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Two Tribes’ Rive Gets An Explosive New Gameplay Trailer

Indie developer Two Tribes has uploaded a brand new gameplay trailer for their next title, Rive. Described as a metal-wrecking, robot-hacking shooter, the explosive title works up to a heated 50-second climax in its new trailer, which can be seen in the video embedded above. Players will be able to explore many different levels, finding new paths, and collecting new hacks to alter the enemy robots’ behaviour.

The Toki Tori studio says development for the 2D shooter is still continuing, as stated in a blog post today, despite the team showcasing the game at various events such as Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show and EGX – formerly known as Eurogamer Expo. Rive is scheduled to launch in the Wii U eShop, as well as on a number of other platforms, in early 2015.

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