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Nintendo Uploads Wii U Trailer Showcasing Past, Present And Future Games

Nintendo of America has uploaded a new trailer showcasing its past, present, and future titles for the Wii U. In a bid to remind consumers of exactly why they should be opting for the home console this holiday or Christmas season,  the company has edited together neat clips of Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart 8, as well as clips of new titles from the likes of Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The three-minute video also gives viewers snippets from games media reviews and awards won from various gaming events this summer. Let us know which titles you’ll be saving up for this year in the comments below.

146 thoughts on “Nintendo Uploads Wii U Trailer Showcasing Past, Present And Future Games”

      1. Yeah… and people also say Vita doesn’t have any games. What people mean to say is the Wii U doesn’t have any games that they want to play, or not enough games that they’re willing to pay $300 to play.

  1. I bet you that everyone in the comment section will be either arguing, complaining, trolling or off topic like the other posts before it.

      1. I agree. It is my least favorite Zelda game aside from Majora’s Mask which is pretty much unplayable, which is why I don’t count it.

          1. Don’t forget about me! :D Zelda WWHD is the most boring Zelda I’ve ever played. I had more fun with ALBW in the first ten minutes than my first 5 hours with WW. And the Earth Temple literally put me to sleep. I am not lying. XD

            1. Really? I loved Wind Waker, It’s fun and gourgeous. Maybe I’m just weird since my Favourite Zelda game is Twilight Princess which everybody seems to hate

            2. Different strokes for different folks! I loved WW HD, maybe it’s because I had never played WW before. I enjoyed Twilight Princess but it was exhausting… I was halfway through that game and took a month break before I finally had the energy to pick it up again. However, Link to the Past and Link Between Worlds, I absolutely loved them both. Skyward Sword was a lot of fun for me too. Not so with Ocarina nor Majora… and that’s blasphemy to most folks.

              But like I said, different strokes for different folks.

                1. If there is someone here who should be ashamed it’s me! I buy lots of games but rarely do I ever complete them and I don’t even reach the middle.

              1. Try playing Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door and hopefully you’ll see why Sticker Star is an insult to Paper Mario fans.

          2. lmao! did you play all the way through both of those games pink? If you did you’d know they are 2/3 of the best Zelda games ever made! The third being ocarina of time.

        1. LMAO! Majoras Mask unplayable? ok thats it, you are officially an idiot. Its on thing to say you dont like it, or thats its too hard for you, but to say its unplayable makes you a fucken retard.

  2. So the argument that wii u has no games is pretty much dead.
    Also a slight mention of Star Fox would’ve been nice

    1. It only showed 3 games for the section of games out now.

      Its not dead, if anything this perpetuates the whole argument, Nintendo shouldve showed 2nd and 3rd party titles as well on these videos because all it really does and show that the Wii ,U a 2 year old system is finnaly getting games for its 3 game library.

  3. I wonder if I should buy some Wii U games or keep saying up for a PC… I’m disappointed with its third party and want something to fill that gap, but there are a ton of Wii U and 3DS games I want and that PC isn’t cheap either. I’d be missing out on dozens of games if I keep saying for a PC, but if I don’t get one I’ll be missing out on dozens of third party games too. WHAT DO I DO?! ;_;

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      2. For someone who talks about typos, you forgot to fix “dont” with “don’t”, you don’t suppose to type “u” when its “you” and you forgot the period in the end plus you didn’t space sentences when you typed “First of all”. Zing!

      1. PS3 would be my choice, if I didn’t already own one for third party games, instead of a PS4.
        Nice HD graphics, free online, many of the same multiplats, and a huge backlog of great games.

        1. I already experienced PS3. Great console, but I’m already tired of it. I prefer the 360>PS3 (just my opinion) but I want to get into the newer generation instead with either PS4, X1, or PC.

      2. Yeah, that’s what I thought about doing. But I think it would be much more worth it in the long run for a PC. But idk. My patience is very little at this point. I could probably easily get a PC if I skipped out on all the Nintendo games coming up, but I want to play them a lot and I am afraid I’ll regret my decision on not saving and just spending it on Wii U and 3DS games. ._.

            1. If that’s the case then go for it! See it as a future investment that will definitely pay out for you. You may not care, but I’ll say it anyways:

              For any Wii U games that you are unsure or hesitant of buying, don’t bother buying it at all (since there’s a chance that you might not like the game). Instead, use that money for your PC.

              Plus when ever there’s a period of no Wii U games being released, use that opportunity for the PC.

          1. Yeah i just got mine a few days ago, no one here will believe me but I borrowed a copy of Assassins creed 4 from a buddy because i don’t have any games for it and i really wanted to test out the controller, and it looks and plays noticeably better than my PS4 copy. It’s so weird.

              1. It’s good. Uninteresting story but really fun :) I like to parkour in the game alot! Are you getting it for Wii U or PS4?

                1. Awesome. As for what system… PS4 without a doubt! Mainly because I want more games to play on my PS4. I do not want to play that game the damn gamepad.

                    1. Yeah, I know. I still have to buy one. Even if I did… I still want more games for my PS4 since I have more games on my Wii U.

                      1. Just changed my mind! I’m just going to wait for Unity, its not that far away until launch :)

            1. Just get a good PC. The best third party games are in PC anyways and new games become fairly cheaper fast in PC. Always remember that in this generation all you need is a Wii U, 3DS and a good PC.

                1. I know. The bad thing about having a PC is that sometimes you need to keep upgrading your system. So either you buy an expensive one or buy a cheap one that you need to keep upgrading.

            2. IDK Grape, I always thought that first party games were higher quality, but you’ll never find a bigger library than on a pc. First party: Mario Donkey Kong, Zelda, Smash bros, animal crossing, pikmin, mariokart, Pc: everything else! and Minecraft! xD

          2. I’m glad they uploaded this trailer, because I was beginning to forget what exactly was coming out this year!

            Now I just realized I have some preordering to do!!!

          3. I’m getting smash bros, Hyrule Warriors, possibly Bayonetta 2 for (still unsure)

            Most of the games I want are coming out next year.

          4. None of the other consoles of this generation will boast such a sterling selection of exclusives as shown in this video – and a number were excluded, such as Pikmin 3, NSMBU and Star Fox.

          5. The fact that Pikmin is missing in this trailer upsets me just a little. That game made me so happy to be a Wii U Owner. Also where is Devils Third in the 2015 section. Show some diversity in these trailers. As good as this one is, it only excites those of us who cares for those games. How does that sizzle reel tempt anyone else? There is nothing familiar to them

          6. It’s a very good video and shows many fantastic games. Yet, they could really need one less cute 2D platformet and one 3D-shooter. Miyamoto must really hate that kind of game. I’m sure if he only gave it a go he would revolutionize the genre and add the final missing piece for Wii U to become a huge success.

          7. Just wondering, but what’s the difference between a past game and a current game in this context? Don’t they refer to the same thing?

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              I thought the same thing when I read the title but apparently the video refers to “past” games as games currently out, “present” as games coming this year, and “future” as 2015.

                    1. I don’t even know where to put the Vita.
                      The past, since its a PSone emulator. And I own one and haven’t touched it for about 2 years now.
                      Present, since its still is a handheld game system with bare minimum support. And since I still have it.
                      Future, since its just going to be an expensive PS4 peripheral.

                  1. No, no, the past, present and the future.
                    Now say it with me; the Wii U is the past, present and the future.

          8. How can they make a trailer like this and completely forget The Wonderful 101? Easily the best and most original Wii U game avaliable? Lame!

            Nah, just kidding, awesome trailer, but W101 is missed hard.

              1. I highly doubt it, most people who already wanted Watchdogs already have it for their PS or Xbox. It’s been outselling MK8 because it’s on 5 consoles.

                1. Besides doesn’t everyone hate that game? I’ve just heard so much trash talked about WD I’m not interested. Besides the comments, Ubisofts disappointed me a lot in the past.

            1. Sasori, if you want to include 3rd party games in a list and say that you have the best games in your system and then have your competitors show the very same games, what does that make your game console? Irrelevant!!!

            1. 2015. Two months ago was an early Alpha build of Devil’s Third running on Unreal 3. After they’re done adding new features in the online multiplayer and polishing up the graphics and framerate, Nintendo will confirm an official release date next year.

              1. Oh ok! I bet it’ll look decent since it runs on UE3, but I kinda wish it came this year ( a whole Wii U year without an FPS/TPS ).

          9. Such an epic video!
            THIS is a primary example of how Nintendo can generate massive sales in their games.
            Now, if they can continue to uphold marketing strategies like they just did with this video, things will be completely different from what they are now..
            The biggest thing they should focus on however is showing “everyone” what differentiates the Wii U from the Wii. Because as we all know there are over 1000 people around the world that don’t even know what a Wii U is, and will even mistake it for a regular Wii.
            But other than that I feel if Nintendo can start doing things “the right way” I guarantee the future of Wii U will be much brighter.

            1. Yeah, yeah. I’ll see it when I believe it. Lol. I’ve seen plenty of Wii U videos like this before. They always show this stuff to us and the average consumer never gets to see it because they don’t advertise it. XD

          10. Great video. Everyone should share on their facebook pages, etc. That’s one way of getting to the average consumer. A vocal fanbase can be as good as any ad campaign. That is, if we stop routinely making asses of ourselves lol.

          11. Heres what i’m getting in 2014 alone:

            Hyrule Warriors
            Bayonetta Two
            Smash Bros Wii U
            Smash Bros 3ds
            Fantasy Life (game looks amazing plus i love jrpgs)
            Pokemon Omega


          12. OK where to start, Nintendo did not do themselves any favour and did not/should have promote 3rd party games which are exclusive to Wii U. If I am not mistaken wonderful101, sonic lost world or zombi U are Wii U exclusives. This will have send a message to third party studio,gamers and media. Oh I see you coming why should they? Without going into much details, customers needs to see what’s available now, not in 6 months or 2 years time. I think the video should have displayed more present games which let’s face it has not been promoted properly (wonderfull 101????????)

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