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Here’s A Look At FuRyu Upcoming Nintendo 3DS JRPG Legend Of Legacy

FuRyu have just released a delightful trailer for the Japanese role-playing title, Legend of Legacy. The game is coming to Japan on January 22nd, 2015 for 5,980 yen and will be available digitally and at retail. There’s no word of a western release for Legend of Legacy, but the game was only announced last week.

“The story of gods’ legacy and truth begins on Avalon, the legendary land that has awakened from an eternal slumber. The player can select between seven protagonists for their party of adventurers on the island of Avalon”

81 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At FuRyu Upcoming Nintendo 3DS JRPG Legend Of Legacy”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Just like the western territories love their rehashed “realistic shooters and movie-games”, so does Japan love their rehashed RPG ones…

    1. Good. I’d rather have a bunch of RPGs than a bunch of FPSs. As far as I’m concerned, least the RPGs have more soul.

      1. Exactly. That’s why I can’t wait for Final Fantasy XV. I haven’t played a FPS for a LONG time. They just tire me out. And they don’t really have that many changes. :/ But they aren’t all bad. I seriously want Bioshock Infinite. Amazing! XD

    1. I personally like it. It gives it a bit of a pop-up book feel to it. Not to mention it makes the game feel fresh to me since there aren’t many games like it that does that. This game also reminds me of Bravely Default. It must be the chibi artstyle. lol

      1. Yeah a lot of games are going for that. fantasy life. final fantasy explorers. still all these games are way different from each other and you’d be a fool not to be able to distinguish between them :) that or you just haven’t played them. *cough* nerd commander

  2. here we go!!!!!! :-) we need the same type of game for the wii U. it’s a shame we can’t have a wii U version cause I would buy it. But unfortunately in the west they are not keen on this type of RPG. I so want to play that game!!!!!

    1. There’s a chance. Xenoblade Chronicles did well & was widely requested in the West even though it’s a JRPG, too. Same with The Last Story.

  3. damm…. how many rpg’s are they making. there’s more rpg’s than even fps lately. rpg’s are starting go style. just look at tales or xillia.

      1. Seriously, you have a mental disorder, you think your name is “lord aizen”, sometimes you call yourself sasori and you don’t know how to spell.

    1. And now you’re going to say that someone is using your stupid nickname, just give up naru, sickr finds you disgusting and as a matter of fact everybody too.

        1. really?, you said you looked for sickr on twitter and you seemed to be interested on him, even you looked for his other blog. even you commented “it’s funny how sickr is buying games for his xbox”. Man, you were following all his gaming steps!. you just sounded like a stalker.
          whatever, you turned sickr and this bloginto a lolcow (very sad), just as you.
          as i said before, you are sentenced to burn -devilish laughter \m/-

                1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                  I am pretty sure Obinna would suck Sickr’s genitals just for a chance to play co op Call of Duty. that is how pathetic he is

                    1. Good XD
                      Would be cool to play online with you and glados sometime, but my internet connection sucks.

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    3. hi im val i like rosalina im so gay that i get butthurt whenever i lose in mario kart wii. i think im a problematic child.
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              1. Because you’re a fucking whiner who thinks some people are “problem” childs while your head is as small as a chicken’s egg. Instead of bitching at some people, why don’t you apologize?
                Also that game looks cool.

    4. I really don’t like how the scenery “pops” up, it just bothers me from some reason. It seams decent, but I haven’t been able to get into RPGs lately.

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