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Super Smash Bros 3DS Has Sold More Than 2.8 Million Units Worldwide

Strong launches in the Americas, Europe and Australia have propelled the cumulative sales total for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS to more than 2.8 million sold worldwide. This first-ever portable installment of the game has resonated both with fans and critics, and its initial sales set Nintendo up for a strong holiday season.

“Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is already in the hands of more than 2.8 million people worldwide, and the road ahead looks great,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Nintendo’s holiday software lineup is more than impressive, and our amiibo figures start a new chapter in the world of Nintendo interactive entertainment. With so many great experiences available, this holiday season is going to be an amazing time to be a Nintendo fan.”

111 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros 3DS Has Sold More Than 2.8 Million Units Worldwide”

  1. Unless you fuck us all like you did last Christmas. Damn I’ll be bitter about that for a while…

    But yeah, with bayonetta 2, and X? Wait that’s 2015? What do we have in 2014 besides bayonetta2? (not counting smash wiiu, I’ve decided to likey skip it, I’m TOTALLY content with my 3DS version)

      1. Yes!! The Indies. I forgot. We’ve actually got some amazing indie titles. Far less garbage than the Wii had.

        1. Super Mario 3D World: 720p
          Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze: 720p
          Pikmin 3: 720p
          NSMBU: 720p
          Mario Kart 8: 720p
          Need For Speed Most Wanted Wii U: 704p
          COD BO II: 720p
          Darksiders II: 640p
          Batman Arkham City: 720p
          And I’m not even mentioning the framerate…

            1. I honestly don’t care too much about resolution. But the guy I’m replying to is laughable for talking about AC Unity when the console he glorifies can’t even handle that game

              1. He never glorified it dumbass, he just said he will be drinking the tears of your fellow idiots. Putting words in people’s mouths will not make you any less of a stupid ass.

              2. “Cheating fans by providing a lesser version of the same game”
                That is an indirect statement that it can run on the Wii U but they don’t want to bother putting the effort in.
                Its also interesting to note, that an indie developer can make a game run at 60fps using textures that look just as nice as Unity’s, but the point is that an indie developer is pushing the hardware to its extremes and it looks fantastic. Ubisoft are just using excuses blaming hardware when it is mostly just excuses for their lack of skills to make it work.

                Also the guy never made a statement glorifying the Wii U, he was making fun of Sony fantards crying over resolution. So there was no need for you to get salty over that, but then again your name is Shuhei Yoshida, meaning that assumingly you are a huge fan of Sony, so…yeah.

                1. Fast Racing Neo is nowhere near as demanding as Assassin’s Creed Unity. It’s not about the graphics, it’s about what’s being put into the game. There are thousands of NPC’s all with their own individual behavior and add the fact that the city and the trees, buildings, and all that other stuff being put onto the screen all at once is a difficult task to do without the right hardware. Hence, why it isn’t on PS3 or Xbox 360.

                    1. ★HollowGrapeJ★

                      Yes, it can run on the Wii U, but it would be a terrible version. They would have to downgrade everything in the game and the Wii U wouldn’t be able to produce those massive amounts of crowds and details on the screen. AC3 and 4 for example are on the Wii U but the number of people on screen is nothing compared to Unity. The crowds are a very important part of the gameplay in AC and any long time fan can tell you this. It would feel like a complete and utter ripoff compared to the other versions. I know Ubisoft has ports of games on the Wii U that are excluding content like modes, DLC, etc, but gameplay wise, they’re more or less the same. If they gave a port of Unity however, that would be a completely different gameplay experience. And it’s not even just graphics. Literally almost everything about it would be inferior to the other versions.

                      1. You can believe whatever you want to believe honestly. It doesn’t matter. I literally just told you that it isn’t on last gen systems because of the exact same reason *shrugs*

                      2. Don’t bother with Hollow. He’s one of the few people that still stubbornly defends Ubisoft’s bullshit & damage controls for them whenever one of us calls them out on it.

                      1. Did you read what I just said? It’s not because of graphics. They’re keeping it next gen only to add more stuff in the game that wouldn’t be possible on last generation hardware. Wii U is a next generation console but it’s closer to the last gen consoles in terms of hardware which makes it difficult for them to get this game to run the way they want it to.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Which they donät, most things they put in are graphics related or effects related…

                  1. Yes. The Wii U definitely can’t handle a game when it’s 3rd party is too cheap & lazy to put time & effort into making said game work for said console. “We don’t want to give them a lesser version.” xD Funny considering we got glitchy, unfixed Assassin’s Creed 3, DLC less Assassin’s Creed 4, missing Splinter Cell Blacklist features, & Watch Dogs for Wii U getting “gimped” at every turn. *shrug* Whatever. Ubishit’s loss.

              3. Rez is kind of getting stupid now, it doesn’t matter to what the rez in game is( though 720 should be the average to understanding), Most games that are 1080p are very stable in frame rate, but that depends on the game. I’m interested in bloodborne looks really fun. Rez will not be high so it can support a higher frame rate for the game( I’ve heard is around 30 or so). To me I just want a good frame rate though there are games that will drop because so much goes on at times( bayonetta1, 2, dmc, and rising)

                1. Right. We really should be able to expect 720p, 60 fps. That’s a solid gaming experience. 1080p and 30fps??? Eh… No thanks.

                  If ps4 can pull 1080p and 60fps on a few games, I’m sure they’ll look epic, but without a large enough screen, the 1080p is just wasted power.


                      1. You may not agree with the opinion part of his comment, but he’s right about the fact most of your games aren’t even Sony’s but 3rd parties. If all 3rd parties abandoned Sony at the exact same time, the Playstations’ days would be numbered unless Sony drops every one of their businesses except their Playstation line, so they can focus on 1st party games. That’s the main advantage Nintendo’s consoles have over the competition.

                      1. You dumbass impostor, Monolitih is a Nintendo first Party and Smash Bros is co-developed with Namco.
                        Only half your statement is right, I would’ve made a 100% correct comment than the fail that you did, but I guess you get points for trying.

                      2. What are you laughing about? Oh & let me correct some things for you, bub.

                        Xenoblade Chronicles X: from Nintendo’s Monolith Soft.
                        Smash Bros: from Nintendo with help from Bandai Namco.
                        Bayonetta 2: from Platinum Games & fully funded by Nintendo.

          1. Ugh… I will probably skip that too, since it’s bombing on every platform.. And I have GTAV on my Used360. So.. I guess this holiday will be 100%’ing Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta! (and going back to play some older 360 titles I missed out on!)

            1. Bayonetta 2 is going my GOTY, screw the mainstream media’s “opinion”. Looks better then most of the stuff that came out in 2014

        2. There are a few retail games coming until holidays: Super Smash Bros WiiU, Captain Toad, Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric, Watch Dogs, Just Dance 2015, Skylanders Trap Team, Disney Infinity 2, Lego Batman 3

          1. Meh…most of those games don’t interest me. Captain Toad could surprise me,but I think I’ll actually get a monetary break this holiday.

        3. 2014- Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (which wasn’t in my tasting), mario kart 8, hyrule warriors (which is fun), bayonetta 2, sonic boom, watch dogs, smash, and a bunch of other indie/virtual console games.

        4. You should probably buy Smash Bros for Wii U… it’ll be a MUCH better experience with lag-less online and better stage selection.

          Also, you forgot about Captain Toad which comes out December 5th, unless you don’t live in the U.S…Oh and then there is Sonic Boom which releases in November. Then there is Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD, and Sacrilegium from non-indie studios and then there are tons and tons of indie games (good ones) coming out.

          1. If it really has less lag (which I doubt, but anything’s possible) I’d consider considering it. But I’d Amiibo works with 3DS smash, it will be one less reason to spend another $60 for the HD version.

            I’m telling you, the 3DS version is pretty damn good!

      1. Yeah the handheld is awesome, but the console version might be where the real meat would be. there is definitely more space on the wii u disc then there would be in a 3ds cartridge. And the way sakurai stuffs his game the way cars are filled with Mexicans or clowns. Im gonna be a happy camper.

        1. Maybe, but to my surprise, there was a LOT more play modes and content on the 3DS version than I thought!
          Smash Run
          Online , 1-1, 4 vs all, team Smash,
          I’m forgetting a thing or two, but I did not expect to have so many options, plus you can customize ALL the fighters, Miis and Nintendo characters…
          It’s all there. They actually built a solid 3D smash experience.
          … Online lag can be a bitch sometimes though… But I can guarantee getting it for WiiU won’t clean it up, it will just be HD lag. :p

          1. That’s just it though, They’re not stupid enough to release the best version first, so the Wii U one must be AMAZING cause the 3DS one is already pretty great. You know Sakurai loves secrets so he must have something epic up his sleeve. Plus playing on a TV with a controller (or on the GamePad) is a selling point on it’s own for some people.

            1. I’m not convinced. I’m sure the WiiU version SHOULD at least be just as good game play wise. If it’s better, well, I won’t complain. It may come down to how well the two are integrated. The fact we already know you can share your characters and shit between the two tells us they MUST be similar. Time will tell!

              1. For me, unless Ridley is unlocked as playable by connecting the 3DS to Wii U, I don’t really feel the need to double dip. At this point, the only thing that will get me to double dip will be either that or some very good exclusive modes that sets it vastly apart from the Wii U version.

          2. The online depends on the connection of the host I believe and the other player, both internets need to be good. Common in most fighters, but smash should have used a different method like kid Icarus, or MK8’s online design. The 3ds isn’t the best with online to my knowledge, since the cpu is being used at maxed. Hopefully the wii u’s online is done better

      2. Sad sales. Meanwhile, our iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with innovative new A8 chip and a breakthrough 4.7 and 5.5 Retina HD Display have sold 10 million copies. Get yours now for as low as $199!

          1. As Siri would say: I fail to understand. Our “bendgate” situation has only affected 9 customers, and most problems have been fixed with the introduction of iOS 8.0.2. Our iPhone line continues to provide the best line of smartphones, connecting both the user and the phone in a seamless way.

              1. We kindly advise for users to upgrade to OS X Yosemite, which would be released shortly. We have a ton of new features to make OS X that much better

            1. Every businessman knows, for every customer issue you know about, there are 90% more you don’t know about. The number may still be small, but there is no way in hell it’s only 9.

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      4. Tim cook jerks off to siri’s voice while watching gay porn on his super slow mo camera…get off apples dick dude, they are samsung biters

        1. Samsung is waaay worse than Apple. Cheap build quality, tiny battery life, weak screen build, etc. The best smartphone manufacturer so far has to be HTC. They make some excellent phones

          1. That’s MK8 you’re talking about there… Don’t worry, they’ll fix it with DLC and $$$. Hell, I’m paying $20 to drive with Dry Bones and Link!

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      6. Wii U version will probably resemble Windwaker sales. Maybe a little more. I honestly thought the 3ds version would have had better day one sales in the U.S. than it did. It sold less than Japan which is suprising. Same with the U.K…. I do believe it will have legs and eventually sell around five million lifetime. (3ds)

        I guess if they sell 5-7 million combined copies of 3ds and Wii U versions, then they have done pretty good.

      7. I hope the Wii U version isn’t just a direct port/copy of the 3DS version. I heard it will have some different content. But man……there’s a few things about the 3DS version that I’m already a little tired of. And man, trophies are FAR to easy to earn/collect.

        1. Yea, trophies are too easy to win. It makes collecting them less of a priorty, and really just seems ridiculous. Your supposed to get trophies becouse you accomplish something spectacular, not just for fighting a match. They are supposed to be hard to come by, so when you get one it feels rewarding. Not so much in this game…. Nintendo has to lose this idea of everybody is a winner. If you suck, you shouldn’t get a trophie, lol.

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