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Final Fantasy Explorers For 3DS Allows You To Transform Into Cloud And Other Final Fantasy Characters

Square Enix revealed earlier this week that the upcoming Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS will enable you to transform into Cloud and other Final Fantasy protagonists. This is all part of the game’s unique Trance feature which will allow gamers to transform into other legendary Final Fantasy characters. The Trance feature will be time limited and the only character confirmed so far is Cloud, but we will inevitably hear about other characters in the coming months.

32 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Explorers For 3DS Allows You To Transform Into Cloud And Other Final Fantasy Characters”

          1. No offense but PC stomps everything when it comes to consoles or handheld gaming, why do people even bring it up? That is all these devices are anyway, based on PC’s, even all these phones and tablets are just trying to be more and more like a PC but it has always been this way, now they are just more like them.

            I mean the Dreamcast had Windows on it, so it isn’t anything new.

            Really didn’t want to get involved but being a PC enthusiast myself and having a very expensive PC, I still never understood the point in comparing consoles to my PC. There is reason why it cost me so much to make this computer and why it plays games so much better, there is also a reason why consoles are weaker and cheaper.

            They don’t cost as much to make, they obviously are weaker because of that, their made for people with budgets but still want to enjoy a decent gaming experience. So lets just leave it at that and move one shall we..?

            There will probably never be a day where consoles beat PC, they aren’t made to and people like Shuhei have talked about this quite frequently because I am sure he is sick of the comparisons but even he has no problem admitting that. The only time they were close was back in 2006 but it didn’t last long. Sure they may get close but PC’s are an ever evolving system and because of that they can never be beat when it comes to gaming and since that is where all gaming starts anyway even with development, who cares?

            I don’t.

            1. People mainly buy consoles because of price, exclusives and/or brand loyalty. Games are fun no matter what platform they’re on, or how powerful the the system. At the end of the day, games are still games.

      1. Vita wake up. You’ve lost your handheld gaming system title. You’re now just a PS4 peripheral. Sony has abandoned you.

        1. As usual this is all just your opinion, accept that. As for me, I barely ever use Remote Play, so what you’re saying must only apply to your point of view and I play my Vita games more than my PS4 and Wii U.

          So what if Sony is focusing on the PS4 more? It is their best selling system, Nintendo does the same thing with the 3DS and Wii U, they always give more attention to the 3DS. It is right either way to me? No, I feel companies should do their best to give equal to support to all their products.

          When the PS Vita has literally no games in the future and is discontinued, then you can say Sony abandoned it. I won’t act like Sony hasn’t made a lot of mistakes with the Vita either but they really did try for the most part on the gaming end, people really didn’t care though and even when it had stellar games like Tearaway that were completely unique and new, no one bought it. What pisses me off about that is now that it’s coming to PS4, all the sudden everyone cares about the game now… So stupid… Before that everyone cried that the only thing that would save the Vita was a big FPS, so Sony gave it it’s own Killzone, one of their flagship FPS titles, which is literally hand downs one of the most impressive and best FPS you’ll ever play on handheld and people still didn’t buy that either…

          Sadly just like Wii U and 3DS fans are divided for some reason, the same thing happened with the PS4 and Vita. Just like you have 3DS fans who say the Wii U is a piece of crap but want Wii U games on 3DS or vice versa, PS4 fans do the same thing saying the Vita is crap but then those same idiots love when Vita games release on the PS4 and basically beg for games like Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, Freedom wars, Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2 to come to PS4… Yea that makes a lot of god damn sense.

          The thing is I would love for you to tell me who the hell in the gaming industry right now isn’t making mistakes somewhere with one of their products? Oh yea, that is right, no one.

    1. Here’s hoping that they mean FF7 Cloud and not the shitty angsty Cloud from the compilation titles like Advent Children.

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