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Captain Toad Amiibo Support Won’t Come Till 2015

We already heard earlier today that Captain Toad is still on track for release this year and will be coming to North America on December 5th. However, we also found out that Amiibo support won’t be coming until sometime in 2015. Captain Toad is coming out exclusively on Wii U on December 5th in North America and 2015 in Europe.

“The game will also support select amiibo figures in 2015.”

24 thoughts on “Captain Toad Amiibo Support Won’t Come Till 2015”

  1. I would like to thank my mother, father, friends and the NASA for believing in my… Dad.. Finaly I made you proud!

  2. didn’t they just say yesterday that the release date would get pushed back? or were those just stupid rumors? in my opinion i hope its released in january for selfish reasons! don’t have enough extra green to get all these games!

  3. It’s a shame it’s only “select” amiibo figures. It would be nice if the game responded in some way to all of them, even if just in a small way. One of the great things about the Skylanders series is that all of the games respond to all of the figures (that were released prior to that game)

    1. Well, how would you suppose Zelda or Link could be used in a Captain Toad game? Or Olimar from Pikmin? You can’t cross over every game. Some games have to remain in seperate universes for the sake of story and just plain quality. Smash bros. and Mario Kart are the ONLY exceptions.

  4. This game will be really good.

    But,…….I’m actually really worried about the $40 price tag. Thats pretty much admitting that the game is lacking content. If this game only ends up having like 15-20 levels, I’m going to be very disappointed. Hell, take the time, add more content and throw a $60 price tag on there.

    I’d rather pay $60 for a full game than $40 for a short, lacking content game….maybe I’m wrong here. I sure hope so…

    1. Don’t worry it will have plenty of content and levels! Watching Tree House live, I was able to see many levels available. The game is priced at $40 to gain holiday shoppers’ attention and because of the game’s nature.

  5. Well DUH! How could Captain Toad have amiiibo support in 2014 if it’s not released until 2015? What’s the point of this post?

    Speaking of amiibos, I still fail to see the point in how they’ll affect games. I’m willing to bet they’ll end up being nothing more than a gimmick that people love to collect more than actually use. Like, if you’re playing Smash Bros. as Mario, then what would the point be in using the Mario amiibo in the game? I don’t get it? I need to be enlightened on the amiibo subject. All I want to do is collect them all. But as far as using them in games goes, I don’t really know what to think.

  6. Nintendo usually does things right. I think it’s more about Toad being a secondary character and a new IP. That is more likely the reason for the lower price.

    1. I hope that is the reason. Surely they wouldn’t release a retail game thats indie size. I’m really hoping for about 50 levels, at the very least. Perferably 100 levels. From the levels I have seen so far, many can be completed in a matter of a 2-3 minutes. If you only have 20 or so levels, your talking about 1-2 hours of gameplay. Who knows though, maybe there is more to this game than meets the eye, like different modes. I’m excited to see the final result.

  7. Knew this already. Nintendo announced that Smash Bros Wii U would be the first game to support amiibos and that all other amiibos would be coming after the year 2014.

    This news is just a reiteration of what was already said.

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