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A Fantastic Game & Wario Stage Heading To Super Smash Bros Wii U


Possibly the best mini game in Game & Wario will be receiving a Smash Bros stage according to Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai. The stage which is based on one of the minigames found throughout Game & Wario will only be featured in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. Here’s what Sakurai had to say about its inclusion.

Pic of the day. Here’s a stage exclusive to the Wii U version: Gamer. Don’t let Mom find you while you’re duking it out!!

If Mom does spot you, she’ll scold you and blow you away!! …I’ve never seen a fighting action game as chaotic as this one.


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63 thoughts on “A Fantastic Game & Wario Stage Heading To Super Smash Bros Wii U”

    1. Modes are for certain just unannounced characters are likelyffly for both….but I have a feeling ice climbers may be back on wii u.

  1. Looks great….I can not wait for the wii u version……hopefully November……but I have a feeling the first week of December.

    1. I can see this game being released just before black Friday. Nintendo has the opportunity to really capitalize on this, and with good marketing and a good release date, they might be able to sell some Wii U(s).

      1. Master Bates the Third

        No it’s two words, he’s saying he bated like a master on his girlfriend’s face. Get you mind out of the gutter.

  2. By the time Smash for Wii U is released we will know every single secret in the game. Nothing is left to be discovered anymore. It’s a very sad trend Nintendo has fallen into.

  3. Usually just for Smash Bros and they don’t reveal everything. That’s what the Twitch streams/leaks are for!

    On another note, this definitely looks like a really fun stage. I would have guessed that it was from Elebits, but I haven’t played Game and Wario yet so it makes sense that I wouldn’t recognize it.

    1. It really depends on your tolerance for low-brow humor and relatively simple game mechanics. It’s just not a game series that provokes level-headed responses from either the “love” or “hate” crowd.

    2. I love the WarioWare games and the WarioLand games are OK for me. Game n’ Wario is a mixed bag but I enjoyed it and had my far share of laughs with my siblings playing the multiplayer games and some of the collectibles are really cool. A also always love how weird Wario’s games are. Really silly and strange.

    3. Some Wario games are real winners. Some fall flat.
      I’d say, if you were to try a Wario game: start with either WarioWare Touched (ds) or Wario Land 4 (gba). Those are my two favorites from either series (the series are VERY different, by the way. One is a series of short minigames and the other is a quirky platformer). The platforming and level design of Wario Land 4 is some of the best the GBA has to offer.

      Game and Wario, on the other hand, is (as was said by Franky) a mixed bag. Some of the modes are a little tedious and just not fun (imo), but the game where the mom is trying to catch you playing video games is the star of the show. You are playing microgames on the gamepad and whenever the mom busts into the room, you have to hide under your covers and pretend to be asleep. She sometimes comes through the window or wears disguises, and it’s a lot of fun trying to multitask on watching the gamepad and the main television screen. The rest of the modes are a bit lackluster compared to the microgames found in the WarioWare games (Touched and Smooth Moves are my personal favorites). But, as I said, the microgame/ stalking mom mode is tons of fun.

    4. It’s sorta fun if you can get it on sale or something, but all-in-all, I was pretty disappointed. Nothing like Nintendoland. That is, the Minigames are not near the quality.

    5. The theme is micro games, it’s a unique mechanic of games lasting less than 10 seconds. Game &Wario is worth it for the party game sketch alone. I’ve played thay with my friends more than enough times to warrant the money for it.

      1. So much potential could have been implemented but Nintendo decided not to put any, Its just a huge disappointment since the moment i bought it at launch.

    1. Ehh- the only thing “awful” was its roster and battle mode- I would say. I really miss playing as Dry bones, ROB, and Diddy Kong. Out of all the people I played as in Mario Kart Wii/Ds, Luigi was the only one to return. And people loved King Boo and Funky Kong, so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t return from Mario Kart Wii.
      But, then again, Mario Kart 7’s roster is just as bad, but [luckily] it doesn’t have all the baby characters and koopalings. (I mean… Honey Queen… Really…? Wtf?)

      But the driving, courses, balance, and online is pretty spot on. It really succeeded in those aspects. Not as good as Mario Kart Wii (my personal favorite in the series), but definitely not the worst.

    1. What’s cool, is Smash and Monster hunter both support online gaming, which is fantastic. Nintendo has always been strong with software…now that this shit is getting online? Portable gaming is going to kick ass and FINALLY be able to try and defend itself against the Mobile-ians ;D

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  5. All this stage says to me is: “Why fucking bother making something worthwhile if we can put ten polygons against a background and call it a day?”

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