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Here’s The Club Nintendo Japan 2014 Platinum Award Reveals


Nintendo Japan have announced which prizes Club Nintendo Platinum members can get this year. First up is Club Nintendo Picross Plus for the Nintendo 3DS which features more than one hundred brand new picross puzzles. Platinum members are also eligible to get this delightful Club Nintendo 2015 original calendar. If you’re a gold member then you are entitled to just the calendar.


Thanks, Matrix

50 thoughts on “Here’s The Club Nintendo Japan 2014 Platinum Award Reveals”

      1. I actually like picross, but these gifts are a little lackluster. But in all honesty I just didn’t want my comment to say First. :P

        1. In all honesty, as disappointing as they were, the NA Platinum rewards were better than this. Imo. These guys only get a calendar and a (puzzle game?) I think. :P

        2. I commend you for not saying “first.” so, I endow you with all the rights and privileges of being first, without the desperation and idiocy of saying first. ;)

  1. For the love of god someone please tell me if that colored button NEW Nintendo 3DS is coming to NA! That alone would make the purchase worth it for me! :O

      1. No, it’s the exclusive that are going to make it worth a purchase. But really, I just want the colored buttons. If they aren’t there, I probably won’t get it day one.

    1. Relax, it’ll happen…

      And i’m pretty sure we’ve had this talk about stupid questions before…

      Please give me some dumbass excuse reply, so that you may justify this accusation of stupidity…

        1. “…as hundreds stand watch, still, silent, staring at the sight before them. An eerie tone rings in the ears of onlookers as a murder “caws” its way through the background – concerning no one, as they now stare at a man free from the torment exstistance…”

    2. Thats the new 3ds and yes its coming to us next year.But thats the small one and the XL is sticking with the black buttons for whatever reason.Kind of sucks because I like the Dreamcast controllers colored buttons also but not enough to forgo the larger screen of the XL.

      1. Really? Huh… I guess I’m gonna have to get the small one this time then. Maybe it will be better anyways since I’ve heard that the smaller one has the removable faceplate things..

        1. I think they both have the removable face plates.And come to think of it I don’t rely know for sure what the US new 3ds will look like I was just going by the pictures they have shown so far of both models and those are for Japan only at this point in time.I guess we will just have to wait and see what we get.I’m shocked they let this new 3ds info slip before Xmas and releasing it this year in Japan as it is going to put a real hurting on regular 3ds sales in the US this holiday season.Maybe its in the hopes people will buy wii U’s instead?Nintendo is so crazy its almost impossible to get into their heads and I love them all the more for

      1. I didn’t even know about SNES till like a couple years ago. Lmao. And besides, I don’t really play older games unless they are like, super amazing or something. I’m too busy trying to get new games. There are some old games I want like Half-Life 2 and uh… mainly Sega games. Classic Sonic games are truly one of the only really old games I’ve really enjoyed. I don’t care what they look like, they’re just AWESOME!

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  3. Probably the weakest Club Nintendo rewards I’ve seen for Japan. I always have thought that calanders was a total waste. And if this game is digital and not a physical copy, it’s also a waste. I usually envy the Japanese Club Nintendo. But not THESE rewards.

  4. 365 1/4 days are in a complete year. (mind you leap year) We had to wait for free digital games. Japan had to wait for a calander. This seems like a slap in the face like “oh here is a calendar you can use to wait till next year!”

    1. Now they can count how many days they have left until next year’s rewards where they get yet another calender. XD

      1. hey hollowgrapej maybe you can help me, i’m trying to change my comments picture but i can’t seem to figure out how. how did you change yours?

          1. Btw, you can add multiple images so just pick whichever one you want. Whether on the internet or from your computer’s files. I have a lot but I’m sticking with Rosa for now. :)

  5. I’d rather have a unique calendar that no one else but other loyal buyers of Nintendo games can get a hold of than get digital games that everyone in the world can get. Least the calendar would make a nice rare collectible.

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