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Nintendo Europe Announces Super Smash Bros Amiibo And GameCube Adapter Bundles

smash_bros_bundle_amiiboAlongside the December 5 launch date for Super Smash Bros on Wii U, Nintendo of Europe has announced two neat bundles for the brawler. Fans looking to bundle their Smash Bros game with one of the adorable Amiibos on offer can choose the Amiibo bundle featuring Mario, which you can see above. Or for those more interested in a GameCube Adapter, fans can also grab a bundle with the game and adapter included.

Unfortunately, the latter bundle does not include a Smash Bros Edition GameCube Controller, pictured below, as it will need to be purchased separately. If you’d rather skip the GameCube Adapter bundle, it will also be available to purchase separately. Prices for both the Amiibo and Adapter bundles are yet to be confirmed, though will launch on December 5 with the game’s release.


12 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Announces Super Smash Bros Amiibo And GameCube Adapter Bundles”

  1. If this is compatible with a Marth amiibo l’ll probably get it. Otherwise l’ll get the adapter seperatly.

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  3. Nintendo is gonna sell a boat load of Amibo figures.

    This was a win win for Nintendo here. They didn’t have to invest a whole bunch of money into this Amibo project to begin with. They already had all the existing infastructure from previous toy development.

    If the Amibos don’t sell, they wont lose much. If they sell good, then they have hit another homerun. This is why Nintendo is so much more successful than other developers. They control 100% of the property and recieve 100% of the profit.

    Nintendo even got a piece of Skylanders huge successful pie. Activision only wishes it had the hardware and infastructure that Nintendo has.

  4. I already have several Gamecube controllers. Including the best ever, the Wavebirds. But it would be nice to get some brand new ones.

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