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Don’t Forget The Brilliant Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Tropical Freeze Is $30 On Wii U eShop This Week

Just a quick reminder that you can purchase the marvellous Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii U eShop for $30 this week. If you don’t have a Wii U and are looking for some Donkey Kong related action then you can purchase Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $20.

Thanks, HeroponLuigi

115 thoughts on “Don’t Forget The Brilliant Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Tropical Freeze Is $30 On Wii U eShop This Week”

  1. Brilliant? Look it’s a good game but far from brilliant. They delayed that shit and they still haven’t found time for dlc. Good job nintendick

      1. It’s not my fault they are so outdated that they can’t make dlc for their games. Ofc u guys will kiss their ass no matter what they do

        1. >Nintendo announces DLC for a Mario Kart 8
          >Nintendo do not releases any DLC for a game

          Why don’t you try to be a little less of a fuckhead, son?

                1. Ignoring it will get DLC its Nintendo’s favorite console. Come now wake up they love their 3Ds over the Wii U. They love it so much Wii U has little definitive features. Nintendo made the gap so narrow between the two games.

                  1. Nintendo’s least favorite console is obviously the Wii U since the debut of the NES. That’s why they treated it the way they did it. Not giving it the power it needed to compete, longest loading times off any Nintendo console( don’t believe me play Mario Kart from NES to Wii U and see which game takes the longest to load and yet Wii U is their most powerful console), majority of Wii U games by Nintendo aren’t made on Wii U from the ground up. Nintendo must hate the Wii U even though they made it. Hell they rather put Luigi’s mansion 2 on 3Ds. Nintendo has no passion for Wii U.

                    1. Wow, i see some stupid things about the wii-u but you are a big one !

                      That’s too bad because i agree with you on one point, Nintendo don’t have the same passion with the wii-u than with the other console like the gamecube that’s a good point and we can talking about that ! BUT… First of all, Mario Kart from the NES ? What the hell ? XD well i supose you want to mean Super Mario Kart from the Snes ? Ok whatever but even if i don’t look your mistake, imediatly after you’re telling some big shit. So you compare a cartridge and a “DVD” ? Ok you’re a dick i’m sorry man but just with that you’re showing to us you don’t even know what are you talking about.

          1. I’m not saying Nintendo avoids dlc completely but if you bought a game that you really loved, wouldn’t you want dlc to keep the game just As fun for As long as possible? I only see them add dlc for the current games. What about mario 3d world that millions people bought? Its like having a game like cod without dlc like wtf

                    1. Now you are changing what you originally said. Read what you said above: “What platformers have DLC?”


                      That was a false claim made by you, and now you changed it to “majority of platformers don’t”

                    2. When I said none, I never really meant none, obviously there are gonna be some. But I was referring to the majority which don’t

            1. Yeah, every series should strive to be a cash cow like the cod series. Take off your fucking diapers and appreciate the content you get. How can you appreciate something when you’re constantly having it being fed to you? Respect the content that’s out.

            2. So, first of all yes Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is for now THE best plateformer game, a big fan of that style of games can’t denie that.

              Second, TF is a game mostly complete. I agree with you on one point, when we love a game we want some more of it but DLC ? Serious man ? DLC for a plateformer who need 40 hours too beat it in 100% ? We don’t want that ’cause it’s just stupid. Unfortunetly a lot of people think like you and some 3rd party like EA taking advantage from this, we have now some unfinished games, DLC from the beginning (and that’s just pathetic, if this content is ready why don’t you put that in the game ? Because stupid guys buy this shit.)

              And i will just tell you something, make some DLC for a game doesn’t mean it’s a good things, why do you want to make a sequel if the actual games is still in progress ? I prefer buy that game, finish it (and 40 hours when you see some games like Destiny, COD or else with minus 10h too beat them…..) and wait for the sequel.

          2. Nintendo should only put DLC in a game where there is high demand for it. Like Mario Kart 8. They shouldn’t waste time putting it in every game. Lol.

        2. Hmmm have a fully completed game or have something half done and be charged for dlc to play more…. I owned this game it was amazing, very challenging I don’t see kids being this and the bonus levels are also hard to get. I didn’t get 80 percent of the game done

        1. No i’m not joking.
          1) Donkey Kong Country 2
          2) Donkey kong Country
          3) Donkey kong country returns
          4) Donkey kong country 3
          5) Donkey kong country tropical freeze

        1. Yeah. I loved DKC3 but I’d say it’s far from the best. The overworld was great, though, with all of the areas on the same map. I’m glad Returns & Tropical Freeze followed suit with that overworld design.

  2. It’s almost 2015 and they still can’t make a good shooter. And no, splatoon doesn’t count. To hard to draw a fuckin gun nintendo? Disgusted

      1. Why in the world. Do you want another shooter. Theres enough shooters in the world as it is, for there to be another is just to much,.. you see the hype destiny brings, but it then brings disappointing scores behind it. Nintendo has a shooter, its called code name steam, sorry if it isnt your generic FPS.

        1. Finally someone nice to talk to. If fps are to much, then what about the yearly mario? I’m just trying to have as honest discussion here

          1. Same reason why COD, its kinda the original. The first to do it. And because of that, people see them as s big seller. Cod andMario are in the same category. Mario sells. Its the mascot of the company. That is why. If mario suddenly disappears, kids, teens, and adults will forget about him. Thats why in order to keep him relevant, they release it annually. Kids see another mario game, they dont think oh rehash, they think oh
            oh this series is having another game, i wanna buy it cause it seems like people talk bout it,

            1. Mario needs to be forgotten. Nintendo needs a new beginning. Nintendo isn’t even mentioned at the table anymore when discussing inovation and/or video games. They are mentioned when discussing companys that are now irrelevant in their field.

                      1. Maybe if you want a First person experience, try the Metroid prime trilogy, if you think those games are bad, or that Nintendo doesn’t know how to make a first person action game… Then and only then you will disgust me.

                    1. Doesn’t count? It involves you using a gun. Sure it’s a paint gun but still a bloody gun. I didn’t realize FPS meant actual guns.

                    1. OMG Go and play Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 , and 3 now. They are amazing. Use an ambulate of you have to. Thank me later.
                      Oh and DKC returns and Freeze are both really good as well, but try the first 3 first.

                      1. I don’t really have access to get those. I only have a Wii U and a 3DS. Unless they have any on VC, then I can’t get any older ones. :/

                        1. They are platformers. You run, jump, hit things, and use barrels to propel you in the air… The last one I played was the 3DS remake of DKC, and I’m done with them. Not a fan. It’s just Mario Brothers re-skinned.
                          (Oh God I’m going to get hate for that!!)

                          1. It looks like it could be fun though. I liked watching the trailers and this is one where you can play as Dixie Kong. She’s awesome. :) Eh, I’ll probably just add this to my list of games to get next year. It’ll be in my “I’m not sure” list right next to Sonic Lost World. Lol. And besides, I want the physical copy anyways. The blue case just goes perfectly with the background…

                          2. Oh you better believe it! *smacks* lol It might be a re-skin but least it’s more on the difficult side. Mario games ceased being incredibly difficult after Super Mario Bros 2… least not til the end of the game with the bonus stages like the Special zone of Super Mario World.

                    2. I’m genuinly offended! you’ve never played a DK game? Thats really sad, you’ve been deprived of one of the best platforming adventures of all time!

                      1. They don’t really look that great to me. I’ve been too busy playing Mario all these years to care about DK. Just never found his games interesting enough…

                          1. Sorry, this game just didn’t catch my attention. Looks like it could be fun, but I’m not sure. Super Mario 3D World on the other hand made me want it as soon as possible. Maybe I just like Mario more… :/

                            1. mario 3d world and mariokart 8 are the only wii u games i’d put above tropical freeze. you’re right to play mario games, but if you like platformers i really think you’d enjoy donkey kong. but to each his own ü

                  1. great game, but you’ll definitely want an external hard drive if you are going for the download version! It will eat over 11GBs of your space!

                  2. cause DK eat up all them gigabit bananas! For those of you who don’t have it, your missing out its easily the third best wii u game, loved every second of it. Also my statements are 100% non biased! XD

                  3. $30? Deserves to be $3. The game was just okay with a horrible soundtrack that sounded more of a racer game and not a adventure platformer. The bosses were mediocre also.

                      1. Wise made the musical score, one of the best game music composers of any generation. Do not listen to trolls named Jester.

                    1. hey jester… idk how many times you’ve been hit in the head, but you should probably go to the hospital, you’re making no sense!

                      1. I’m going to ask you a question and I hope that you answer truthfully. Is this game challenging? I’m tired of playing easy games. I’m worried that since your name is DKJames you’re gonna lie and make it sound better than it is. I don’t care if the game is “fun”, I only care if it’s challenging cause to me challenge = fun.

                        1. i’ll tell you what i told hollowgrape. if you are an experienced gamer you can beat the game without a large amount of trouble. but to complete this game to 100% is a real slug fest. if you are a completionist this is the game for you. I listened to a guy when he said it was the toughest wii u game, but what he should have said is its the toughest wii u game to complete.

                        2. i still haven’t completed it, you have time trials hidden worlds that have to be unlocked, collectibles, kong letters and puzzle pieces for nearly every level. mirror mode in which if you get hit once you die. if you use a lot of balloons its not very hard, but try to make it through without any perks and its a real bi#@h! I’ve rage quited many times and platformers are my forte. i hope that helps.

                        3. What Dkjames said. It’s a very challenging game if you want to 100% complete the game. If you want to speed run it to beat the story, it’s actually very easy. So yeah. We suggest only buying this game if you have the intention of wanting to 100% the game.

                      1. The music is from David Wise? Seriously, THE David Wise? OH MY GOSH! ….

                        I’ve never heard of that person before. XD

                    1. if not to me listen to ps4 grapej. he speaks the truth! ive heard so many parents complain because they didn’t realize how difficult it was when they got it for their kids. if you’re great at platforming you’ll get through the game, but good luck if you’re a completionist! this game will break you! ü

                  4. COD is just to rehashed , sure there’s a new mario game a few times a year too but it’s not just a platformer always. Way more variety than the yearly COD release . At least it’s not Madden lol . By the way I play FPS and madden games as well I’m just burning out on those easier than before..

                  5. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is only $30 this week? I encourage everyone to buy it immediately. It’s an inventive and otherwise wonderfully made platformer, almost like it’s predecessor before it, DKC: Returns. It’s a game worth buying a console for, even.

                  6. Let me ask an unrelated question.
                    Is Megaman 2 worth buying?

                    I never played a ” real” Megaman game before but I did play ZX Advent.
                    But I cheated with infinite health.

                    So is Megaman 2 worth the 5.99 price tag?

                  7. I’m sure it’s a good game, but with the download file size being almost 12 gigs, that will wipe out most Wii U owners’ internal memory- memory that could be used to store later, better games, and basic package Wii U systems can’t even fit it at all.

                    I still have no idea how TF needs that much space when it’s a simple platformer, and I also still have no idea who at Nintendo thought releasing an only-32-gig internal memory console in the year 2012 was a good idea when game sizes were getting bigger and bigger.

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