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A Wii U Version Of Minecraft Would Depend On Large User Base And Ease Of Updates

4J Studios business development boss Daniel Kaplan was recently quizzed about Minecraft coming to other platforms. We already know a Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version is in the works, but a Wii U version has never really been discussed. When quizzed about ‘other platforms’ Kaplan said it was dependant on the size of the user base and also porting the game to platforms that make the most financial sense. Here’s what Kaplan had to say.

“It’s mostly about platforms that make sense,” he said about ideal destinations for Minecraft. “We didn’t anticipate the mobile version to be that big compared to the PC, and it’s the same for consoles. People always compare it to the PC, which is supposed to be like the big original version where you get all the cool features first.”

“But we have seen there is a massive audience on other platforms so there are still huge groups of people who don’t play on PC at all.”

“With the release of PS4 and Xbox One I think we have fulfilled most of the needs for now. There aren’t many platforms left to release on. We’ll see, whatever makes sense and if the platform has the user base for it. We won’t release on the platform is the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort.”

“The whole point of Minecraft is that you get updates all the time. If you release somewhere you want to make sure that we will be updating rather than, ‘Oh yeah, we only sold 1000 copies on that platform so let’s kill it off’. That’s not the way Minecraft has been developed.”

130 thoughts on “A Wii U Version Of Minecraft Would Depend On Large User Base And Ease Of Updates”

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  1. Alright, then why did they release it on Vita? In a way they are saying it won’t come to Wii U because of “low audience” :P

    But I’d really like it on Wii U :(

    1. Didn’t the Wii u just reach 7 million? SO far the Wii U is number 2, just behind the ps4 so we all know the Wii U has a large user base but in all honesty I do not think updates come easy to Wii U

    2. Right and wii u has a bigger user install base than xbox on by several million and we are about even with ps4 for users so wtf! why is it wii u’s getting the shaft. On vita? I didn’t know that. what a joke. :D

    1. This, but they don’t care :P

      They say the install base needs to be high, but thats a huge contradiction since they release it on console with low install base… if they say it won’t come to Wii U because of that reason, then they are full of bs!

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      The Xbox One is guaranteed to get a higher install base. The Wii U was out for a year before the Xbox One and is only ahead of it by a little bit. The Xbox One was and is more promising.

      I can’t use the same argument for the Vita, however, because I don’t know when they released the Vita port. Maybe they thought like everybody else that the Vita was going to beat the 3DS and become a huge success? IDK.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          …So you’re saying…they announced a Vita port? WTF how do they expect to make any money off of that?

      1. I am not sure about your claim I mean I know it is xbox one first year but they came out with a nice line up while the Wii U didn’t have any games yet and I think that set them back since no one had a need to buy a Wii U. Now that people are switching to next-gen I think the PS4 is the better choice and that the Wii U can be a great companion console. Sure the xbox one will make more sales whenever they can bring out some must-have games but I don’t see it ever passing the Wii U numbers.

        1. There are still millions of last gen console owners that haven’t made the switch yet. It’s not like the Xbox One is going to sit back and let everyone else get sales. It hasn’t passed the Wii U yet, but the gap between Wii U and Xbone is getting smaller. And Wii U has been out for almost two years. I can see the Wii U eventually becoming profitable, but I don’t ever see it passing PS4 and XB1 this gen.

          1. I can admit that I do not think it will ever pass ps4, most people who had last gen switched to ps4 and I honestly do not know why for those who are not real gamers or people who want the greatest specs because then they should go pc.My friends thought they were getting free internet like the ps3 lol. There is some kind of hype around the ps4 that makes it number 1. I have a ps4 and I do because I had a 360 and I felt like i missed out on some important games like the last of us and beyond two souls. I had a gamecube and wii in the house but never really used it unless it was smash but for some reason I really wanted Nintendo this round and it has been useful and great. weird at 24 too, loving the mario games! Ps4 so far has brought infamous second son just amazing, and Last of us remastered!

      2. The Xbox One is more promising than the Wii U because of what? Because it has more 3rd party support? Because it has an slight edge over the Wii U power wise? And what do you think will happen when the Xbox One gets released in Japan? Do you think it will outsell the Wii U over there, especially with Bayonetta 2, Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden, Mario Kart 8 DLC, Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker and the soon to be holiday blockbuster Smash Bros gets released this year? I hate to break it to you but Xbox consoles have never sold well in Japan not even the 360. You can mark my words, the Wii U will have a much larger install base than the Xbox One will for this entire generation. It has too many quality exclusives coming out this year and next year and it’s most likely that Pokken Tournament will be released in 2016 and the Wii U will have it’s own version of Minecraft

        1. … You have to be kidding me. XD The Wii sold 100+ million units and third party games still barely sold there. Where did the install base go? Lol. You see, the thing about Xbox is that people over there play third party games way more than the Nintendo side. Third parties are pretty much guaranteed to make money over there even if it isn’t as much as PS4 does. The thing about Wii U however is that third party games DON’T do well and these guys always have to risk losing lots of money. You can go ahead and ask just about anyone where you live what games they play. And they if they play Xbox, they will most likely list a bunch of third party games. But if they play Nintendo Wii U, you bet they will probably tell you 90% Nintendo games. XD Just because the Wii U sold more than Xbox One does not mean that the games on it do as well. XB1 and PS4 can easily make a third party game like Watch Dogs be in the top of the charts for weeks whereas it takes the Wii U exclusives just to find a spot in there. Install base is not higher than the Xbox One whether you like it or not. And let’s just say that even if it was, all the previous 360 owners have not upgraded to it yet whereas the Wii owners (the casuals like families and stuff) pretty much left to tablets and IPhone gaming. Lol.

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          2. You make absolutely no sense at all. I don’t give a damn where gamers play their 3rd party games at, the Wii U’s current install base is larger than the Xbox One’s what the fuck are you smoking? One market that Nintendo will have on lock this gen is the Japanese market and the Xbox brand is pretty much nonexistent over there. All Nintendo has to do with the Wii U is keep pumping out their great 1st party games for it and get more 3rd party exclusives in the veins of Bayonetta 2 and The Devil’s 3rd and they’ll have the no. 2 spot on lock. Miyamoto already said that the Nintendo’s focus is now shifted towards the ” core ” gamer so they’re not really concerned about the casuals anyway, but a lot of casual gamers will come to the Wii U eventually when titles like Mario Maker and Splatoon get released you mark my words. And btw as I recall, Super Mario 3D World stayed on the charts consistently for at least 2 months and we both know the story with Mario Kart 8 and with the new affordable DLC that’s coming out for it expect to see it back at top of the charts even with Destiny coming out. Say what you will about the Wii U you hater, but the direction that Nintendo is now taking with the Wii U will be very beneficial for them and will result in a for sure deadlocked 2nd place spot. The Wii U will dwarf the Xbox One in sales this holiday season with Smash Bros. and Amiibo. U MAAAAADDDD!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

            1. Do you even realize what you are saying? When the Wii U came out, it had absolute NO competition. It had a whole year head start. The Xbox One isn’t even a year old and it’s like a few million away from the Wii U. And to add to that, the Xbone’s big titles like Halo 5, etc aren’t even out yet. It’s been living off third party this whole time, something that the Wii U could’ve never done. And I like how you guys keep ignoring the fact that there are millions of people still playing PS3 and 360 that haven’t upgraded yet. Yeah, the Xbox One is only a few million away from the Wii U. It’s definitely doomed! Lol. And once again about the install base thing, how many Wii U owners buy games like CoD, Battlefield, Destiny, etc compared to Wii U? Not that many. That “install base” buys Nintendo games… That’s what they mainly play. You keep telling me Wii U has a higher install base but the sales say otherwise. And you keep ignoring the PS4 too. PS4 is blowing Wii U away right now so why don’t you ever say anything about that? It’s always about the one that’s selling less isn’t it? You choose to prey on the Xbox since you clearly can’t say the same about PS4 since it has already beaten the Wii U in only months of release. And then when someone brings up PS4 sales, suddenly sales don’t matter! It’s all about exclusive games! Lol. Look man, I own a Wii U and I enjoy it, but do you really think that in its current state that it’s going to beat the Xbox One? It’s only a matter of time until it surpasses it, but do you think I care? Wii U is beating Xbox One? It’s been out for less than a year. PS4 already DID beat it and Xbox One isn’t that far behind. You think that when 2015 comes, it’s just gonna sit back, relax, and give up? Lol. Yes, Wii U will get exclusives, but so will Xbox One and PS4. This is a fact. Your opinion on whether these games are better than Nintendo games mean nothing. The point is that they will get exclusives. And while you keep dissing the Xbox One, PS4 is still Wii U’s competition whether you like it or not. If people don’t buy the Xbox One, they are going to PlayStation 4. Nintendo needs to find a new audience before it gets too late. Casuals have left to those tablet and mobile games and hardcore gamers will need their THIRD PARTY if they are going to switch. I doubt that a hardcore gamer would just give up all his favorite franchises and games just to only play Nintendo games. In fact, that’s pretty much what the Wii U is at this point. A Nintendo games only platform. The Wii U is going to be a secondary console for most gamers. They will get an Xbox One or a PS4 for their gaming fix and get a Wii U for some occasional Nintendo games on the side. If you like to play only Nintendo games, then fine. Just admit it. The Wii U is absolutely perfect for you. Buy don’t say it’s destroying the Xbox One. That’s just absolute fanboyism. Now if all you say is that you prefer Nintendo games and that the other consoles don’t really appeal to you, then that would’ve been understandable. But for some reason you really want the whole world to believe that the system you bought is better than everyone else’s. Lol.

                1. Stupid (W)itch. Are you rewriting the dictionary or something? Sheesh! And you take ISSUE when I write but a fraction of these tales you write…DAILY. And I don’t even divulge into specifics that garner attention on topics that lead to no resolvement. I post ONE sided FACTS, so nobody can argue with my flawless posts. Stop making this your battleground (W)itch, accept that you LOST. Hell, writing all these adventures that you do, you gotta know for certain you lost.

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                  1. Sorry, I just write a lot when I feel like I need to get my point across. If it makes you feel any better, I won’t complain anymore every time you write really long books. Lol. :P

              1. And tell me this how do you think the PS4 & Xbox One made it without having any quality exclusives early on and only living off of 3rd party multiplats? Both had HYPE surrounding them but the Wii U on the other hand had very little to no hype or advertising for that matter and according to a lot of gaming journalists and media was suppose to be DOA. Nintendo was so focused on rejuvenating the 3DS at the time that they lost sight on the Wii U plain and simple but now they have been more focused on the Wii U and you see what’s happening. The Wii U sales have doubled since last year and do you really think the sales will decrease anytime soon with a rumored Smash Bros bundle seemingly on the way? As for the PS4, while it’s selling well (mainly due to hype) in North America and Europe it’s bombing badly in Japan, even much worst than the Wii U did early on over there and the Xbox One will suffer a far more worst fate when it launches there and yeah go ahead and bring up that bullshit excuse about how the Japanese gaming market is catering to handheld and mobile gaming. I’m one of the few people who still thinks the Wii U can catch the PS4 in sales or make it interesting so long as Nintendo keeps pumping out the games or types of games that gamers want. And how do you know where Wii owners have moved on to? And like I keep telling you, hardcore gamers do not represent a large percentage of the gaming audience, if it did the Xbox One would be selling the same type of numbers as the PS4 or somewhere very close to it even when it had it’s high price tag since both consoles are relatively the same. Yeah the PS4 & Xbox One have exclusives but you ponies and Xbots don’t support them or at least not enough. And btw the Wii U is the best next gen console and go ahead and call me a fanboy I don’t care anymore

                1. *says hardcore gamers don’t represent a lot of the gaming community* *ignores the fact that CoD and other games sell millions every year* Seriously, do you think GTA V would be where it’s at right now if it was a Wii U exclusive? If course not. Lol. Guess them 33 million+ copies were all just bought by casuals, huh? Lmao.

                1. I don’t know. Some people here take this stuff too seriously. I don’t care what console wins this generation I’m just going to enjoy the games. It just really gets on my nerves everyone somebody here always attacks on the Xbox One. Heck, I prefer the PS4 more, but I just feel like I need to defend it anyway because I can’t stand people taking sides. Console wars are just disgusting. These people can keep fighting for all I care though because at the end of this generation, I will more than likely have all 3 and I’ll be enjoying them all. :)

      3. Except if Microsoft didn’t fuck around the fanbase with DRM and still shoved that BS Kinect instead of killing it and start off at $400 with PS4, then maybe it would’ve done better. But because of those mistakes, its gonna cost Xbox its top spot. They’re even considering about giving up Xbox brand at some point because investor say its gonna fail eventually just like Zune and Surface.

      4. Dude they haven’t released there numbers! they just said it has sold twice as well as the 360 did at this point in its lifecycle. A guy broke down the math based on the xbox360’s numbers. it only equaled 3.45 million. Wiiu still has the larger install base by 3.55 million and with the games wii u’s releasing and the lack of quality games being released on xbox one I doubt Microsoft will surpass wii u sales.

    1. Because there were official reports showing that preorders for XB1 and PS4 were the highest number ever for any gen maybe???

    1. Obviously it’s easier to update the system on vita. You guys obviously either didn’t read the whole article or forgot about that

      1. With a bare 8 million Vitas that are now converted into PS4’s Gamepad knockoff, nobody there is gonna care about Minecraft. lol This is gonna be a waste of time for this guy to port over.

      1. PowerPC which has been another one of those standard PC language concept used for over 20+ years that’s actually a successor to x86 somehow more difficult? All I see and hear from them is bitching about how much work they have to put into a more efficient programming which I know isn’t much.

      2. Regardless, people do develop for it, so why not one of the more simplistic games? Although, I will admit, that there is a lot going on in the game that is much more complex than on first sight… either way, doesn’t matter. Nintendo for Nintendo, PC for everything else

    1. They hate Wiik U and they hate Nintendo
      All third parties hates Nintendo
      You guys should know that by now
      And in the future Nintendo will die and go third party
      Mario/Zelda/Metroid/StarFox and so on games would be awesome on the/my ps4

      1. In your dreams, maybe. I would have the same dreams if I bought only one console, which is “considered the best and the most”, but still stumbling to deliver any good exclusives. I mean why would Sony care about first party? They already sold 10m units and their hardcore fan base seems to be as happy about Sony’s sales, as a MSFT or Nintendo fanbase is happy about the amount of games. That’s right, let them just make a shxtload of remasters, with the original game out for just a year, then make some announces, then postpone them, then make some more announces, then postpone them again, rinse and repeat until the console stops selling, and when it does just release driveclub already, so all the fanboys would have at least one reason to justify the purchase. That explains why all those sonyboys are out on the web damage-controlling – there is nothing to play on their best and most powerful machine.

      2. LOL that would be a disaster. I have both a ps4 and Wii U, I would hate to play nintendo games on my ps4, it just wouldn’t be the same. I mean i don’t even use my tv to play the wii u at times and I do not plan on buying a ps vita just to do that with my ps4

      3. Not happening.. They may go mobile but never on your favorite console sorry bud. Xbox one will die first. then it will be sony and Nintendo standing. In order to play the best games you’ll have to buy a Nintendo console just like the rest of us!

  2. As others have stated, it’s going to vita… their arguments are invalid. Furthermore, they gave PS4 and XB1 support before they were even out AND XB1 has been selling worse then WiiU since MK8 released AND it’s userbase is smaller then WiiU’s. To add to this, it’s common knowledge that Nintendo’s policies when it comes to updating games in WiiU are not only better then all the systems from the previous gen but some of the best currently in the industry.

    These crap excuses are lame and old.

  3. “It depends on the size of the user base” so how does it coming to x1 over Wii u make sense when the Wii u has a bigger user base?

      1. Yeah and has sold as much of itself as Wii U did last year but with a different reason. Its still stuck at 5 million while Wii U just hit 7 million a while ago. Not only that, the advantages of the Gamepad will evolve Minecraft interactivity and gameplay much differently and uniquely from other versions. Like we all know, third parties just despise Nintendo and use any and all of the lamest excuse in the book to avoid them.

  4. I’ve had enough of these developers BS exuses… If they don’t want to put Minecraft on Nintendo platforms then they should just simply say it.

  5. What sucks is that here is a controller that would make perfect use of inventory instead of bringing it up, and then a zombie [horde] taking you out before you could unsheathe your sword…but not even 4J wants to take advantage of it. Damn these 3rd parties. Should you even call yourself a “3rd party”? You’re mainly listening to the 1st.


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  6. I could not care less about this “game”.
    But that sounds like lot of excuses pulled out of ass.
    I definitely would not buy it, but I guarantee, that if they do not fuck over the user base, in any way, deliver up to par version, it would sell.
    And actually let the people know the game exists for the system.
    Though only reason its selling on any system is the price.
    At normal 40-60 price tag, it would not sell. Dropping 20 is pretty much nothing, even if you’re a kid who saved that off from allowances.

  7. This game is whatever, it’s not nearly as great as everyone claims it to be. Although it would be somewhat better on Wii U, it wouldn’t make it a system seller. I just hope that Nintendo doesn’t abandon the Wii U in 2016 due to the New 3DS; a cool “new handheld,” but I’d like to see them keep the games coming

  8. That would be great to have Minecraft on the Wii U. I’m sure it would be a busted fucking port that would allow Nintendo players to chat during gameplay just like Disney Infinity’s Toy Box Mode. It looks great on paper.

  9. Apparently somebody logged onto iwata’s minecraft and they found a huge iwata figure sucking a dick in the sky.

    I always new he was a fruitball.

  10. Honestly while they are contradicting themselves it kind of makes sense the wii u has struggled for a while however the hype for the ps4 and xbone has been stronger they technically already had the install base on the ps3 and 360 versions if we really want minecraft on nintendo platforms we should start a fan movement letting them know ther is intrest

  11. they can make minecraft for the new 3ds now that it has the processing power to do so, plus it has a “c stick”

  12. Real talk for a second here. I love Minecraft to death, have it on my PC, phone, and PS3 (will buy it for vita when it’s out). That being said, 1000 copies? Are you kidding me? If you released minecraft on Wii U today it would easily sell a million, if not 5 million. Especially if they got creative with the UI since the Wii U has a touch screen interface. Hell, you could do split screen without actually having to split the screen too!

    I’m sorry, but I think the makers of minecraft are willfully ignorant at this point, a release on the Wii U is easy money, the Wii U may not be shifting units like everyone hoped, but it’s still moved more than the Xbox One, and really isn’t so staggeringly behind the PS4 that it isn’t justified some attention.


    Minecraft will sell like hotcakes on anything, you could put it on a damn potato and it would sell a million easily…


  13. Its on the xbone one how stupid do they think we are its second behind ps4 and its a very powerful system all i hear is shit excuse after shit excuse





    wiiu fully suppors internal solid state external solid state and sd cad support and usb hard drive support

    gamepads touch screen and wii remote and chuck would both be pefect for this game

    minecraft 1080p wii motion plus mouse pointer controls and gamepad controls


  15. 3ds is also perfect for minecraft 3D with mouse touch screen supprt the industry is a currupt lie machine has been from 1980s to today

    they made anti excuses against nintendo wen atari got ass raped by nintendo AND STILL IT CONTINUES

      1. Horseshit. The Xbox One is the one with no fun games. Both the Wii U and PS4 has plenty.

        The Last of Us Remastered
        Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
        Rayman Legends
        FIFA 14
        Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
        Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
        Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
        Battlefield 4
        The Pinball Arcade
        NBA 2K14
        LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
        Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition
        MLB 14: The Show
        Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
        Madden NFL 15
        Metro Redux
        Watch Dogs
        Wolfenstein: The New Order
        Need for Speed: Rivals
        inFamous: Second Son

  16. This is one of the many games that the Gamepad would go perfect with.
    And the fact that online is free on the Wii U would make it even better.

    1. It is an essential game that must come to Wii U. The sooner the better. I hate how the studio has been treating Nintendo, but I cannot deny that their game, Minecraft, is one of my all time favorites. I will buy it in a heart beat if it eventually comes to the Wii U.

      They could say that Nintendo sucks, the Wii U sucks and I myself as a person sucks and I would still buy the game lol! I love Minecraft that much…

  17. Kind of hypocritical of them seeing how the XBox One is both hard to update your games on and also the small fanbase compared to the Wii U…

  18. There is this one point in this business, when you make enough money on one platform, you start shitting on the other platform, even if it could be somewhat profitable, just to be this cool hipster suckling up to the current platform that has already made you rich enough so you would not have to work a day, and still wipe your ass with 100 dollar bills.

    These 3rd parties has made Nintendo a punch line to lick up to MSony console fanboy warriors.
    “Look everyone, we are too cool to make our game for Nintendo platform, buy our shit!”

    And before any console warrior comes in and defends how third parties “tried”.
    They tried if they could have gotten away with sub par support, and some of them saw their half-assed support was not yielding results, so they jumped ship.
    Some tried if they could make more profit with even shittier support, and saw it to fail as well.

  19. the idiot Daniel Kaplan should finish the game properly then he would have to think about updates… you would think after releasing minecraft on so many platforms. that they by now did know how to program it and fix the bugs… but lazy ass pc developers are retards as usually, cant finish a game if their life depended on it.

  20. I am not interested at all about that game. But I heard the studio was lazy and slow to react. Saying that the game seems to be very popular and it would be a shame if it was not release on Wii U. Furthermore the sales figure argument is a lot of crap. It’s a well know fact xbox 1 sale less than wii U worldwide. What drive me mad is that hypocrisy, just say you don’t like platform.

  21. So why do they think n one would buy Minecraft on Wii U? and why do they think they can’t update it?

    I want Minecraft on my Wii U, but it sounds like the Minecraft developer needs to do some research. :(

  22. Pingback: Minecraft Could Come to the Wii U if the User Base is Large Enough • Always Nintendo

  23. releaseditonvitabecauseeveryoneownsavitadontthey?hahasillymojang

    The gap between wii U and xbox1 is back over 2 million .. no poor sap with an ounce of gaming knowledge owns a vita. The gap between xbox and Wii U is getting bigger despite nothing much since Mario Kart 8. The only thing more puzzling than Mojang’s recent strategy is their communication.

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