Hyrule Warriors Website Features Wallpapers, Icons And Cover Photos

The Hyrule Warriors website is packed with content inspired by the upcoming action title, including wallpapers, icons and cover photos. Due to the game’s fast-paced and action-heavy nature, Nintendo says players will need more time to appreciate its beautifully-crafted character models and environments – some of which are highlighted on the website. Available now in Japan, Hyrule Warriors will arrive in North America on September 26th for Wii U.


      1. Lana’s looks stupid n damn
        Cia got big boobies but still looks stupid n damn and the game looks stupid n damn everything about this game looks stupid n damn

    1. Because Lana arguably overshadowed her in every way. I’ve you’ve seen Gamexplain’s lifestream, then you would know why.

  1. Next Friday needs to be here NOW!! Just 8 (it’s just 13 minutes from Wednesday here) more days between now & then. I can handle this. I’ve waited this long, right? …right!? ARGH!!!

      1. Do NOT let hype affect your purchase. It is seriously not worth it. Only get it if you are sure that it is going to be fun. I’ve learned that hyping up games can be a very bad thing. If you end up not actually liking the game, you’ll be severely disappointed. Far more than you would if you didn’t hype the game. And then that disappointment might result in hatred towards the game.

      1. I’m glad you guys don’t have to wait as long as you all use to. I remember when many in Europe didn’t games till months, even years, after the initial release.

      2. agree with you on that one and I have to say I am really surprise we got the game a week before you. maybe it’s a good thing you will have some feedback before you purchase the game.

  2. my copy arrived yesterday in the post(3 days early) and i can say with confidence you won’t be disappointed with this game, very addictive gameplay and beautiful to look at.

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