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Nintendo Treehouse Twitch Stream Begins At 10am PT On Friday And Will Show Holiday Games

Nintendo of America has confirmed via Twitter that the Nintendo Treehouse stream will begin at 10am PT on Friday, September 12th. The company says that the Treehouse stream will feature a number of titles that Nintendo plans to release this holiday season.

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66 thoughts on “Nintendo Treehouse Twitch Stream Begins At 10am PT On Friday And Will Show Holiday Games”

  1. No one seems to be talking about how the Wii U is doing totally fine. Everyone thought because of how fast the other consoles were selling, they would overtake the Wii U sales and leave it in the dust. The Wii U is maintaining a comfortable position in the middle… and that’s before Bayonetta 2 and Smash come out.

    1. Wait for the Xbox One slim. I have a feeling thats when the console is going to take off. With a price cut for the new models. Black friday in america is going to be crazy that year.

      1. why would a slim model help?

        theres still no fucking games on the dam thing. and what little games it had are now on other systems (dead rising 3 rise of rome even destiny)

    2. The Wii U isnt doing fine. Considering its been out a full year longer than the rest, its numbers are actually quite disappointing

        1. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if any of that matters in the long run. Im sure it’ll get a temporary bumped when Smash comes out but its not like that series had a significant impact on the GC.

          1. Well, I don’t personally expect the Wii U to be a huge selling console. And nor do I really care. But I think it will be a well established console which is well suited to a certain audience.

      1. At this point, you just ignore that the Wii U has been out longer and just compare it to the other consoles as they are right now.

        The past is in the past, the Wii U is in a good position (now).

            1. lol…. Nintendiots are in full defense, Wiiu aint got shit… What has sales to do with it? COD is crushing everything but it sucks hard

              1. Well the difference being that the Wii U’s got good sales AND good reviews… unlike CoD which has sales, but bad reviews…

    3. Because Nintendoooooomed.

      But seriously, you are correct. The Wii U has been outselling the XB1 for a while now on a weekly basis.

        1. -the first one didn’t sell well and it was on ps3 and 360.
          -there is absolutely no marketing
          -nintendo fans never buys a game with no mario in the title

          1. Bayonetta is going to sell better than everyone expects it to, because it has been receiving a push by Nintendo. It’s actually received some good marketing. Not as much as say, CoD or GTAV, but it’s doing well for a game that is essentially a 3rd party game published by Nintendo.

        1. Xbox One is out in 13 countries for 10 months and has sold 5 million systems, its not brilliant but its nowhere near a disaster and is more than Wii U at the same point in its life.

          Wii U is out worldwide almost 2 years and has sold 7 million systems, that’s slower than the Dreamcast.

          Xbox One is a well supported system, just launched in another 19 territories with another 8 on the way, if you think its in a bad place then good for you.

          1. Sold 5 million consoles initially and slowed down rapidly to a crawl. It’s being launched in 19 other territories, yes, but into territories with not a lot of people in them and territories that don’t support the Xbox brand to begin with. Same goes for the future 8 territories.

            It’s not going to sell a lot in these other countries and what it does sell, will only dwindle in the coming months to almost nothing. Microsoft knew all of this, which is why they did not release the console in these territories at first. They wanted to focus on the markets that would “actually matter” to the Xbox One’s sales.

      1. More than a million behind the Wii U and the Wii U is gaining more of a lead over the Xbox One.

        It never caught up with the Wii U and it is a safe bet to think that it never will. Xbox One is for die hard Xbox fans and there just aren’t as many of those as there are die hard Nintendo or Sony fans. Casuals have flocked to the PS4 which means Xbox One loses out on the primary audience it was trying to capture… pretty big blow if you ask me.

        Wii U aimed for the casual market and failed, but it isn’t as big a blow, because Nintendo has “us,” the Nintendo core fans to fall back on which will help keep the Wii U alive. Xbox One has the super small Xbox fanbase to fall back on…

  2. To put the ridiculous myth to rest…

    Xbox One’s sold in 13 countries in 2014 – 2,000,000.
    Wii U’s sold worldwide in 2014 – 1.67 million.
    Source VGChartz.

    Its worth noting that Xbox just launched in another 19 territories last week, has massive 3rd party support, Minecraft & Destiny just dropped and Halo is on its way, anybody trying to say Wii U is in a better position than Xbox One right now is hugely misinformed.

        1. So people are rushing out to buy XB1’s for Minecraft despite it being available on 360, PC, Mac, PS3 and PS4? Tell me another joke.

        1. SSB, Zelda, Star Fox, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade, Hyrule Warriors, a New 3d Mario game compared to….Halo.

          I like the Wii U’s chances.

            1. Because you don’t have a response. You pretend to be an industry expert but you’re almost always wrong. You are like the MNN’s version of Pachter.

    1. Wii U is in a better position. The new territories the Xbox One released in and will release in will barely contribute to the console’s overall systems sold. After the initial launch and the boom in sales, the number of consoles sold will drop heavily due to these territories having less people than the more important countries and also due to the fact that these territories are not huge fans of the Xbox brand.

      Destiny doesn’t matter seeing as it is on PS4, same for Minecraft which means Halo is the only exclusive to really push Xbox Ones. Halo is great and all, but comparing buying an Xbox One for Halo to buying a PS4 for ALL the stuff it comes with, people are going to choose the PS4.

      Then for a secondary console, people will obviously choose Wii U, which is why WIi U will pull ahead in the end over Xbox One, because Xbox One competes directly with PS4 (and will lose) while the Wii U does it’s own thing and doesn’t “really” compete with anyone while at the same time does compete with the other consoles.

  3. U guys talking about these consoles past and yes, its all correct. But wich console seems to have a better future by judging the upcoming games and accesories? And for those stupid imbecils who always comment “Baby games…dudebro games” can skip this question.

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