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Walmart: Red And Blue Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles Coming September 19th In US


A Walmart flyer has revealed that Nintendo America plans to release the special edition Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS XL. The special edition, which feature Super Smash Bros designs, won’t come with the game unlike the European edition. They are available for $199.96 each and are apparently due to be sold on September 19th.

Thanks, Adam F

86 thoughts on “Walmart: Red And Blue Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles Coming September 19th In US”

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      1. I think you should wait for the New 3DS, its has a faster processor so some of the new 3DS games won’t be compatible with the old 3DS’s and it has additional buttons as well as being “Amiibo ready” as soon as you get it.

      2. If you don’t already have a 3DS then get this. If you already have one, you’d be better off waiting for the New 3DS.

    1. Wait for the new one, it has interchangeable face and bottom plates, so its more then likely that they will release a smash bros edition plate for it. Plus if you get it scratched you can just replace it unlike the 3ds XL version. Also seems like the interface themes can be changed and customized too.

  1. Well, I’m ind of screwed. I want an XL as soon as possible, and that’s a Smash Bros. collector’s 3DS. But the New 3DS….

    1. Same exact boat here bro. I honestly would have got this or a pokemon oras edition but the new 3ds models makes an “upgrade” like this meaningless…………. T.T I hope 2015 means January 1st……

      1. Yeah… :/ Well, I have the Aqua Blue from 2011. Another reason I wanted a new 3DS ASAP is cuz i have an older NNID on it and I cannot unlink it without deleting my data…I have my ambassador stuff on it.

        But for the New 3DS, I will at least wait for a special edition to come out. I might get a Monster Hunter 4 edition if it comes to North America.

  2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Nintendo kinda dropped the ball revealing the New 3DS right before hundreds of thousands of people bought this Smash 3DS. I guess that means less people will be pissed about buying an XL right before the New 3DS was announced, but it’s a poor business tactic.

    1. Going back to a comment I mention some time ago: Nintendo doesn’t know wtf they are doing. If you don’t have a ds and want smash, you’ll wait now and get the new 3ds. Nintendo is planning the release that system in the Holiday of next year, so why not mention the 3ds next year?

  3. DAMN! There’s too many things coming out (starting this month) to afford it all. These better not be limited editions.

    1. Suckers? I’m a collector. I want it all! I always wanted at least one more special edition 3DS XL for my collection. And this is the best one I’ve seen.

              1. So why would he get the white PS4 if he knows he’s not going to use it for anything but internet, movies, & video streaming? That’s like buying a PC solely for video games: waste of money.

                1. He doesn’t do non Nintendo stuff? Well he should. Because eventually when he decided he wants one later on, he will never be able to get it because he didn’t act fast enough.

                  1. He also said that the day Nintendo drops out of the video game industry is the day he quits gaming, so I highly doubt he really gives a crap about Sony’s console.

  4. This 3DS for the wife….

    New 3DS for me….

    We share of course, needed to upgrade…..

    (Pat on the back for wait well worth it)

  5. So many beautiful stuff in the listing D:
    Destiny white PS4 bundle, Alienware Steam Machine, COD Xbox One design, and the 3DS! What a great selection for gamers

  6. For the 3DS version, will stuff from your NNID be tied to the game, or can you progress through the game online too with another 3DS? I’m talking about the cartridge version btw.

  7. the game doesnt come out till october 3rd but this 3ds has the game downloaded already and its coming out sept 19th, so do you get to play the game early if you buy this thing

  8. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Oh look, good news Obinna, the Xbox is on sale, oh wait it is $179, more than you will make in your lifetime, it seems, too bad.

  9. Im pretty sure the *new* 3ds will not launch in North America, or Europe for that matter until Next Holiday season. It released a year early in Japan becouse Japanese are more dedicated to handhelds over consoles. At least thats the only reason I could come up with.

    So everybody holding out on buying this Smash 3ds, you may have a long wait for the new one. About 14 months to be precise.

    I really dont know why Nintendo would want to split the release dates of the new 3ds. It should have had a universal launch. I cannot possibly see any benefit to thier company. They are gonna lose 3ds sales in North America bigtime. They might as well pull all thier old 3ds’s off the shelves.

    1. I agree with your logic, but eh, I’m not phased by the New 3DS. I’ma buy the SSB 3DS as planned, AND get the New 3DS, at my discretion.

  10. No digital pre-install, hmm? Yay! This works out pretty well for me! Now I can reasonably purchase a physical copy for my Smash Bros 3DS!

    and now the 3DS is also available in BLUE! Oh, the life choices…

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  14. Good thing I already got the Link Between Worlds 3DS almost a year ago. I can just download the game to my 3DS. When the New 3DS comes out next year, I can buy that, transfer my data, & give my old 3DS to the wife.

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