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Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 Will Arrive December 4 For Japan

samurai_warriors_chronicles3Koei Tecmo has announced Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 will release in Japan on December 4 for the Nintendo 3DS. The hack and slash spin-off title from the game’s main series was revealed last month in Japanese magazine Famitsu, and will feature more than 50 military characters, along with new events and character edit slots.

Along with the game’s release date, Koei Tecmo also unveiled to fans that a limited edition of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 would also be available to purchase on December 4. Fans can expect an original soundtrack CD with 32 songs from the franchise, a character art book detailing the Chronicles characters, as well as a special character post card. The limited edition for Nintendo 3DS will reportedly retail for 8,800 yen, excluding tax, while the standard edition will be available for approximately 5,800 yen, again excluding tax.

8 thoughts on “Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 Will Arrive December 4 For Japan”

    1. Yeah I played one, but I guess two never made it overseas or something as I haven’t heard a thing about it either.

      1. The first didn’t too well enough I guess.
        I’m sad. I loved that game.

        Though with 2 and 3 I expected many different characters instead of just 5 new or so.

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