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Here’s All The Details From the North American Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct

A new Nintendo Direct video detailed some of the cool new aspects of the Bayonetta 2 game, which launches exclusively for Wii U on Oct. 24. For the first time, Nintendo announced that the cosplay options available in the original Bayonetta game will also be available in Bayonetta 2. These include Bayonetta’s wild takes on Princess Peach, Daisy, Link and Samus. But a surprise interstellar mercenary is also given the costume treatment: an outfit reminiscent of Fox McCloud, hero of the Star Fox games, was also revealed for Bayonetta 2 during this Nintendo Direct.

The Nintendo Direct also revealed Rodin as a playable character in Bayonetta 2’s multiplayer Tag Climax mode and showed off the first footage of multiplayer action.

Nintendo had previously announced that the Wii U version of the original Bayonetta game would be included with the packaged version of Bayonetta 2, available in stores at a suggested retail price of $59.99. But for the first time, Nintendo detailed the pricing plan for the downloadable versions of the games for players who opt to purchase both digitally. When buying both games separately in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U, a special discount will be applied during the purchase process, making the total for both games just $59.98.

The Nintendo Direct also provided more details about previously announced features of Bayonetta 2, including characters, storyline, combat mechanics, weapons, magic, Bayonetta’s trademark Torture Attacks and the new Umbran Climax. Viewers will learn about Muspelheim challenge rooms, how the ranking system works and how to spend their hard-fought Halos to buy items and skills or modify weapons. It’s a must-watch for anyone who wants to be ready to take down opponents in style.


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      Any “non-baby” gamer would know that women, especially Bayonetta, doesn’t need to show off their assets and genitalia. You’re obviously some 40-something year old living in your mom’s basement, raspy voice and all, not knowing the pleasures of a social life. I only came to post just this one time. Adios and graciarigato for reading. Peace out and have a nice life.

      1. Least til Capcom suddenly decides to screw us over AGAIN by making a Monster Hunter game only for a PS4 or Xbox One so they can make more money before their company collapses on itself & falls down into it’s grave.

    1. Ever wonder why they always put a smoke cover over his genitalia when he uses this jutsu?

      Hint: Naruto isn’t to good at doing Henge no Jutsu.

    2. Silence Church of Evil Lord Farquad in disguise. The most sexiest being in the universe is the one and only true lord and savior, Shrek. Repent or else Shrek will rip your body apart and squeeze your face until it becomes face jelly and penetrates your corpse. Amen.

      1. Haven’t you noticed how it objectifies the woman’s body? This hair dress shit is just a excuse to expose bayonetta’s body. The game is really gorgeous and interesting, but this sexual appeal is a letdown.

        1. But that’s the point. Women have good looking bodies, that’s why models are present everywhere. We like looking at them. If they’re unveiling a car, if it’s a game show, if it’s a comics convention, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like this is any different. I mean I doubt anyone is getting turned on by a freaking 3D model anyway.

        2. What are you talking about? She’s been doing that since the first game and her hair acts as her weapon. This game is nowhere near sexist compared to other games. Just because she acts seductive or whatever doesn’t make it either.

        3. So? It isn’t like women have a monopoly on being objectified. Look at how many games have well toned men in them. Humans… Foolish creatures that complain about women being objectified but ignore the other side of the spectrum where men are just as objectified. Objectifying seems to be the ONLY thing where men & women are always treated equally, no matter what.

      1. Why? You should support good rated M games on the Wii U. Especially ones built from the ground up EXCLUSIVELY for Nintendo’s console. Even more especially, because the game is made by Platinum games who always make their games with quality in mind and NEVER sell as many units as they should.

        Bayonetta 2 needs as many sales as possible. It won’t sell a lot so you should definitely buy it new and not for a discount.

      2. It’s two fucking games for one, one of them already guaranteed to be fantastic (Bayonetta, just god damn google it). How’s that for a price cut?

      3. If Bayanetta 3 comes to PS4 and not Wii U, just remeber you wanted to wait for a price cut for a very few M rated Wii U exclusive tittles.

    1. yea man I know what you mean. I always thought this game looked like shit but I like all the content it has. I tend to avoid these type of games cause they look boring as hell, talking about games like ninja gaiden, dmc, etc. I like the weapon customization and I like how wearing samus’s or link’s outfit makes you play as samus or link. Usually it’s just a skin.

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  2. LOL. People are always judging a game that hasn’t even been released yet, and without knowing the full content it holds.
    Don’t knock it till you try it. Just give it a chance.
    I almost did the exact same thing with Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja for Nintendo DS thanks to the “bad reviews” I read on it in the past.
    But then one day I was like “Oh, fuck it. I’m gonna buy it and let myself decide if it’s fun or not.”
    Am glad I bought that game because I played it to death, and then bought the sequel at launch.
    As much content as Bayonetta 2 is going to have I see no reason why anyone would put this game down unless you played the first one and it wasn’t your cup of tea.

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