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Watch Dogs On Wii U No Longer Getting Dedsec Or Vigilante Editions

UK retailer GAME has confirmed that Ubisoft is no longer planning to offer Dedsec or Vigilante editions of Watch Dogs for Wii U. Both special editions contain a number of bonus items, including a collector’s box, official soundtrack, Investigation Bonus and ATM Hack Boost. Ubisoft recently revealed that the upcoming Wii U version of the game won’t include DLC or a season pass. Watch Dogs arrives November 20th on Wii U.

“It is with great disappointment that we can confirm that unfortunately on this occasion Ubisoft will not be producing either the Dedsec or Vigilante editions on Wii U,” GAME said in an email to customers.

248 thoughts on “Watch Dogs On Wii U No Longer Getting Dedsec Or Vigilante Editions”

      1. A game like this, which is totally cut from being potential, is bound to have a price drop within a month, and because theres no way i’m going to buy this game for 60$ i’ll just wait for that price drop or a used game (which probably might be quicker). Or simply just not get the game at all.

    1. Me too. I used to love ubisoft. Used to say, “They’re one of the very few third parties that support the Wii U.” Smh. Love their games though. Just not how they treat the Wii U. Ultimately makes me angry at Nintendo.

      1. Why angry at Nintendo when they’re the ones gimping the shit out of the ports because they want to sabotage the platform and never even bother to try with the system anymore and last I checked, 360 uses the same coding as Wii U and they’re still making games for it. 3rd parties whining about Wii U being weak or different was all a lie.

        1. He probably has the same mindset as Hollow, so I think it’s probably best not to bother. I could be wrong, though. *shrugs*

            1. You gotta be shitting me. I’ve been with Nintendo my entire life. The only other console I’ve played is the PS2. Idk about you but I was a day one buyer of the 3DS and Wii U.

            1. Instead of getting mad at the 3rd parties that don’t want to put forth the effort into giving us good games or games at all, he gets mad at Nintendo instead & puts 100% of the blame on them because they won’t make their console exactly like the Sony and Microsoft consoles.

              1. Yeah, I kinda agree with that position. I mean a console needs to have both first party and third party support, and through decades of experience, it’s clear that the you have to make a console that accommodates both the first party and third parties. By doing this you will gather a comparable audience leading the third parties to see that supporting the console will be profitable to them. Could you imagine what effect it would have on the “console wars” if Nintendo created a console with specs that actually rivaled the PS4 and Xbox One? We would have the best first party games on the market AND all the third parties would flock to us. We’d be unbeatable.

        2. Talk about blind ignorance.

          Who’s the one who failed to attract third parties? Nintendo. Who failed to market and sell the console? Nintendo.

          So, because Nintendo failed to do these things, third parties are abandoning ship. Because third parties are abandoning ship, expect shitty ports because they fully know that they won’t get their money back from the Wii U version. So, no, they’re NOT sabotaging the Wii U. Nintendo sabotaged the Wii U long ago.

          “360 uses the same coding as Wii U” Man, that’s a blind arrogant and ignorant statement. Have you heard of GPU API’s? I guess the Wii U uses the same achievement system as the 360 to! If it was that easy to “port” games, then Android would be getting games super fast.

          Continue being ignorant, arrogant, and blind….. It’s fun to watch!

          1. Funny how Wii U sold more units @ launch than PS3 & 360 did in their respective launches, but 3rd parties showed little faith &/or poor dev skills from the get-go. Hel, they treated Wii U like a triplet w/ multiplats, but sub-par ones @ that. 3rd parties still cater to last gen platforms, who of course have larger installbases, yet expect their “gimped” & “old” multiplats to soar in sales. When the 1st 8th gen platform (& the only console even now), arrived, they release 7th gen games that were already out for months, & @ better prices. They should’ve known the demographic, released new games or @ least remakes of older games that fit, or solid ports w/ enough extras worth the hype & price.

            Alas, shareholders pull the strings, & they’re ignorant of gaming. Profit is a given goal, but finesse & effort are musts. Nintendo consumers tend to have the most discriminating tastes, yet they treated us in the opposite manner. I feel Ubisoft actually tried initially, but they quickly screwed the pooch. Most launch games (from all publishers) were aimed @ other audiences & alreadly easily available elsewhere. In some cases, way cheaper (compare Mass Effect 3 to Mass Effect Trilogy). The industry has lost it’s mind. Nintendo ain’t perfect, but the big stink is emanating elsewhere; & the masses’ noses seem desensitized, or actually crave the stench. Origin, Uplay, exploitive DLC, excessive audiovisuals (yet diminishing returns are still so evident), mediocre gameplay, short gameplay, sequelitis w/ little to no new or niche investments, multiplatitis w/ few exclusives, unprofessional PR, shallow & shameless achievements/trophies, an overemphasis on multiplayer & online elements, online fees, ad nauseam. Oh what a web they weave.

            1. & how was Nintendo supposed to know this new obsession w/ raw tech specs & hardcore audiovisuals would consume the masses when history had favored the “weaker” platforms? NES & Super NES had not major hardware edge over their competition. N64 AND GCN did, but didn’t exactly set the world on fire like the “weaker” competition. Wii exemplified the historical precedent, & in a big way. Wii U is affordable while still having plenty of power, but apparently Nintendo can do no right in the eyes of the masses.

              Games, sales, & faith. Faith, sales, & games. Sony can sure instill faith & rack up sales w/ raw tech specs, non-gaming extras (DVD & Blu-ray playback), & the promise of games. Yea ducks demo! DVD, Blu-ray. Some say they want the old Nintendo & so have left them, even when Nintendo’s fundementals have largely remained intact. But…when will Sony go back to their roots? PS2 was the pinnacle, but PS3 & 4 are downhill, Microsoft clones. Welcome to the new polution.

                1. Thank you, Chains of Ridley. I really appreciate your kudos.

                  The pressure to be consistent, on the other hand…yeah, thanks a lot, bub. Nah, seriously, thank you.

            2. Are you stupid? Third parties don’t give a FUCK about CONSOLE sales, they care about their OWN GAMES’ sales. And nothing sold for their port, so obviously they gave up on the Wii U. Dumbass fanboy^

              1. I’m far from stupid, believe it or not. But since there’s no way to prove, or disprove my claim to you, the rational course of action would’ve been to give me the benefit of the doubt, or @ the very least, show me common decency. Alas, the genius is always the 1st to die, knowing truths that most wish to ignore, yet deeming it important enough to mention, despite the risks to self.

                Game sales & console sales are somehow mutually exclusive? Only for those w/ strong artistic drive & the belief that their targeted platform is the best one to realize their vision, or are taking minimal-risks, or have vast amounts of cash to burn. But most 3rd parties, especially in such an institutionalized industry, care very much about console sales, & any platform’s sales or their potential sales for that matter. Production costs have risen, dev teams have grown, but if a platform has a small installbase, can they not only profit, but do so quickly & in a huge way? & while multiplat binges might offset the losses on a particular plarform, companies & their shareholders care only about maximizing profits. Artistry & gaming itself is no longer the focus in this industry; it’s all about what can be gotten away w/, & that seems to be mediocrity, cutscenes, & hardcore audiovisuals. Only indies & Nintendo seem concerned w/ a balance, maintaining their artistic integrity by focusing on the game & quality 1st, then hoping it sells. All generally speaking, of course.

                “Fanboy”? The audacity… I’ve enjoyed & respected SEGA & Sony consoles, even Atari. I’ve gamed on PC. I’ve enjoyed 3rd party games from SEGA, Atari, Squaresoft, Square-Enix, Namco, Bandai Namco, Koei, Tecmo Koei, Konami, Capcom, ATLUS (before SEGA’s acquisition), Ubisoft, Acclaim, Blizzard, Natsume, Xseed, THQ, TDK, Aksys, Majesco, D3, Ignition, Eidos, Sierra, Activision, etc. From SNES to Wii U, Game Boy to 3DS, & Saturn & PSOne, each of my console & handheld libraries have more 3rd party games than 1st, save only Game Boy. My allegiance is w/ gaming. But Nintendo & indies are currently the only ones providing them, @ least in their purer forms.

                But Sony & 3rd parties have changed, deviated from gaming, their products regressed, & catalogs mostly mothballed (even Nintendo is guilty). There’s before 7th gen & after. Only 1 console existed in the 7th gen, & only 1 in the 8th gen; both from Nintendo. 3rd parties still supported Wii, but likely because of its huge sales, even going so far as to accomodate its “weaker” hardware w/ different takes on games in the same franchises that could either only work on the “stronger” twins, or was too costly to downscale even if starting from scratch. W/ Wii U? How dare Nintendo shake up the industry again & force 3rd parties to make an effort. But I bet if it was flying off shelves, 3rd parties would be supporting it, & w/ quality, possibly exclusive games like they did Wii.

                I take it you began gaming during the 7th gen. YOU’RE not a fanboy, right? Yet I bet you somehow ignored Nintendo hardware but gamed on Sony, Microsoft, & PC platforms because your view of the industry & 3rd parties seems influenced by the new & popular polution. But I dunno. Your view kinda fits pre-7th gen, yet the industry no longer works that way, unless you look to indies & Nintendo who still carry the torch, albeit not as bright as before.

          2. I can say the same thing. Who failed to market their games? EA & Ubisoft. Who failed to fully support their games with DLC and/or patches for glitches? EA & Ubisoft.

    2. And I remember when I was that naive too…thinking this game would redeem what they did…now nothing will and if in the future Nintendo rises back on top again and when these motherfuckers dare come back, kick them to the curb.

      Never Forget: Rayman Legends delay/exclusive lie, 2 shitty AC ports, gimped Blacklist and Watchdogs.

      1. I’m sorry, but it’s called a BUSINESS. They do something safe to see if it sells, if it doesn’t, they don’t make it anymore. The FACT is, Wii U owners didn’t buy enough copies of UbiSoft games to justify them making more. In other words, don’t bitch about games not coming to the Wii U if you weren’t going to buy it on the Wii U anyway.

        1. Except there was never threat of losing money. They did that damage to themselves with no regard of redemption from day 1 starting with Rayman delay and exclusive lie followed by 2 piss poor AC ports with no modes plus no DLC and now here with Watchdog’s “gamepad” delay lie and excluding DLC and all that shit at full price. Business? My ass. Wake the fuck up. I know business-like decisions when I see it. EA and Ubishit’s so called “reasons” are beyond retarded which they are.

          1. There’s good business & then there is bad business. Screwing over a small group of consumers is NOT good business! Only caring about the money is NOT good business!

              1. If they live for the next 20-25 years, they won’t ever change since they got a bunch of morons actually defending them that will continue their shitty business model when they go to work for them in the future & take it over, only caring about the money side of business while curb stomping business ethics into oblivion.

    3. Why don’t you want to get it anymore? I heard that it’s a pretty solid 3D title. It’s sort of like Grand Theft Auto or Infamous and the sequel is already confirmed.

      1. It’s was just a GTA wanna be The police A.I Was stupid the, the driving was stiff, the city felt lifeless at times which it’s a bad thing for a sandbox game, the stealth was simplistic but not in a good way, the hacking was reduce to just press one button, the story was a joke fulled with cliches, the protagonist is a horrible scumbag in fact he causes more destruction to the city than the criminals, the voice acting was godawful.
        This are reason of why people bash the game when it came out in other plataforms with all this in mind they better have made the Wii U edition of this game the supreme ultimate version of the game but we all know that Ubisoft put no effort of this game i highly suggest to any Wii U owner to ignore Watch Dogs and instead buy Bayonetta 2

  1. Yes! I’m so looking forward to getting this game. I don’t have any other consoles or PC that can run it so I’m super hyped for this! Smash Bros, Watch Dogs, Bayonetta 2, this is gonna be a great holiday :)

      1. do you honestly still believe that’s what it’s going to be what with the recent news? it’s going to be a sloppy port with performance issues, nothing more…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I’ll be satisfied if I see such a low number atleast though…

                I want to see the Ubisians lose resources…

        1. Not Even that for how much the game was hype as the first real next gen game all ports of the game a mediocre even the PC version which you would thing would be the better version it’s just as terrible a the console version

            1. Its because you universally deprived fools honestly believe that buying this stripped garbage of an excusable “video game” is gonna make these lying bastards change their minds and, by miracle, give you the support the fans and the game deserves?

              lol Yes, I must call you slow people out on bending over like the biggest suckers in life. I almost feel sorry for you saps. XD But I’ll just laugh instead.

              As for Ubishit, when the time comes that Nintendo becomes big again that Ubishit will wanna start kissing our asses again for our piece of the pie, we’re, as in “sane gamers” left who don’t take BS, are gonna have our turn to give them fuckers the bird and kick them to the curb so hard it’ll bash in the rest of their depleted brain capacity left.

              1. *Ubisoft*

                I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Nintendo needs Ubisoft and Ubisoft needs Nintendo. Nothing can break our unshatterable bonds. Buying Watchdogs will help Ubisoft realize that the Wii U is where it’s at. We should just include the main character of Watchdogs in Smash Bros as a DLC character in exchange for Watchdogs 2 to be ported to the Wii U. Everyone will come around eventually and see that the Wii U console is just as good as the others. Still, we can’t underestimate Ubisoft’s loyalty to their fans.

                1. The hell with them after all they pulled. Go be a dumbass sheep and waste $60 full price on nothing but missing standards and content. Ubishit is already laughing in your face because they got idiots like you where they want you.

                  1. *Ubisoft*

                    But, they’ll always have me where they want me since I want more games. Should I bring up the food example again? Say, you go to your local Pizza shop. The guy ahead of you gets 2 slices and the store throws in a soda. Then you go and buy 2 slices and they announce that you’ll have to wait 15 minutes for one of the slices and you can’t order a soda. You go to the cashier and they add in an extra 2 dollars because they felt like it. You won’t like that, but you’ll just grin and bear it because you still want the pizza. They may have given you a raw deal, but you just have to roll with it. Endure the extra price and just savor the pizza that you got. It doesn’t make you a sheep, it makes you a loyal supporter of the store!

                    1. Dumbass, if they overcharge me for a crappier product, I wouldn’t be as stupid as you to accept it. I’d walk away and find something else. Simple a sthat. Not that a huge sheep like you would even get the slightest chance to grasp a hint of common sense to comprehend that reality.

                      1. No…once you’re in the store, you just accept it. It’s like getting a check where they overcharged you for an extra 30 dollars. You just pay it and move on. As long as it isn’t anything drastic, it’s all right.

                        1. Wow. Just… wow! Are you really that stupid, dreager? You don’t let a business run all over you like that. If they pull some shit like that, you are actually well within your rights to not pay that extra 30 bucks. And if you’ve already paid it without realizing they overcharged you and refuse to give your money back, you can actually sue their fucking asses. This isn’t a fucking communist state. Businesses DO NOT have the right to rob you of your money when they aren’t even offering you anything for the overcharge.

                          1. Maybe that was a rather extreme example. I like to think that I wouldn’t let a business run over me, but it is something to think about. I tend to not look over my receipts as carefully as I should, but I recently nearly lost 40 dollars because of a cashier mistake. I made sure to correct it, but that’s what gave me inspiration for the example. I do agree with everything you said here :)

                            1. A while back, a cashier accidentally charged us 99 dollars for a couple of hotdogs & had to go back to the grocery store. Got my dad his money back for the mistake. Any business with any sense of business ethics would apologize & give you your money back for the overcharge.

                                  1. I don’t suck. Look me up PSN ID Terry-The-Man

                                    Challenge me at Madden 13 and see what happens……..I’m awesome at sports in RL and Virtual.

                                        1. 1. It holds no ground for creativity or meaning. lol
                                          2. If I were as dumbfounded as you thinking anything EA tpuches and shits out has any value, I would be buying shit tons of it. But too bad, I’m beyond smarter than that. lol And just to be clear, if I had a dollar for every stupid ass person on Earth, I’d be richer than Steve Jobs.

                                            1. Just keepin it real. As I see it, the Wii U is doing pretty well now so the companies are going to start flooding in. As I mentioned a few months ago, the GC Adapter was what the console needed. Once it comes out in a few weeks, I can consider the console 100% saved. We needed that Adapter. Ubisoft will realize this too

                                          1. Actually, when the “time comes”when Wii U gets on top, Ubisoft won’t care. They’ll be making money on other platforms.

                                              1. There are no different reasons. The reason is money. They only started making games on Wii U because they thought they would make profit.

                                1. You know what? I was planning on buying this game on Wii U on day one, but after all the middle fingers Ubisoft is giving to Nintendo all I can say is FUCK YOU UBISOFT. You’re worse than EA. Maybe Wii U isn’t the best piece of hardware out there, but it doesn’t deserve a shitty treatment like the one Ubisoft is giving right now.

                                    1. why should anyone appreciate being treated as a third rate customer? i’d rather spend my hard earned money on nintendo titles then, ubisoft doesn’t deserve it

                                      1. This is what UBI supporters don’t understand. Yes they may have been the biggest 3rd party developer but they still treated the Wii U and it’s players with contempt.

                                        Why would we spend our hard earned cash on good/mediocre titles while being treated like crap when there are better titles available from developers who don’t treat you like crap.

                                        1. am with you…ama nintendo fans since the NES era am 37…and is true…ubisoft did crappy port on wii u…no dlc on ac3 and 4…like they did on ps3 and 360 day one…no online on blacklist…reyman legend delay for no reason…but Nintendo fans need to realize that this companies are in the business to make money and when your game only sale lees that 2% on a console you put that console at the end of the list…you put your money…your time and effort in the ones you know will bring you back your money and more…then you do with the left over the rest..untill Nintendo fans star to buy games from 3rd parties this will no change…Also nintendo need to change their strategy..stop looking all the futures…give us voice chat in all game…party chat…dvd playback…BD playback so adults star to see that Nintendo is not only for kids…i know that nintendo loock online voice chat to protect the kids…but that is not nintendo job that is the parents jobs…nintendo just need to give the parents the tools and let the parents do the job…because this is why people see nintendo s a kid console….more future…wwe network…pandora…slacker radio…make this console good for us the parents but with the tool we need to protect our young one ? (parental control)

                                        2. well nintendo hasn’t disappointed me with a single one of their games so far
                                          they’ve almost always managed to deliver quality and didn’t let their customers get the impression that they’re just a sideshow while the real customers are being catered to someplace else

                                          can’t say the same about ubisoft.. and buying watch dogs for the wii u in spite of what’s going on is sending ubisoft the message that it’s a good idea to keep on doing as they have been for the past years

                                    2. That is such an incorrect statement. Ubisoft is NOT a supporter of the Wii U. I’m so tired of people saying this. Especially when people say “Ubisoft is the last third party supporter for the wii u, show them respect”. It makes me throw up everytime someone says this. Platinum Games is an example of better third party support. Tecmo koie is another. Ubisoft has completely and publicly abandoned Nintendo. Thier only releasing watch dogs to regain some lost money..

                                      Please stop saying that…

                                      1. Hearing people say that makes me wanna throw them over a building. Bunch of fucking delusional idiots honestly think that buying this fucking joke of a port is gonna change anything. We did it for Rayman after the pointless and failed delay, we did it for 2 fucking AC games in a row despite its piss poor porting job and lack of DLCs and look what happened. Still the same BS and we even bought Child of Light and all that shit.

                                        These dumb motherfuckers should feel ashamed and stupid by now but no. They have the worst stupidity since hillbillies.

                                      2. Platimum released W101 and Bayonetta 2

                                        Tecmo Koei has released Hyrule Warriors, Ninja Gaiden, and Fatal Frame (which hasn’t even been announced for the West yet)

                                        Ubisoft released AC III, IV, Splinter Cell, Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs, Just Dance, and Child Of Light.

                                        1. Yea, Ubisoft put those games out. Notice the past tense in that sentence? Platinum games still supports Wii U. And so does Tecmo Koie. Ubisoft has Publicly, all but adandoned the Wii U. Not to mention their blatant insults to Nintendo fans. I would say as of right now, Platinum and Tecmo are easily the better supporters.

                                          And half of those ubisoft games were just old ports.

                                        2. i don’t see how the number of employees a company has (thus limiting the amount of games they can churn out) has anything to do with how adamant their support is

                                    3. So by your logic, we should enjoy being treated like shit? You have a good point there sir, IF I didn’t have to ask “why should I appreciate being treated like shit.”

                                        1. So I am not allow to speak from the perspective of what see from other yet you do this a ton of times? We’ll aren’t you a hypocrite.

                                    4. I agree with you, but not releasing what was already promised, I have issues with that. It will cut a little more off the top in sales, but ultimately they are totally burning their bridge.

                                      1. Did I say that it will be irrelevant? How about you stop putting words in my mouth before you sound any more stupider?

                                2. Lol. This just in; watch dogs for WiiU no longer getting my money… sad, I too was planning on buying this game on day one. Since they won’t be supporting the WiiU with any mature titles, I guess I’ll just get this, either for cheap, for another console, or never.

                                3. This game is not worth getting. I brought this day 1 on the PS4 & still regret it til this day. For those of you planning to buy you might want to reconsider.

                                4. It is with great disappointment that we can confirm that unfortunately on this occasion, Wii U owners will once again not be buying our shitty product.

                                5. Ubisoft: “Ok, we’re going to take away DLC, and special editions, then wonder why our games don’t sell and say the WiiU doesn’t have “Hardcore” gamers.”

                                6. Ok that’s it Ubisoft i’m done, i’m so done with your BS, you wanna know why your games don’t sale on the Wii U? Yes? Well here’s the reason.
                                  It’s because you put ZERO EFFORT on your Wii U games and Ports and yet you have the nerves THE AUDACITY to say that It’s the Wii U owners fault now listen well IS NOT the Wii U owners Fault IT IS YOUR FAULT for no PUTTING ANY EFFORT; ZombieU didn’t sell well because it was Half Make, it feels as if the game was Made for a quick Cash grab.
                                  Your ports of your game ARE LAZY you didn’t include the DLC For ASSCREED 3 and when AssCreed 4 came out for the Wii U you Didn’t support it
                                  Your Splinter Cell Black List port was Horrible Filled With gliches and again you didn’t support it
                                  Not to mention that the Most recent Rayman game for the Wii U was release in other consoles first and you didn’t even support it again even when Wii U version was the Ultimate edition with this track record Ubisoft you really expect Wii U owners to keep trusting you? No Of Course No the same goes for the rest of the so call triple A industry in regards with the Wii U that’s why the Wii U community started OperationPlatinum to Prove to YOU AND THE REST OF THE INDUSTRY that yes there is a core audience on the WII U, yes Wii U gamers want mature title we just don’t buy Crap that’s why Wii U owners don’t buy your games WE DON’T WANT CRAP That’s why everyone who wants to Prove that there is a core audience for the Wii U will not buy Watch Dogs instead will buy Bayonetta 2 YOU HEARD UBISOFT? WE DON’T WANT CRAP

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                                8. Review round up for Smash Bros 3DS from around the web thus far:

                                  Highest: Gamesbeat – 9.7/10

                                  Polygon – 9/10
                                  PockerGamer – 9/10
                                  Joystiq – 9/10
                                  Destructoid – 9/10
                                  Vandal Online – 9/10
                                  Escapist – 9/10
                                  Videogamer – 9/10
                                  Nintendo Life – 9/10
                                  IGN – 8.8/10
                                  Gamespot – 8/10
                                  FNintendo – 8/10
                                  USgamer – 8/10

                                  Lowest: GamesRadar – 6/10

                                  Solid scores so far.

                                  1. There is always that company that give the great Nintendo games a bad review. I was wondering who it would be with Smash. And the winner goes to…….(drum roll)……..GamesRadar!!!!! yay, clickbait review of the month.

                                  1. The LEAST UbiSoft could have done for this game was release it with all the DLC included after how long we waited, but they don’t care, and I bet there was really no reason for the delay, but if they thought people weren’t buying their games on the Wii U before… Haha… At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the game sold less than 100 copies on the Wii U…

                                    1. I may get the game because it would be good for my gaming channel on youtube if you’re interested in taking a look – Nintendo Impact Gaming! I agree, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold less than 100 copies…

                                9. You would think that someone in Ubisoft would have enough brain cells to realise that the right thing to do here would have been to release a full game + extras (DLC) for an attractive price and no the other way around.

                                  Considering that this maybe one of the last games they put on a Nintendo platform for a while, I think they should have chosen a better ways to say “Bye” or “See you later” to Nintendo users than with a delayed game for a full price which misses everything but the basic content.

                                  They are business, that I know. But there are ways to do good business and ways to do bad business… they are definitely going for the second option with us and I can see them regretting it in the future. They should know better.

                                  1. Doesn’t matter. Everyone will know why this retarded gimped port will fail because Ubishit wanted it to fail to blame it on the fans. Not gonna happen this time and for those who buy this shit thinking Ubisoft is needed to keep getting these gimps, let them be stupid and waste $60 for nothing.

                                10. Ubisoft pro: Ubisoft wants enough chass to pay the Ubi team in Bukarest.. Not more.. Its not about fans.. Its about investments.
                                  Ubisoft contra: well… Ass a smoker, if I cant have a cigaret at a coffee shop, Im not gonna drink a coffee there, the same is true for watchdog, if I cant have what I want Im not gonna buy it…

                                11. You hear that? It’s the sound of a worldwide facepalm.
                                  It sounds like Ubisoft is purposely trying to get the minimum amount of Watch Dogs sales on Wii U, so that they can say, ‘hey, you see, that’s why no more M rated games are going to come to Wii U’ It’s a conspiracy I tell you…………

                                12. Whatever man, the game sucks balls anyway. I got it bundled with my PS4 and it’s so baaaad. The controls are clunky for starters, and the ONE selling point, the hacking feature, becomes repetitive after the second mission :/ I actually invested 4 hours in it and absolutely hated it. Also, the main character is so dull :|

                                13. I know that every type of game has it’s fanbase. But I never understood why so many people acted like this game was so great? It always looked SO boring to me. Hard to believe how so many people likes such boring looking games.

                                14. Ubisoft is French-based, so obviously the sales are going to be as weak as the people themselves.

                                  In reality, I hope it flops so that they don’t bother bringing any more watered-down crap to Nintendo platforms.

                                  1. I agree with your second part. Ubisoft is only damaging the Wii U’s reputation at this point with their so called support.

                                15. This type of game was never going to sell well on the wii u… Who wants a GTA rip off. This game was designed for the disposable market (sorry Xbox market).
                                  It will do well to sell 1k copies.

                                  1. Xbox Won and PS4 are going to have a pretty big November pal. PS4 is still one of the premier consoles buddy and the Xbox Won has still got some steam left friend. This is going to be a Console Wars that is close until the very end!

                                    1. Well E.A and Ubisoft Deserve all the hate they get beside the Wii U is not Dead since it’s selling better than the Xbox One the Problem is that most developers only care about money nowdays that’s why they keep making safe bets that’s why we keep having thins like COD, Destiny and the Whole DLC storm so developers can still making money by stripping features of the game to later sale them as DLC or Seanson Past and trust me this Attitude will come back later to bite the whole industry

                                16. Watch Dogs is in my “I’m not sure”list right now. I’ll get to it eventually though. Ever since a lot of people said they hated Assassin’s Creed 3, I went out and tried that game and loved it. So I’m not listening to anyone that says this game sucks.

                                  1. AC3 is only “bad” when compared to the other AC games. It’s pretty decent overall though. You can really get into it if you try.

                                    1. Really get into it? Lmao I have over 100 hours in the game. :) I can’t wait for Assassin’s Creed Unity. They improved so much stuff with that game. Online co-op, customization options, parkour mechanics, weapons, stealth, etc. It’s just amazing. Gonna have a blast roaming the streets of Paris as Arno. Lol. Another AC have I’ve thought about getting is AC2. I really like Ezio and plus, I’ve heard it’s one of the best AC’s. Right next to Black Flag.

                                      1. AC2 and Brotherhood are AMAZING. I have a lot of hours in 3 too, but it’s soooo sluggish to start off. I only got into it because I made myself keep playing it the month my internet was out lol. I eventually got into the fun and started enjoying the naval missions and everything. Almost 100%’d it then I got caught in some other game. And obviously Black Flag is epic too, can’t wait for Unity and Rogue tbh

                                  2. I loved AC3 also, but about 65% through it got really repetative. I just think AC4 is a better game. I can fuck around and not even worry about the storyline. Just “play pirate” … It’s like a Pirate GTA!

                                17. i for one am looking forward to this game, its kinda slipped under the radar since it came out on other consoles but im a guy that clears games pretty quick so the more the merrier, it is a triple A title coming to wii u after all

                                18. Oh shut up to the cry babys who say they hate Ubisoft for what they do!
                                  They were the ONLY 3rd party who supported the Wii U at launch, ZERO Nintendo fans bought their games and then you now cry as Ubisoft delays or does not bring games to the U?
                                  Zombie U was an awesome game that shown off the Wii U Gamepad but Nintendo fans shunned the game and it sold like crap!
                                  Why you think Ubisoft did a u turn on Rayman Legends?They thought like all of us that the Wii U would have a Wii type launch………..when it sold rubbish Ubisoft then decided to release multi platform and delay the U version!
                                  Nintendo fans are to blame for not even buying their games at launch!
                                  Developers ONLY care about how much money they can make.
                                  Why would they waste time porting the game to the U when it has such a low install base and will seLL like cack compared to the combined PS4,ONE PC user base?
                                  Bayonetta 2 is a prime example, getting awesome reviews yet it sold utter crap in Japan and did not even shift more Wii U consoles than the previous week!
                                  EVERY 3rd party game for the Wii U has sold like crap and then Nintendo fans have the decency to try and mock developers?LOL
                                  ONCE AGAIN it is left to Mario,Mario Kart,Zelda and Smash to try and save the day!
                                  The QOL will kill the Wii U once and for all!

                                  1. Everything you said is factually incorrect. If your going to go off on a big long fanboy rant, make sure to get your facts straight first.

                                    And Zombie U selling 700,000 units to a fanbase of 3-4 million is pretty damn good. Ubisoft is just greedy. They wanted more..

                                  2. Ok Listen and listen Well the reason why Ubisoft Games don’t sell Good on the Wii U it’s because Ubisoft puts Zero Effort on their Wii U games and ports, ZombieU was mediocre and it looked like as if was only made to grab a quick buck
                                    The AssCreed games for the Wii U lacked any support
                                    Splinter Cell Black List lacked support and was a complete Glitchy fest even after post patch the Wii U port is bad and Lazy
                                    Rayman was stripped of it’s exclusivity and Ubisoft didn’t support the Wii U release despite the Fact The Wii U version of Rayman been the best version of it
                                    Ubisoft has never support their Wii U launches and even less their ports and you think Wii U owners don’t have the right to complain? That’s why OperationPlatinum started to Prove Ubisoft and all others companies that there is a Wii U core audience, we just tired of gettin the short end of the stick besides Bayonetta 2 is yet to hit Europe and the States
                                    And Also people seem to forget that the sales charts for Media Create were finished after 2 days of the game realease not counting the rest of the week but at this point i just expect anyone to find thing dispite how little to said that Bayo 2 will flop seriously it’s gettin annoying and pathetic at this point

                                19. I hate to sit it but, I just don’t see this game doing anything but TANKING. The demand for this game has passed and all the content thats being sidelined just makes this release a wasted effort. I was interested in Watchdogs for Wii U back in the beginning, but frankly the way this game has been handled, it deserves to bomb on release. Sorry Ubisoft, but you don’t deserve to make any money off of this crippled release. I’ve moved on. I got my money on other upcoming Wii U releases.

                                20. If I was Nintendo, I would seriously black ball Ubisoft from thier platform. Do not let them put thier games on Nintendo systems. Simple as that. You don’t want to support Nintendo through the hard times, then you don’t reap the benefit of success later.

                                  Nintendo will be back on top again. The Company is too inovative and smart to stay down very long. Then all the third party’s will come crawling back on thier knees. Just like they did at the beginning of the Wii U’s life..

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