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Japan Will Get A Gorgeous White Smash Bros Limited Edition GameCube Controller

smash_bros_gamecube_whiteNintendo of Japan are set to receive a gorgeous white-coloured GameCube controller as part of the Smash Bros Limited Edition set. While Nintendo of America and Europe will be able to grab the special Smash Bros controller in black, eager Smash fans in Japan will have the option to choose between both black and white. Both controllers can be bought separately for 2,000 yen, while the GameCube Adapter is currently priced at 2,500 yen.

Similar to Europe, Japanese Wii U owners have the option to pick up a Smash Bros GameCube Adapter bundle priced at 9,200 yen. Both controllers, adapter and bundle will be available to purchase on December 6 when Super Smash Bros launches for Japan. Earlier today, Nintendo of America confirmed the game would release November 21, while Europe can jump into the frenzy on December 5.

21 thoughts on “Japan Will Get A Gorgeous White Smash Bros Limited Edition GameCube Controller”

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    1. Your Charlie Gordon (Flowers For Algernon) impression is incomplete.

      . Replace “urinate” with “make”.

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  2. I want one! It reminds me of the platinum GCN controller that came with my GameCube. I loved that controller, but it started defaulting in odd directions and having other problems after years of use and probably over a hundred hours worth of playtime in Brawl. Not mad though, since it lasted well into the next console generation.

  3. singclair spectrum 48k

    i already have a white gc controller and a silver RE 4 CG CONTROLLER And a gold classic pro

    and a pro pad and 4 wii remote plus and 4 nunchucks CORE TO THE MOTHER FUCKING MAX DUALSHOCK IS A 90S JOKE

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