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Sakurai Explains Why Ice Climbers Aren’t In Smash Bros Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained in his weekly Famitsu column why the Ice Climbers weren’t included in Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Sakurai says that he had them running on the Wii U version of the game, but due to technical limitations he cut them from both versions. He also mentioned that Ice Climbers as a franchise just isn’t as popular as the company hoped. Sakurai also mentioned that the delay between the two versions of Super Smash Bros was simply due to debugging.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

358 thoughts on “Sakurai Explains Why Ice Climbers Aren’t In Smash Bros Wii U And Nintendo 3DS”

    1. The Ice Climbers deserve the spot much more than some of the other fighters in this game. Don’t get the wrong idea! I’m glad to see Dr Mario and the Koopalings getting involved, but the Ice Climbers are classic and we have the 3DS to blame for them not being in it. At least Sonic is in the game…

      1. Look man chill your tits.
        I’ve climbers aren’t that classic,
        The original characters from the first smash are all back so shit the fuck up about this classic shit.
        2nd yeah we were sad when mew two didn’t come back for brawl, or Roy,
        But shit changes and the newcomers play well. Deal with it.

        Deserving doesn’t have shit to do with the decision, and why the fuck do they even “deserve” it?

        1. Don’t get the wrong idea! The Ice Climbers aren’t classic because they’ve been around for a while, but because they’re just epic! They deserve to be in it because they are Nintendo Heroes/Mascots. You told me to calm down, but you seem a little more intense than I am…and that’s saying something! I basically cried when they deconfirmed Ridley and I almost fainted when they said that Dark Samus would be an assist trophy while Dark Pit would be playable. I’ve gotten past these issues, but the roster can still be a little dicey at times.

          1. Oh still give no basis for what the fuck your saying? Classic =\= epic. And no I’m not animated that’s just how I speak bitch. Anyways I’m thinking you need to calm your tits cuz your crying over character announcements and passing out about assist trophies. See a doctor man, and also read a dictionary to learn what classic means… BITCH!


            1. Why even say sorry? It’s like saying “No offense” before saying something really offensive. It just doesn’t make sense imo.

              Oh, that’s cool then, but you still shouldn’t use swear words since kids may be browsing the site. Don’t get the wrong idea….I don’t like swear words whether there are kids around or not. I think it’s perfectly normal to react that way for such a big video game. You should have seen my heart rate when Microsoft went on stage at E3 and announced the Halo Collection!

              As for being classic….the dictionary is old news at this point and it’s not up to date.

              1. I apologize cuz I int gunna change the way I talk chump. Fuck the kids. Well I like to get caught up in videogames too and enjoy the fuck out of what I’m playing and love it for what it is, you shouldn’t get caught up in the hype. That’s a recipe for disappointment. You set your own standards to high or expect to much rather than being satisfied what there is. Just accept what the game is and love it for that rather than focus on what you expected it to be cuz what happens? BOOM destiny (but they also blatantly lied about the scope of that game)

            2. I don’t give one ounce of a fuck about the Ice Climbers, this is not about the Ice Climbers, this is about the Wii U version having to be a mediocre piece of shit so it complies with the best the 3DS can do, there’s no need to handicap the Wii U version like this, let it have more characters, more stages, more music and more game modes, and if the cheap fuckers who only have a 3DS want the perk make them pay for it, it’s only fair, I’m not buying a costlier game just to have the same experience I can get on a cheaper console for a lower price, all this is doing along with the launch date is ruining the Wii U version.

              1. For some reason, I agree with this. Its like when people want a majors mask remake, why make it on the ds when you can unleash the true power on the Wii u and get truly amazing graphics. The ds is nice but lets not let it cripple the Wii u until handheld power is better. Hell even if the ds has the vita power that wouldn’t be enough.

                1. It would be better on 3ds it wasn’t ocarina of time on n64 and majora on the better GameCube with better graphics they both used the same assets same graphics style so naturally it should be the same now since ocarina was on 3ds so should majora if it was on wii u it wouldn’t feel right now if the ocarina remake was on wii u I’d want it on wiiu but it isn’t now if they were to make majora on 3ds and put both remakes on wii u virtual console I’d be cool with it. But like I said wouldn’t feel right.

                  1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                    This is what I’ve been trying to tell people that want Majora’s Mask on the Wii U instead. Nintendo can put Ocarina & Majora on the Wii U in HD some other time. For now, I want them side by side on my 3DS.

              2. I don’t have a Wii U, Just the 3ds and I actiually agree with you. It makessence that people who have both consoles are going to buy the wii U version anyway, and doing as you say would make people want to buy a Wii U and get more out of it, while at the same time satisfying those that cant afford one (like myself).

            3. lol you sure seem more stupid as a person than you probably are in real… your language is so vulgar that it isn’t even worth talking or discussing with you no offense …. kid

        2. You must be young. Ice climbers were old generation Nintendo. which the statement “deserve a spot” is entitled. I’m assuming you really don’t know much of the history of Nintendo though. You were not born in that era.

      2. Ice climbers deserve more of a spot than say, blue peach, wii fit trainer, palutena, etc. The villager is a retarded looking character. He looks like a 5 year old drew him, they should cut him instead. They can also make ice climbers exclusive to wiiU.

        1. Eh, you just went and picked four of the cooler characters. Ice Climbers should have made it in instead of Falco or something. We do need more female representation so I’m cool with those 3 being in it.

                1. The problem I have is that wii fit trainer is just a white human model with no features at all, and wii fit isn’t even a game.

                  1. Right, that’s why it’s awesome. You can kind of plug yourself into the game in a more realistic way than you ever could with the Mii since the Fit Trainers are life sized. Plus, now I can tell people that I’m fit and make a lot of puns while gaming.

                  1. I was just using my Xbox logic. The Wii Fit Trainer is humanoid so she would fit in the Xbox Smash.

                    That being said, Falco is a slight clone so Wii Fit Trainer deserves the spot more than him. Of course, both of them should be in it anyway.

                    1. Xbox Smash Bros? XD Never gonna happen or even take off well when it does.

                      Falco came first so Wii Fit is a clone of Falco if you put it that way but the character is still beyond pointless.

                      1. Well, Wii Fit Trainer would be a clone of Zero Suit if anything, but her moveset is pretty unique. Imagine a roster with many different Master Chiefs?

                              1. Halo Legends. I recommend looking it up because it was actually pretty fun! Some segments were less enjoyable than others, but it was a good product overall

                              2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                I’d prefer Wii Fit Trainer over Falco. Least they aren’t dependent on another character’s moveset. If anything, Falco should have been cut for Wolf. Least he could have represented the villains from the franchise even if he did end up being nothing more than a clone with minor differences.

                                1. Wii Fit never fit well for fighting. I didn’t care much for Wolf anyway and Wolf isn’t a villain. He’s Fox’s rival. Andross is more of a villain since he plans bigger and even killed Fox’s father.

                                2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                  The fact Wolf works for bad guys makes him a villain. Like how a hitman working for the Russian mafia or some other kind of mafia is a villain.

                                  Wii Fit Trainer actually can fit well for fighting. Just like how a dance character can fit well for fighting. Yoga & dancing both teach you about balance & balance is important for some fighting techniques like hand stand kicks.

                                3. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                  In fact, some fighting methods rely solely on good balance.

                                4. Wolf is an alt costume for Fox.. and with custom move sets you can just make him like wolf. Do some research before making ignorant comments.

                            1. They’re not what killed MK8 which isn’t killed over anything at all. Its a great game and a fun one if you can handle a little challenge.

                              But Mii’s in Smash Bros. is a bad and wasted idea.

                            2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                              Considering the Miis are fully customizable with different outfits, hats, & moves, I say they are a step up from what they’ve been used for in Mario Kart.

                              1. Were we given any reason as to why they couldn’t be used online? Is it because they’re too customizable? I would love to beat someone up online as myself.

                                1. Mii’s aren’t online because anyone can name them whatever they want. Some people give their Mii’s offensive/disgusting names, so of course I see why they aren’t playable there. Lol.

                                  1. Sometimes Nintendo is a bit too nice, isn’t it possible to filter words that are typed or ban people with bad language. We know Nintendo is always watching, so just ban people with offensive language and user names. I still think there’s a greater reason though.

                                  2. Also if I do recall, back when I had Brawl, my cousins use to change the name of their character to a curse word or another offensive word. I thought it was hilarious but of course everyone doesn’t have my sense of humor. ;P

                            3. Agreed dark pit is a stupid clone. And if he got it working for the wii u version why not keep them in there! The 3ds version doesn’t have to be the equivalent of the console version! They take out ice climbers and give us Dark pit dr. Mario back and although duck hunt dog is cool he isn’t popular either so wtf to his statement “ice climbers just aren’t a popular enough franchise? Give me a break!

                              1. Exactly. Wasn’t Dr. Mario originally removed from Brawl for the same reason? lol

                                I’ve seen Duck Hunt in action and I’m growing to love them plus its a great nostalgia for the game.

                      2. In the Nintendo direct, or somewhere Sakurai said that the roster would be the same, so that would make that statement false, and probably would cause an outrage. So, hope for them to return in the next installment.

                      3. wow, this kid is dumb enough to call rosalina “blue peach” …….they dont share a single move in common, sorry they both have blonde hair?

                        i guess game and watch is a clone of dark pit since they both use the color black in their characters.

                        1. Space peach isn’t that great. Nobody even knows who she is. Her story book cutscenes really kill the pace and mood in galaxy 1.

                          1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                            If you are talking about Rosalina, you must live in a different world than us because everyone knows who she is. And I enjoyed the story book cutscenes from the game. It gave Rosalina a nice backstory.

                            1. But she doesn’t need a backstory. She’s like waluigi, she’s just there. Even birdo and daisy are more important, and that’s saying a lot. Gamers in general don’t know who she is, but you mention peach and immediately everyone knows who your talking about.

                              1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                More important!? XD They’ve only been in one canon game while the rest of their appearances have been in spin-offs. If that makes them more important, Rosalina is shaping up to be just as important since she’s getting into a number of spin off games.

                                  1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                    Uhm… When were me & heropon talking about Duck Hunt Dog? This is news to me.

                                  2. The game he came from was popular back in the day, but his habit of laughing at people made him the most hated (and controversial) Nintendo character in history. Even a minigame based on Duck Hunt in Wii Play had references to the Duck Hunt ducks and cans from Hogan’s Ally, but no dog in sight. The dog was just lucky enough to get some mercy from Sakurai anyways.

                              2. Yes she does need the backstory and she isn’t like Waluigi, who may I add only ever showed in spin-offs. Rosalina is more important than you think and she isn’t a blue peach, plus she’s more important than Daisy that’s for sure. Gamers in general know who Rosalina is. Your just living in your own world like Ridley 2 said. May I remind you as well that you have no proof that she is blue peach when there’s proof that she is in fact not. She has a different design, different personalities and the obvious one being different powers.

                        2. Peach and Rosalina MAY be related by the way. You can check for yourself by going on YouTube and watching Game Theory’s video on the matter. That being said maybe “Blue Peach” Isn’t that far off. Just saying.

                      4. Blue Peach? XD Okay now you’re starting to grow on me. Rosalina is in fact different in perspective and kicks more ass than Peach and we’re all getting tired of Peach and her damsel in distress BS for than 25 years. lol

                        I tested Villager in the demo and I gotta say, this dude is fucking handy. :) So you’re wrong.

                                1. the face of villager looks anoying to me too, but i’ve gotten used to it.
                                  that was nuntil they showed of the 8 different models

                        1. How hell do you even use the “plant,water and chopx2” down special for the villager in an actually fight anyways? its so dump and takes forever to pull off..

                          1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                            Because the move is pretty strong when you successfully pull it off & hit someone with the falling tree. It’s called balancing out devastating attacks.

                              1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                If someone masters Villager, they could easily pull the move off with little to no failure. Or they can just get the tree ready for cutting down, use a pitfall on an enemy foolish enough to get close, then bam!

                                1. the tree disppear after leaving it for awhile, so someone could easily stay clear of it but i do see the potential of using it for edge guarding and maybe its beat use in a 4 way brawl rather than 1vs1..

                      5. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                        Kind of shallow to boot out the villager because of his looks…he’s been around for a while, and on a pretty damn good game, too. Wii fit trainer WAS kind of a dumb choice, but then again, so was the fucking dog from duck hunt. Why the fuck put him in there, but not bring back mewtwo, despite fans wanting it? Sakurai has grown into an enormous troll.

                        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                          Yep. Look no further than all the posts that mention size. He knew exactly what was going on with the playable Ridley discussion, so he made a couple Pics of the Day that mentioned size. If the roster truly is complete, he was obviously trolling those of us that wanted a playable Ridley. No matter. I’ll just use Shulk, Pac-Man, Rosalina, Wii Fit Trainer, & Villager to annoy the people that didn’t want them in the game.

                      6. Lol no way in hell they deserve more of a spot than Palutena or Rosalinsa. Those characters are all new in Smash and they have great movesets. Ice Climbers most likely would’ve played exactly like they do in Brawl.

                        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                          That’s the whole point. Ice Climbers have their own original moveset. Yet they get removed but we get Dr Mario & Pittoo! Til I see some Pittoo usage, I don’t expect him to be anything but a bloody clone.

                      7. Rosalina is not a blue peach. She’s a unique fighter and character who is definitely not a clone. Wii fit is a fun character, Palutena deserves every right since she’s also a great character like Rosalina. Also the villager is unique as well and is fun to play, of course he’ll look childish cause that’s what Animal Crossing kinda is.

                    2. Sorry dude but no baby ice climber for you plus there’s already a tons of baby characters in this game
                      Wait they are all babies characters
                      This game is too baby for me to play
                      Why Nintendo only knows how to create and make baby games it’s stupid and dumb

                      1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                        There must be a lot of babies in the world, then, because pretty much everyone with a 2ds who likes fighting games will be getting it.

                        I bet you’re glad you’re not a “baby” with your shitty-ass destiny, CoD, and glitchfest 4, known to be home to all sorts of nine-year-old dudebros and neckbeards.

                        Oh wait…

                        1. Remember they’re trying to sell Wii Us here, exclusive characters would be sweet and give the Wii U version more value.

                        2. Would they really though? Take Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire for example, if someone buys OmegaRuby they already know they’ll be both getting AND losing something since each version has they’re own exclusives. I think the same can be said for Smash.

                          1. Right, but that’s why they have the whole swap Pokemon system between games. They’re still on the same console. Wii U vs 3DS…I dunno. I don’t think it’s a fight that Nintendo should get into. It’s like when the NY Giants challenged the Cowboys…it kinda backfired. Im getting both versions either way, but it will be tough for the big 3DS owners that don’t want to buy a Wii U because they’re saving up for an Xbox One instead.

                            1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                              What makes you think they are saving up for that console? They could be saving up for the PS4 instead. Why get the lesser console? For exclusives? So far, I only know of Scalebound.

                              1. Just for moral support. Just about everyone I talk to outside has an Xbox. I’m in the Big Apple though and we’re basically known as Xbox nation. Whenever I ask someone if they play video games, then either say no or Call of Duty on the Xbox. I’ve yet to meet someone who shares my joy in all things platformer.

                    3. The koopaings being bowser Jr alts is dumb though cause
                      1. They’ve never used the clown car thing
                      2. They have no ties to shadow Mario yet that’s their final smash

                      1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                        This is Super Smash Bros. This game is breaking canon every second it exists. Your reason for why the Koopalings is stupid is just as pointless as Ridley can’t be in Smash because of size.

                      2. While I would prefer the Koopalings outside the clown car, I don’t see them putting them in as their own characters, so I’ll take them anyway I can get them, especially if bowser jr is in the game, I’d be pissed with him but not them.

                  2. Nintendo doesn’t have 3rd party…they are irrelevant
                    Nintendo doesn’t do a normal E3 conference…. E3 is not relevant
                    Nintendo doesn’t have online in certain games….Online is irrelevant
                    Nintendo puts online in mario kart 8 and ssb4……online is relevant and great
                    Nintendo doesn’t put certain characters in their games…..They are irrelevant
                    Ubisoft makes wii u games….they are great
                    They stop….they suck
                    Wii u has a 60 fps game…..suck it ps4 and x1 fans
                    Wii u has a 720p game with very unstable fps… and fps aren’t important

                    It’s great how Nintendo is just so convenient, they are always on point, right? It’s almost like Nintendo was made by God himself and they are perfect in every way possible.

                    1. Nintendo need to step up its game they are so far behind in technology.The only good thing that nintendo does is the games (not all like nintendo land and casual bullshit).Their online services suck but st least is free. I m a nintendo fanboy and I see that some people really defend everything but my friend some people attack everyghing.In almost all cases nintendo fans want to enjoy their games and learn news about them without getting attack by elite sony/xbox fans that dont have anything to do.

                    2. Finally someone speaks the truth about this site and there dumb fanbase, don’t get me wrong I love Nintendo as much as the next guy but sometimes fanboys just make Nintendo look bad.

                    3. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin


                      Also, ironic you accuse Nintendo of being “perfect” and “always on point” when you pull the exact same shit in arguments.

                      “just cuz I’m egotistical doesn’t mean I’m not right.”

                      “I’m always right, you Nintendrones are just too blind to see it.”

                      “ĐONKO IS GOD”

                      “I’m always right in arguments, but you’re so stupid, you don’t see it.”

                      I’m sorry, but WHO’s a Gary Stu here? I don’t think you have the right to call the kettle black, Jesus Christ the Second.

                  3. Good riddance. Nobody wants some stupid cheapy grab character anyway. For once Sakurai, you have done something right. Minus Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, and Lucina, but besides that, you’re okay.

                  4. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                    The average person barely can afford basic commodities, let alone a console.

                    Try again, but this time make sense, please.

                  5. What we have here is a “failure to troll”. So, if that’s the Nintendo fanbase, then I guess the stupider of the half is Playstation or xbox. That is how you troll sir, Please humor me some more and try to actually use the brain this time. Geez

                  1. The 3DS owners (Myself included) would sue in that case sir. We were promised the superior version with all of the characters. Don’t get the wrong idea…I’d love for them to be in it, but the 3DS owners deserve the option to not have to buy the Wii U version. Giving one of them extra characters just wouldn’t be nice and it could give the Wii U too much momentum in its race to survive against the Xbox Won.

                    1. Did you not even read the article? Do you even know what you’re talking about? 3DS was not promised “the superior version”. The Ice Climbers were cut FROM BOTH VERSIONS OF THE GAME. They are a company. They’re goal is to make money. More thinking and reading and less being retarded.

                    2. But it alienates a market for people, who will not buy smash on Wii U. It is known for them to have a larger 3ds Install base. if thet had character swapping (say Ice Climbers on Wii U and Wolf on 3DS,) it could have worked as a middle ground, but you have no reason to pay $360+ dollars for a game with different backrounds, controls and Graphics. It’s unreasonable

                      1. Exactly! You may as well stick to the 3DS version since it can be used as a controller for the big one. Just wait to play the big one at gaming tournaments and use your 3DS as the controller so that you can crush the competition. Just make sure that you don’t wander into the Microsoft section by mistake to swap it for a 360!

                            1. I don’t think either should have more priority, my statement wasn’t even about having priority, it was about using a 3DS as a controller against Wii U players at tournaments who would be using GameCube controllers or Pro Controllers. Which are far more comfortable than the 3DS or XL. Both are too cramped, and don’t have enough buttons, and the circle pad doesn’t compare to the joysticks. The buttons on the 3DS are also too small.

                              1. Oh, lol my bad! I just re read your comment and it makes total sense. It was definitely my reading of it that needed work. I agree, using the 3DS at a big tournament would really not be a good idea!

                                1. No worries lol. I must say, it’s far more comfortable and smooth than I expected, and the game handles awesome, but I definitely notice little things with my gameplay due to the things I stated.

                2. I honestly think he should have just made them exclusive to the Wii U. How popular the Ice Climbers are in terms of their series, is irrelevant.

                3. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                  In other words, he didn’t want to put the time & effort into making them work for both versions. He deserves respect for continuing to work on the game even with an injury, but this new info will make him lose some respect from certain people.

                  1. It’s not that he didn’t want to put the effort in, he obviously tried, but the characters simply wouldn’t function as intended for the 3DS version and Sakurai didn’t want to make one version have a character the other didn’t (otherwise that would make his original statements of the games featuring the same characters wrong, and 3DS owners may even feel like they’re missing something that should be in).

                    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                      That’s exactly the case. With some time & effort, he could have made them work for the 3DS version. Even if that meant they’d only be available to people that own the New 3DS.

                    2. He also promised that the 3ds version wouldn’t limit what they were going to do with the wii u version and that was a lie. Why am I helping to support their home console if they’re doing everything they can to make the 3ds and wii u version identical?

                  1. A lot of people don’t care about the Iceclimbers but it’s the idea of knowing Wii U version is not maxed enough to cater to 3Ds. But you paying $20 more for the same roster. No exclusive characters at all. Im no longer buy Wii U VERSION Right away. I’m buying 3Ds version right away to see if it’s worth paying for Wii U version that’s not the definitive version.

                  1. The article bascily told me what 3Ds can’t handle Wii U wont get it. And yet you pay more for Wii U version.If it wasnt for the 3Ds version at all, Wii U software and hardware would have outsold 3Ds in Japan.

                  1. If only more people would listen to you. I feel nervous for the youngins who come here and get exposed to all of this language. It’s really not nice for them and people should be more considerate.

                4. Shame… they were an original character. This is why Nintendo should care more about the technology of their hardware. I’m not saying they should be as strong or stronger than its competition, but if it clearly limits your game one way or another then “power doesn’t matter” is an invalid argument.

                  1. Original TYPE of character, yes. But they weren’t originals in the series from the first game, if that’s what you meant by an original character.

                5. Sadly this is true, however it’s because of the nintendo 3ds hardware only, not the Wii U. 3DS version already have nerfed item spawn rates to avoid slowdowns and loading times. You cannot set item spawn rate and certain items aren’t allowed to have doubles such as pokeballs and assistants, and have some kind of cooldown before they respawn again. Ice Climers got axed because they probably could not achieve full 60 fps in a 4player mirror game.

                  1. I thought that too, maybe because it losses it’s intended functionality, and ends up a little disappointing in the end.

                  2. That was probably an option they considered, my guess they did not go the single Ice Climber route because Dedede made it rendundant.

                6. Ice Climbers aren’t popular … please tell me how R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch are popular as series and/or franchises, last thing I heard about Mr. Game & Watch was back in the Game Boy Advanced, also, I don’t see why Sakurai just couldn’t pull a Rosalina & Luma combo with the Ice Climbers … fuck the 3DS version

                7. Technical limitations…on Wii U and Ice Climbers not being popular..when there’s only one fucking game in the whole series?

                  What kind of BS is this? They can slap in Dark Pit and Dr. Mario clones but not throw in Ice Climbers and Dark Samus that are totally different from others…

                    1. Lol “R.O.B was good.” Also, blame the 3DS for this. He said he wants to make sure both get the same amount of characters and he will cut any characters that can’t be made possible on the 3DS. This game literally has so much content that it pushes 3DS to its limits. Do you really think he didn’t add the characters because he didn’t feel like it? If this was a Wii U exclusive, most, if not all the characters you want would be in it. Even as future DLC. But I’m grateful the 3DS version exists. It’s great playing Smash on the go.

                      1. Its sad to hear 3DS is cutting its roster down by a few but I’m also disappointed my character wish list never came true but rather replaced with BS dull and cloned characters.

                        No Dark Samus (my top most wanted)
                        Dixie Kong
                        King K. Rool

                        I’m even surprised they didn’t consider Paper Mario to be a character. That would’ve been interesting and a good replacement with Game & Watch if nobody wanted him anymore.

                8. I call bullshit

                  techinical limitations my ass, you can have them running on gamecube and wii, you can tell me it has technical limitations on 3DS but don’t tell me that they cannot run on Wii U

                  1. Um, he didn’t. He said they had them up and running on WiiU but scrapped it due to technical difficulties on the 3ds.

                  2. They DIDN’T say Ice Climbers wouldn’t run on Wii U. They said they DO run on Wii U. They DON’T run on 3DS is what they said, and that’s why they took them out of both versions.

                        1. Thas why they put Dr. Mario and Toon Link in, it makes it easier for the 3Ds to see them as Mario and Link clones with different clothes. Thats why Super Smash has biggest characters but the most clones. So we see 49 characters but the 3Ds computer sees way less than that. Also if they didnt focus on increasing the mushroom kingdom they could have focused on expanding other franchises. Male and female animal crossing characters, the 3Ds computer sees that as one character. Nintendo babied super smash.

                9. Still pissed off that Zero isn’t in it… At least the move set they could have given him would fit into a melee fighter. Hell, even Capcom realized that and put him in MvC3 instead of Megaman.

                10. Um, he didn’t. He said they had them up and running on WiiU but scrapped it due to technical difficulties on the 3ds.

                  1. You mean to tell me Wii U version isn’t maxing out the Wii U because of the 3DS? Might as well put the Game back on Wii. I thought the fucking point of making the Wii U more powerful than the Wii is to do things that can’t be done on previous consoles? What the fuck is Nintendo charging Wii U owners $300 to buy the console and more money on software than 3Ds software? And when the fuck is Wii U virtual console getting Gamecube games? This aint no damn SNES!!!!

                      1. HD and better controls was the best you could come up with? Melee had worse visuals than Brawl and many perfered Melee over Brawl. don’t be surprised if 3Ds version outsells Wii U version. 3DS is the definitive version.

                        1. They’re the same game silly, outside of the few things I listed. They both play the same and have the same balance and pace. XD

                          1. The same game. I know but 3Ds is the defintive version. Silly. HD and better controls don’t get rid of the feeling Smash would have been better if they either based it off the more powerful version or never made an handhel. But you eat anything Nintendo shits out so talking to you is like a brick wall. When Brawl came out it sold millions without HD just like 3Ds version of smash did. What’s the real incentive in buying Wii U version HD?

                        2. 3DS is probably gonna sell more, but it certainly isn’t the definitive version. It’s nowhere near as comfortable. I definitely don’t like that they held back the Wii U version for the 3DS, but the U version still plays better (I have the demo and I played the U version twice at best buy). Smash run and portability aren’t enough to make the 3DS version better. Most people will 100% Smash Run, if that percent, and be done with it. Now that online for that mode is deconfirmed, even less people will play it. What can you possibly come up with that makes the 3DS version the definitive? And as for portability, I bring my U with me to work and play there, no problem. Had a flight a few weeks ago, played my U during layover the whole time, no problem. As long as an outlet is nearby, it’s just as portable if you put it in a backpack, which I would do with my 3DS XL anyway cause it’s not comfy in my pocket. The U has better visuals AND better handling/controls. This game is ALL ABOUT controls and handling. It’s the most important part of this game. So many people who have the demo have already said the same thing, although it’s far more comfortable than they expected, it’s nowhere near as comfy and smooth as a gamecube or pro controller. Anyway, due to the higher install base, that’s the only reason I see the 3DS version selling more.

                          1. Will for one the reason why 3Ds seems like the definitive vereion is because it’s limitations are holding back Wii u version, from getting better characters and avoiding less cloned ones. We see 49 characters but does the Wii U see 49 totally different characters? Um no. Dr. Mario is Mario. They babied this game for 3Ds weak CPU. Therefore Wii U version could have done a 4K HD but is it? Nope. Look at Zelda U and tell me they couldnt make Smash bros on Wii U notice 49 different characters?

                        3. Wii U version will be definitive version, hands down, because it can utilize the gamecube controller. That right there makes the Wii U win… unless the 3DS can use the gamecube controller, Sakurai could make Ridley, Mewtwo and the Ice Climbers exclusive characters on the 3DS version and it STILL wouldn’t be the definitive one.

                          Also, the 3DS version is going to outsell the Wii U version no mater what. 3DS has over 45 million handhelds sold. Wii U has 7 million consoles sold…. It’s easy to determine a winner with math like that…

                          1. The definitive version would have a better roster not just better controls and visuals. Brawl had a better roster. I guess Lucus got cut because 3Ds can’t handle tht many characters. After all Alph is identified as an Olimar skin and not his own character on 3Ds and Wii U. Wii U could have played them seperately.

                            1. Most people consider melee better than brawl despite it’s graphics being less. They like it better for how it plays and controls/handles. Some even like 64 more than brawl which obviously has worse graphics. And your logic makes no sense. The 3DS version holds back the Wii U version so out of anger you buy the version that caused the version you really wanted to not be as good and support that game? And put up with worse controls, which again, are a key aspect of this game? To spite nintendo or something? Or to show you don’t support the console version being gimped by the handheld version by buying…the handheld version? Enough people take your approach and buy 3DS only, and we may not get another console version. Which would seriously ruin Smash 5. I ain’t happy about the Wii U version being less than what it could be, but I am not gonna settle for the inferior game for a whole generation.

                      2. How is the average consumer supposed to know this though? We already know about it because we’re obviously gamers, but Nintendo will have to try hard to convince those guys to buy the same game twice.

                          1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                            If it was just going to hold the Wii U version back, I have to agree.

                          2. I like the portability I can have with Smash 3DS though. Taking it everywhere and playing all day would be great. But if the 3DS version really is limiting what we could actually have in Smash 4, then yes. It should’ve never been made. I can only imagine how many characters and extra content this game might have had if they only focused on the Wii U version. Unlike the 3DS, there’s a lot more space for them to work with and we’d have a ton of characters!

                            1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                              Since this is most likely clarifying that the 3DS version is holding the Wii U version back, I really wish they would have been making this a New 3DS exclusive, delaying this version for next year. Too late now. Bleh!

                              1. OH MY GOD. Thank goodness they did not do that. >:( New Nintendo 3DS exclusive. Pfft… You can take Xenoblade for all I care. But once you take Smash from me, that’s crossing the line.

                                1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                  I better not see you get upset that the Wii U version is being gimped because of the 3DS version then.

                                  1. Why would I be upset about that? No point crying over spilled milk. We already know Wii U is basically an HD version with different content. All the same characters. Pretty much the same. I’m only getting Wii U version for Amiibo and HD.

                  1. DLC! DLC! DLC! Wow looking back 6 months you people are all stupid. Seriously give developers more credit. We do have our limits. Those being: Cost, Technology, and TIME. Seriously some cuts do have to be made sometimes on projects because of deadlines.

                11. They were hoping for a franchise the last (also first) entry of which released 30 years ago to be more popular…?

                  But other than that, I personally don’t really mind them not being included, as I’ve never been a big fan of them, lmao. But I can see this being a huge letdown for other people, especially when considering what kinda other characters made it into the game. The Ice Climbers at least were entirely different from all the other characters, and also popular in the competitive area.

                  1. It’s the fact that they were planned for wiiu but got cut is what bothers me. Honestly I think 3ds fans could’ve lived without one less character. If they wanted to play as ice climbers they could’ve bought a f&*king Wii U like everyone else.

                12. So in other words, had they’re be no 3DS version and/or Nintendo hadn’t been stubborn about having the same roster in both versions, Wii U would have been a better Smash game than it will be.

                13. Ice climbers are nes classic. …. not popular? Well give them some games. Id buy a new ice climbers game just like buying dr mario pn wii or dr weegee on wiiu.

                  1. me too! I ‘d love a new ice climber game seriously, but only if the game could be exact on both wii u and 3ds versions! Derp!

                14. I was wondering why they weren’t in he new smash bros, so now we know why. Didn’t really care for the ice climbers anyways, nor did I every really play or want to play as them. But I guess there are just some fans that really like them and want them back.

                15. poor sakurai, i hope everything is okay.

                  a single ice clamber won’t be a good idea anyways. the game is great for what it is guys. please don’t judge this game just because ice clambers couldn’t make it in

                  to be honest, i really don’t like the additional of ice clambers anyway. people chain-grabbing annoyed the heck out of me…

                  sakurai, you make great games, and i hope we will see great games in the future.

                    1. Everyone can live without this alex it’s a game.. but thank you anyway.. It just sounds like they really downgraded the wii u version just to keep 3ds fans from complaining. Its really disappointing to those of us who were willing shell out the extra bucks for the wii u version.

                      1. I know. You have that feeling Smash was downgraded too huh? Their most powerful hardware has a lot of clones when it has the power to have more orginal characters. But I bet the 3Ds’ CPU thinks Smash Bros. 4 has 25 characters even though we are seeing 49.

                    1. Duck Hunt Dog was controversial for years because of his trollish behavior and Rosalina is an Ensemble Darkhorse (a minor character that becomes a massive fan favorite within a short amount of time) like Geno.

                16. Someone on here told me the 3DS was more powerful than the Gamecube. I see I was right 3DS version is holding back Wii U version. Should have just gave 3DS Brawl without the twins. And besides Duck Hunt Dog ain’t popular since NES days. Give me a break. They dumbed down Super smash bros. to more family oriented all thanks to weak 3DS!

                17. Im starting to question if Wii U is weaker than Gamecube. Why didnt they go far enough and put the twins on Wii U. So what if 3Ds can’t handle it? The wii U could.So we have a soft assline up all thanks to te 3Ds the definitive version!!!! Might as well say if the 3Ds cant handle it then Wii U won’t get it then.

                  1. The point isnt the Ice Climbers arent in there its the reason they’re not in there. Too stupid in R&D to work a popular game off the powerful hardware. Why would i pay $20 more to get the same characters? This game won’t even max out Wii u to prove Wii U is powerful. They babied the game because the weaker hardware can’t handle certain things. I don’t care about Ice Climbers but its the reason why.

                    1. Still surprised at the stupidity of people. Guess what… 8 player smash. If that’s not maxing out the hardware I don’t know what is. Maybe you people should stop making assumptions. As they say “When you assume you make a…” well I’ll assume you know the rest.

                18. Now if Smash bros started out on a handheld and this was the first time it was coming to a home console, then I can see why they would make the game based off the 3Ds and it would be the definitive version. But having smash always on a home console and make the definitive version on a weaker handheld is stupid.

                    1. Yeah we read the article. But might as well say that since 3Ds is the definitive version. Nintendo favors 3Ds over Wii U. If not then why cant the more powerful hardware have a more exclusive version having the power to handle Ice Climbers?

                    really?, it this the guy that promised us a victory?
                    sincerely, sasori. the clergy of the church if tired of your stupidity, bring us the victory you promised or we will take actions on you.
                    we will kill the clown, in other words we will EXPOSE THE NARUTARD.
                    last warning, learn to read and learn to troll the drones. FRAUD

                    church of SICKR

                19. I’m the type of person that loves watching the world burn by people bringing on upon themselves. Ridley for example, so many people wanted him but he’s not in. When so many people rage about Dr. Mario and Dark Pit I’ll just sit back, watch the show, then kick their ass later with them. As for the ice climbers I understand people wanted them back but in all honesty there wasn’t really much to do with them. I never found a good way to play as them and I like Rosalina and Luma instead. They as I can see can per from combos by using one then the other, not one putting extra damage after one attack. I personally don’t mind having them cut, just never understood the appeal towards them.

                  1. The fact that people are pissed off that Ice Climbers arent there is because we know Wii U version was dumbed down for 3Ds version. Thats why.

                20. Wait so if they were only cut for the sake of the 3DS version then they’ll probably be back next game (if there is one). Although if there was it would probably be years before that happens.

                21. until I hear Nintendo respond and show proof other than simple graphical differences that the wii u version will be better than the 3ds i’m not buying it. Why shouldn’t it be better? just because you have a bigger user base on the 3ds doesn’t mean you have to piss all over the wii u fanbase. 3ds fans get it earlier its the same game and yet you want me to pay more for it. How is this suppose to make people want to go out and buy a wii u when they can get the same thing cheaper on an existing cheaper system with a much bigger game library. Please just listen to your fanbase for once. No ridley ,no iceclimbers, no mewtwo, no love for the home console fanbase.

                  1. Oh and still no Dixie Kong! seriously…I have no doubt that smash bros 4 will be a fun game, but all this is extremely frustrating and frankly disappointing.

                    1. Good question dude what is the incentive in buying Wii U version? And why the Duck Hunt Dog? They could have expended the Metriod franchise or put in Crystal or Tails or brought Lucus back? But bring Dr. Mario back over Lucus? Lucus is a better clone than Dr. mario.

                      1. TIME HAS REVEALED ALL!!!! Why? you ask. Well, better controls, amiibo, and 8 player smash. Because Duck hunt dog is iconic. Samus is really the only real character in Metroid, Crystal and Tails because of time limitations, and Lucus was a good character (i mained him in brawl) but his addition forced the nerfing of Ness in order to balance (/differentiate) him from Lucus. As for Dr. Mario he was a crowd favorite from Melee who was brought back because of popular demand, also he was an easy addition as they could just reuse the same model as mario instead of having to create a new one.

                      1. de·fin·i·tive. adjective \di-ˈfi-nə-tiv\. : complete, accurate, and considered to be the best of its kind.
                        Complete: dlc is incoming.
                        Accurate: controls are not ideal. For competitive Smash players, this version won’t be the one they’re best with.
                        Considered to be the best of its kind:
                        Does the 3ds version have the best graphics, controls, or music of all Smash Bros games? -___-

                        Smash for 3ds is by definition Not the definitive version.

                            1. Yea same here, my thoughts exactly. The smoother more comfortable controls and access to bigger screens alone make it the definitive version. 3DS buttons are so small, and they are missing some. Circle pad is a joke compared to the gamecube and pro controller joysticks. No 2nd circle pad til the new 3ds, which is placed above the buttons like the pro controller. I played the Wii U version twice at best buy and gotta say, having the second joystick above instead of below felt weird, and out of place. So the new 3ds I’m assuming will have the same issue, maybe not since it’s pretty cramped. Most people don’t play the extra modes too much after 100% of the game, so any exclusive modes for 3ds would only hold up for a bit, cause it comes down to the regular smash fighting mode with your friends in the end, whether it be 1 on 1 no items, 4 way match with/without items, team match, & special brawl/melee. And smash run is offline, one of the modes everyone was excited about, has that huge issue now. Some don’t care, but lots of people expected and were counting on the online. I have friends but I doubt we will have as much time to play smash run due to schedules, so I might have to unlock everything in that mode solo. Was looking forward to playing with friends far away and people on here.

                              1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                Yeah. Sakurai pretty much killed Smash Run outside of Japan when he announced it was an offline mode.

                        1. Best graphics? Well Ray man Legends for Wii U was the definitive version and PS4 had better graphics? Confliction there. Funny how Ubisoft didn’t dumb down the PS4 version though. Also better controls on Wii U version? Opinion. Some people like playing smash with Wii U and so.e people may like playing smash with new 3Ds. So all the controllers for Super Smash bros. 4 ain’t available yet.

                        2. Also since you say Wii U is definitive version because graphics and controls? Why didn’t Lost Worlds outsell 3Ds sonic then? After all even though the Wii U version lacked online, because it had better controls, HD and um music(?), it was the definitive version.

                          1. 1. I’m just talking about Smash.
                            2. No, all controller options aren’t available, but if you think the 3ds version will have the best controls, we’ll have to suspend logic on everything and have a philosophical debate… which I’m not really into…

                            1. Ohhhh but your definition on definitive says graphics and better controls. But when I do a comparison suddenly that conflicts with that you want to stay safe at home because you can’t back up sonic or Rayman with your example. That’s weak. Funny though in order to enjoy Wii u version of smash you have to pay close to $100 to buy the controller. Because the truth is no one is going to settle for the standard control to play smash on which is the gamepad. You can back up Nintendo all you want but they babied smash that’s the truth for a powerful console. I’m buying both versions toexperience both versions but I know this isn’t the best version of smash just buy knowing the game doesn’t take advantage of Wii U like MK8 does.

                  2. Street Fighter 4 on 3d cost $40 when it came out and the ps3/360 versions cost $60 when it was new, and those are even more the same game. Your logic doesn’t add up. The handheld version ALWAYS costs less for the same game. Monster Hunter 3 is another example. The $20 is for the better controls, bigger screen available, better graphic, and whatever else. And video game prices for console games jumped up $10 last gen, it’s always been $50 prior. So I’m paying $10 more than brawl that felt better in the two matches I played. And has boards like the boxing ring that are better. Why would you support the version that made the version you prefer to be less than what it could be? By buying 3ds only you guys send nintendo the message that you’d rather have a handheld version. They’ll look at sales and not look back. You think they’re gonna say “Gee DK James and others only bought the 3ds version, people must have not liked the wii u version being held back. Let’s make the next Smash on console amazing to make them happy!”? Cause they’re not. They’re just gonna assume people like smash on the go more than they care about a bigger screen with better controls and more power.

                    1. Good point maybe we should boycott 3Ds version! But that won’t happen. I question does Nintendo even want the Wii U to sale? I’m starting to wonder. Why would the 3Ds need a new update? And the thing is I know the Wii U version is the definitive version but the way Nintendo hyped the 3Ds version and worked the game on a weaker console makes it seem as that’s the definitive version.

                      1. I feel you on all that, and unfortunately nobody will boycott either version of smash, so it’s pretty much take a stand or get the game you want. I’m not happy either that the U version got held back, but I just couldn’t spend the next 6 years playing the 3DS version. Love the demo don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t feel right on the handheld. I will say I like how it plays better than brawl though.

                22. Since he said they were actually run on the Wii U version at some point, could it be that their code still exists somewhere in the game? Maybe the project M team can do something about that :D

                  1. Even if Ice Climbers were in the game it doesn’t justify this game isn’t maximizing the Wii U to its full advantage. There’s more clones on this version than Brawl had. That’s babying the hardware!!!! They’ll maximize 3Ds version but not Wii U version.

                23. Now what was the cause of Nintendo saying Wii U game was being delayed yet the game isn’t maximizing the Wii u because of the 3Ds? The Wii U can easily handle 4 players on 2D. They just wanted to releize this game on 3Ds first. It’s like frreaking 20 clones on this game.

                      1. Really troll harder? Ok. Male Wii Fit trainer, Male female animal crossing character, Marth, Toon Link, Falco, Dr. Mario, , Bowser Jr and his gang, Alph is a skin of Olimar because 3Ds can’t handle additional clones. And those twins that are a boy and a girl now take away alllllll these clones and you have 39 characters.

                        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                          Male Wii Fit Trainer & Villager are alternates so they don’t count as clones. Marth is his own character so he’s not a clone. If anything, Lucina is the clone, not Marth. Bowser Jr will most likely have his own original moveset with the Koopalings as alternates, too, so they aren’t clones, either. Toon Link, Falco, & Dr Mario are the only clones in your post.

                          1. Yeah alternative or clones. You see them as different players but the 3Ds sees them as the same. 3DS doesn’t see 49 characters in this game. Also Dr. Mario is less clone than Male Fit trainer same Final smash same moves. Clone to me. Now if that shit was on Mortal Kombat it would be a disappointment. Female Subzero?

                            1. Alternate costumes aren’t counted in the 49 list, so your clone list is less. They said off the bat they would hae the same characters in both versions so obviously there was gonna be limitations, now that ice climbersaren’t in it,you act surprised. Koopalings and bowser jr are one fighter, same with olimar and alph, villagers, and wii fit trainers. There ARE clones like Dr.Mario, Lucina, and Dark Pit, but you’re blowing the list up a ton. Those alternates aren’t counted in the 49, again.

                              1. I never played this super smash yet.Thanks for telling me that. I guess they did that to make the 3Ds version to handle it. Sucks I know.

                24. Ice Climbers were one of my top 5 favorite characters to play as! :(

                  1. Sheik
                  2. Diddy Kong
                  3. Jigglypuff
                  4. Ice Climbers
                  5. Olimar

                  I wish we never even got a 3DS version… I mean, I’m totally buying the 3DS version and the Wii U version, but I would rather not have had a 3DS version if it meant cutting out one of my favorite characters!!! :,(

                  1. It’s not about the charater list Vivian its about the clear fact that the wii u was downgraded for no good reason. For some reason Nintendo thought they had to make the exact same game and ask wii u fans to pay almost $20 more for the exact same game. But mainly we’re all saddened because it’s apparent now that the wii u version isn’t going to be as big a leap forward from last gen as we thought it would be.

                25. its just a single character man by reading these comments its not that hard to tell that the gaming community is really getting spoiled and pathetic ”huh no Ice Climbers i hate this game ” LOL! pathetic

                  1. Dude the Wii U is the most powerful Nintendo yet the super smash bros. software aint taking advantage of it. But you were happy to see MK8 when first revealed.

                26. bullshit excuse, the real reason is because the 3DS wouldn’t be able to handle 8 characters on screen if all 4 people chose Ice Climbers.

                    1. So if you were in the sixth grade and they made you do first grade work because your little brother or sister is doing that level you wouldnt feel downgraded? Then don’t get excited over Zelda U visuals.

                    2. Can’t justy the reason Lucus is out though. This game could have been on 1080p level 60fps. But you’re satisfied with the limitations but not me. But I don’t give a rats ass about Ice climbers it’s knowing this software didnt go all the way on Wii U as it could of. The Wii U could have recgonized 70 totally different characters without counting any clones. But nope just a 3Ds version in HD.