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Nintendo Explains How amiibo Differs From Disney Infinity And Skylanders

Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime has explained how amiibo differs from other franchises that use near field communication (NFC) technology. Unlike Disney Infinity and Activision’s Skylanders, Nintendo’s NFC-based platform is optional and designed to work with multiple games from different genres. The first 12 amiibo figures, including Mario, Peach, Samus and Pikachu, are available for pre-order at $12.99 each. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be the first title with full integration of amiibo functionality.

“Our vision is to have these ‘amiibo’ figures be your playable friends that allow you to enhance the overall experience,” said Fils-Aime. “It’s a different approach from Activision and Disney, which is more to unlock something in the game. You’re going to want to have your ‘amiibo’ figure because it’s going to allow you to enhance your skills, upgrade your character and take the experience over to a friend’s house.”

143 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains How amiibo Differs From Disney Infinity And Skylanders”

    1. I would rather choose Disney over COD as NFC crap from Activision that also killed Spyro and probably Crash next if Sony doesn’t save it first. But I hope Amiibo goes along well with its own plans of use.

      1. I believe amiibo well also end up working with other games then just one figure Pete game, also I can’t wait till other companies begin using figures and maybe cards

        1. Nintendo’s website said that Mario Kart 8 is also getting Amiibo support in the future, so there’s at least two…

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    3. Theyre very different. You buy SkyLanders/D Infinity but they are half games, to unlock BIG stuff like whole levels you have to buy overpriced figures. With Amiibo, they are just extra players u csn level up and add. Not necessary in any way to unlock anything in any nintendo games. Thats why im buying em all

      1. yeah, that’s awesome, isn’t it? Other companies are selling crippled games for 60 dollars that require you to spend extra bucks on toys just to get the basic game and those toys are useful just for that game you buy them for. It’s like if Assassin Creed came out with just one mission and for the rest you need plenty of dlc (yeah, there are dlc in AC, but not so aggressive :D). Nintendo idea instead sounds already awesome.
        The game comes complete, amiibos add your personalised trained character and the same amibo works on plenty of games!

      2. Amiibo are more like “real life pokemon” while skylander / disney infinity are more like dlc pieces… kinda what you said

  1. This might explain why Nintendo turned down Skylanders deal which wasn’t necessary since the games are still gonna be there anyway. But. Nintendo wanted to take their NFC figures further from what Activision/Disney does with their own.

    1. the Skylanders deal was put on Nintendo front door years before even the concept of the Wii U even exist, so, no, the amiibos are not the reason as to why Nintendo turn down the billion dollar deal that was skylanders.

  2. Erm….I have nothing against Amiibo, and I’m sure it’ll be awesome…but with Skylanders you can also “enhance your skills, upgrade your character and take the experience over to a friend’s house.”……and don’t Amiibo figures technically unlock the amiibo aspect of games? I honestly don’t really know about Disney Infinity figures though….I only have a couple because I like the characters lol

    1. Disney Infinity characters are added DLC. They unlock certain character specific items and of course the character within the Toy Box mode. They are expensive DLC, but necessary if u want certain items and the like.

    2. not exactly the same, Skylanders unlock characters. Amiibo don’t unlock characters but create one custom version of a character, plus they work on multiple games.
      I.e. differently from a skylander in skylanders game, in smash bross Mario is always available, but if you’ve a Mario amiibo you can level up your Mario and fight against him or call him for assist in battle. Your lvld up mario can be ported also on games like Mario Kart, not sure though if each games will have independent stats on the same statue or if the lvl will be cumulative for every game.

  3. The fact that they work for multiple games is the best part. It feels more like a long term investment rather than a one trick Pony.

    1. We already sort of know that the figures are going to be almost advanced cpus for Smash… maybe…..ghosts? I dunno lol

  4. Amiibo is useless. Gimmick to attract children, BUT, sadly grown men will flock to the store department in which they are located at and display the behavior of the children for whom they are intended.
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  5. I always thought it was R.O.B 2.0. mixed with the concepts of pokemon.

    Each doll is like a pokemon in regards to the fact you can raise it to be better. Along with that, depending on how you raise it, it’s abilities and AI will be affected with each game. So at times, it can be your rival in something like smash brothers, or a more reliable AI ally/partner for a more action/adventure game like Resident Evil 5(for example and I know it’s not for the WII-U.) or platformer like Sonic Boom or a Mario game. Basically, an AI controlled player two so to speak.

  6. I always thought it was R.O.B 2.0. mixed with the concepts of pokemon.

    Each doll is like a pokemon in regards to the fact you can raise it to be better. Along with that, depending on how you raise it, it’s abilities and AI will be affected with each game. So at times, it can be your rival in something like smash brothers, or a more reliable AI ally/partner for a more action/adventure game like Resident Evil 5(for example and I know it’s not for the WII-U.) or platformer like Sonic Boom or a Mario game. Basically, an AI controlled player two so to speak.

  7. The only reason I’m getting Amiibo is because they’re toys of my favorite characters… I’m gonna collect them put them up for display! I doubt I’ll ever actually use them in the game. :P But are they coming out with other game Amiibos or is this whole thing just for Smash?

          1. But this is the Smash Bros. line. Their main functionality is for Smash, and then I think they said a small partition in their memory just states what character the amiibo is so It could unlock them or related content in other games. Which makes me wonder will we get a separate line on Karts for MK8, and a separate one for Mario Party, etc…

    1. Same, all I ever planned on using them for. All they are to me is figurines, not saying the idea of it isn’t cool but I don’t think it will last long, for me personally anyway, I probably wouldn’t use them much.

      I’d rather play people online than enhanced bots anyway but that is just me. So the whole character upgrade aspect doesn’t appeal to me. Seems a bit unfair also, even for taking to friends, if they just have some OP Amiibo.

      Pretty sure most people are probably thinking the same because they are cool little figurines and their cheap. They aren’t crappy looking either, so that is a huge plus.

      Hopefully the can ride on that alone and they keep making more of them, otherwise grab them now because they might stop making them one day.

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    1. I don’t think that’s true at all! The functionality they have is much more geared to hardcore playing. It learns to you as time goes on guaranteeing that you always have a hard opponent to fight against.

          1. It’s a doll. I don’t like it or dislike it. I guess I just think Nintendo needs to do something “manly” instead of this wimpy stuff.

            1. I’m getting some of them since its the cheapest way I could get Nintendo figurines. :P They will mainly be a collectable item for me so I don’t really mind.

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                  1. You don’t believe that do you? Nintendo gets their information from the credit cards used. Kids don’t have credit cards, so they use thier parents. Nintendo will now count that as an adult gamer account.

                1. A doll? Lol. Something manly? How are amiibo’s wimpy? Sounds like you a few issues you need to sort through. I consider these pretty cool figurines, and I’m also a man…

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        1. *aimed at social rejects* there i fixed it for you. This amiibo crap is garbage and is totally what the “core” wants nintendo. (they just said they were not aiming for casuals anymore) So is this what being a nintendo fan has become, collecting fucking toys and masterbating over a fat pizza faced lard?

      1. “Who gives a rat’s ass?” said everyone over 15. The truth though is. that they are targeting Disney and Activision. They want Disney’s blood! The greatest and most wanted core-game this gen, will not be available on the WiiU and Disney is responsible. Of course that game is Battlefront 3.

        1. It’s really sad but there’s people past the age if 15 that want this……. and people wonder why nintendo fans get made fun of or that nintendo is looked kiddie. Back in the day if you said DO YOU WANT TO PLAY NINTENDO, it wasn’t lame and looked at as it is now. With this garbage and the wiitards buying it, it’s only going to get worse.

          Nintendo is viewed childish and pathetic now because of the wii area and all of this shit like gaymiibo. I can’t blame them but holy shit this amiibo is totally not helping.

      2. “Our vision is to have these ‘amiibo’ figures be your playable friends that allow you to enhance the overall experience”

        huuuhhhh…. just, why nintendo. It’s like they know that the wiitards never had friends. “since our current fanbase are social rejects like reggie over there….. how about wii u (hahahahah!!!) make toys for them to play with.

        “You’re going to want to have your ‘amiibo’ figure because it’s going to allow you to enhance your skills, upgrade your character and take the experience over to a friend’s house.”

        Seriously if that’s what you do with your friends past the age of 10, you don’t have any.

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          1. LMAO i know, i think that’s what nintendo is trying to do for some of it’s fans. At 15 especially i would have never of been caught dead with this shit. “hey iceazeama has amiibo” “lmao are you kidding me, what a loser, let’s make fun of him and beat him up now”

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            3. You, as a “cool” and “grown-up” kiddie, I can see why you would be concerned, what others think about you! At the age of 33 years I don’t really give a fuck what some strange fuckers think about me.

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      3. Amiibo seems useless. They’re just ghosts. It’s like being on Team Match and having a Level 9 CPU do all the work. I don’t want that.

        Also, I don’t buy action figures if they are not articulated.

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            2. Your one of the more normal people on here for the fanboys, i can’t believe it. You don’t take things to seriously either. I never would of that this before but i think you’re. This website is all over the place now.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                How nice of you…

                I’ts hilarious how some thinks I’m worse than Hitler, Stalin, The Microsoft Realm or any other arrogant ape haha…

                1. People here take everything to seriously. Your definitely i think anyway are more normal in the way you act than a lot of these people, even if you act like a robot on here.

                  You just look absolutely horrible on fanboy paper lmao that’s why. A lot of these people are completely serious and not just joking or having fun with the comments. Your not a stupid fanboy who doesn’t know anything form what i’ve seen, some of these people are just so uninformed that it’s painful to talk to them because they don’t know anything.

          1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

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            1. ok lmao, im glad it isn’t you. We are the complete opposite but im sick of arguing with the same people and don’t wan’t to fight with the same people.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                I have moved on from you ice, you may seem like you hate Nintendo, but you actually like them. I have more trolls to deal with in order to help cleanse this world.

                1. I do like nintendo, i just hate what they become like a lot of others. Things to me in the last 6 months have been the best news for nintendo for the longest time and the next year is looking pretty great for wii u gamewise.

                  They might just go all out next console and do major fan service for the rest of wii u since they finally figured out the casuals don’t give a shit about them.

                  Honestly wii u failing is the best thing that has happened to them i think, it seems to be waking them up that what they have been doing is not right. The last 6 months or so seriously to me looks like nintendo doing there best where it counts home console wise. (the games really have to deliver though) Well the new 3ds is kinda a kick in the ass to a lot of people though but even if wii u is pretty much dead, nintendo seems to be upping their game.

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                    The fans are also to blame.

                    Before it was “Nintendo must do DLC”
                    Now they complain about all the DLC.

                    The Wii U is a good console, it has a bad name, maybe literally or figuratively, but Nintendo are still the best in the business, they know what they have to do, they survived this long, they can survive longer.

                    1. I totally i agree with you, the fans are a huge problem. They need to be more vocal about problems. They always do that flip flopping which i hate like you just said, it’s like no matter what nintendo does it’s good. I’m so glad nintendo did that mario kart 8 dlc for instance, it needed it so bad to make it more fresh throughout time because this day in age 32 courses for a racing game is not enough. So what was it for like 12$ we get 50% more of the game, that’s awesome.

                      Nintendo needs to catch up in areas, and dlc in games like mario kart are so beneficial it’s not even funny. All the fans were against this when said nintendo needs dlc for stuff like this and they were saying how gaming would die or some distorted bullshit, and now they’re saying how nintendo is the king of dlc…. huhhh.

                      So i mean if nintendo is finally doing dlc and not shitty dlc, they could catch up in every other area like standard features and online in the future.

                      If nintendo knows what to do, we will see in there next console and the upcoming months of wii u. They will be around for years no matter what the loss and how shitty they do but i would rather them be around and doing really good everywhere like they used to. Nintendo used to be the best in hardware, there games were more mind blowing and were just something really awesome at the time and were better in every area than now, they need to return to that. Yeah there games are fun but there should be more.

      5. Wow, how Nintendo Execs don’t understand games!

        I’m sorry but Amiibo is no different than other NFC Figures because they do unlock extra content in a game that would otherwise be unavailable and on top of that they can give you an advantage in a game through bringing your updated character to a friends house. So why is he stating that its not the same when it is the same. The comment that its not needed is not true because in a competitive gaming scene i would believe this is advantageous.

      6. “Our vision is to have these ‘amiibo’ figures be your playable friends that allow you to enhance the overall experience”

        oh yeah nintendo but what about improving the online gaming with other people??.. you can stop this forever alone crap, you have gone far enough now. making fictive friends to enhance the experience… WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!

        1. Nintendo has so many problems i don’t think they will ever learn, but if they want their next system to be a success they will have to include all of these things because everything they don’t include and are lacking in is already hurting them to the point where wii u is almost completely irrelevant. You think they would know by now.

      7. when the wii was release I though the Mii’s was supposed to filled that function (kind of). Why no creating a Mii you can transfer to your controller and go play with your friends??????

        Since Nintendo used to be card company, I would have though card will be a better media. I found them very small and dangerous for the young ones.

        I must be too old for this kind of toy but at the moment I am really not interested. However I am curious to see what so amiibo will do and what impact they will have on the games.

      8. who really cares for these toys lol. skylanders and amiibo are all for kids, it’s the grown men and younger people who buy the crap anyway.

      9. So am I only one who not excited for amibos. Smash 4 going be awesome tho and zero suit Seamus other m costume. God damn.

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