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Confirmed: Nintendo 3DS Can Be Used As A Wii U Controller In Super Smash Bros


A menu option in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS confirms that the 3DS can be used as a controller for Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Additionally, custom fighters will be exchangeable between both versions of the upcoming fighting title. Nintendo recently announced that a free demo of the 3DS version of the game will launch on September 19th. Select members of Club Nintendo were given four download codes of the demo, which features five playable characters. Super Smash Bros for 3DS arrives on October 3rd.


  1. Yay I guess? More controller options, sure, but I really just plan on using the Wii U Pro Controller. I might pick up one of those PDP GameCube controllers, though.

    1. the only reason I can think for this is that if someone only play on the 3DS and they ever compete in a tournament they’ll be able to play with the control scheme they’re used to.

      1. btw lol at all these fucken people suddenly showing up to this site for 3DS codes. Whatever, welcome. Come one, come all.

      2. I know. I commented on the announcement article, and got like 6 or 7 replies like “I would forever be in your debt” “what region?” Etc.

      3. Oh really? Well it happens that I got 3 more myself….

        “Just a matter of time before they beg for this to end”.

        Beg for my codes bitches…BEG! Nah just kidding, but I do have 3 unused codes and they special one, unlimited play, 5 characters, one stage, and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Hard as fuck CPU’s on lvl 9.

      4. I don’t know if they’re still emailing those of us who hit platinum but I haven’t received an email yet. In the chances that I don’t get one, I’d love to snag one of yours Snowman! If you wanna throw me a code you can email me at emissaries@gmail.com

      5. If you don’t get the email by September 19th, don’t expect one at all. The codes only work up to that date, if I remember correctly.

      6. Yeah, if I don’t snag one I can wait. I’m just happy Nintendo is finally releasing a demo for a first party game.

      7. lol just seeing who gets to play out of the semi usual people. there’s like 300+ names I have never seen on here since the demo codes were announced. I got one myself luckily too.

      8. I know right. As I said about myself, I am a gaming fan, Nintendo is my home console but I play others as well. My club Nintendo account has been platinum for a good while now, I still got coins to spare too. I haven’t decided what to really doo with them.

      9. Yea I remember that. I have 1220 coins and I’m 200 away from being a platinum member again. I’m just letting my coins add up for when something cool actually pops up. So pissed I didn’t have enough for the Luigi’s Mansion figure thing they had that cost like 2400 coins or something ridiculous. If I was you though I would keep saving those coins for when something really cool like I said pops up so you don’t regret getting something on there just because there’s nothing better.

      10. Yea I know but thanks for the reminder, just checked and I have 0 coins expiring in June 2015. Guess I’m good for a long time lol.

      11. eeeeeh, likely story. I won’t email you directly, sorry ID issues on that. However, I have no use for this one, have at it…

        *throws the code as I turn around and walks off*


      12. Yep. I got the email from Ninty. I used 2 of the codes: one for my 3DS & one for the wife’s 3DS. Sadly, I didn’t think about giving the other two codes away to friends until AFTER I deleted the email from Trash. :/

      13. I need those codes dude im desprate I dont care what language I prefer english but whatever I need them:’0

      14. May I have a code good sir? I have been looking up and down for HOURS for this. I even gave up but saw your comment. Please! Help a fellow smasher smash!

      15. I think they level 9’s are relatively the same as brawl, I am impressed with the graphics and handling though. I can already tell though the wii u will be more comfortable to use for myself at least. Buttons are too cramped, and it’s missing buttons and such. I don’t feel like I’m playing to the best of my abilities is my main point. But I expected that since they announced a handheld version. Despite the controlling issues, I am quite impressed with what they did with the 3DS version, far better than I expected and far smoother.

    2. Wii U GamePad
      Wii Remote
      Wii Remote Plus Nunchuk
      Classic Controller (Pro)
      New GameCube Controller

      5 ways to play.


  2. Real smash players will just use the gamecube controller, but it’s nice to know what that Wii U icon does now.

    1. I love Artpop! I’ll take one if you still have one. We’re talking Lady Gaga’s Artpop right?

      1. What does your heart tell you? I got free Dominos pizza from Reggie for being platinum but I didn’t get a Smash code… It’s okay though because they give 4 codes out to the select few. Now it’s up to you to make the big decision.

  3. Who the hell will play like that?

    “Oh let me buy a 3DS to use as a controller just to play Smash Bros for Wii U”

    1. Or if you ahve pnly a few controls. Or if they only play it on 3DS, and can use something they’re used to?

  4. Too bad they didn’t confirm or disprove that rumor about certain characters will be made available by way of connecting the 3DS version to the Wii U version.

  5. This is honestly a good option to have for those that are used to the 3DS version and go over to someone’s house that has the Wii U version and they want to play together.

      1. @Gabe I would love a code if you would be so kind ^_^ (I was platinum but didn’t have emails enabled! >:O) -> email: jaws1200 @ gmail . com

  6. Wow, Sakurai is innovating with smash across the board :o Fire Iwata and put him on top xD (I’m half serious, actually)

  7. Man, I was kinda hoping that you could use the TV as a screen for the 3DS version. Oh well. Maybe an update?

  8. Cool for some. But I wouldn’t want to wear out my 3DS XL when playing the Wii U.

    I was one of the lucky people to receive a download code early (for the demo). Downloading it right now. It’s taking a long time.

  9. If anyone has a 3DS code for SMash Download i will make sweet and beautiful love to your mother to get it. Now hold on, i know what you are thinking “how would this benefit me?” Well, sir. have you ever had pancakes made by your mother the morning after she was thoroughly worked over from top to bottom and inside and out? you will never have fluffier, crisper, more tender pancakes in your life. tired of her asking you to clean your room? trust me, after a night with me your room will be the last thing on her mind. she will be constantly running a replay of the night before through her mind while sitting with a dazed, but satisfied look on her face and twirling a finger through her hair. Feel like some old fashioned, skin-on, fried chicken? she will be so satisfied the next day that just the merest suggestion from you about dinner will result in a beautiful plate of greasy, crisp chicken meat with a bowl of steaming mashed potatoes and hot biscuits piled high on the table.

    trust me friends, your mother will be happy, i will be happy, and most importantly, you will be happy. email your code and your mother’s address to make this dream come true. voltron3969@aol.com

  10. Yay, a not as good option! Gamecube controllers for this guy!!! Already can confirm 3DS version though very smooth, is still a cramped game due to the size of the system, the small buttons, missing buttons, smaller screen. Very awesome game, but Wii U will be that much better.

    1. I threw my email on here for a code and I’ve received tons of spam mail… that’ll learn me to do a dumb thing like that again…

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