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Check Out The Outfits And Colour Variations In Super Smash Bros


Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed via Miiverse that there will be a number of outfits and colour variations for characters in the forthcoming Nintendo brawler. Sakurai confirmed on the social network that each character will have eight colours and different variations to choose from. Samus with different coloured costumes was shown off as well as the Villager from Animal Crossing who will have different clothes and faces.



Pic of the day. Until now, you were only able to choose from four, or sometimes five or six colors for each character. This time, though, all characters have eight colors to choose from! The first four color schemes for Samus are based off her Varia Suit, Fusion Suit, Gravity Suit from Super Metroid, and the Dark Suit.

…And here she is in the color schemes of the Gravity Suit from Metroid Prime, Green Samus (a regular in the Smash series), the Light Suit, and Dark Samus. A total of eight colors.

You can choose between four male and four female Villagers to play with. The designs for their faces and clothes are different. And here are the four Villagers we haven’t shown you yet.

Thanks,  Dekuplushdoll

79 thoughts on “Check Out The Outfits And Colour Variations In Super Smash Bros”

    1. Still, I want my Dark Samus as a playable character, not this DS skin excuse. lol And also, where is the Metroid Prime 2/3 style of Samus’s suit? I love that suit design and its sad that Nintendo hardly acknowledges the trilogy but rather pay attention to that fucking miserable failure that is..I hate myself for saying this, Other M. B|

    2. Looks more like a phazon suit to me.
      Dark Damus have a different design than Samus. Phazon suit is just black with neon-like lights on it (A suit stolen by Metroid Prime that turned it into Dark Samus).

  1. Nintendo is so kiddy and gay i swear. Adults are embarassed at times to play their games now. They dont want to admit it but they are trust me so I will just say it for them. Not like the old days when Nintendo was core. Not its for 8 year olds. Lol you clowns fell closet shame for something you like lol wow thats pathetic

        1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

          So you agree that all babies gotta start somewhere right? Will you be gifting your child the happiness Nintendo has to offer? Were you once a child of light?

        2. And most of them are in COD thanks to the retard human generation we’re living in..which you’re a part of. So, Nintendo still for kids when the kids are elsewhere getting their minds and behavior fucked by inappropriate excuses for mother and father? lol

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      Church of sasori

    2. Stop using the word “gay” as an insult. You people and makung fun of a minority of people that exist. It’s not funny what so ever. It’s like saying this thread is so black or retarded.

          1. Yes, but they are still offensive terms, whether that;s due to our culture or not is irrelevant, they are offensive, and the only way people won;t consider then insults is if no is actually offended by those terms, but a majority of people are, and therefore those terms do what the original person who used said words intended for them to do.

    3. As an adult I can say you can’t speak for us, and most of us love Nintendo. It’s usually the kids trying to appear as what society tells them adults are supposed to be that call Nintendo kiddy. They aren’t perfect, but their games are usually pretty awesome.

    1. Would be better if the suit design itself had a “Prime 2/3” version with those recolors plus the Phazon suit from Prime 1 and still wish Dark Samus is playable with its own set of moves.

        1. Agreed. I only see recolors of the Other M Power Suit. If this is what Sakurai gives us as “alternate outfits” for Samus, FFFFFFFFFFFFUCK!!!

  2. Villager #2 is creepy as f***

    Omg look at his face, it ten times worse scarier than the original,

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  4. is a shame that The Villager gets 8 new models with diferent hair and colors while Samus just get 8 buckets of paint in her regular armor

  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    So instead of giving us the real Dark Samus we get this fake one, much like that fake Aeolus although atleast its better than the later one…

    1. Hello Commander! I also would have preferred Dark Samus as playable given how her attack patterns are vastly different from Samus’. But at least she is in the game, ready to kick some posteriors. Hugs!

  6. To be honest, I’m not a fan of this Villager. First Mario Kart 8 and now Smash? C’mon there is so many more better characters out there than him/her.

    Samus in the green and dark suit look wicked cool.

    I was also hoping for more characters in alternates as well, but I like surprises. I can wait, lol.

  7. Im really disappointed with the Samus suit design. It design shouldve been taken from at least Metroid Prime 1-3 or something. The Other M one is horrible.

    1. I dislike that game with all my heart, but the Power Suit design was the least of its problems. The Smash version looks pretty good, in my opinion. Powerful, yet light enough.

        1. I’m not denying it, but seeing how they represented Super Metroid’s one in Brawl, I don’t think it would translate very well in Smash’s style. A skinnier, less bulky suit fits the game better, in my opinion.

      1. If we got the PED Suit, I’ll be pissed if it’s the appearance it had from the start of the game. It better have the different stages of it’s appearance as alternate colors.

  8. Is it really THAT hard to just use the light suit, dark suit and dark samus models instead of just colors? Apparently yes..

  9. Question, did any one forget that Zero Suit Samus is her own character? It may not be the best other “character” for the Metroid series, but IMO its better than a dark suit clone. Some franchises just cant deal out 2-3 characters like others

    Im happy about all these designs though, its a minor thing that really adds to the gameplay. :)

  10. 8 colors, hopefully for me Sakurai gives Princess Toadstool her classic colors and hair for a suit. Daisy will be one like usual, and the other usual colors like green dress and purple, but I want her look from the cartoons. That and since it looks like bower jr is in the game, the rumor about his alternate colors being the Koopalings being true. I would be so damn happy.

    1. If Sakurai can change bowser jr’s model to the rest of the koopalings, then im sure he could do the same to Samus. Having actual suits & not just recolors.

      1. Yea, that’s if he actually is doing that to bowser jr. and if he is, I’m happy for the Koopalings but feel bad for the Samus fans who got shafted

  11. “Wait… who is that purple guy next to green armor Samus?”

    If you get the jock on that, Congratulation¡ You know so much of Metroid.

  12. At this point it’s kind of safe to say that Daisy will not be an actual fighter in this game. But a Peach alternate skin that is modeled exactly like Daisy would be the next best thing (apart from DLC addition). I would like to fight as my favourite Mario Kart character, but an alternate skin, I would not mind that.

  13. I want actual FUCKING alternate outfits for Samus. I only see fucking recolors of the same exact damn suit design. It’s nice that 90% of the reveals have been positive from my point of view, but the 10% of letdowns is starting to get a little annoying. I don’t mind the Other M Suit design (I miss the protrusions from the top of the shoulder armor, though) but it’d be nice to get alternates that would make some of the haters of the Other M design happy. I can forgive the fumbles with Samus’s so called alternate Power Suit outfits if we get Ridley as playable, by some chance, though. Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m still going to get both versions & enjoy every damn minute of it!

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