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‘Trusted Source’ Says Next Level Games Was Working On A Metroid Title

Next Level Games was indeed working on a Metroid title, if a “trusted source” is to be believed. The source, who was reportedly involved with the unannounced project, told Destructoid that Next Level Games made a Metroid prototype before it began development of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Concept art for the supposed prototype was recently spotted online.

“Yes that is real,” the source said. “That’s the first I’d actually seen of that concept art, but a prototype was made before being shelved in favor ofLuigi’s Mansion 2. It was about as bare-bones as it gets, but it was still pretty fun.”

74 thoughts on “‘Trusted Source’ Says Next Level Games Was Working On A Metroid Title”

    1. play station 4 all the way.
      xbox one has 40 million units sold in less than 10 months.
      wii u sold 2 units in 8 years.
      what is nintendo going to do now.
      even next level games gave up on nintendo systems like making this metroid title

          1. Maybe because they use the same fucking engine for every game,the worst lag i have seen in an online fps or maybe the launch monthly problems of the game..crashes,cannot connect to internet,bugs everywhere……Still wonder why so many people pay for that shit and dont play planetside 2 which is epic in most ways

                      1. And COD is starting to remind me of how stupid people really are these days. If COD doesn’t remind you of smartphone models or EA’s BS Sports games spam but Nintendo’s portable, then something’s wrong with you. lol

            1. No. There are 4. MW2 was the stepping stone of multiplayer ruin nation forever. MW3 by adding more OP changes that completely threw it off balance more than MW2. Ghosts..well, you should know how shitty that game was both boring story and multiplayer being worse than MW3. Declassified on Vita, just like Vita itself, was declared a huge POS that failed to be a good standalone COD exclusive.

              1. Hmm. The worst I’ve ever played were Big Red One, Declassified, Ghosts, and (to an extent) Finest Hour. Everything else that I’ve played was either amazing or average, but not terrible.

        1. Xbox One sold 1 unit in 10 years*
          Also, I’d think by the 8th Year, we’d already have a superior console to the PS4 and Xbox One which will most likely focus on the Core market rather than the baby market the XBox One and PS4 seem to be focused on ;)

        2. Uh the Wii u has not been out for 8 years buddy and just so you know north America is the only place where the Xbox one is beating the Wii u because everyone in north America likes to criticize shit before even trying because some one mentioned specs which don’t even matter that much if the devs don’t work with em

      1. Nintendo keep their prototypes, and all the paper work related to said games and prototypes, in a vault under the kyoto offices.

    2. If you ask me, I would mind if they did a 2d metroid game. If they did, they should take inspirations from the previous 2d games. Fusion, Zero, Super, etc. Badass Samus, no talking as always, same usual badass suit (something Other M failed) complex puzzles and difficulty to piss you off and boss fights that you actually have to figure out to defeat them

      And of course Retro Studios will do the next Metroid Series. Starting off with the Prime Hunters.

    3. The source isn’t exactly ‘trusted’ if we have no idea who it came from, for all we know it could be some 12 year old in his bedroom pretending to be a Nintendo employee.

    4. I liked Mario Strikers Charged for Wii alot and I am confident that this new game would increase the sales of Wii U.I can also agree if they make a remake of Mario Strikers Charged with improved graphics and some new playable characters.Wii Sports Club is an example. There is no good football game on Wii U except FIFA 13 but Mario Strikers Charged 2 can bring a change!!!

    5. Good to hear that Next Level games are working on a Metroid Game.They should make this game for Wii U in order to improve Wii U sales.

        1. Nah I would much rather fuck Samus than Luigi. I’m into girls so yeah I would much rather do her than Luigi. Please don’t request that I fuck Luigi over Samus again. XD lol

    6. Why the hell people come here at Nintendo News to talk about the Playstation and Xbox?
      Go to hell and play with ur own console? The title says: ‘TRUSTED SOURCE’ SAYS NEXT LEVEL GAMES WAS WORKING ON A METROID TITLE. AND EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT PS4 AND XBOX ONE AND COD (actually a kids game)! WHAT THE FUCK?!

    7. One troll comments and this post becomes being about Metroid to a fanboy console war. This is why video gaming is dying, and being filled with childish people…

      1. Actually, Next Level’s concept art wasn’t much different from some of the concept art you saw for Metroid Prime. The only difference is Retro Studio’s concept art was less lines & more circles and curves.

    8. Well i hope they’re making one for wii u. WITHOUT MYAMOTO HOLDING IT BACK LIKE LUIGI’S MANSION DARK MOON.

      Seriously let the people work and stop limiting them with a stupid mision based game.

    9. Kinda convenient that this source came out of the shadows right after the art work was released….

      Also, the banner of this article is the same picture that I use for my computer’s lock screen! So when I saw it I was confused at first lol!

    10. I really hope this project gets greenlit again and we will see more of it at E3 2015. It would be boss if they are making a 3DS game while Retro Studios makes a Wii U game.

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    13. If it’s true, that variation of Samus’ suit (hurr hurr sea wat i did th3r) suggests it’s a new Prime entry, as much as I think Prime 3 left little room for direct continuation.

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