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Bayonetta 2 Sold Approximately 67% Of Its First Shipment In Japan

Bayonetta 2 has sold 67 per cent of its first shipment in Japan – that’s according to the latest Media Create report. On Wednesday, we reported on this week’s Japanese chart sales where the hack and slash sequel placed in third with a total of 38,828 copies. It was a less than stellar figure, though, given Bayonetta’s previous debut sales in 2009 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which neared 200,000 copies.

However, Media Create states a lower install base from the Wii U may have affected Bayonetta 2’s initial debut sales. Despite this, the game starring the feisty Umbran Witch managed to sell a total of 67.29 per cent, just over two-thirds of its first shipment in a single day of sales. Whether a second week of sales will propel the game further up the charts remains to be seen. Let us know what you think of Bayonetta’s Japanese debut in the comments below.

116 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Sold Approximately 67% Of Its First Shipment In Japan”

      1. No, it’s pretty bad. I want you to put this in perspective for a moment.

        The Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta (1) sold 64,325 copies at launch in Japan. Japan. The Xbox 360 version.

        Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U sold just a little more than half that.

        The PS3 version of the original Bayonetta sold 135,242 copies at launch. Those weren’t even stellar numbers at the time.

        Hopefully folks in the West support the title more. Platinum is kind of cursed with low sales of their games.

        1. The ps3 version did not sell that much in one day. The Wii U version sold 40 thousand in a single day. I’m sure sales will reach over 100 thousand in the coming week.

        2. You can’t be serius? If a game sold that in one day and the xbone sold 60k in a week how is the wiiu selling worst? You just being blind with fanboism.

          1. The Xbox 360 version (along with the PS3 version) came out on October 29, 2009 in Japan. That was a Thursday.

            Bayonetta 2 came out on September 20, 2014.

            Media Create figures haven’t changed how they’re tallied. You do the math. It’s quite simple, really.

        3. You are ignoring the fact of the bigger install base for the Xbox 360 & the small install base of the Wii U in Japan, dude. Did you not read the article when it said the low install base effected the game’s sales? No wonder you defended Ubisoft in that other post. Ubisoft ignored the small install base for the Wii U at the time to say Zombie U sold terribly, too.

          1. The Wii U has a bigger install base in Japan than the Xbox 360. The Wii U is around 1.9m and the Xbox 360 is around 1.6m to date. Even worse when it released on the Xbox 360 it had an even lower install base by almost 1m compared to now.

            Everyone can wait a week but I don’t think these sales are going to improve much in Japan. If it can’t beat a system that had almost 1m less consoles out at the time and is the least popular system in Japan.

        4. It is one day sales Simply G. Those of the 360 and PS3 were over a whole entire week, on consoles with a large install base at the time; aka PS3. Simply G you are way better than that, let the trolls do their thing not you. You are a veteran😀.

          1. They weren’t over a whole week. Media create never does full week figures for new releases because new releases usually come out on Thursdays in Japan. Bayonetta 2 just came out two days later, a Saturday.

            360 install base was lower at the time in Japan and in fact according to most sales charts, the Wii U has passed the install base of the 360 in Japan. So… Yeah. :/

        1. For me, 3D fast paced brawlers like Tenkaichi 3 are my favorite genre and Beat Em Up is probably second. Bayonetta is decent, but it went too extreme on content. Nerf it down to an E rating and we’ll talk.

  1. This will of course be a day one buy for me.
    Even a below average score from every reviewer across the world wouldn’t affect my purchase. :)

  2. Can’t wait for this game. I hope it does good in the US. We always talk about 3rd parties not putting in effort on Wii U games but Platinum devoted a lot of time, hard work and attention to detail with this game. They seem so proud of it too, bragging on their lighting effects and the specific details of everything down to making sure the game feels really good to them control wise. I haven’t really heard any devs talk this in depth about the quality of their Wii U game development plus the more you watch of the gameplay the more fun it looks. I’ll buy it day 1 just like I did with Hyrule Warriors. Let’s back up all our talk with sales for the quality titles, please. Show those other devs that effort is what pays off over here on the Wii U side- not lazy ports, and certainly not just kiddie-casual games like a lot of them seem to think.

    1. It’s because this is an exclusive. I don’t think game devs putting a multiplat on Wii U will talk about the quality of one specific version. It’ll make them seem biased. XD

      1. Lol true, but I kinda just meant any dev making a game on Wii U, including Nintendo so far. Nobody really talks this in depth about their visuals/graphics and perfecting controls for a game on Wii U. Maybe the devs behind Fast Racing Neo (I think that’s the title?) and Project CARS.

        1. The game just came out today in North America. We’ll probably get European figures a week after release there, but in North America we may never know. NPD or Nintendo have to report the figures at the end of the month for us to know.

        1. Truth to the matter is that Hyrule Warriors is evidently a Zelda SPIN-OFF. It’s just a combination of The Legend of Zelda with the adventure elements of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Thus, the best of both worlds.

  3. I am just glad that an exclusive is doing well… if you put your best foot forward with Nintendo it will work out. If Rayman would have stayed an exclusive, things would have been different for Ubisoft on the Wii U… oh well… F em

  4. What isn’t mentioned in the post, and frankly you guys should know better if you want to be seen as “reporting”(i.e. dig into the numbers instead of just repeating what is said on NeoGAF), is that the 38k number is from ONE day of sales, not a full week like other games that were on the Japanese list. You really should mention that before getting caught up in the clickbait hype.

      1. I do see that, I don’t mean to be rude but the correct information does not seem to be getting out there over something that should be pretty easy to emphasis.

  5. 40,000 in one day is pretty good. It will probably go over a hundred thousand in Japan, doing a little better than Hyrule Warriors..
    Probably 4-5 hundred thousand in the west. One million lifetime sales, maybe more.

    1. its sold more per console and per year on sale vs ps3 and x360 YOU UNEDUCATED FUK


    2. Not happening mate even if the game flops for real nintendo still own Bayonetta 2 since they they payed for the game to be made Platinum has stated for Two years that is nintendo’s call to port Bayonetta 2 to the other consoles
      Sega may still own the IP but the game was made with nintendo’s money they pretty much own the game code of the game so don’t expect Bayonetta 2 for the PS4 Xbone any time Soon

  6. I feel like its a game i should buy but probably won’t. I still don’t have hyrule warriors, and a lot of my extra cash is gonna go towards smashbros, and all those amiibos!

    1. Doesn’t seem like there was much to ship to begin with. So these shipment figures seem pointless. If you sold through more than half your shipment with sales this low it means there wasn’t that many copies to be sold. I don’t think this is good in Japan. I’m still buying the game but it doesn’t make these sales look any better.

      Nothing but spin with some Nintendo fans. Always happens every time a good game doesn’t sell well on the Wii U it always ends with the same excuses to defend its poor sales. If I had a dollar for every time someone said “wait a week” for so many Wii U games only to see these games with lower sales by the end of the week. The sales figures are out for everyone to read so it isn’t like I am making it up or trying to troll negatively. The game hasn’t sold well and I don’t know why people can’t handle dealing with it.






  8. part of it is the install base and the other is that sony and microsoft fanboys are ass-hurt that bayonetta 2 is a wii u exclusive even thought P+ said sony and microsoft politely rejected to support the sequel.

    1. Tbh, the first one didn’t even do so good. I really doubt they give a shit about a second one. Lol. They’re probably too busy playing other games anyways.

      1. Oh but they did care. Why do you think so many were pissed Bayonetta 2 was going to the Wii U? Even Bayonetta’s creator pointed out the fact a lot of people were pissed since he was an ass to them on Twitter. I doubt he’d have been that way if it was just a couple of people.

        1. It was probably just Bayonetta fans that owned PS3’s and 360’s. They probably didn’t like Nintendo or the Wii U, so that’s why they were angry. But to be honest, they’ve gotten over it now. Bayo 2 was a Wii U exclusive since e3. That’s when nobody knew what Wii U would be like. Now those same Bayonetta fans have tons of reasons to take a dig at the Wii U since its missing out on basically every major third party game being released. And the next gen consoles added even more insult to injury. :/

  9. Why do people think that 67% is a bad number?
    That’s close to 3/4 of what was sold. Which is still good.
    There’s nothing negative about that at all.

    1. 3/4 of 4 is still 3. If the shipment wasn’t high then 67% could be bad. If the shipment was high, then 67% could be great. All depends on how many copies make up the total shipment.

    1. I care, because I want Platinum games to succeed, because they make awesome games and I want them to be around for a while to keep making more games.

      If their games fail, then they will go out of business, or be bought by Microsoft…

      Game sales are important!!!

      1. OH and when games have online multiplayer, it is important for the game to sell well so you can have tons of people to play with online. If the amount of people who buy a game is small, then you may not be able to always find a player to play with or establish a good connection with a player.

    2. When it contributes to flaming pointless wars, yes, it shouldn’t matter. I care about sales, because good sales can lead to better future support on the systems you own or even better sequels of the games you love.

      Sadly with how poorly this has sold, I don’t think Kimaya will continue to work on this series much further. Knowing past Wii U games and past Platinum games, I don’t see the sales jumping drastically within the next week either. Hopefully I’m wrong or in any case, it sells gang busters outside japan, but it didn’t do great when it was multiplatform and it isn’t doing any better on the Wii U. Unless Nintendo keeps supporting the game, I don’t see why Kimaya would keep investing money into something that isn’t making him any even with how much I would love for the series to continue. It was already on its last leg until Nintendo came in.

      I know why Nintendo supported it, and I doubt they expected it to sell anyway, they just wanted to have something more to diversify their games on the platform. Since at the moment there aren’t too many games on the Wii U aimed at more adult audiences. The problem for me is, with how badly Kimaya’s game keep selling on the Wii U, I doubt he will want to keep working on it.

      I’ll use Tearaway as an example, I really cared about its sales because it was an amazing game but sadly just like many Platinum games, it just never got the respect or attention it truly deserved and it sold very badly. Now look at it, when I was hoping to see more Tearaway on the Vita, Media Molecule has already moved away from the system because of how poorly their game sold on it. It’s sad when games like CoD: Declassified outsold such an awesome game but that is the state of gaming today.

      Rehashes and only what people are familiar with already is what sells time and time again. Back in the days people didn’t have a problem with trying to new games, but now everyone wants to play the same games yearly and this even applies to Nintendo, it applies to every system out there. That is why so many greats have fallen and so many good studios have been reduced to nothing but ashes, yet the same repeated well known series keep raking in millions every single year.

  10. Wow. That’s pretty good. If I shipped 10 copies of something & 7 out of the 10 sold on the first day of release, that’s pretty good because I made a profit.

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    2. Sorry, you guys lost me years ago with all the nonsense you leave as headers sometimes, only to start bullshit fanboy wars. It’s absolutely ridiculous how many flame wars your site has started and it shows with your readers.

      The fact you even allow personal blogs to be viewed as headlining articles at times, I think that is crap, only made to start shit amongst fans. That isn’t including how biased your reviews are all the time, which is a big problem in gaming today.

      Get back to me when good journalism is more important than money to you guys. I’m not saying you can’t want to make money, but your integrity should always come first. IGN has lost its integrity ages ago, if anything I truly feel IGN has had a huge hand in why so many gamers bicker about endless nonsense these days, you guys are very popular and you should care more about how you influence the weaker minded individual, because it really wasn’t like this at one time. At one time people seriously just enjoyed playing games and it didn’t matter what you played them on.

      I also wonder why on earth are you posting this here? In this specific article of all places, kind of weird.

  12. Bayonetta 2 is still selling well.

    Where are the articles about the mere 10 000 units of samurai warriors 4 on ps4 in Japan.. What about Diable 3 15, 000 units. How about the last of us only 30,000 and what about destiny only 100 000 despite having a massive national tv advertising campaign that must have eaten away all the money from sales?

  13. We’ll see how the game sells overseas now. It might all come down to American sales, considering they have been the biggest Bayonetta 1 and Wii U buyers so far.
    Hope it at least sells 500k total, or it’d be a big letdown for fans and a really shitty start for the Nintendo/Platinum Games collaboration. It’ll do better than W101 without a doubt though.

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  15. If 38,828 copies = 67% of the total shipment, then the total shipment was 57,952. This numbers show the little faith Nintendo had for this game, and not that Bayonetta 2 is actually selling well.

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