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Japanese Charts: 3DS Sells 22k, Wii U Sells 7.8k

This week’s Media Create sales are now in from Japan. Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS manages to successfully knockout its closest competitors once again and remains at the top of the chart. With another 100k copies shifted for the handheld brawler, it’s showing no signs of slowing down with Japanese players. Square Enix’s latest Kingdom Hearts entry for the PlayStation 3 makes its debut in second place this week, along with Marvelous’ 3DS game Forbidden Magna at 4.

In terms of hardware sales, the 3DS combined sales takes a considerable push back, shifting just 22k units. But it’s still a fair amount of units sold considering October 11 marks the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS models in Japan. The Wii U shrinks slightly for units sold compared to last week’s boost, but it’s still at a steady 7.8k. Both the top 20 software chart and hardware chart can be found below.

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS – 105,619 (1,481,433)
  2. [PS3] Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix – 84,935 (New)
  3. [3DS] Yokai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke – 62,887 (2,655,326)
  4. [3DS] Forbidden Magna – 23,250 (New)
  5. [PSV] Danganronpa: Another Episode – 15,334 (85,930)
  6. [PSV] The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II – 11,600 (97,884)
  7. [PS3] The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II – 9,645 (75,134)
  8. [PS4] Omega Quintet – 9,365 (New)
  9. [PSV] Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star – 9,240 (New)
  10. [PS3] Destiny – 7,317 (87,307)
  11. [Wii U] Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven – 7,105 (34,610)
  12. [PSV] Ciel nosurge Offline – 7,078 (New)
  13. [3DS] Nazotoki Battle Tore! Densetsu no Makyuu o Fukkatsu Saseyo! – 6,739 (New)
  14. [3DS] Haikyuu!! Tsunage! Itadaki no Keshiki!! – 4,777 (48,615)
  15. [3DS] Dragon Quest X Online – 4,696 (48,615)
  16. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 – 4,517 (682,767)
  17. [PS3] F1 2014 – 4,366 (New)
  18. [PSV] Dungeon Travelers 2 – 3,843 (20,303)
  19. [PS4] Destiny – 3,442 (114,214)
  20. [Wii U] Bayonetta 2 – 3,398 (49,196)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. 3DS LL – 16,130 (22,988)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 13,510 (15,739)
  3. Wii U – 7,805 (9,950)
  4. PlayStation 4 – 7,350 (8,033)
  5. 3DS – 6,360 (7,451)
  6. PlayStation 3 – 5,365 (6,026)
  7. Xbox One – 1,062 (1,113)
  8. PlayStation Vita TV – 922 (977)
  9. PSP – 84 (102)
  10. Xbox 360 – 80 (143)

157 thoughts on “Japanese Charts: 3DS Sells 22k, Wii U Sells 7.8k”

        1. Spoken like someone who has no clue of reality.

          I have been lucky enough to go all over the world and imo, Japan is the great country out there. I continue to revisit while most places are a one time thing.

          My major goal is continue learning the language and retire there. If you like following rules, safety, cleanliness and peer pressure to cause trouble makers to conform. You’ll love Japan. Everything is one time and compared to the rest of the world it is heaven on earth for me.

          I have a feeling this comment was made by certain kind of person who is jealous of Japan because their country will never achieve what Japan has.

          1. The amount of pressure the japanese have to take is sick. As kids they have to be excellent at everything, have good grades and be the best on extra clubs for credits. Then they study like crazy to get good grades on their important tests that then will say if they’ll have successful life or be forever a loser

            Not to mention that now, since Japan has more older people than young people, there aren’t a lot of successful careers for young japanese people, so they are met with a shock of reality that no generation before then had to deal with.

            Their suicide rate is through the roof, some of them become completly enclosed indoors, not even seeing their own family. Healthy men are losing interest in sex, healthy women dress and talk like 12 year old girls and try to keep this act for as long as possible

            Japan is completly sick right now, and the only people who still bother to game are crazy nerds. Normal people have way too many problems to deal with to consider playing games

      1. Ps4 has sold over 10 million worldwide, while Wii U, which has been out much longer, has only managed to sell 7mil.


                1. 3rd consecutive loss? Consecutive in what regard? I mean, the Wii and 3DS have done fine… Gamecube didn’t do that well, but to compare it to the dreamcast, a system from over a decade ago, in today’s very different market, I think that is the wrong way to go about it. Not to mention the production and marketing costs that might bite into the PS4 and XBOX ONE profit margins… I think in the long term, the Wii U is fine, even if only a bridge to a better more mainstream system in 5 years

                2. and furthermore, the dreamcast was put out by a company on its last leg… with so many gimmicky failures after the Genesis that it was bound to fail, despite it being a good system. Nintendo has solid ground it is standing on unlike Sega at the time

                3. Actually none of the losses has been consecutive. They lost money two out of 3 years, while isn’t great is still not consecutive.

                  1. I love your logic XD ignore the troubles that the Wii U is facing and points to another console failing. You have got to be the stupidest person here, and that’s saying A LOT.

                    1. The marketing, jackass 3rd party “support”, Wii U naming, I get the drill asshat. Now back to what you were saying about console failure. Let’s redirect back to Vita, the biggest console failure since Virtual Boy, shall we?

                    1. So CLEARLY the Wii U is selling by the millions and Nintendo is having billions of dollars of profits, huh? I don’t see any stupidity other than your own ^^

                4. What 3rd consecutive loss? Comparing it to a system over a decade ago which was in a different market than now and its considered a failure? LOL
                  If that is true does that compare to the 8 billion dollar debt Sony still have? LMAO

                  1. If you’re so stupid as to not realize Nintendo having a third loss is a row, it’s kinda obvious delusion has been covering your eyes

                    Sony is having a “debt”. Does that have anything to do with Nintendo? Nice try changing the subject

              1. So who are you criticising Nintendo? Then you are in the wrong place because nintendo will never hear your criticism here.

                  1. that is exatly what it is a destructive comment you are not making any points you are just writing something without letting others give a answer.
                    it like giving a kid broccoli and all this kid is saying is “i dont like it” repeatibly even though he has never tried it, the moment he takes a bite he wont like it because thats the only thing he remembers of broccoli even though it has never eaten it. – this is a example before you go and say “this has nothing to do with broccoli!”

          1. You are retarded, I don’t see any of these “Nintendo fanboys” saying “Wii U is lead derp derp derp” all I see is “Wii U is second place”, you on the other hand are just putting words in people’s mouths like a sleazy journalist.

            1. Uh, then you’re the retarded ones for apparently “missing” the fanboy comments saying Wii U is leading .You on the other hand is just the typical sheep judging from your comments

        1. WiiU is in second place battling it out with the PS4 while making a profit, xbone one is in the fringes. No first party exclusives are even worth purchasing from Sony, drive club is a 6/10 game.



        2. And yet, most of Nintendo Wii U’s library has better review scores and overall consumer satisfaction on software unlike the overhype fuck ups like Watchdogs and Destiny. Double ouch.

        3. Still, it doesn´t take the fact that PS4 is tracking behind Dreamcast in Japan right now. This is about Japan sales after all.

          1. While that may be true, it still isn’t saying much. Japan’s market is very different than it was a decade ago and the overall impact and significance regarding sales worldwide are generally not as weighty as they were in years past.

          2. It may be about Japan, but Japan is really nothing to gaming right now. This year’s sales reports are terrible

      1. you do know that most of the Wii U owners are young adults right? Besides the japanese are more interest in the portable market now and another little fun fact all of the game made by Platinum sell better in the West than in japan with the exception of Metal Gear Rising and that title sold well because it was Metal Gear not because it was a Platinum title

    1. Its’s basically confirmed that third parties will never support the Wii U. This is hard evidence that even when they don’t gimp the game, people still don’t fucking buy the game

      1. Moron, has the game released world wide yet. If we do not support third parties then what does this say about Sony :
        [PS4] Omega Quintet – 9,365 (New)
        [PSV] Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star – 9,240 (New)

        stop reaching, Nintendo rising, wait until you see what MH4U does in sales for japan this saturday. Cry yourself a river LOL!


        1. The sales you’re showing have absolutely nothing to do with Bayonetta 2 sales in Japan moron.

          For a person with a username of a great mind, you seem to be unable to see the recent charts in US and UK showing PS4 completely dominating in third party games

          We’re talking about Wii U, why the fuck are you talking about MH4U LOL! The only one crying seems to be you

      2. Rayman for example. Wasn’t gimped but delaying a completed game pissed everyone off. ZombiU, wasn’t even advertised which is Ubishit’s job plus it was pointlessly and negatively reviewed by media compare to higher scored RE6 which is a lot worse and despite selling okay for a launch title (500,000+ for an install base of 2-3 million), Ubishit killed the sequel because they expected it to sell 2 million in one and pissed off the fans again. Virtually most of Wii U launch titles are either 1-2 year old ports that were already purchased on other platforms or its one of those BS tacked ports like Mass Effect 3 Wii U for $60 while at the same time give the trilogy pack to PS3/360 $20 cheaper..brand fucking new (BTW, fuck you EA).

        You think that the fans are stupid for not going for this BS excuses for support? It only shows that we’re smart enough not to fall for their shit which is one of those reasons why they’re not gonna get anything from the fans because they’re either stupid, selfish, lazy or all of the above. The “weak” system and the fans had nothing to do with the 3rd party’s own shortsighted failures because if they still support older systems and that failure Vita, that only means they hate Nintendo and clearly want it to fail and/or start bending over for their crap.

        Try again.

        1. Couldn´t have said better. And to think that even with the delay Rayman Legends still sold better on WiiU than on any other platform. The same happened with Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. ZombiU now has sold more than 700k – not counting digital sales. Ubisoft doesn´t have anything to argue about.

          1. Rayman could’ve sold better if they haven’t lied about the exclusivity and then delayed it for 9 fucking months for the two other systems and speaking of which, launching it for PS3/360 with GTA5 right around the corner was a double tap of their retardation. Because of them pissing off Nintendo fans away from Rayman and release the game at a very bad time when the majority of PS3/360 were beyond hyped for GTA5, the game sold even worse than they excused it would if they release it on Wii U first. It could’ve did a good 2-4 million at launch because it’s original and fans wanted it more than NSMBU which is, unfortunately, a rehash of Wii version.

            And I’m pretty damn sure ZombiU sold more than what these lying fuckheads are telling it. They want to ruin Wii U from the start because they feel like hoping aboard the hate train EA started over that Origin bullshit.

        2. Actually Zombi U was advertised. It sold 700K, its pretty hard to believe that a game without advertising will sell that much. The truth is Ubisoft sold enough copies, actually more than enough copies to turn it into a potential money making Wii U franchise, but gives Nintendo fans like you a bullshit reason like “It didn’t sell enough” which is retarded because it wasn’t even a AAA game anyways!

          1. Right. Then how come I never seen much of it on TV or even as YouTube ads? Advertised my ass. That game was good and had potential but Ubishit has gone completely retarded and on a false vendetta to make Nintendo and fans look like fools. Well the BS and jokes on them because when they fuck up like that elsewhere, guess who’s gonna be “rightfully” blamed and hated? Them. Let them go make shit after shit somewhere else. 1. Like I give a shit and 2. Most of their games are typically average to garbage just like the majority of 3rd parties.

      3. Don’t act like gimping is the only factor affecting the sales of a game.
        There are several factors that affect this, but these are the main ones, if you don’t have the basics, its bound to fail 99.9% of the time.

        1. Gimped/non-gimped ports
        2. Advertisement, or consumer awareness
        3. Was is released simultaneously with the other version during the hype period and not way after the hype died?
        (4 & 5 apply on certain conditions)
        4. (applies to 3) If it was released later at full price, what will warrant me to purchase if other version for other consoles are already cheaper?
        5. Or does it really suck as a game or is it really an actual game no one will care about.
        Most third parties only had one or the other, but not all three factors.

    2. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

      Every time I think of the 2014 console wars, I imagine a bunch of Magikarp splashing as best as they can trying to show the world who the best Magikarp is… heheh

    3. Look at all those PS4 and Vita flops then point a finger.
      [PS4] Omega Quintet – 9,365 (New)
      [PSV] Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star – 9,240 (New)

      F=ma. Do not point out the splinter in your brothers eye, when you have a log in yours. It is not our fault Sony makes mediocre to okay games, when all Nintendo games are rated 10/10 and 9/10. Drive club is rated at 6/10 as of now by the way LOL!!!!!!


      1. “I should pick out rather unknown games with terrible sales and compare them to one of the most hyped WiiU game’s terrible but slightly better sales, to justify its underwhelming sales”
        Good going, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Also, why not pick out games like, I don’t know, Freedom Wars ? It was one of the Vita’s most hyped games and it crushed Bayonetta 2 in terms of sales in its first weeks.
        Even Destiny on PS4, a through and through western multiplat game outsold Bayonetta 2 in Japan. I find that a little concerning, honestly.
        Also, Driveclub’s average score is at around 7, just saying.

      1. Yea, I’m not talking about consoles only though. Even handhelds aren’t doing too good, which might be a little concerning. Gaming in general just doesn’t seem very alive anymore in Japan.

      2. I remember way back in the day, that the Gameboy line was outselling the Playstations generally on week to week basis in Japan.

      1. The Wii U doesn’t need saving ffs. That is such a played out slogan. After to two years on the market, the Wii U will be closing in on 10 million units sold. Thats five million a year, for six or seven years will put the Wii U at 30-35 million consoles sold. Nintendo can make a fortune off thier software with that many Wii U’s out there. Not to mention the 3ds family by then will probably be around 100 million. Nintendo will more than likely win this console war again in the end (if you add handheld and home consoles together).

        1. The Wii U NEEDS saving. Nintendo’s losing money over the damn console ffs.

          Adding handheld and home consoles together doesn’t mean they win anything. This is about the home consoles only.

    1. Blame Nintendo, friend.
      Mediocre marketing, half-assed focus on gamepad, seemingly no interest in getting in some decent 3rd-party games, “Wii mentality” making them think “innovation” is going to bring in instant sales, decisions for the sake of the 3DS but at the WiiU’s expense, generally seemingly more focused and enthusiastic about the 3DS rather than the WiiU – the list goes on.

        1. Who is going bankrupt Nintendo or Sony? Sony’s stock is in junk status right about now lol!!!!!!


          1. Nintendo stocks closing off today: $13.24
            Sony stocks closing off today: $17.79

            You might need to get your brain checked lol!!!!!!!

  1. Lets hope it’s better in the us. It’s not doomed bad but still bad. I am also scared that smash might not do anything. It has a lot of attention on the 3DS unless the Wii U version has something really special like a very awesome story mode or new characters if you connect it to the 3DS or a better marketing.

      1. Shhhh here ill feed you:

        Yes the gameless ps4 grafix rox with the fps hardcore games #brony #wiidoomed

        Now please leave

          1. Could be the following:

            -Smash Brothers
            -Fatal Frame
            -Kingdom Hearts
            -Even thought Wii Do’h is outselling the Brony 4 And Xbone consoles are not so great in Japan, at least new gen consoles

            1. So all those games you said can sell well but BAYONETTA 2 can’t?


              P.S Play Destiny before saying its overhyped baby

              1. I actually own it and I have played a good amount of time. It’s no master piece, it’s overhyped, and not too good really. Meaning it’s ok. Not a big deal.

                  1. Bayonetta two lives up to all the hype from all the reviews I’ve seen. Out of curiosity, where did you play Bayonetta two at? Were you at E3? Or you must have a Japanese version..

                1. Play the game before getting all stuck up. Both are good games, problem is one is selling much more than the other

              2. I’m installing it this weekend, so I’ll let everyone know, and you know you’ll get an unbiased, straight up answer outta me! ;D

                Had Nintendo made a series of fucked up decisions that could circle the great wall of China? Yes.

                Is Sony Financially hurting more than they let on? Hell yes.

                Could Microsoft bale out of consoles and go hardcore into PC gaming? Maybe! (but probably not anytime soon)

                Microsoft is like Nintendo, only in that they can afford to keep fucking up for a while.

                Will Nintendo go software only? Yes. When the devil repents from his sins.

          2. Maybe for same reason that PS4 and about every other game released for it is “bombing”.
            Consoles are just not doing so hot in Japan currently.
            I would wait until Nintendo announces in a financial meeting, if the game was success or not, instead of starting fanboy arguments over sales, but maybe thats just me, and internet has no room for sensible thinking.

          3. It’s because the audience is a lot more limited for that kind of game. It’s sort of like Oni or Eve of Extinction. Amazing games (I have Oni a 9/10 easily) but a lot of people just don’t care for the gameplay style. They feel that it’s too chaotic and/or fast paced. The game is meant to be extreme, but while gamers like us may find it fun, others just don’t care for it. That being said, I like the concept of Bayonetta, but I’m not getting it either because of the content. I’m sure that it stopped a few kids as well. (I say a few because we know how many pick up other mainstream titles like CoD…

    1. So dumbass, are you going to stop making up bullshit about who said this and who said that, or are you going to for once actually say something that actually makes complete sense and not 1/4 sense or no sense at all? Make up your mind.

      1. You’re either completely isolated from the internet being the fat PC nerd that you are, or just letting your delusion blind you from typical comments that Nintendo fanboys say EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Probably both

      1. Umm I know you hate Nintendo and all.. but like can you just leave? People who talk dirt about Sony are just blind fanboys so they could make their console look good. So you can just ignore them and whatever. You can even make a forum somewhere else on how much you hate Nintendo. Just like pls ignore or leave you know?

        1. I don’t hate Nintendo. I love them. That’s WHY I’m saying this stuff. If you choose to ignore Nintendo’s obvious mistakes, that’s your problem, but in the end, that;s never gonna help Nintendo.

  2. lord ghost : king of the federation

    when i read taht silvershadowfly posted this i kenw this could be bad news for me :'(

  3. I dont like either PS4 and XBox1 so i dont even spend time enter to sites of this two compay to talk trash on them so why there are so many stupid guys spend time in this site. You dont like Ninti why are you here?

    1. The are unable to enjoy they’re games and get jealous that Nintendo gamers enjoy they’re games more than they are enjoying they’re games, so they feel the need to talk trash to justify they’re purchase.

      1. First off, their* PC keyboard broken bruh?

        Enjoying Shadow of Mordor kid, sad you won’t be able to play it?

        Talk trash? If you actually realise, everything I’m saying is common sense. Unlike your bullshit comments which just rides on people’s dick and doesn’t actually have a mind of their own.

    2. I like ‘Ninti’, so like I said above, that’s precisely why I’m saying this shit. If people can just FOR ONCE look further than Nintendo’s world and look at its state overall, they’ll understand what I’m talking about

  4. Akiman69

    I wonder the same thing when all I see is whiny PS4 or Xbone fan kids crying on a Nintendo site….. I’m like, Really ?

  5. I like numbers and enjoy looking at these reports, but these reports don’t tell me what to like or dislike. If I like something, I do not care if I’m the only person who likes it. I like it and I’m that 1 person enjoying it. Oh no, the Wii U isn’t selling enough. Oh no, not enough people are buying Bayonetta 2. That is a business problem for Nintendo, not something that makes me change my mind and want to buy a different console which offers nothing a much cheaper PC can do better.

    1. This comment is pretty dumb. Nintendo’s business problems obviously affect us. It affects the games they make, consoles they design, costs that have to be cut, EVERYTHING. What are you talking about.

      A much cheaper PC can’t run shit, if you actually bother to look it up/build one. A $300 PC can barely handle a game like BF3

  6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis's Mom

    I’m thinking of moving to Japan so that my son can stop being obsessed with videogames and perhaps develop an attraction to the opposite sex, if he is not talking about howmuch he loves Nintendo,he is talking about how he loves males,which I find really odd and disturbing.

    Japan will be a good country for him to unwind and find his manhood.

    Please let me know if I’m being a good parent and if this is something that will help my little boy.

      1. Yeah no kidding, especially after he hoped NCQ “would perhaps develop an attraction to the opposite sex”. Crazy bitch with her dang ass medieval mentality haha

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Even if we have our differences, we have to stop that infection from spreading together…

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