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Miyamoto Is Leading A Brand New Team Of Developers

Legendary video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto has explained to EDGE magazine that he has been hard at work assembling a new team of developers to work on new gaming concepts. The new team is called Garage and so far they’ve created Splatoon, Project Guard, Project Giant Robot and Starfox. Here’s what he had to say.

Splatoon and the three prototypes are the first games to emerge from Garage, a new Nintendo development programme set up last year in which developers break off into small teams and work on new ideas. “There are increasing numbers of young staff at Nintendo’s development studios these days,” Miyamoto says, “and these young guys really want to express themselves.” Work is done during office hours, but he compares Garage to an after-school club, in spirit if not in schedule. “Class time’s over: they gather together and think about new projects completely apart from their everyday business assignments. When all of those projects have advanced to a certain stage, we gather together and exchange opinions on the outcome of each of them, and together we decide which ones should continue. We may have shown several software titles at E3 [that came from Garage], but there are many others in development too.

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44 thoughts on “Miyamoto Is Leading A Brand New Team Of Developers”

    1. This is like Nintendo’s own “Indie” development team and environment. :) Sounds like a good plan to collectively gather enough talents and production without stress or restrictions from a gaming company.

        1. Yeah. Nintendo should make their own brand of survival horror and FPS after the third party gave them nothing but back stabbing hell. Its now clear that they want nothing to do with Nintendo so, let. Nintendo do their own thing.

    2. The teams are probably small enough to where they don’t have to worry too much about sales. Low budget, maximum fun, sales shouldn’t be a problem, this has been Nintendo’s philosophy for a while, they just finally have a team that’s based around it as well

  1. This is great Miyamoto is getting the future of Nintendo planned out before he needs to thinking ahead and teaching younger people this is amazing news all Nintendo fans should love this

  2. I think smaller teams with unique ideas is what this industry needs, rather than massive 100+ men team. Just look at the indie scene and their unique and ambitious Ideas, look at no man’s sky!

    1. So true. It’s pretty bad when gamers stop making games and only business men work on them with money being the prime focus. Most of them I should say.

    2. Indie games and Nintendo games are bound to re-invigorate the over-inflated, over-budgeted gaming industry. COD games will only be popular for so long before even the diehards (traditional non-gamers who just like a bunch of shooting) get bored and become disinterested. Let the gaming re-revolution begin!

  3. Bring us Custom Robo X Mega Man!
    Or Cross Mighty No. 9? Is he the new mega man? Whatever, just do it! You young ones have the power!

  4. Wait, they’re doing Star Fox? Didn’t think nintendo would trust such a high-profile game with such inexperienced devs

    1. They are not inexperienced, they are some of the minds behind the best games Nintendo has created. As far as I know some of them come from Animal Crossing team, wich have proben yo have innovative ideas.

    2. Why or how would they be inexperienced when they were educated for game development before they get the job and also they’re led by the legendary Miyamoto so they’re in good hands. :)

    1. Fuck 3rd party and I can’t think of any 2nd party who would take on Star Fox besides Retro after Metroid Prime success but this new team, led by none other than Miyamoto himself, is a great start for building up new blood for the company and its game’s future. :)

  5. Sounds like a very interesting approach, even by Nintendo to work outside of business space to apply it into business later. :) Seems like a great way to be creative and productive without stress from the business environment. Way to go Miyamoto. :)

  6. I literally had basically this same idea a year ago as something NoA could do since Japan usually focuses on the core Nintendo franchises, aside from DK and Metroid, who Retro somehow managed to claim from them

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