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Hidden Announcer Audio Clips From Smash Bros 3DS Mention 8-Player Smash

YouTuber shyguytwopoint0 has uploaded some hidden announcer audio clips from the recently released Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. There’s a number of announcer clips that weren’t included in the final game, including a mention of 8-player Smash. You can hear the audio in the video posted, above.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

37 thoughts on “Hidden Announcer Audio Clips From Smash Bros 3DS Mention 8-Player Smash”

  1. I was just going through the announcers voices yesterday. I don’t remember some of these like 8-player smash, but I did remember special smash. Also for some reason he doesn’t say Samus in the list and her sound effects aren’t included either.

    I wonder what the 8-player smash will be?

    1. I was disappointed when there was no special smash. I always liked playing giant mode… i was hoping for there to be a new mode called “Melee Mode” to join all the other modes in special smash.
      But now there’s hope for that, along with plenty of other cut modes, and my idea for PLAYABLE BOSSES IN “BOSS BATTLE MODE”!! :P

  2. These are either just leftover clips from previously planned modes that didn’t make it in, Wii U exclusive modes which were just in the code for the 3DS version for whatever reason, or maybe even New 3DS-exclusive modes.

    1. Okay, hand up; who left the camcorder where the idiot could reach it?
      I know one of you did it.
      We all agreed that the camcorder is to be left out of reach of Meg, yet here it is again…

    2. I once offered you, Church of Sasori, solice in this land of temptations….

      Naming my Lords as defeated is an understatement….

      Such a powerful list of enemies, a true victor will arise, and all from the list will fall, but not before they see The Church burnt in heavenly flames….

      Do you fear me as the worms consume your flesh?…

  3. Yeah, it’s clearly that Super Smash Bros. 3DS was a rushed project. Though I don’t miss Event Matches, Special Matches and Tourneys are some of the few things it’s missing.

    8 player match? Sounds too much. I would expect 5 players at least (especially with the Wii U Gamepad + 4 other controls).

    1. Exactly! This game was rushed. Just like MK8. So because of the rush Sakurai was forced to cut features due to time constraints.

      1. It may have to do with the tourney mode. There could also be sounds of “16 player smash” or “64 player smash” depending on the amount of players in the tourney… but i could be wrong considering he’s saying “8 Player SMASH” instead of “8 Player TOURNEY”

  4. that would be awesome! id say there’s hope for it to be possible in the wiiu version. but as we’ve come to realize if they couldn’t do it for the 3ds version they didn’t do it at all. :(

    1. That’s only true of the characters. They’ve said explicitly that the two versions will not share all the same modes. It’s still possible that things like 8-player Smash make it into the wii U version (not that I actually expect this to happen).

  5. Is coin mode going to be in the Wii U version? I hope so… always enjoyed that one. I was disappointed it’s not in the 3DS version

  6. Maybe those P5 through P8 icons they found a little while back will be used then, This game clearly has a lot of content hidden that most likely wont be activated until after the Wii U launch. Can’t wait to learn more.

  7. welp, that would explain why the ice climbers got cut… l have my doubt about the 3ds not being able to manage 4 ice climbers, but eight is obviously a little too much.

  8. I don’t care anything about an 8 player Smash. But this game BEGS for a story mode. All of these characters crammed into a game together, and no explanation for it. Although I didn’t care much for the Subspace Emissary mode in Brawl, because the mute puppet characters annoyed me to no end.

    I’ve already been getting a little tired of this new Smash Bros. game. And I haven’t even played with every character yet. And so far, I hate Smash Run. I sure hope the Wii U version has something different to offer, and isn’t just an exact port.

    I haven’t even seen any collectible CD’s like Brawl had. If you take out all of the trophies, what’s left? Just a pointless, typical fighting game. I still like it, but I get tired of things FAST.

    I forgot all about the Event Matches in Brawl until I read one of the comments here. Man, I loved those. Why would they take them out?

  9. shouldnt their SUPPOSE be a story mode on the 3DS and wii u LIKE the one for wii games -.- seriously, i dont understand why they STILL didnt add paula and Poo,and make jeff into a fighter too >;l but nothing HAPPENS. >:l ( i mean one from earthbound duh! ) plus,arent suppose be hippie enemys on the smash run .3.

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