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Official Nintendo Magazine Ends Run In UK With Issue 114

The Official Nintendo Magazine – or ONM to its circle of subscribers and fans – will sadly close with Issue 114 as its last. The decision to end the UK magazine’s 12-year run is part of Future Publishing’s choice to expand its online readership with sites such as the newly launched Kotaku UK and GamesRadar. Current staff members from Official Nintendo Magazine will reportedly be relocated to other roles within the publisher’s domain.

Current subscribers to the magazine in the UK will have the opportunity to either cancel their subscription and receive a full refund, or continue their subscription with Gamesmaster Magazine. Sadly, the Official Nintendo Magazine has now shared the same fate as Nintendo Power in North America when Future closed its doors back in 2012. With the last issue arriving on October 14, ONM’s social media channels and website will cease on November 11. The company’s official statement can be seen below.

The last issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, which launched in the UK in 2002, will be in stores on 14th October, 2014 (Issue 114). Throughout its tenure, Official Nintendo Magazine has continued to bring fans, news, interviews, previews and reviews on both new and retro Nintendo hardware and software.

Nintendo will continue to speak directly to fans via Nintendo Direct, our social media and online channels and public events.

Nintendo UK and Future will continue to work closely on future projects across, CVG, Edge, Kotaku UK and Gamesmaster.

9 thoughts on “Official Nintendo Magazine Ends Run In UK With Issue 114”

  1. Sad. I still wish Nintendo would revive Nintendo Power as a Wii U app where people could get the latest news on Nintendo stuff and read through older issues

    1. That would be amazing. I grew up with Nintendo Power and even though I didn’t own every issue or anything I was sad to see it go. This is sad too, but that app thing would be a good idea that’s current and could still get the same information across in an entertaining way. Nintendo Directs are few and far between these days so that’d be cool to have in the meantime.

  2. Sad news…
    I’m a hardcore Nintendo gamer and collector from Belgium and i have every Nintendo magazine in my colloction.
    Even before the official one.
    Like Cube magazine and the legendary N64 magazine.
    I still buy Retro gamer from the UK en the power unlimited magazine from holland

  3. Magazines just don’t sale anymore, digital or retail.

    I liked ONM, but honestly why is someone gonna pay a monthly fee to read articles that you can likely find for free on the internet? I always like the physical magazine itself, but it just isn’t a sound business anymore.

    1. Well, some people like glossy magazines (in answer to your question), but you’re absolutely right that we are too few to support a business like this.

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