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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Officially Revealed, No Wii U Or Nintendo 3DS

Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations 2 is real and will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC next year. Capcom released a teaser trailer to tide fans over which you can watch above. Plot details for the game have yet to be revealed.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida and Bad News Zeama

264 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations 2 Officially Revealed, No Wii U Or Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Not cool, Capcom, not cool. It’s not even like the game did horrible in terms of sales that would justify your reason for ditching Nintendo consoles.
    Sigh, you were my favourite gaming company. I don’t know what to think of you now :(

    1. Capcom games suck and taking huge losses lately. The fact that they ditched the 3DS shows how stupid they are. The game become popular on the 3DS and didn’t sale on the Wii U because it was a port for a small system and not designed for large system. That’s like making SNES game for a ps4. It’s just funny how they ditch the 3DS where that game become popular at.

      1. I don’t see why they should make it for the 3DS anymore. The revelations series has moved in to consoles IMO. The Wii U just didn’t make the cut

          1. Because if they don’t the nintendrones will have a fit and drown hyrule with their tears.

            You know when babies have a fit, that’s what a see form most nintendo fanboys, that’s why i like nintendo fans and not wiitards but they only populate maybe .2% of the fanbase. There actually cool if you find one but they usually play more than just nintendo so it makes sense.

          2. Because they owe Nintendo fans for saving the series’s ass..twice. RE4 with its huge risky change wouldn’t have become a huge hit if it wasn’t for Nintendo and the fans. RE itself would’ve died after RE6 clusterfuck if it wasn’t for Nintendo and the fans of 3DS giving it a second chance with Revelations. This is a huge stab in the back for Nintendo who help lifted RE back on top from Revelations and made the series strong from RE4 change.

              1. Smash Bros. 4 is living proof that Megaman fanbase is still alive and huge. These motherfuckers has officially lost themselves of their credibility, money and respect so in the end, those corrupt assholes will fall.

              1. lol Don’t even get it twisted. GC is what set RE4 up so high that it got ported over many times than any other video game I can think of. PS2 made RE4 huge…my ass. lol Its where it all started bro. Don’t try to confuse people to make Nintendo look bad..again.

                1. Nope. He’s right. Every time I hear someone talk about Resident Evil 4, they mention PlayStation 2. And I think he means in terms of sales. Idk.

                  1. But let’s be real about one thing: Capcom could’ve easily build the game just for PS2 and be done with it. But they chose GameCube, despite its own sales troubles, because they wanted to push themselves of the game development and maybe saw some potential in the system. It was one hell of a risk they took and they knew it. But past all of that gamble and the odds being against them, the game did phenomenally in terms of positive reception by fans which carried out for many years to come and became one of the most biggest gaming hits in history. No matter how they see it or where it sold well, people need to recognize and thank Nintendo and the fans for making it possible in the first place. Same thing with Revelations when Capcom has brought itself and RE so low with minimum chance of redemption, the game being exclusive on 3DS which was just as risky as GameCube when it sold adequately (not as amazing as now compare to 2012) and that game too was met with great reception that Capcom wanted to port it over to consoles and forget about that mess called RE6. Capcom owes Nintendo much in regards of helping RE stay relevant today with RE4 and Revelations. This new game ignoring Nintendo is a huge, disrespectful mistake and it will bite them back later. I promise to everyone who reads this and Capcom. They have officially lost their goddamn minds in such desperation caused by their own selfish doing.

                    1. I’m guessing it’s not on the 3DS because it can’t run it and it’s not on Wii U because of sales. I know RE:R was on 3DS, but it was built from the ground up to be made on it. This RE would probably look much better in comparison. Especially since it’s coming to current consoles unlike RE:R.

                      1. Same for RE:R the other way around when they ported it to consoles and could’ve improved up to the console’s standards but were too damn lazy.

                        3DS port of part 2 could work on the new model if they actually try but if it skips entirely for whatever stupid ass reason, this ultimately kills any and all respect from Nintendo fans left, just like Ubishit did.

                2. It was an exclusive to the GameCube January and came to ps2 later that year on October personally I like all gaming but if I’m not mistaken if the GameCube version wasn’t good it wouldn’t go to ps2 btw on sales GameCube got more on this game then ps2

        1. It’s because of the 3ds it’s popular as it came out on the system first. I’m getting this gut feeling we may get a New 3DS release after..i really hope so!!

      2. This is why Nintendo should have bought out Capcom when they had the chance. Imagine where the wii u would be if it had Resident evil series, mega man, devil may cry, and countless others as exclusives. What ever happened to Capcom trying to sell ??

        1. They’re still on thin ice and about to fall if they keep this BS up. Killing Megaman, betraying Nintendo who help RE survived twice from its risky moves (RE4 change and Revelations’s redemption attempt) and now suing Techmo over infringement of some game which Techmo came out first and the whole “add-on DLC” thing which EVERYONE like EA has been doing today and even before Capcom existed.

        2. I was really hoping Nintendo would have grab Capcom but I haven’t anything heard about it since. No doubt with Nintendo in charge things for Capcom would finally be going in the right direction.

          1. And honestly, how many you think of those there is?
            If mostly only Nintendo fans has bought Wii U, there is a big probability, that most Nintendo fans would own the handheld that the company makes.
            And think the number is closer to 100k, than 20k. 360 with 10 times the install base sold only about 200k.

    2. Lol I feel bad for Wii U, you Nintendo fans enjoyed that underpowered console lol. Not only that Wii U is not getting next gen games, it’s also not getting last gen games

      1. Woah woah woah! Under powered? PS4 and Xbox One are already considered out of date since launch. Wii U is proven to be 2 times more powerful than a PS3 and Xbox 360 and they are getting these new gen games. Its not under powered, its under appreciated. Nintendo fucked up on the marketing which is the reason Wii U is failing. Its a good console and its probably the best value for 300 dollars. PS4 and Xbox One (which is God awful) haven’t made that many changes. Nintendo has a fucking game pad that has a touch screen on it. How much cooler and different can you get than that? Capcom can do their thing but it does deserve to be on the 3DS since that’s where it started (and since that technology and is more popular than a Vita which is WAY more powerful), it’d be stupid of them not to at least give Nintendo a title that seems to be building up friction fast.

        1. Because they don’t want to make an acceptable product for older fans of their series? Well, good riddance. I won’t buy it in any other system I own either, if that puts your mind at ease.

                1. “By itself”, maybe. It’s not a good Resident Evil game, though. I guess it’s pretty good if you consider it a spin-off kind of things, but not at all if you’re comparing it to the true survival horror games.

                  And yes, I have played it. I have numerous complains about the game and a few good things to say. The final boss, for example, was a great part (and the only one I can really remember off the top of my mind).

        2. Why? Because they port subpar games to the system and expect to step right up and buy it? Please… The demo was garbage and if it wouldnt have been I would have bought it. Zombie U was a much better demo and I got that and enjoyed it fully. Graphics were cheesy and gameplay was not very good (would have loced to have the nunchuk as a possibility).

    3. i don’t like resident evil games anyway. not a miss for me because i still have to compelete black op 2 on wii u and battlefield 3.

    4. Hey sicker please get your head out of your ass, and stopping postinfmg attention seeking articles like this, when you haven’t touched upon that recent interview with miamoto and the newly formed division sector code named garage , who are bring us new ip’s

    5. And its gonna suck… seriously, the 3DS was the handheld that started this game off, so why not release it on the 3DS or better yet the Wii U and the New 3DS?

        1. Yeah i know they don’t….. that’s what there trying to prove with that bayonetta movement how everyone should buy it. I mean it’s a good thing to prove something and it would but i bet you it will not sell that well.

      1. The game sold great on the 3ds. But when they realized that people LOVED Revelations and disliked RE6 they decided to port Revelations to home consoles. It sold puss poor on the Wii U and PS3\360 owners complained about the graphics not being amazing.

        Since people wanted graphics to look nicer Revelations 2 is skipping the 3DS, and the Wii U version or Revelations 1 did poorly so its getting dumped.

        Its not hard to understand why Nintendo got the shaft.

        1. I agree but the 360 had 80 million users at the time and wii u like 5 something. The 360 version sold horrible if you think about it, it only sold .19 and wii u sold. 9. It sold bad but the 360 sold horrible as well if you look at it, especially for the user base. The ps3 version is the only console port that sold well.

          1. Wii U did sold horribly I can’t deny but its only because 3DS version already exists at 1/3 of the Wii U version’s price so its no brain surgery to figure out why other platforms sold a little more but still did horribly anyway and the port itself barely changed anything or added anything, even the graphics are lazy.

        2. Yeah dude. I’m personally upset, because I played it through on the 3ds and it was an amazing handheld resident evil. So it kinda sucks, I wish I could play the sequel on my 3ds. But what you’re saying is completely true, they are in business to make money which means sometimes they make a decision that aggravates certain fans. And I think the gameplay will be much different, it may not have even been a good fit for a handheld even without the new graphics. The first revelations was truly built for 3ds, thats why it worked so well. Point is, it sucks but we don’t need to just bitch forever about it.

        1. The clercgy of Church of Sasori now known as Lord Aizen has condemed the actions and existence of Dark Horse Rider..Cancer will befall you. Sasori has pity of you and invite you to join our church and thus you’ll find redenption.

          Churc of Sasori

    6. Resident evil saw the return to its roots on a Nintendo console, it had the most critical acclaim game on a nintendo console, had the best remake in a nintendo console, and every time it was ported over to the other consoles just to make some extra bucks….. And you would think that at the VERY least they would release this game on the wii u too, but i guess we’ll get the middle finger instead. :/ will they port this one to the wii u? Third parties can be such hypocrites for money.

        1. Resident Evil 5 (PS3,XB360)… BANG, BANG, BANG!!
          Resident Evil 6 (PS3, XB360)… more BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!!!!!!
          Resident Evil Revelations (3DS)… more AAAAHHHHHH and HORROR again!
          So yes, it kinda saw the return to its roots on a Nintendo console.

          1. I’m not trying to debunk your point, but Revelations was much more similar to RE4 than 0, 1, 2, 3 or REmake, so I’d hardly call it a “return to the roots”. I think that was his point.

            1. Your right it was the most familiar to 4 but that’s good enough to the roots for me. Nobody was expecting any return to the roots,.

        2. RE4, with its huge gameplay and enemy focus change risk, scored big on the GameCube as a timed exclusive and became one of the biggest video game hits in history..thanks to Nintendo and the fans. Then Capcom neglected them when they made RE5/6 and guess what? The series fell apart. Now with Revelations being a 3DS exclusive and another risky move of attempting to restore the series after RE6 ruined it, also made a great difference and performance enough to earn some respect back for the series…again, all thanks to Nintendo. Now they’re neglecting them again. It feels like Capcom only uses Nintendo and the fans as a test bed for their games to see if it’ll work on them first and then give them the bird to make and port move over to other consoles just to screw themselves and the series again. Capcom obviously doesn’t learn shit and take those who have always helped them for granted.

      1. The only reason why its skipping the Wii U is because it sold horribly.

        Why develop a game on the 3DS and hold back the console versions? I could see the NEW 3DS getting a port in the future, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

        Nintendos fans are the only ones to blame.

        1. It sold horribly because the same fans who bought it on 3DS won’t double dip. The port hardly improved on anything like graphics and only threw in a few small extras while charging $30-40$ more than the 3DS version..

        2. And how are Nintendo fans to be blamed for this BS sequel skipping when we revitalized RE to begin with? Remember RE4 on GameCube? Its change was a huge risk and step away from the classic set up that RE fans loved and it worked and they owe Nintendo fans for that, same with RE Revelations that restored its respect after RE6 clusterfuck.

          The fans had nothing to do with this. Its Capcom being fucking moronic ingrates. No wonder they’re stupidly suing Techmo because they’re desperate dumb fucks and now in hot water with their money and stupid ass decisions like this. I hope Nintendo owns their asses and their IPs.

            1. And what good would that do as well when this new Crapcom is making BS add-on releases, making shitty games until they decide to use Nintendo as a test bed to see if it’ll work with later games and oh, did I forget to mention they senselessly killed Megaman too and they’re ignoring the fanbase still being alive and larger than before?

              This Crapcom needs to make a choice: Either die permanently or join Nintendo, the very part of the gaming industry and fanbase that actually gave a damn about them and their IPs all this time.

            2. Exactly the point! If Nintendo buys Capcom, we’ll see the “Nintendo is for kids” mentality die as Nintendo has Capcom release future Resident Evil games to Nintendo consoles only.

    7. It’s a shame, because the first Revelations was an amazing game with stunning graphics and gameplay that went back to the survival horror roots, while still mixing in a bit of that fast-paced action from the later games. It’s one of the 3DS’s best games, and I’m sure the second would be well received if it were to be on it.

    8. Wow WII U hardware is more powerful than the xbox 360 and PS3 yet its not even getting a port but every other console is!! Just shows how much the Third party company’s are avoiding it….

        1. And yet support Vita that sold as much as Wii U did in more time and Xbox One is still stuck at 5 million somewhere for the past 2 months.

          I may get the Wii U but no 3DS, the very same platform and fans that helped save RE after that mess RE6? This is treason to the fans who actually cared for the series if done correctly. This Capcom and its management is a fucking joke.

    9. i actually dont blame capcom cause they really didnt support the gamepad with the first game, you might as well just owned the 3ds version really. anyway ps4 really needs the third party games more because sony is on there way out anyways if they dont change there ways, you know they lie abou shit and etc. any who this is cool news because if this game fails i hope capcom dies and nintendo aquire the rights to: mega man resident evil street fighter dragon master eye of the beholder remake etc.

      1. Nintendo owning those IPs wouldn’t mean anything. They would just fade away into obscurity just like Metroid, FZero, and until just recently Star Fox.

        All they care about is Mario and to a lesser extent Zelda because that is all most Nintendo owners play.

            1. Nintendo has already said they’re giving huge consideration of allowing Retro to do Metroid again of Intelligent Systems to make a 2D Metroid.

              Given the fact that Nintendo is providing much fan service to save Wii U, F-Zero could be in the cards. Have faith.

                1. Retro has already expanded their studio and workforce. I’m not sure if that mysterious “2nd game conjunction” is true (Metroid?) but I hope they are working on a new 3D Metroid building up from Prime series success.

      1. SORRY BUT….

        This is getting made by the same exact members who made revelations. it’s ,ost likley going to be way better than 5 and 6 and be as good as revelations.

        Your damage control is no good and outdated. ahhh sucks to be a corporate slave right about now, so many great games not coming to nintendo.

          1. Nope i have a wii u, im not a corporate slave like you and unlike you i will buy bayonetta 2 and xenoblade and not just mario kart and shit.

            Sucks to be a wiitard.

            1. Whoa man. You are, like, so cool. So really, really cool. You’re so much more enlightened than ANYONE else on this site. It’s admirable, really, that you’re wasting your precious cognitive faculties AND your time with us, poor souls, when you could be running for the Nobel Price in Economics.

            2. What’s wrong with getting Mario Kart? It was a solid Kart racer and most Wii U owners really enjoy it. I also can’t wait for Xenoblade and Bayonetta 2. :)

    10. I had never played Resident evil before this game and I’m not going to lie, I loved it. :( It’s not like I couldn’t just buy it on a system it is coming out for but unfortunately it won’t be the same. Thanks Capcom. I hope you’re happy..

        1. -.- Because I never owned them as a kid. I have since gone back and and played most of the older games because I was told they were pretty great. Learn to read, I said Re:R was the first one I played.

    11. I wouldn’t get this game even if I had a PS4. I don’t care about Resident Evil. But sucks for all you guys that wanted it. You better go buy a PS4 then! Lmao.

      1. Wellllz, it’s also coming to PS3 and Xbox consoles. Although I highly doubt I will pick it up. I will not support Resident Evil Revelations 2 until it returns to the console it needs to be on… the 3DS. Until then, I will be playing Pokèmon Y… anytime else wanna battle or trade? :P

      2. hahaha- nope. We Nintendofans are not going to buy a Playstation 4- with payed onlinesystem- just for playing one game xD Dude, there are many more games coming for WiiU- all exclusive. The new Wave-Race game- only for WiiU. The new Fast Racing Neo…You see? No point for buying a indiestation 4 xD

        1. Your jokes suck hairy balls XD but seriously, get a fuckin’ life icy. Go play your gimped PCs with nothing but rehashes remasters. We Nintendo fans appreciate true games, not the usual mainstream shooty, gory shit that Xbox and Playstation puts out

            1. Sorry to say this, but dude- your name alone cries out “help i`m a sony-pony”. So you cannot be a Nintendofan. And thus you don`t know what they want.

          1. Stranga i don’t give one fuck what your corporate slave ass had to say, your a wiitard and irrelevant to me, just like n dub. Those gimped pc’s are getting all the games and i don’t feel like getting pc for over a thousand for a good build.

            The wii u is like a super duper ultra gimped pc then. Oh did you just cut onions or something? Your crying

              1. You sound way less pathetic than that stranga, actually you seem normal. Why are they trying to make you sound like a wiitard closet queer?

                1. I have no idea. lol Envy maybe? But if you ever see “me” typing such perverted shit, its not me. It could be either Sasori or someone else from one of the dozen anonymous posters.

                        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                          A bigger troll force must be contained, it is a force full of stupidity and hornyness for “fapping”

                          It goes by the name Obinna.
                          And Yamauchi help use, he must be destroyed.

                2. “The wii u is like a super duper ultra gimped pc then.”

                  Hahah- dude- go kill yourself ;) Do us the favour! You simply don´t know that WiiU is not compatible to x86-shit-games ;) Its as simple as it gets. Also- WiiU will get exclusive Rollplaying-games (like RPG-game) which cannot be done on PS4 (as you have not the necessary controller there). So you see? You seem like you are a little sony-whiner. PS: Just for your information- WiiU uses risc-tech. Not cheap old x86-tech. Even Intel has problems to manufacture faster cpus. Why do you think that is? An old Core i7 3770k (Ivybridge) is only 5 fucking percent slower – than the newer Haswell Core i7 4770k. Hahaha- this is telling everything about this pathetic x86-driven industry ;) Smartphones meanwhile get 50-100% more performance each year…and have no boarders to cross- like 14nm fabrication oder other things which Intel allready has to cross.

                  1. Also “and i don’t feel like getting pc for over a thousand for a good build.”

                    Yes. You instead buy 70-90 dollar-games ;) 10 of those (10x 70/90 Dollars = 700-900 dollars) and you have your pc, dumbass! Meanwhile on Steam you get a bunch of good games for the same amount of money. With FREE Internetgaming. No advertising. Free Modding etc. You see? Your argument fails.

                    Oh- and i don`t think that you only buy 10 games for your console, or do you? If you only buy 10 games, then you cannot be satisfied with that. Just 10 games, lol. I allready have 40 games for the WiiU. And over 60 games for 3DS. And this is without download-games.

                    So what happens if you buy 20 games for the PS4? You pay at least 1400 dollars for them. The rest is wasted. If you would buy the same games on PC, you would be much cheaper in long-term.

          1. Nintedo won;t give us fatal frame 5 just like 4 because they care about there fans remember? So we really don’t got fatal frame 5.

        2. Ridiculous coming from Capcom, in this generation just doing ridiculous ports (as RE HD), and bringing expansions of SF to earn money, the only thing that Capcom is doing right in this generation is the Monster Hunter franchise, because the rest is disappointing, I really enjoyed the RE: Revelations of 3DS and Wiiu, clearly are seeking only profit and prioritizing what is faster to produce (create games for platforms with similar structure such as PS3, PS4, Xone,X360).It is for these things that I will always be on the side of the Nintendo consoles, because they are the only ones who are bringing the real “new generation” of games with due quality, either in Hardware or software.

        3. fuck you capcom. not only was that trailer terrible. but you’re ignoring the company that helped give that game life. this is the second time and i say it’s unacceptable. i hope it sucks.

              1. Well 3ds is way weaker than any console out, so that’s why. They want to put it on more platforms as for wii u, we already know why.

                1. Did they even market RE R i don’t ever remember seeing a ad for the game, even with the console port. I’ll probably will have ps4, or XBONE in 2015 so it won’t effect me. I do freakin hope bayonetta sells, that game deseves to sell even more so then smash( which kinda hurts to say but is true)

                  1. I know if bayonetta 2 doesn’t sell than it really is proves that nintendo fans don’t buy 3rd party games, even quality ones.

                      1. You better hope it sells, yeah remember that hype for wonderful 101? LMAO it bombed so bad! Nintendo fans never keep there word it seems. I remember seeing everyone saying they were going to buy it and it totally flopped lmao!

                        As for this reident evil game, i think they should of made a wii u version or maybe 3ds (though to weak compared ot other systems), if it was not a horrible version i would get the wii u version over the ps4 version. I hate the shitpad but seriously having the map on the gamepad on the screen is so helpful. I tend to keep on pausing to look at the fucking map. That’s why it sucks not to have REmake remaster for wii u (lazy ass remaster by the way) because having the map open at all times would be the most convenient thing ever for me, I can’t count how many times i had to open the fucking map over and over again in that game. Stupid capcom now i have to keep pausing it again.

                        1. Its not the fact that Nintendo fans don’t support 3rd party, its the fact that we support the right games that seems fun for us. W101, when I tried the demo, didn’t really click well for me. Its not the game that looked fun for me. Resident Evil on the other hand is an entirely different story. We love Resident Evil and as prove that we do, we saved its ass twice so far when RE4 with its big change risk of gameplay and enemy type with Las Plagas plus GameCube exclusivity, it became a critical hit many times over and Revelations on 3DS was their second chance of redemption and Nintendo fans, once again, made the game and series popular again after RE6 nearly killed the series and it wasn’t even on Nintendo consoles to be blamed for.

                          To me, this move is an insult to Nintendo fans who has shown more care for the series than any other platform that it survived two risky game releases and this is the thanks we get? I fucking hope Capcom dies or Nintendo buys them out to put WTF is in charge of that place out of the company’s misery.

                      2. I allready have it pre-ordered. Don`t worry. At least 1-2 Million at start is realistic. But you know- Nintendo-made-games are longtime-sellers. So this makes no exception here.

                          1. Don’t pay attention to him. He’s a troll. Did you not see his other comments? Dude said Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS looked better than the PC version. He’s a fanboy. Lol.

                              1. DUDE! Are you kidding me? In what universe does the PC version of a game look worse than the 3DS version?! He’s trolling! How can you not see this?!

                                1. I’m saying I didn’t see where he typed it. And of course the idiot is trolling if that’s the case. XD

                                  Calm down Hollow. I didn’t where he typed that BS and if I did, I would ignore it since its a weak ass troll. lol

                                2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                                  Actually, with the 3D effect on, Revelations looked best on the 3DS. Screw the other ports! Except for the Wii U port.

                          2. minus us, though my excuse for not buying some of EA,ACTVISION ubisoft’s games are… I didn’t like any of games they’ve made. I did support rayman, zombi, sonic, wonderful 101, RE, DEUS, and few more. bayonetta is day for me action games are pretty much my favorite…Still need to play DMC

                            1. No i don’t blame you for not supporting trash like ass creed and most of the ports of games were just awful on wii u. You got the few good ones not going to lie, you already did your part.

                                1. ME a FANBOY!!!! WHAT!!! LMAO how did anybody think i was a fanboy? Thanks for the ice award *puts down ice award* There *sasori and nintedward slips on ice award and starts crying*

                                2. oh wait i get it now, that was supposed to be me talking. Make sure you put the ice award down so sasori and nintedward slip and start crying.

                                1. Don’t bet on it. Watch Dogs is one of the mature titles Ubisoft said they won’t make for Nintendo consoles again since the “fanbase” doesn’t want mature games. The first Watch_Dogs may very well be the only mature we get from this point on. IF Ubishit doesn’t decide to just cancel the game altogether.

                      3. dude,Resident Evil Revelations has better lighting than any Sony/ms-console out. 3DS has better shaders and allows hardware lightsource-accelleration which no console (not even PC) has. Dude in neogaf said it yesterday. Thats why 3DS-version is the best. Best graphics (but in SD, but with AA), 3D if you want that and well- its the only version which is native, not a simple port.

                  2. But it is possible to perceive the level of players of this generation for the Last of US: Remastered sales, who bought the same game on the PS3 with a better frame-rate , new players who have no notion of what are quality games, mostly casual players of Fifa, Minecraft and COD.(Mostly referring to a large portion of the players from the USA and UK).

              2. I never play resident evil… well I had to help a friend for RE 2 on PS1 but really did not like it at all. Like many, even if I don’t care about the game i think it’s shame capcom does not release at least a 3DS version.

                But when Capcom will need money they will have to release Ultra Street fighter 4 on Wii U and resident evil will follow with Monster Hunter 4 LOL :-)

              3. Now time to add Crapcom on our Shitlist of traitorous 3rd party. This is a fucking insult to Nintendo fans who helped saved RE with Revelations after that fucked up RE6 and helped made the series more popular with RE4’s risky change change on GmaeCube.

                1. The list just keeps getting longer and longer. I only hope that the day will come when they all fall one after the other… while we cross their names off one by one >; )

              4. That trailer was extremely boring! Can be serious here. Do you guys ever think that the reason third party games sell so well on the xbox and playstation consoles is because short of a watered down halo franchise, little big planet, and maybe god of war and grand turismo. That there are no good first party games for people to spend their money on,on either consoles. think about, No wonder more people don’t buy 3rd party titles on wii u we’re all too busy trying to purchase all the exclusive first party games. Just a thought.

                1. Have you tried the PS4 exclusive demo from Hideo Kojima, P.T? That demo was the best fucking horror game I’ve ever played since RE 1. Please try it out if you have a PS4 people!

              5. Of course they won’t, they know that the blind sheep over at the other 2 lesser lifeforms will buy it no matter what because they will always hav the need to get a confirmation that they are “mature” when infact they’ll never be…

                While most of our people knows that the franchise is crap and needs to die already and get a complete reboot…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    That’s why I have been playing Deux Ex Human Revolution for hours in my Wii U right?…

                    Exposed for being a total pathetic ape…

                        1. Lol close enough. You down to race later? My little sisters wanna hang out cause my vacation ends tomorrow so I’ll be going back to florida and they have school tomorrow so I’m busy with most of the day.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            I can’t, soon system shutdown time and right now I’m busy watching the big debate between all 8 parties in Sweden because the elections are in less than 2 weeks…

                            1. True that, I’ll have more free time when I’m home and hopefully then we can finally race. Good luck to whoever you want to win in Sweden.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Aslongas it’s not that nazi scum then I’m glad, hopefully not the conservatives either because they have put Sweden into a downspiral in 8 years…

                  2. You shut up, not realizing your future Super Smash bros. money is going to Capcom to make more future PS4/Xbone tittles. NC is buying smash bros wii U and I am too. I just wish Capcom wasn’t getting a percentage off this game. But I don’t have no choice if I want to play smash bros. Good thing Ubisoft started tripping early enough so Rayman wouldn’t be in the game. They do get some money off the Rayman Trophy though. I would have gotten rid of anything Ubisoft related if I were making Smash bros. It’s just not fair, they are getting some sort of revenue off Smash bros. and use the money to make upcoming Xbone tittles.

                1. My interest in MH4U has also dwindled. And this news makes me want to never play MH3U again. Hell! I haven’t played it in many, many months & now I don’t think I even want to play it anymore now.

              6. The 3DS has been their saving platform for the company and Resident Evil, and now abandon Nintendo platforms for the sequel? Wow.

                And then what happens when this game don’t sell? Port it to the 3DS because they sold well on the console? Fuck No!

                1. People aren’t mad because RE is not coming to Wii U, How would you feel if you put a masscot in your fighting game expected to make millions off your franchise. Yet the developer making that money off that game will takethat revenue to invest in future PS4, Xbone software? In other words Nintendo is developing future software tittles not coming to its hardware. Nintendo is saving the game industry again.

                2. I’m not mad, I can wait until this game is 5$ on steam sale.
                  Less than 3 months it will be -50%, if I have an RE itch.

              7. Well this sucks, I’m not buying anymore third parties for the Wii U, I’m only going to use it only for Wii U games like the majority of Wii U owners use it for.

                1. Please say: “I will only buy decent third party games that deserve to be bought such as… *insert game here* from *insert publisher here*, or third party games published by Nintendo, such as Bayonetta”.
                  Sorry, I could not think of a publisher that is even trying to support Nintendo, though I hear there are some third party games actually worth purchasing, from indie devs.

                2. Dude, you mean the word “Native”. You mean, you are going to buy only native WiiU-games. Native means, the code is done for PowerPC and thus optimized (like Need for Speed MW).

                  Cause Ports like “ZombiU” or Resident Evil Revelations – were never WiiU-Games. those are just simple Xbox 360-Ports, no one wants or needs, which run crappy (badly optimized, some even not optimized at all,just gimped shit), which crash your console and may even damage it! I`m only buying native WiiU games now too. I don`t need Thirdpartys in my life ;) I can play enough thirdparty on 3DS or on PC you know? You don´t need a expensive console (with payed Multiplayer) for this.

                  Only Thirdparty-titles left, i like today are:

                  – Rayman (Ubi$oft)
                  – GTA
                  – Half Life (2/3 etc)
                  – Portal

                  and maybe some strategy-games like Anno or Settlers! But thats it! Thirdparty is dead for me. Long time ago i started to abandon cheap thirdparty-crap. They won`t get my money any longer. They can suck my dick in future.

              8. I find it very hypocritical how people are constantly bashing on Ubisoft due to them not developing many games and even going so far as to saying Rayman isn’t deserving of being in Smash Bros.
                Yet Capcom is doing the exact same thing, but people are still cool with their mascot being in the game. :/
                On a side note, I pretty much had a feeling that this was going to happen regarding Wii U. Although, the absence of a 3DS version is questionable.

              9. Kind of a stab in the back on Nintendo. So the revenue off Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Capcom gets off Megaman, Megaman stages and music is going for future PS4, Xbone tittles.

              10. So RES from 3DS Revenue helped make a PS4 tittle and Xbox tittle but not a Wii U or another 3DS tittle. I’m thinking twice about buying more 3rd party tittles. Like what will Wii U’s Revenue off Zombie U be doing in UBi’s bank? AC7 or 8 not for Wii U? So developers don’t want to support Nintendo but wants to milk Nintendo to help make PS4 tittles.

                1. “So developers don’t want to support Nintendo but wants to milk Nintendo to help make PS4 tittles.”

                  Dude, they allways want that ;) They don´t want to help Nintendo, they want to milk Nintendo like you said. Did you see what Ubisoft did? Ubisoft can die in my eyes. I am no longer buying Rayman of them. I don`t support them any longer. No money from me, Ubishit!

                  And trust me when i said it. One day its over for Ubisoft. And then there will be no regrets from me. I hate Ubisoft as a Publisher today. No real Nintendofan likes them anymore.

              11. The only way Capcom can justify making a multi-million dollar, triple A video game is if it sales millions of copies. Like five to nine million. They just simply can not get those type of numbers sold on a Nintendo console at the moment. I understand why they are focusing on the other systems…… However that does not excuse a Wii U version of the game. It doesnt cost that much money to port a Ps3 or Xbox version of the game over to Wii U.

                On a side note, if Monster Hunter 4 doesnt get the numbers they want here in the west, we are likely to see that IP jump ship aswell.

                1. You’re kidding yourself, if you think this will sell even 5 million across all the platforms.
                  When the prequel did not reach 1 million combined on PS360+PC.
                  And RE 6 sold less than 5 million globally, and that game is the main series.
                  They should return RE to its humbler roots, to the game that does not require to be CoD like seller to be profitable, and I thought that was what Revelations was.
                  All they will accomplish here, is ruining perfectly good start of a side branch series.

              12. Is it confimed to not be for Nintendo consoles? It at least better be for 3DS! Give it to the people who made the first a success! Revelations was actually a damn good RE game for once, and it also took advantage of the 3DS hardware. So what is stopping them this time?

                1. Yup your resident Evil money Capcom got from Nintendo went to developemnt for PS4 software. And I bought Resident Evil 0, 1 and 4 for Gamecube and RE4 for Wii. And where did my investment money go to, PS3 for RE5. I’m no longer supporting 3rd party if my money isn’t going to a sequel I got the game for that console. I’ll buy Bayonetta 2 because I’m sure Wii U could get another one. I bought Zombie U too. But that money is going to AC7 for PS4.

              13. There wouldn’t be a Revelations 2 without the 3DS. With the game engine already developed from Revelations, I’m surprised it won’t be on the 3DS, but I also don’t care.

              14. Ubisoft made a lot of revenue off Wii U from Zombi U and Legends but rather use the money to make AC8 for PS4 rather than a sequel.So Nintendo is helping PS4 software.

              15. Sucks this isn’t coming to 3ds but I am happy we are getting a sequel to one of my favorite resident evil games I ever played atleast we can play it on xbox 360 but maybe it will aso come to 3ds I am sure it will

              16. You’re welcome, Capcom. You’re welcome that my money on Resident Evil Revelations for both 3DS & Wii U is going to fund Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PS3/4 & XB360/One. There goes my 80 bucks for two of the same game on two different Nintendo consoles going to fund games not coming to my owned consoles. I understand, though, Capcom. You NEED the money. Your pathetic company is on the brink of death & you’re in desperate need of the money. I wish you the best of luck… NOT!!! I hope this game, Resident Evil HD Remake, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, & other games flop & you idiots crumble. It’ll serve you fucktards right for shitting all over your franchises & screwing over the Nintendo fans that supported your Resident Evil games on the Gamecube, Wii, & 3DS. No wonder the guy at Capcom that created Mega Man left to make his own company.

                1. This is why you always own more than one console. After you get a PS4, you should get this because I know you’re a Resident Evil fan. I won’t be getting it though because I don’t like horror games. Lol.

                  1. At this point, fuck Resident Evil! Crapcum needs to fumble these new games, so they can crash & burn which will FORCE them to have to be bought in order to be saved. And hopefully by Nintendo, so we can give the middle finger to the “Nintendo is for kids!” shitheads as Resident Evil becomes a Nintendo exclusive series. And Nintendo can have the newly bought Crapcum reboot Resident Evil & revive Mega Man. At this point with Crapcum screwing us over twice in a row with Resident Evil, they can go choke on a dick & die! Of course, I might give them another chance when, and if, I buy MH4U for 3DS. But if they screw us over a 3rd time in a row, that’s 3 strikes then they can say hi to Ubishit & Electronic Assholes as it joins them on my shitlist.

                    1. Not likely. If anybody buys them, it will be Microsoft. They seem to be taking the opportunity to grab up franchises (PVZ exclusivity, Tomb Raider exclusivity, etc) as quickly as they can. If they see Capcom dying, they will be the first ones showing any interest in buying. Microsoft doesn’t play by the rules. Lol Microsoft: *holds out $100 bill* Capcom: Ooh, shiny!

                      1. THANK GOD there is a law that keeps Japan companies from being bought by non-Japanese companies. So Microsoft can’t buy them. Which means Microsoft can’t screw Crapcum up like they’ve done with Rare.

                        1. LMAO THERE’S A LAW?! No wonder Microsoft doesn’t have them already. Lol! Oh and can you please not say “Crapcum”. I hold my neck and swallow every time you say that. XD

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              18. Why ReR 2 will never release on wii u what is the reason you will not release this game you have release the orignal version of the game on nintendo platforms so you have to release sequel for nintendo concels you have to release it officaly for the 3ds so you have to release the second version to the nintendo 3ds first then the other platforms and another thing why all the companys like activasion and ubisoft and you against nintendo you are wrong about nintendo please release the game for nintendo thats not fair for nintendo and for nintendo fans you compel us to buy ps3 and xbox and ps4 ,xbox one and 360 , pc but you dont want us to buy the wii u we want you yo release this games for the wii u and another thing you have to release street fighter ultra for wii u.

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              20. It doesn’t make sense, the game done better on an nintendo platform. It’s bullshit and l also made a video about it on youtube explaing how much better the last resident evil revelations game did in the wii u and 3ds. Check it out because I want to throw some numbers at you. (Real Gamer27) is my channel name

              21. Well, I saw the gameplay of Resident Evil Revelations 2… And it looked like they improved the graphics engine. Definitely a nice looking next gen RE. Even though I am afraid of horror games, I’ll give the first one a try. I also saw some gameplay of Resident Evil 6 and I wanted to ask, what’s wrong with it? I saw the action, QTEs, and all that stuff, and it looked pretty good to me. Might even get it eventually.

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