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Here’s Why EDGE Gave Bayonetta 2 A Perfect Ten

We heard earlier last week that EDGE magazine had awarded Platinum Games latest project Bayonetta 2 a perfect 10/10. What we didn’t know were the details from the review and why the respected publication decided to give the game a ten. Here’s what you need to know about the Wii U exclusive that EDGE describes as a classic.

  • “Best-in-class set of combat mechanics”
  • Can be enjoyed by new players as well as those who are more familiar
  • Other similar games “hide their greatest prizes behind a skill barrier that may take dozens of hours of study and practice to surmount”, but Bayonetta 2 “simply asks that you keep pressing buttons”
  • Umbran Climax mode “adds yet another layer of dazzling spectacle”
  • Praise for the visuals and colors
  • “There is still nothing quite like it”
  • “There are stumbles along the way”, but EDGE believes the only thing wrong is how closely Bayonetta 2’s formula is similar to the first game
  • This might have been more of a problem if the genre had advanced in the past 5 years, but no one “has even come close to pushing it”
  • Issues with the first game have been ironed out
  • Mid-cinematic QTEs and shooting mini-game between missions are gone
  • Enemy weapon picks are a bonus instead of a penalty
  • Pacing improved
  • Cut-scenes “are a good deal snappier”
  • EDGE says you could “play and replay forever” because of the different accessories, weapons, hidden battles in chapters, online co-op, and more


“You never tire of it, but how could you? This is a game that begins with Santa riding a car along the side of a building, continues with you summoning a demon to headbutt a meteor, and ends with the most joyously cathartic climax of any game since, well, Bayonetta. When the pace does dip, there is more than enough charm, wit, and heart to take its place. It is a masterclass in combat design, in videogame variety, in the balance between accessibility and depth. Sure, it’s a sequel, but it’s a sequel to what has stood, for almost five years, as the best game of its type ever made. Until now, that is. SEGA’s loss is Nintendo’s gain: Bayonetta, twirling away from a gigantic demon’s maw and smacking the highest choir of angels on the nose, has just given Wii U its first true classic.”

77 thoughts on “Here’s Why EDGE Gave Bayonetta 2 A Perfect Ten”

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    2. bviously those social rejects were drunk tihs game doesnt deserve perfect score.”

      After your comment, you are the one that is drunk.


    3. these are bad things :
      -Other similar games “hide their greatest prizes behind a skill barrier that may take dozens of hours of study and practice to surmount”, but Bayonetta 2 “simply asks that you keep pressing buttons” (that sounds really bad. I want something that requires skill. I don’t want to just press buttons. Leave that for the filthy casual scum)

      -“There is still nothing quite like it” (that doesn’t mean it deserves a better score. I can make a game where all you do is stare at a rock. There won’t be anything quite like that either.)

      -Can be enjoyed by new players as well as those who are more familiar(those damn touchscreen combos. Dead or alive on the 3ds had them, kinda defeats the purpose.)

      -“There are stumbles along the way”, but EDGE believes the only thing wrong is how closely Bayonetta 2’s formula is similar to the first game (it’s bayonetta 2, why the hell should it being similar to bayonetta 1 be considered a bad thing. I buy smash bros because they’ll be similar to the ones before them.)

      -This might have been more of a problem if the genre had advanced in the past 5 years, but no one “has even come close to pushing it” (this one is related to the one above it. As long as a game is fun though then it deserves the score that it deserves. It sounds bad to say that bayonetta 2 is lucky that other developers haven’t come along to make better games that play similar to it. It almost sounds like bayonetta is just ok but since it’s the only one like it it’ll seem better than what it really is)

      1. They are reviewers, they enjoyed it for a reason, you haven’t even played the damn game, and say all these things are bad, pathetic!

        1. My problem with trusting this review is that they gave the first game a perfect score too.

          I’m not knocking the sequel as I’ve only played the E3 demo, but the first game was nowhere near a perfect game to me and they still gave it a perfect score.

    4. Actually, they probably know more about games than you do because it’s extremely hard to get a perfect score from Edge

  1. While I honestly do wish this game was coming to my current console of choice its nice to have a good non Nintendo developed WiiU exclusive.

    1. Actually, Nintendo’s SPD (Japan) have been doing some assists for Platinum Games in making Bayonetta 2. Overall, I do strongly agree on your comment to see an excellent Nintendo published Wii U exclusive. Thumbs down, thumbs up (it’s The Wonderful 101 pun).

  2. how can a button mash game with stick movement BE BETTER SUITED TO PS4 when wiiu supports UNLIMITED TWIN STICK CONTROLLERS


    gamepad-pro pad-classic pad pro-gamecube fight pad-dualshock 3-dualshock4

    belongs on wiiu OBVIOUSLY

  3. Haven’t had the chance to pre-order it from anywhere, but it’s a day one buy for me guaranteed.
    Two games for the price of one. Who could honestly say no to something like that?

    1. If I didn’t have pre-ordered it already I would do for sure now after watching this fabulous video!
      Great presentation!

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    1. Doesn’t make sense: Even MK8 didn’t get a perfect ten… ;-) Zelda Wind Waker, Mario 3D world, Donkey Kong.
      It’s got a ten cause it seems just to be awesome!

      1. Yeah but when a game gets a 10, it needs to be PERFECT. No flaws or issues whatsoever and great gameplay. I’m liking how Bayonetta 2 looks so far, but I can already tell its going to have some flaws. I haven’t played it yet but I’d say it’s a 9/10. A perfect 10 is really hard to believe. Only the most amazing games ever reach that score.

        1. Well they did say the ONLY flaw is the gameplay being too familiar to the first game but giving credit that this is Nintendo’s newest game, that flaw was thrown out of the window because new fans are coming in. But you’re right. It’s not as perfect but it’s close and the haters can weep all they want. XD

        2. You’re right. And I’m really curious to play it on my own and of course about the user scores it will reach. My most anticipated game this year!

        3. And that’s why I have a hard time accepting their review because they gave the first game a perfect score and it had many flaws.

          I mean, I’m still planning on playing Bayonetta 2 since it will give me something new to play on my Wii U while waiting for Smash, and I want to support the devs who put games on the Wii U as much as possible.

          1. Well a lot of people will forgive the many faults of something if there is one thing that it does exceptionally well, so they give it a perfect score in spite of the flaws. Like how some of the most terrible movies get a perfect score from some people because it was so terrible that it still managed to be entertaining for the fact it was terrible. For instance, a lot of people hate the Super Mario Bros movie but I loved it simply because I really enjoyed the movie’s cast.

            1. But that’s not being objective, which is the point of a critical review.

              If it’s just a, “I had fun so I’m going to give this game a good score” type of review, then have at it with whatever score one wants to put on. But that’s not what this is supposed to be.

              They’re rating the craft and work which, while the first game was good, was far from the “perfect” standards that Edge and other publications have set out.

  5. Although the review is highly positive, one must notice how mediocre Edge continues to be when doing this job: they said that Bayonetta 2 is the first true classic of the WiiU. What a bunch of morons. Didn´t they play Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 or Lego City Undercover? They always need to put anything negative toward Nintendo or its products somehow, even when praising.

  6. at least their explanations are logic. I may disagree with the score but I don’t think bayonetta is under 7/10. Also the mark is to help customer to buy a game or not. To get information before you buy the software. In 10 years time maybe bayonetta 1 and 2 would be a 4 or 5/10. I never play bayonetta and I did not know what to think about it. At least that review and others give me more confidence about it.

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