never played it so I don’t really know. All I know is that Mario Kart 8 is amazing and I don’t believe any Mario Kart is better.

                  1. Two for the price of one and you can shuffle items around that way plus item system from DD has character specific items like the babies have a Chain Chomp and Mario Bros. have triple fire balls. :3 How is that not fun to you? lol

                    1. The amazing music and graphics alone from MK8 makes it difficult for me to appreciate older games.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          It has nothing to do with nostalgia…

                          In my opinion MK8 > MKWii so no, in my case nostaliga is irrelevant concerning the fun of Mario Kart games…

            2. No way anyone can now with how fucked up the points rating system is after this update, you barely make any points for winning now but if you lose, holy crap, you can lose close to 30 points. Unless the room is packed full of 8-9k players you aren’t making squat for getting 1st.

              It’s punishing good players now.

              I’ve lost 10 points in third place ffs, 24 in 5th, I mean what kind of shit is that? When I can only get about 5-7 points in 1st, you know how long it takes to get that VR back? The game is rage inducing enough without making VR almost impossible to keep up.

              On top of the game being challenging enough as it is because of it being more luck based than anything, I can’t even enjoy getting my rating up anymore and that is about the only thing there is left to do once you’ve completed everything else.

              Just from last night I’ve gone from 9,999 to 9,857 and I shit you not, I’ve been winning more than I have lost and I’ve yet to get last place, only placing in 5th as my worst. So yea, a lot of sense that makes.

              God forbid if you get disconnected for whatever reason, you lose 26 points now, for disconnections that has nothing to do with you… I could understand if you quit out but jesus…

              1. yeah I just rage at this, I barely can make some points because I’m always competing against 5k or less. 5 points in 1st place!!!!!!!! WTF is this bullshit

                1. Welp now I’m down to 9,732 lovely… I seriously am starting to hate this game. Just not the type of person to play something for shits and giggles especially not a competitive game.

              2. Been playing almost all agree the point system is way more difficult but I love it:) and ive yet to be disconnected the online seems way better

              3. Something that will always piss me off about Mario Kart (On consoles) is that your stats just don’t matter. No matter how much stop speed I have, I somehow get happily out-sped by light karts and bikes like I was driving at 5mph the whole time. It’s incredibly grating and I never manage to win more than 3rd place at BEST because somehow I haven’t discovered the magic formula that’ll make my kart actually go fast.

              4. IM guessing because the higher your points are the higher the subtraction ratio… this is why ppl with 9999 are losing so much more than usual (especially cuz the max is 99k).
                Where As if some like me have low VR ,lets say 2000, it would have a higher rise ratio, but lose less.
                Another presumption is that this ,99,999 VR update, is not meant to be surpassed or stand on, it’s just a thing so 9999 could be surpassed.
                This was kind of the same idea of how VR was dealt with, with MK wii (except the max was only 9k)

                1. I 100% agree, this games online blows on a galactic scale now more than ever. I went from 9999 to 9406 in 4 days and I only played for about 45mins each session….I was dead last for like the first 6 games and I never had that happen before this recent update(so that was about 200pts)then I kept placing 1st through 4th and like Michelle said it’s pretty much meaningless…..there’s no fun in this game anymore, it’s just an infuriating nuisance.

            3. I disagree this game is way better than mario kart wii. Wii was shit the shells were so slow and the characters were broken(funky kong. But everyone has an opinion

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                1. I seriously don’t even play the game all day and I managed just fine, I wouldn’t have a problem admitting if I did either. There are days I won’t even play it.

                  If you think that is ridiculous how about seeing players with 9,999 rating a week after the game came out and once I saw a player with over 10k before this update, now idea how wish I took a picture of it. Now that is playing non-stop, this late in the game it is nothing special if your good at the game at least.

                  Not like ratings matter anymore anyway but before if you got 1st often getting to 9,999 wasn’t that hard. Plus you actually made points for getting 1st which doesn’t happen anymore either.

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          3. How does anyone get that many points!? I feel like I’ve been in the 2,000 for a long time. I only can get like 13 points for coming in first too…

            1. You don’t get 1st enough, not being a dick but that is honestly the bottom line. In my case I’ll get first several times in a row and the most I’ve won in a row was 11 races, so that adds up pretty quickly and that is within a hour since the tracks aren’t that long.

              If you are decent, you can get points pretty fast. Not anymore though for higher VR players but I guess since you have around 2,000 you’ll love how it is setup now.

              They changed the whole damn thing just so low VR players make more while higher VR players lose a shit ton more and make barely nothing for winning.

              1. I come in first ALL the time, but 18-20 points doesn’t add up that quickly. I played for 5-6 hours yesterday and really only managed a little over 500 pts…

                Came in first 3 dozen times and maintained my position in the top 3 the majority of the time.

          4. @Runback, I’m I guess what you would consider a hardcore Nintendo fan and I totally agree with you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slapped my WiiU controller, punched my table, and have had visions of Miyamoto and the designing crew of MK8 getting slapped in the face because of how flawed this game is. It seems nearly impossible to get in the top spots because the RGN is clearly in favor of weaker opponents. I actually have…well had 9,999VR points and last night that dropped to about 9,800 with about 10/12 races of me coming in the lower half. And during those times, I thought I’d secured 2nd or 3rd then the last item box gave me coins while it gave red shells and other strong weapons to those behind me. Needless to say, I blew my top and came close to wishing death to Miyamoto…but only after I would be able to small him upside his head with a WiiU controller yelling “How does it feel?!” :)

            I probably sound like a damn lunatic now, but I just hate when Nintendo does this bullshit…trying to even out the playing field so “anyone” has a chance to win. With a driving game it should be more of a skill based game. MK8 is clearly unfair online and I hope it gets fixed….firehopping for everyone and fix the got-damned RGN!!!

            Fuck you Nintendo! From a fan-boy.

            1. You must just suck at the game because it really wasn’t that hard to get to 9,999 before. Now it is extremely hard and I doubt we will ever see a player who gets to 99k because of how hard it is to make points and now the higher your VR is the more points you lose if you don’t get first.

              As I said, I do play plenty of other games and I really don’t play MK8 non-stop maybe 2 hours at the most off and on, so yea if I managed, others can also.

              You are overreacting, if you aren’t that good it doesn’t mean people are losers just because they are better than you at the game and get points a lot faster.

              99k is a different story with how insanely difficult it is to even keep your VR up now.

          5. @anonymous

            It’s called summer vacation and playing everyday. There’s nothing like being a teacher with long summer vacations where I can play video games, travel, smoke out with friends til late night AND still get paid. If this is the life of a “loser”, then I shall gladly own that name.

            @hollowgrapej find my name on MK8 online and you won’t see I’m lying. Maybe you just suck. :)

            1. You should do summer school and make more money!!!!

              JK JK it’s your life and you can do whatever it is you want. I happened to work full time over this summer as a camp counselor and I’ve had NO TIME to play videogames. School is starting up soon and I’ll actually have more time on my hands than I did working this Summer. I don’t work during school, because it effects my grades which is why I go all out in the Summer to save up some money to buy books and for gas. Plus, I have Fridays off ;) Which means long weekends for meee!

              Summer camp takes more out of me than college does too, so I’ll be spending less time napping which also means more time for videogames! :D

              1. You didn’t need to before, after the update though you will now once your rating gets higher. I can’t stress enough how hard it is to keep your rating up after this damn update, not for you cause your rating is low, so have fun… They changed it all for players like you guys with low points.. So enjoy!!!!!!!

                Nintendo the nice guy, so fair for everyone!!! FUN! Who needs skill when you can just gamble your way to the top.


                1. Lmao, I don’t even really go online so the VR point thing doesn’t really affect me. Sucks for you though since you keep getting your points taken away. Basically, Nintendo is saying you better come in first every single time or stop playing if you don’t want to watch your points drop faster than a bowling ball. XD

          6. I think the lifting of the VR cap is good, because it gives the game more longevity and re-playability because now, one may want to play knowing they can increase their rank further. I liked how in MK7, once I reached past the 10,000 VR barrier, I was put into rooms with other players with high VR, past 10,000 also. It made for games that I knew where gonna be intense!

          7. The online play is the most frustrating when someone is hit by something, but does not slow down. Don’t say it’s because of a mushroom. On a typical red shell, you spin out, lose coins, and must wait half a second before using an item. This is probably the most broken thing about the game.

            The item placement should be changed. Second or third should never get three red shells and blue shells should not be possible once the third lap begins.

          8. I’m baffled by the August 27th update when it comes to online ranking. Before the update, it seemed the game made the effort to group you along with players of similar points. Now, either it just throws everyone together randomly, or all of the 9K+ players’ points have dropped significantly (or they just quit playing after seeing how harsh point drops are now). I’ve gone from 8415 to 7806 since the 08/27 update. Nintendo really confuses me sometimes. Why should a game with so much luck of the draw, so to speak (items, and when players get them), have a ranking system anyway? So many times I’ll run a perfect race in 1st for over 2 laps, just to have it shattered because my good play is rewarded with a coin, or if I’m really lucky.. a banana, and then I get hit by two red shells or some garbage like that. I mean come on Nintendo. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen a game that rewards bad play so much, and punishes good play. I know many people would simply say, well just ignore the ranking points, but it’s hard when you are a competitive gamer, to just simply ignore that number. You want to rank up. That’s natural among competitive gamers. Nintendo simply does not know how to do most online related things in an efficient manner. As a long time Mario Kart fan, and a competitive gamer, it’s just downright frustrating far too often.

          9. People may disagree with me but I still prefer mkwii over mk8. Character balance for one, yeah a lot of people may say funky kong op daisy op and stuff, but at the same time they weren’t UNBEATABLE, if you used your items correctly and knew the track well enough ANY character can do well so long as they were on a good bike (bullet bike, mach bike/ sneakster,/ and flame runner). Ive seen birdos marios luigis donkey kongs koopa bowser jr players and so on win consistently because they knew what they were doing. Though light characters aren’t as abundant, the disadvantage isn’t big enough to where its pretty much impossible to win once all players are on the same level (like in mk8). Mk8 characters now yeah you say can balanced as in characters share the same the stats meaning theres more than one fastest character but that’s about it. Medium character stand a chance but light character are pretty much screwed against heavies. A light character will get sent FLYING at the start of a race. If you played enough mk8 online you will know that the start of a race is a bump fest and often only the heaviest survive and it fuckin sucks because unlike mkwii mk8 is hella cramped with every decent player trying to take the tightest corners. Next thing is items. People say mkwii is strongly based on luck but at the same it isn’t. Play in some pro rooms you will have that one player who comes first or places in the top 3 90% of the time. Why? Because not only is that person a good driver but he knows how to use his items. When and how you use your items can make all the difference and gives anyone the chance to win which in my opinion is one of the things that makes Mario kart what it is. My only compliant with the items in mkwii is the thundercloud, the most frustrating item you can get. Mk8 items has its ups and down but the downs outweigh the ups imo. What they did with the blue shell in my opinion was pretty damn smart and the boomerang and fireballs are pretty decent adds too. The items I HATE are the green and red shells and the bananas. I also hate the fact you can only have one item which makes me hate triple reds even more. Although I understand them boosting the effectiveness of these items since you can only have one, they are just TOO DAMN OBNOXIOUS. Red shells navigate the track too damn well. People don’t have to even think about when to use them they just use them and they will hit you 95% of the time if you have no protection (hell sometimes even if you do have protection they go in front of you and hit you in the face). The blue shell is the least of the frontrunner,s worries when second place can just pull triple red out their ass. Red shells being twice a big going super fast is one thing but putting that power on greens makes them a nightmare. You can know someone is gonna green you and cant really do shit about it most of the time because they’re so damn fast. Sometimes just throwing a green in someone’s direction alone will do it because the green will hit them just by bouncing on the walls. I only hate the bananas because of their stun time and size but other than that there isn’t much else to complain about. Items in last place and other lower ranks are kinda weak and common at the same time. Chances are if you fall behind you STAY behind unless you can use your items really well. You often find yourself getting the same items as 4 other people and its kinda ridiculous because hardly anyone is gaining any places. I have more I could say about item but ill stop because I wanna end this. The last reason I like mkwii more is because lakitu is far less of a busybody. So many potential places and shortcuts could be in mk8 if it weren’t for lakitu getting in your way all the time. Sorry for the long ass comment but ive played the hell out of both games so I just the need to express my opinion somewhere.

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