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Wales Interactive Plans To Bring Soul Axiom To Wii U

Master Reboot developer Wales Interactive has confirmed that it is planning to make a Wii U version of its upcoming first-person sci-fi adventure title, Soul Axiom. The game begins in an environment where lightning shows brief but vivid flashes of the main character’s memories. The protagonist will be taken on a voyage of discovery and will face dangerous challenges in pursuit of discovering the secret to immortality in a digital afterlife.

23 thoughts on “Wales Interactive Plans To Bring Soul Axiom To Wii U”

  1. Cuntendo only has weak rehash kiddy games LMAO! #weaku #kiddyu #rehashu #madnintendrones #wiigimpu #wiiutanic

  2. Hmm powers and all remind me a bit of bioshock, but it looks even more my style than that. Love the visual effect of the active powers seeing through the skin. Can’t wait to see the final product, hope it’s as good overall as the effects looked in this

    1. Amikrog is another great indie game not side scrolling madness. I too am tired of indie games mostly being side scrollers.

      F =ma.

  3. Huh, when I saw the concept art I wasn’t feeling it, when I saw the video though it made me think ”Oh this actually looks pretty interesting :o” may have to keep my eye on this one

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