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Sounds Like Pokken Tournament Could Eventually Come To Wii U

When Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed the Pokken Tournament was an arcade title he didn’t entirely rule out that the game would eventually come to consoles. Pokemon fansite Bulbagarden has tweeted that “The way Ishihara phrased his answer, talking about doing arcade first, does suggest that Pokkén will eventually come to console.” Hopefully we should hear something about the game coming to Wii U in the coming months.

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45 thoughts on “Sounds Like Pokken Tournament Could Eventually Come To Wii U”

    1. YEP, IS GONNA BE CALLED POKKEN FIGHTERS AND SOMEHOW YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LOG YOUR DATA AND CARRY TO THE ARCADE VERSION FOR SOME UNKNOW PRIZES AND ENCHANTMENTS, i never have palyed tekken, i hope is not like the clasic fighting game like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter with a single directional grid.

      1. Tekken is 3D fighting game. Yeah it’s the classic one of one on each side but you can move in any direction like a 3D game should be like. Isn’t solely based on only moving foward or back.

  1. Can people stop saying it could come to consoles (plural), when it would obviously only land on the Wii U.

  2. For those of you who don’t know, literally every big name fighter us released in arcades months, or even years in some cases before console ports.

    The time in the arcade is used for extended public debugging and balancing. Its almost like paid beta build for awhile.

    Just look up Tekken or Street Fighter games on Wikipedia and look at the release dates.

    1. No. Pokemon best fits with Nintendo since it has made them hugely popular from the start and never slowed down, not even today. So Pokken will come to Wii U.

    2. We shall pray for you. Intelligence and wisdom are not common in your neck of the woods I see. Pokemon are nintendo, wait on halo fighters LOL!

      1. Look, Dark Horse Rider, please take into account the amount of time each console has been out for. Then go do some dark horse rider shit.

    3. The arcade machines run on Wii U Hardawar, it just has different controls and only boots to one game, if they brought it to Wii U, all they would be doing is changing the controls…..that’s literally it, same with the Mario kart that went to arcades

    1. Nice i hate nintendo too now they just scam everyone with the same game every year mario zelda just reskins of oot or mario bros 1

      Cant wait for destiny and borderlands pre sequel fuck nintendo

      1. So you can’t wait for Halo: Multiplatform Edition and Borderlands: Same Game Edition?
        Okay, have fun ^^

        1. Seeing that this is the 3rd Borderlands game, and is featuring a new story/ setting/ floaty combat, calling it “Same Game: Edition” isn’t really fair. Especially considering how many New Super Mario games there are. And Borderlands 2’s co-op gameplay was pretty much flawless.

          I will definitely be getting Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, come October. Destiny, I could do without, though.

          1. The ONLY exception of Mario spam is New Mario Bros. which isn’t annual but a rehash of a sort. Mario 3D World is a direct sequel that came 2 years later on another console with its own changes from 3D Land. Nice try.

      2. Zelda comes every year? XD IDK if you’re even trying hard enough to troll because Zelda doesn’t “spam” itself every year and I don’t see another main Mario game in sight for this year so its not annual anymore. Keep trying troll. lol You’ll get it right in the next 3 years or so.

    2. Again, bullshit and again, you’re a hypocrite. You’re gonna be buying everyone else besides that fucking red ring box that you have to pay $60 on top of your Internet bills if you ever have any bills or a job/GF to live with.

  3. Everyone’s all jelly and salty that Bandai-Namco and The Pokemon Company are planning to release Pokken Tournament for the Wii U… and Nintendo is co-publishing it for B-N.

    Let’s not forget the fact that B-N have also helped Nintendo’s Sora to co-develop Super Smash Bros.

    1. WHy are people jelly and salty towards Bandai-Namco? I think they’ve shown Nintendo some nice support.

      I can only hope the next Soul Calibur comes to Wii U, however…. or else I’ll have to buy another console, because I WILL NOT miss out on the next installment to my favorite 3D fighter.

  4. I personally knew it would come to Wii U the second I heard it was announced.

    No one could seriously have though that Nintendo would leave this game on an arcade machine exclusive to Japan, right?

  5. ah no surprise, ofcourse its not planned yet for wiiu…
    why would nintendo ever give anything to the retards who trusted them and bought this shit wiiu system.

    this game sounds ok, so im sure wiiu owners will not get to have fun with it.
    Its just nintendo’s way of saying , shouldnt have bought a wiiu m8.

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