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Ubisoft Says Next Watch Dogs Game Will Improve On Its Predecessors Flaws

Ubisoft Montreal’s vice president of creative, Lionel Raynaud, has assured online gaming publication CVG that the next Watch Dogs game will be an improvement on the mixed original which came out in May. However, Raynaud was quick to point out that they need to be careful about changing things that players of the game actually liked. The Wii U version is schedule for release November 18th.

“We had a lot of flaws in the replayability of gameplay loops and you could feel that the game was a first iteration. At the time, there was clear potential but it was not easy to know it was going to become the franchise that it is today.”

“For the case of Assassin’s Creed 1, the reception was critically not perfect but the commercial reception was good. Also it felt like something that was fresh and appropriate for a new generation. The feeling was good for the future of the franchise, because the concept was smart in the way that it had infinite possibilities in terms of time travelling.”

85 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Next Watch Dogs Game Will Improve On Its Predecessors Flaws”

    1. He is talking about the next watch dogs for the wii U version wich is comig in november that nobody is wonna buy right ?

  1. Too bad that these morons didn’t used the chance they had to apply such changes in the Wii U version. They made a huge drama about this version to make a half-ass port that will be trampled by Smash Bros.

    And depending of that Guilemot idiot, Wii U will never recieve the sequel.

      1. We’ll see when it comes out. The details they’ve given so far make it sound like any of the other ports, which have either been terrible, so late they won’t sell, or both, for the most part. Some are really good, but still were so late it didn’t matter cause people moved on, and that’s what this is doing. The only thing left to be determined is if they’re really doing a great job on it, which I highly doubt, since they’re touting their amazing gamepad map features. I could see being able to click on stuff on the map to hack being a cool feature, but for some reason I don’t have much faith. I’ll need to see it first. Not like it’s that amazing of a game anyhow, but let’s see how well they pull it off

        1. It sounds like it’s just a bad game. I think it would take them more effort to make the port worse than to just port it as is.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        The few ones that care are the blind sheep that doesn’t realise that they are being betrayed over and over by these pathetic forces…

        The same blind sheep that believes that buying a game solely based on support is the only thing that matters…

        The same pathetic mongrels that blames the smart ones for not falling into their garbage…

        So yes I’m so wrong I’m right…

        1. Yeah, but, Commander, Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta are both 3rd party games. Same with Bravely Default, Monster Hunter, Phoenix Wright, Prof Layton, etc. What’s the big difference between these games and Watch Dogs? Without 3rd party games, there would hardly be anything to play on Nitendo consoles.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            The difference is, all the Third Class games you’ve listed except Watch Dogs, have been made with the Wii U and 3DS in mind aswell as to make the best game possible for our empire…

            Watch Dogs, it can’t even be optimized right on the hardware it was mainly intended for and the Wii U version will be just a total mess…

            They even said they wouldn’t do anything great with the Gamepad except having a map or something, what a waste of potential, time, resources and a mockery of the Nintendo fans…

            1. A half-assed port is better than nothing at all! I’d buy Metal Gear Solid 5, or Borderlands the Pre Sequel in a heartbeat if they were ported to the Wii U. But the thing is, if a port of a game (ie Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Batman) sells poorly on the Wii U, why would the developer want to make an exclusive on a system that didn’t buy their previous game? It’s a risky move. If nobody* bought indie games on the Wii U, why would someone with very low income make a game that is pre-determined to flop? That’s obviously not the case (Shovel Knight made more money on the Wii U/3DS than they did on PC), but it all come down to numbers and if people bought previous ports/ exclusives.

              As downright dirty as it is having Ubisoft not release a finished Wii U exclusive (as they said at e3), it’s a smart business plan.

              But still, buying a game, just so in the future you can more exclusives, isn’t really enough justification to buy a game. I sincerely hope that the people behind “Operation Platinum” (get 1 million+ copies of Bayonetta 2 sold) are also buying the game because they want to play it and have fun. Cause that’s always been the point of games right? To have fun?

              Ubisoft confused Nintendo consumers of hating Mature games, when honestly they just made crappy (mainstream) games. So, I can’t really pick a definite side when it comes to this matter.

              TLDR: Ports are better than having nothing at all and buying them gets you exclusives.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                If they were priced about 30% cheaper at launch than ther versions then I wouldn’t have much problems…

                And yes they are cheaper now but still doesn’t justify their original greed…

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Talking about Bayonetta 2, if nothing appealed to me about it, I woudn’t get it at all but since the challenge and gameplay looks great, I will because I want it…

              3. A boyfriend or girlfriend that belittles you & beats you is better than nothing at all, right? xD Yeah. Enjoy your abusive relationship, dude. I’m sure it will keep you happy til the day you die.

        2. Aren’t you one of the many who is supporting Bayonetta 2? Regardless if it’s a Wii U exclusive (ZombiU a Wii U exclusive made by Ubisoft) it’s still from a 3rd party company. Since you like to always criticize 3rd parties, you shouldn’t support Bayonetta.

            1. And read how i put ZombiU which was by a 3rd party company and it was soley for the Wii U “in mind”……. “by these pathetic forces” well these “pathetic forces” had 2 games solely in mind for the Wii U. Still dont see a problem.

  2. The irony, is, now that he has admitted the game isn’t that great, and has low replayability, I doubt I’ll buy it. :/

    As far as AC, I love 4, but have no interest in buying a new one every 8 months. Since there is no ZombiU2 in the pipeline, I guess I don’t have a logical reason to buy from them. They just don’t have games.

    I hope if they make some smaller ones, like Child of Light, we’ll get those.

  3. It is hilarious how deliberately they are tanking Watch Dogs for Wii U.
    I hope it sells less than 50k world wide, not because out of spite, but for cheap laughs.

      1. I was actually excited for this game, 2 years ago.
        And I believe rightfully so. This was the game that had endless possibilities for the GamePad
        Now the excitement for this game is somewhere between picking nose and changing diapers.

        1. You’re not the only one. A lot of us were really looking forward to this game til Ubisoft started pulling their shit & throwing it at us like mischievous monkeys.

  4. As if. With the gargantuan hype machine behind it a game will sell like hotcakes whether it’s a half-baked floater of a shit or not. So why bother to make an effort?

  5. Is ubisoft talking about the ‘Wii U’ version or Watch Dogs 2.At least Wii U Version of Watch Dogs should be better than PS3 AND XBOX 360 Version.So it sells well on Wii U. Ubisoft should make some new games especially for Wii U Gamers but I think that Ubisoft and Activision would do the same thing what EA Did . No COD Advanced Warfare and Assassins Creed on Wii U indicates that Ubisoft and Activision won’t work on more mature games for Wii U. Ubisoft

    1. Ubisoft doesn’t want to make games for Wii U, that’s why the ruined the launch of both Rayman Legends and WatchDogs, they intentionally sacrifice these games to get an excuse to say their games don’t sell on Wii U, the only reason the first try didn’t work is because Rayman didn’t sell well on any console.

  6. Ubisoft already mentioned that Watch Dogs is the final mature game on Wii U so this game should be successful. They should not work on this like Zombi U, a pathetic game. The IGN rating of this game should be like other other versions with the exception of the PS3 version

  7. Ubisoft already mentioned that Watch Dogs is the final mature game on Wii U so this game should be successful. They should not work on this like Zombi U, a pathetic game. The IGN rating of this game should be like other versions of this game with the exception of the PS3 version.

  8. So this pale, junkie looking sewers smelling cave dwelling swedish faggot calls 3rd party developers 3rd class,when clearly they have been trampling nintendo on game design since the introduction of Wii.

  9. lol Improve? My ass. Here’s the few major flaws they should consider fixing if they have the healthy mentality to do it:

    1. Write a better story
    2. Make the choice/consequences system worth something and actually versatile
    3. Watchdogs, a 2014 game, makes the most embarrassing flop yet: NO PUNCHING! Add punching if you intend to make Watchdogs anymore of a GTA knockoff with cheap ass hacking gimmick that gets boring and useless fast.
    4. Actually make hacking “hacking” instead of just viewing cameras and making the feature a single button tap action that offers no realism feeling about hacking.
    5. This is the biggest and needed improvement of all: STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH NINTENDO/WII U FANBASE!!! Make the ports mean something. You got nearly 10,000 pair of hands and a few more outside development partners and you’re telling us you can’t fucking release a full and equally supported Wii U port ON TIME and then when you DELIBERATELY release or delay a Wii U port of any big game, you wanna bitch about them not buying your crap when its all your fault and ONLY YOUR FAULT UBISHIT plus also promising BS and give us nothing but white ass lies starting with graphics and finally to “implementing Gamepad to full use of hacking” when all you did is cramp a fucking map…that’s the reason why you claim to delay Wii U port for half a year…a fucking map?!

    For the next game, I bet only the top 4 is gonna be *sorta* improved while they still act so stupid around Nintendo fans when they have done shit to make you turn away. You did it just to mimic EA’s BS Anti-Nintendo trend which in fact, it only shows you’re becoming like them and people supporting your company and EA are absolutely retarded and its why they won’t stop taking advantage of their sheep herd of anal bendovers.

    1. 1. Agreed
      2. Agreed…but that does take up a lot of space on the memory so it would hurt the open world aspect. I’m not sure if it’s a good tradeoff. Infamous is really the only title that consistently pulls this off.
      3. Agreed.
      4. Disagree. I actually enjoy the hacking and wouldn’t want it to get much more complex. As it is, it’s just something to give you a break from the action. I don’t want it to get tedious.
      5. Oh boy. Get the anti 3rd Party Hate out of here already sir!

      I love Ubisoft (See, I got the name right!) but EA will always be superior. I make sure to buy their games everytime. Even if they delay them or relase the titles with big bugs…that won’t stop me, because I am a dedicated fan! I just bought Championship Foosball (For the Wii…check it out! Now this is how you make a third party game) after all so I know my stuff.


      1. EA is NOT superior. I don’t think they even make games anymore. They just buy game developers and turn them into their personal slave telling them what they can and can’t do. Almost every game they have nowadays gets published with DLC of some sort. Ubisoft is nowhere near as bad as they are. But they are learning quickly. AC Unity, Far Cry 4, and The Crew ALL have “gold editions” which basically include extra content (which I’m pretty sure was taken out of the main game) and season passes and all that other nonsense. If you want your complete version of AC Unity, you need to fork over almost $100. Utter BS.

        1. That’s why I wait until those games are in the 15 dollar bin. I never get the extra stuff, but I still do like EA’s determination. DLC isn’t a good thing, but I’ve learned to accept (and mock) it.

      1. The Ubisians have been corrupted by the Nintendrones mixed in with the Sonyans. They simply crumbled against the pressure of the Great Ones. They still know perfection when they see it and Watch Dogs 2 shall defeat the Sleeping Dogs 2!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Wrong again, the Ubisians were corrupted by the Xbots, Electrons and to some extent, the Sonyans…

          Our empire didn’t have anything to do with their pathetic corruption…

          1. Can’t corrupt the corrupted eh? I guess I can agree to that Commander ;)

            That being said Nintendrones and Sonyans are at the top of the food chain. EA and the Xbots are in the second tier. Capcom, Ubisoft, and Square Enix round out the gaming circle. Ubisoft is still an elite though and we can count on them to continue hitting us with epic games.

            As I see it, rushing games is just a faze for every company right now. Nintendo rushed Smash Bros, Ubisoft rushed Watch Dogs, Sony rushed Titanfall…wait, that was Microsoft! And EA never rushes anything since going fast is their natural pace.

        2. I don’t think there is going to be a Sleeping Dogs 2. Also, from what I’ve heard, the first one is way better than Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs was just hype. That’s all it ever was.

          1. Hype + Gameplay = Win. Watchdogs wasn’t great, but I’d say that a 7/10 for it is fair. I’m not sure about Sleeping Dogs because I have no idea what the game is like. I just saw the cover at Gamestop and I love to compare it to Watchdogs for fun =)

  10. Why should we care exactly? It’s not like the sequel will be coming to the Wii U. Ubishit made sure of that by delaying the game & releasing it during a time when there are a number of Wii U exclusives that will utterly decimate it. They did very well in throwing their own game under the freight train.

  11. I love how everyone likes to talk BS about every company in every topic on this site, but no one of them complains to the actual company… Oh, the irony! I hope to see some reviews of the port on the Wii U, if they are good I might give it a try

  12. Releasing a 3rd party game on the same month with Smash Bro. for the Wii U is suicidal. I’m pretty sure Ubisoft will complain that nobody bought their to-late of a game and blame everything to the fans.

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